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Pass the happy along! When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy and send it to the last 10 people in your activity! 💙💙

AWW THANK YOU NONNY! I LOVE THIS TAG! I’m going to answer these as to what is making me happy RIGHT NOW as i type this :) 

You guys make me feel so damn happy and fuzzy- I just can’t even begin to describe the real joy you give me. 

I know that warm/room temperature water is better for you but jeez nothing beats cold water to invigorate me and keep me happy and alert :) 

These are not only beautiful but they literally help me work. Something about them, whether i’ve just conditioned myself or not, makes me feel more inspired. 

Same as candles, they really help to set the mood for me to write… especially lately three or four songs have inspired the tone of upcoming fics (i may mention them before the fic so you guys can hear it before/during the reading).

Lavender, orange and ylang ylang in a coconut/almond oil with beeswax- i put it on religiously whilst at my desk. It not only smells good but damn its super nourishing! 

you wanna talk about stress? you wanna talk about STRESS? i’ve just stumbled onto a major company conspiracy, mac. how’s that for stress? this company is being bled like a stuck pig, mac, and i got a paper trail to prove it. check this out. take a look at this. that right there is the mail, now, let’s talk about the mail. can we talk about the mail? please, mac? i’ve been dying to talk about the mail with you all day, okay? pepe silvia. this name keeps coming up over and over again. every day, pepe’s mail is getting sent back to me. i look in the mail. this whole BOX is pepe silvia. so i say to myself, i gotta find this guy. i gotta go up to his office. i gotta put the guy’s mail in the guy’s god damn hands, otherwise he’s never gonna get it. it’s gonna keep coming back down here. so i go up to pepe’s office, and what. do. i. find. out? what do i find out? there is no pepe silvia. the man does not exist. so i decide, ohhh shit, buddy, i gotta dig a little deeper. there’s no pepe silvia? you gotta be kidding me! i got BOXES full of pepe! all right, so i start marching my way down to carol in HR, and i knock on her door and i say CAAAAAAAAAROL, CAAAAAAAAROL, i gotta talk to you about pepe! and when i open the door, what do i find? there’s not a single goddamn desk in that office there is. no. carol. in. h. r. mac, half the employees in this building have been made up. this office is a goddamn ghost town.

Can I just take a moment to appreciate the Sterek fandom?

Round of applause to you all because you guys are amazing.

I just can’t believe how far we’ve actually come. Seriously. We started out so little, barely any shippers, barely any Sterek dedicated blogs, accounts, etc. (well, at least in the first few episodes because this fandom grew pretty fast). We had little fics, little arts. Can you honestly believe that there was once a day where Sterek only had 100 fics, a handful of art and a couple hundred shippers? Because I fucking cannot. 6 years later and there’s 46k+ fics, thousands of gorgeous arts, fanmixes, many dedicated blogs and accounts, thousands and thousands of stans and events guys, so many Sterek events that only help broadcast even more of what this fandom has to offer.

Guys, we’ve expanded so much throughout the years. Our fandom has grown rapidly and we just keep building up.

And don’t even get me started on how much we’ve been through. Because we have been through so much together. We’ve been slammed for wanting to see these characters together, we’ve constantly been told that “Sterek is non-existent” and “Sterek will never happen,” yet we’re still here.

We’ve been used by Jeff and tossed out by the network and the show. We’ve seriously been through more than any other fandom ever associated with Teen Wolf, but you know what’s beautiful? We only kept going.

We literally gave a bunch of “fuck you"s to everyone who’s ever spoken down on us by continuing to progress the way we are. We’ve been so successful in creating something that we never even dreamed of becoming this big.

Hell, people who don’t even watch the show ship Sterek! That’s how amazing this fandom is. That’s how talented and dedicated we are.

And no one can even argue against the dedicated part, because regardless of all the constant hate we’ve received, we continued on and progressed. Guys, we’re so dedicated that we made our. own. fandom! We made our own fandom guys! How insane is that?

And in all honesty, I know it may suck sometimes, thinking about how we were baited and all, but don’t let that be a bother. We still got something great from all of it, many things actually. And also, the joke is all on Jeff because when his show is done, we’ll still be here!

We really are victorious, honestly. And no one can ever make me think differently.

This fandom is filled with so many strong, talented and absolutely amazing people. And yes, like every other fandom and ship, this one has its issues, but we always make things work and I think that’s truly beautiful.

We are still this massive group of people who have yet to falter in our constant expansion. We are still this group of people who are incredibly devoted and we are still this group of people who still have yet to come to a dead end in all we do.

I honestly couldn’t have asked to be part of a better fandom. I know it sounds like all talk, but I’m serious guys.

We may not have gotten canon, but I think we still got more than a lot of other fandoms. Friendships flourished, some talents were discovered and some talents were strengthened, creativity continues to blossom throughout this entire fandom, support is a constant thing, we’ve got people to lean on. We’ve got each other and we’ve got these two beautiful characters with all this potential that we used and created into what it is today.

There aren’t enough words to describe how much I love this fandom!

And from here on, we’ll just keep growing. So thank you all so much, thank you for all of it. And special thanks to the first person in this fandom who ever brought up Sterek because I’m pretty certain that is a major factor in the growth of our fandom.

You guys are astonishing, and I appreciate all of you so much.

This fandom, to me, is pretty God damn iconic. And every single person in it has been a part of what makes Sterek and the fandom itself as astounding as they are.

So round of applause to us all!

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Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Anonymous said:Headcanons for being Darry, Soda and Pony’s sister would include please?

A/N: Heya lovely! I’m so happy to have been able to do this one! I love this fandom so much and I love the Curtis boys sooo much! Thank you for blessing our ask box with your request, it means so much! Hope you enjoy this! - Admin Kat 💟

Being the Curtis’s Sister Would Include:

- Do comprehend how protective your brothers are going to be of you? They don’t care if you’re older or younger, you’re the baby of the family (even to Ponyboy).

- You’ll never walk anywhere on your own, okay? Either themselves or one of themselves will accompany you you.

- NO BOYFRIENDS! They know what guys can be like and not even the gang will allow you, either.

- If you’ve got shorts on, you’re gonna be heckled to put some pants on and cover up like a nun.

- You’d be spoiled. They’ll find a way to do it, believe me. (Note: Being spoiled doesn’t always mean material wise.)

- They WON’T tolerate the boys (or any other boys, for that matter) whistling at you or anything of that sort. 

- The boys would flirt with you just to joke around.

- Pony would always bring you to movies with him.

- “I swear, it’s a two minute walk to the drug store, Pony.” you’d insist persistently.

- “Yeah well, there’s another movie comin’ up that I’ve been meanin’ to watch…” Ponyboy would grumble out vigilantly and with red ears.

- “Wow! Get you, kid!” You’d grin incredulously, messing up his tuff hair. “When did you get so into girls? Or are you just listenin’ to Dar?” You’d taunt him.

- “Shut up” he’d gripe.

- Sodapop would be the shoulder that you cry on, the brother who understands nearly everything that you’re going through.

- “S-Soda?” you called, half of your body stuck in the bathroom. “Can you come here for a minute?” your voice is quiet, but Soda senses it, shooting looks at Two-bit who makes comments.

- “What’s up?” he hums, brushing past you and into the bathroom. There’s kindness swelling in his eyes.

- “Can you get some lemon juice from the store and some uh… lady stuff?” you stare at your jeans, stained red on the floor and the feeling of being abashed swarms you. It’s almost suffocating.

- It doesn’t take Soda long to catch on, but when he does he has a kind smile. “Sure thing kid, I’ll get Darry to guard the door for ya from the knuckleheads in there.” he states like any big brother would. “I get this all the time with Sandy, so I ain’t embarrassed.” he says, getting ready to leave the bathroom. “And neither should you.

- Darry being your protector.

- “You don’t understand!” you barked after him, heading to your room, slamming doors and such as you tirade through your house.

- “To hell I do!” Darry shouts back, stilling the boys in the house. “I don’t give a hang if Tim Shepard claimed to be the Pope, he ain’t goin’ out with you and that’s that! You can be friends with him, but he’s keeping his hands off of you! I swear to God, if I hear even a damn rumor that you two hook up, kiss in a parking lot in the North Pole or hold hands in an old folks home, I’ll belt him so hard he’ll be left half dead. You hear me?!” Darry’s word was the law, ain’t nobody go against.

- “He’s not like tha-” you whirl around to challenge him but Darry wouldn’t here it.

- “You can bet my boots and even Dallas’s boots that he’s exactly like that. There’s one thing that guys want nowadays! I know Tim’s good to us with a rumble, a good buddy of Dal’s, but if I can prevent my sister from hooking up with someone that’ll get her into trouble, you can bet your boots I will!

- The gang all being brother’s to you.

- Like forreal, even Johnny would get tense if a guy comes near you.

- “Well buddy, I’d like to think you’re admiring that sign over there, because this chick is off limits, you hear?” Two-bit would drawl on, surprisingly serious.

- You’d totally know how to fight and would play fight with the guys, but they’d let you win, - even Dallas! -.

- Sometimes wishing that you had a sister, but loving your brothers regardless.

- The boys watching their language around you.

- You use any bad language and you’re grounded for life!

- When and if you ever get jumped, you’ll have most of the neighborhood hacking through the city to find whoever the hell hurt you.

- The gang and your brothers crashing all of your dates.

- “I hope you’re not thinking of hooking up with her, buddy. Her brother’s the size of Superman and will wring your neck out like a towel.” Two-bit would grin into your dates ear.

- “And why the hell should I ca-

- “Because, if you don’t,” Dallas drops into the seat beside your date, the gang scattered around, looking all tough, “I’ll be the one digging your grave. You want it six feet deep or a little deeper? Because I sure as hell don’t want you crawling out.” he’d spit menacingly.

- Bringing Darry lunch on the weekends and any guy who looks at you is a goner! Darry will flex his muscles and have them running!

- Hanging out with Steve and Soda at the DX, getting free Cokes.

- The battle of Coke and Pepsi with Ponyboy.

- “I swear, Coke is sooo much better!

- “That’s not true and you know it!

- Strict rules not to go to Buck’s and if you’re found there by Dal, you’re in for some talking to…

- Two-bit and Dallas always pretending to be your boyfriend when people hit on you.

- Being the only girl that Johnny isn’t scared of.

- “Who knew you had a way with the quiet one’s, (Y/N).” Two-bit would tease.

- You’re going to get relentlessly teased all the time but it’ll be made up in other ways.

- Steve giving you free rides all the time.

- “At least you’re not a drag like Pony.” Steve would compliment you.

- “Oooh get you, threatened by a fourteen year old!” you’d grin.

- Anyone who breaks your heart is freaking dead!

- Being close to Evie.

- Dallas telling you stories about New York and keeping you away from idiots like Curly Shepard.

- Infinite piggy back rides.

- You getting a job so Darry has some help with the bills.

- Arguing with Darry a lot but he cares about you and you know it.

- Watching sunsets with Ponyboy and doing other things he likes.

- Sodapop going with you everywhere and always understanding you.

- Wrestling matches with Two-bit, to which you cheat all the time.

- Being tickled all the time and chased.

- Knowing how to do back flips and if it’s something you wanna do, going onto the cheer leading squad.

- Always getting to be on Darry’s team for football.

- “You’re such a girl, (Y/N)!” Steve or Dallas would tease.

- “I’ll make you a girl!” you’d throw your fist in the air and make them laugh.

- Getting off with quite a lot, but always taking up the blame for Pony because you think Darry is too tough on him.

- Saving up secretly to help Darry go to college.

- Pranking everyone all the time and being yelled at for it but they get over it. But it does start a pranking war!

- “Alright, who the hell put my socks in the ice box? They’re soggy now!” Sodapop would snap, only for you and Two-bit to giggle like school girls.

- “You guys are nuts!” Pony would grin.

- Borrowing your brothers shirts (part from Darry’s, unless you’re in desperation bc he’s huge!).

- “Okay, who took my sweatshirt with the sleeves cut off?” Ponyboy would call, as it was the last clean shirt he had.

- “It ain’t much of a sweatshirt now, is it?” you’d say, parading in with the sleeveless sweatershirt in name on.

- “I swear to God!” Pony would yell. “You’ve gotta stop doin’ this! I’m gonna end up goin’ to school stark naked!

- “Well, I have a shirt with daisy’s on if you’d like?” you’d offer jokingly.

- If you ever forget a jacket, you’ll be bundled up with the gang’s.

- “It’s thirty degree weather out!” you’d retort indignantly.

- “Well, it get’s cold out later on and if you don’t bring a jacket, Two-bit’ll be freezing his nipples off!” Darry would bark back.

- Being the baby of the gang and of the family and being so cared about. You may not have the material world, but you’ve got love and family, and you’re so grateful for that.

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Hustled $1100 today First money for March- CPA took me to the spa today. We went to a hotel and did it for the first time and he decided to send me 1k and said it wasn’t apart of my 5k allowance but for shopping and replacing the cost of the book I told you guys about. Right after I went on a pot date with another guy from SA at skyroom and he put me in an uber home. I feel like I did a full work shift. Tuesday I went to the movies in the hood mind you with my platonic sugar daddy Troll and requested 100 thru G wallet. What I needed before I leave for Texas … I’m doing the damn thing with this cellulite tho!!! Update: CPA deactivated his SA account after getting this pussy lol that’s right keep the money right here 03-09-17

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7, 12, 20, 77, 113, 147

“Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy. I can see they’re telling nothing but the truth.”

Kitsune beams at the pirate standing before her, one long leg crossed over the other, head cocked to the side and peering up from beneath her fringe.

The asshole splutters, scowling and snarling, but Kitsune’s had quite enough of playing along with this terrible farce.

“Look, do you have the kid or not?”

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so i found out that i passed over seven thousand followers today, and i couldn’t be happier and i’m completely grateful for all of you. whether we talk all the time, or haven’t yet, or you’ve been following me for a while, or only just started, i just wanted to say thank you so damn much.

i wanna keep this brief, but you have no idea how much it means to me to be able to come on here and be surrounded by such amazing people who gush love and support. and i have tears in my eyes writing this oh geez. but you guys are a family to me, and i absolutely love seeing you on my dash, and discussing headcanons and ships and edits, and seeing all the amazing stuff you guys tag me in. i am so thankful to be a part of these communities alongside you guys. 

i love each and every one of you!! thank you!!  xoxo, kylo ❤️

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Where Soul Meets Body- 5

Summary: Soulmate AU. Some people went their entire lives without ever meeting their soulmates. You were one of the lucky ones, to have found and fallen in love with the owner of the initials tattooed on your hip. When your soulmate’s best friend struggles to deal with a tragedy in his own life, you discover that you might not have been as lucky as you thought.

Steve Rogers x Reader; Bucky Barnes x Reader (Not MMF)

Warnings: (Series, not specifically this chapter: bad language, unprotected sex, drinking/alcoholism, drug use, violence, references to death, mutilation and trauma, maybe more.)

Words: 1481

Author’s Note: Holy crap guys it’s been a while for this one. I don’t actually know if anyone is still reading (HA) But I’ll go ahead and keep updating as I can. I’ve written another part to be posted soon, hopefully my brain will cooperate and let me finish this damn story. ALSO ITS BUCKY’S BIRTHDAY SO HERE HAVE THIS.
Tags at End

Master   Part 4

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Winter in New York was not always beautiful. The snow began to melt into slush, turning the streets black and slick, and the closer it got to Christmas, the worse it got. The streets glazed over with ice, and you and Bucky had started taking your coffee dates in the warmth of your own kitchen. Steve had taken to going to the gym rather than freeze or risk slipping on ice and breaking something, and this particular morning was no exception.

Bucky groaned as you grasped his hand, yanking him forward and toward yet another store. He should have known better, the second you asked him to come shopping, that he would be reduced to little more than your bag carrier. His arms were weighed down with the things you’d gotten for Steve- and for him, although he was terribly oblivious to the fact.

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Dally x reader
Warnings//none really
Request stuff fam

Your POV

Dal was a tough guy, that’s for certain. He was full of anger, and pent up aggression towards the shitty life he lived. I couldn’t blame him, so instead, I fell in love with him. With his hunger for trouble, his delinquent nature, and his charming smile.

Dallas didn’t show emotion much. He has a cold exterior, but deep down he wasn’t so bad. He had a heart, it was just a bit broken. He had feelings, but he just kept them hidden. I was lucky enough that he showed me them, every now and again. He doesn’t like to admit it, but everyone knew he loved me too.

“Another Saturday night at the dingo?” I looked up from my seat to see Tim Shepard standing in front of me. I smiled at him, nodding my head. Tim was Dal’s friend. Well, sometimes at least. Although everyone knew he had a thing for me, and that didn’t go over well with Dallas sometimes. “Your boyfriend not here? He usually doesn’t leave your side.” He smiled and sat next to me.

“He was supposed to be. Told me he’d meet me here ten minutes ago. Suppose he got caught up in something.” I smiled and he nodded.

“Think he got arrested again?” He joked and I laughed, but as much as he said it as a joke, I knew it was a possibility. Dally had a hard time staying out of the damn cooler. He knew all the fuzz on the squad by their names, and he knew their wives names too.

“Well, I see you’re well acquainted with my girl, now why don’t you go flirt with your own.” I heard a voice say from behind us. Tim turned around in sync with me and we saw Dal walking towards us.

“Maybe if you showed up on time I wouldn’t have had to keep her company.” Tim shot back. Dal gave a smirk and I rolled my eyes at the two.

“Not here guys. Please.” I begged.

“Why not, doll? Tim just doesn’t seem to understand that you’re my girl.” He said and the two glared at each other.

“Dal, let’s go.” I walked over to him and grabbed his arm. I could feel how tense he was, and I figured if I didn’t get him away from Tim there was gonna be a bit of a rumble between the two, and with our luck, we’d get banned from the place.

“Next time you try and pick Y/N up, I’ll kick your ass so bad she’ll be the last girl you ever talk to.” Tim was about to say something back but I cut him off by muttering a quick goodbye and shoving Dally out of the yard of the Dingo.

“Are you out of your mind?” I said, trying to be angry but faltering and smiling at my boyfriend. He pushed my hair out of my face and smirked at me.

“Nobody gets to flirt with you but me,” he said and kissed me.

“We were just talking, Dal.” I muttered against his lips.

He pulled away and cocked an eyebrow up. “It looked like more than just talking on his part.” I threw my head back and laughed at the boy.

“You’re just jealous.” He scoffed. “You are!” I exclaimed.

“Whatever you say, sweetheart.” He threw his arm around my shoulder and pulled me into his side. That boy was lucky I loved him. Not many people could put up with him. But in the end, I didn’t really mind at all.

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Don Vongola his right hand man and his older brother (Dino ;)) learns that they had mistakenly accused their s/o of cheating on them and kicking them out and then they see someone flirting with them


admin Adelheid


He wouldn’t call it stalking. Not really. Stalking would make him sound creepy and insane. Like he was just waiting around the corner to get a chance to pounce on you. Not that he wouldn’t.

If only he wasn’t such an idiot!

He had come home after a long, long week of working out the details for the bothersome task of taking over another Famiglia’s territory and he came home wanting some pampering but you weren’t there. The servants all told him you had been coming home late for several weeks now and he had been so busy he didn’t even notice. And because it was a common thing to see in this line of business the first thing that crossed his mind was that you were feeling neglected and found yourself a lover.

In his rage he unthinkingly ordered your things to be thrown out of the mansion and to not let you in and drive you away once you come home. He had thought he would never have to see you again… But his wrath remained unassuaged. He had loved you dearly. The thought of you loving another man drove him mad.

He ordered your lover found. He wanted to know where you went to every evening and to bring him the man who had dared take you away from him.

Only to find that the place you have been going to was a homeless shelter on the edge of town.

He wanted to break his desk with his head.

So here he was now following you to this shelter every night watching you give your smiles to these people who were so obviously in need wondering how the hell he was going to apologize and get you back.

When the food was gone and you were ready to go home Tsuna tried to gather his courage to pick you up with his car but even as he did so another car drove up right beside you. A red Ferrari with a stranger grinning at you in a way that set Tsuna’s teeth on edge.

He turned on the wiretap he had had Shoichi install in that heart shaped pink jewel that made up the pendant you were wearing. A gift from him from your first anniversary. Tsuna had never seen you take it off. Not once. He should think about putting in a GPS on it.

“Come on, I’ll give you a ride home.” The stranger invited with that sickening smile.

“No, I’m fine, I’ve got a car of my own.” you refused politely.

“Now, now, it’s not ladylike to drive.”

You gave him a wry smile. “Unfortunately ladies need to get on with the times. Not everyone can meet gallant knights in shining armor, anymore.”

“Come on, babe. Call it a reward for helping out with this shelter. I’m only letting them run it because of you.”

“I appreciate that, but please remember that this shelter also helps you with your taxes. So if you’ll excuse me…”

“Wait― AGH!!!”

Something crashed violently into his Ferrari’s bumper nearly throwing the man out of the windshield. Looking into the rear view mirror you were treated to a pair of cold, golden eyes behind the wheels of a black, tank like Hummer.

“HEY! ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?!!!” the man screamed as he stepped out of his car, already despairing over the damage to his expensive car.

Instead of apologizing, Tsuna had his Hummer push the Ferrari forward amidst much screaming from both car and owner until his passenger door was right in front of you and opened the window.

“Get in.”

You stared back at him coldly. “No.”

“Get in.”

You started walking away.

A gunshot and a pained yowl rent through the night startling everyone around the almost empty street quickly gaining your attention. Your eyes widened at the sight that met you.

It was Tsuna holding out a smoking gun towards the man who had tried to pick you up. The same man who was rolling in pain on the pavement clutching at his bleeding leg.

“What are you doing?!” you cried out as you started back to help.

“Get in,” Tsuna repeated, the gun still trained at the now crying man, eyes glowing a violent gold in the dark. “Or the next one goes between his eyes.”

Your eyes burned with fire and defiance but in order to salvage the situation you knew you had to change the venue. You did not want any casualties. You were pissed that he would use your gentle nature against you.

“Fine,” you replied with gritted teeth as you got in his Hummer and took out your phone. “But I’m calling an ambulance.”

Tsuna didn’t care, he just drove out of there at breakneck speed. He had already called his clean-up crew, they should be able to take care of the scene and wipe it out before the ambulance or the police comes into the picture. 

What was more important was that he got what he came for.






“Dinner reservations?”

“Check and check and check.”

“Okay, how do I look?”

“Appropriately sorry.” Takeshi replied as he tried to keep himself from laughing out loud and completely send his friend into backing out of this with his puppy tail between his legs. “With a dash of ‘Baby, you should want me back.’”

“I fucking hate you.”

“Doesn’t matter, I wasn’t the one who fucked up here.”

“How can you possibly blame me?!” Hayato snarled, pushing his fingers into his hair in frustration. “Every single fucking time I turn around she’s talking to a guy! How should I know she was talking to the caterer of my damned birthday party?!”

“How about asking?”

“Shut up, Baseball Freak.”

“You do realize they’re called ‘Surprise parties’ for a reason, right?”

“Move the goddamn car.”

As Takeshi drove and snickered Hayato practiced his lines. He had been wanting to apologize for weeks after coldly kicking you out of his apartment only to find out on his birthday that the man who had been constantly calling your number was not some suicidal moron but a caterer wanting to confirm the flavor for the cake’s icing. The feeling he had after finding out the truth afterwards was similar to having eaten his sister’s cooking for the first time all over again. He had been teetering on the edge between misery and longing and it physically paralyzed him whenever he thought about approaching you and enduring your wrath. Finally, however, he realized he needed you too much. Wanted you too much.

His home felt empty without you in it.

So he swallowed his pride and begged Takeshi to be his wing man. Bothering the Boss would be unacceptable at that point since he knew Jyuudaime would probably give him a stern lecture as well.

“Okay, there she is.”

Hayato looked out the window and found you just as you were delivering an order to a customer outside your little café. You served the man coffee with a polite smile but even from this distance he could see how pale and wan you were. He clenched his fists even as his chest ached. Have you spent all these lonely nights agonizing about his stupidity as well?

And then Hayato blinked when, as you turned to go, the man you just served caught your hand in his and seemed to be picking you up. Hayato saw how you tried to politely extract your hand but the guy wouldn’t let go.

Takeshi ignored how his friend suddenly sprinted out of the car, rush to the other side of the street and abruptly give the man a broken jaw.

“GET YOUR FUCKING PAWS OFF WHAT’S MINE, ASSHOLE!” he growled, his eyes spitting green fire.


His anger melted as he turned around to look at your wide, surprised eyes and he hurriedly checked to see if he still had the flowers and chocolates. One look back at the car where Takeshi sat in the driver’s seat waving the flowers and already happily eating the chocolates told him he didn’t anymore. He looked back at you in panic but was taken aback by the sight of your tears.

“Does this mean… you forgive me…?” you sobbed quietly as you trembled uncertainly in his presence. He kicked you out so suddenly and the hate in his eyes back then had shaken you to the very core. Sleep had been an estranged friend these past few weeks and you were just about ready to collapse from the heartbreak and exhaustion. Seeing him here… smelling the familiar scent of his cologne… It was all you could do to keep yourself from fainting. “Does this mean… I get to find out… what I did wrong now..?”

It was all the encouragement he needed to gather you up in his arms in a tight, shivering embrace.

“I’m sorry…” he whispered hoarsely, urgently in your ear as he held you tighter. “I know I suck… I’m sorry. Please take me back…”


“Calm down, Boss. She’s obviously trying to get away from him.”

Dino forced himself to swallow his fury as he saw the truth in Romario’s words. He had been sitting here staring at you all night waiting for a chance to talk to you but so far you were so busy he hadn’t seen you sit down yet. It was the first time he had seen you at work and he had to admire your dedication.

It was too bad some people thought the same way too.

Dino gritted his teeth as he stared at the scene before him.

When is that man going to let go of your goddamned hand?!

And it wasn’t just him it was everyone else too.


Dino took a deep breath and let go of it slowly. He then stood up and started walking out of the hotel’s restaurant.



“Get everything ready.”

“Of course, sir.”

You sighed in relief when the manager called you away to attend to a customer’s complaint up in the penthouse. You knew you needed to rest but God, it was the only way you can keep yourself from going insane. The memory of Dino’s hate only drove you to ruin and you couldn’t have that. The only way to survive was to fight sleep so you could keep yourself from dreaming of him.

You walked in when you found the door open and found the dimly lit room.

“Hello?” you called out as you strode further into the room. “I’m from the hotel; they told me there was a problem? How can I help?”

“Why don’t you start by taking off your clothes?”

You jumped and turned, feeling as though your heart was about to burst. Your eyes widened at the sight of Dino closing the door to the penthouse behind him, his shirt already off.

Your eyes froze when you remembered the way he drove you out of the mansion. “No.”

“That’s too bad.”

You tried to bravely walk past him but he caught your arm and dragged you further inside the luxurious suite.

“Dino, let go!”

“No, dammit,” he pushed you down on the bed and pinned your arms down. “Not until you hear me out!”

“I won’t, damn you!” you spat at him as you struggled futilely.

“Who was that guy?!”



“He’s just a regular!” you shouted back. “He doesn’t mean anything by it!”

“Yeah, right.”

“Look, you know what?!” you snapped at him now, glaring fiercely into his golden brown eyes. “I’m fed up with this! I can’t be with a guy who can’t even trust me!”

It’s all your fault!” he yelled back at you.

Me?!” you gaped at him in disbelief. “How did this become my fault all of a sudden?! You’re the one who kicked me out without even giving me a goddamned reason!”

“You’re so damned innocent!” Dino growled back at you in frustration, his eyes blazing with desperation, anger and need. “You never suspect anything about anyone! You just smile and chat like everything’s okay! How am I supposed to trust that you won’t fall in love with the next guy you smile at?!”

You stared back at him, taken aback at the vulnerability behind his words despite his furious façade. “Dino…”

“I can’t lose you! Not to anyone!” he buried his face in the crook of your neck and started laving tongue and lips up and down your throat as he ground his crotch between your legs. “God you make me lose my mind! I hate how pure you are! I hate how you’re not supposed to belong to me!”

“Dino…” you held his face back with both your hands and made him stare right back at you and made him see the tears in your eyes. “Don’t be like this. I’d rather kill myself than betray you. You’re not the only one who’s scared…”

Dino gritted his teeth as his anger fell apart and his fears shone through. You allowed him to bury his face between your breasts and held him close until his trembling subsided…

Stay or Go

Request: Can you write an imagine about a 5'6 curvy but toned (hourglass shape) dark-skinned African-American woman that works with Tony (not an Avengers) and is good friends with Bucky or Steve. She also has feelings for either one but think he only sees her as a friend but actually he’s in love with her but doesn’t think she’ll date him because he’s white.

Tony danced around the lab like an idiot, while you continued with the schematics for a new weapon to put on Tony’s suit. Any other day you might have joined in. His music taste wasn’t all bad, every now and again he’d surprise you with very old music that you liked, usually from your parents playing it around the house. However, today you were gripped by this unexplainable need to finish the schematic you’d been working on for a new defense mechanism for Tony’s suit. You could call it a stroke of genius inspiration, and you had to get it done before the inspiration left. Tony may have been a bit flamboyant today but he did not get in the way of your work.

“Tony, what the hell?!” A new voice yelled, you jumped a bit and looked up to see who was yelling. It was Steve, you looked over at Tony suspiciously wondering what he had done to piss of Captain America. Tony shrugged as the two of you made eye contact.

“What did I do this time?” Tony asked nonchalantly. You found it amazing how calm he could be when a very annoyed super soldier was stalking into the office.

“If you thought the fire crackers in a pot gag was funny, think again,” he growled. You gave Tony a look of pure incredulity. Why would he do that?

“It was as good a wake up call as any,” Tony said, his voice skipping up a few octaves as he became defensive. He was more or less pleading his case to you.

“I’m so sorry about him, Stevie. I should have known that if he wasn’t bothering me he would bother you. Are you guys alright? How’s Bucky?” you asked, setting your pen down and accepting that you were going to have to take a break. Steve stopped glaring at Tony long enough to look at you and answer.

“He’s fine now, but if Tony had even a bit of sense-”

“It seemed like something familiar for him to wake up to,” Tony interrupted. He was being an asshole and you fully intended to give him a piece of your mind once Steve left.

“We both know sometimes Tony is lacking in the sense department. I’ll handle Tony, you get back to Bucky. I’ll visit this evening.”

“Thanks, Y/N,” Steve sighed, then shot one more glare at Tony for good measure. You watched Steve leave then you turned your glare to Tony. He was reclining in a desk chair, throwing popcorn in the air and catching it in his mouth.

“You are such an asshole, you know that?” you tried to keep from yelling at him, but he could just be so annoying and selfish.

“I am aware of that, yes,” he responded.

“I get that you don’t like Bucky, and that’s fine, but do you have to antagonize him?”

“Well given that he-”

“Oh stop it! We both know the story. You know he was brainwashed to do those things. Bucky shouldn’t be HYDRA’s scapegoat!” you argued.

“If it wasn’t for him, my parents would still be alive. If you ask me I’d say I’m going easy on him.”

“Tony, I am your friend but I have to call you out on your bull shit. What you’re doing is wrong. I know you’ve got your own problems that you’re trying to work through but vengeance is a double edged sword, and it’ll cut you too.”

“Ugh, I hated when you talk in riddles,” he threw his head back, as if  exhausted.

“Well if karma doesn’t kick your ass, Steve will. First you won’t allow Bucky to go home with his best friend because you want to ‘keep an eye on him’ then while he’s here you torture the poor man. Steve has started fights for less Tony, and with all due love and respect, without your suit you ain’t got shit on Captain America. And if Cap fights then Sam and Bucky fight, and do you want another civil war?”

“I think you’re just mad because I’m toying with your crush,” Tony grinned.

Without thinking you threw the nearest object at him. It was a little piece titanium that hit him right in the arm.

“Ow, dammit,” he complained rubbing his arm, “Fine I’ll go easy on your boyfriend.”

“You’ll let him go live with Steve.”

“Well if I do that then you’ll never see him,” Tony pointed out. You looked around for something else to throw at him but the things at your desk were either needed materials or simply too big to just chuck at Tony.

“That doesn’t matter, Tony. It’s not like he likes me anyway, so how about you let him and Cap go on their merry way,” you said dejectedly.

“So you can just keep being the supportive friend?”

“You don’t even like Bucky why are you suddenly trying to be a matchmaker?”

“Because I like you, and you are too damned cute to look that sad about some guy. Especially Bucky. He’s like 90, he’d be a damned idiot not to want you. You could do sooo much better though.”  

“Duly noted, but I still would like it if you didn’t hold Bucky hostage here. He’s obviously not happy.”

“If that’s what you really want,” Tony sighed getting up from his chair, “I’ll deliver the news now.”

“Thank you.”

“Yeah yeah,” he grumbled.

Steve sat on the sofa in Bucky’s room, recalling the events of his talk with Tony, “I think Y/N is giving him what for. She has away of twisting his arm and getting her way.”

“Yeah, she’s something else,”Bucky said fondly. Steve looked over at him with his lips pursed. Only a fool would miss how crazy Bucky was about Y/N. Just the mention of your name could bring a smile to his face. You and Steve became friends shortly after the battle of New York. You worked in tech, fixing his equipment, and the rest of the teams after the battle. He had come to like you instantaneously. Anybody who could make Tony Stark shut up was someone he could be friends with. That being said, if his best friend was going to try and date anyone he didn’t mind that it was you.

“She’s really great Buck, and super nice,” Steve began, obviously talking you up in hopes of actually making Bucky do more than befriend you. You and Bucky became easy friends through Steve, you had a good sense of humor and it made Bucky laugh when he didn’t even feel like smiling.

“Steve, I know what you’re doing. And you don’t have to sell her good qualities to me, I already know she’s great. She isn’t the problem.”

“Then what is? If you know that she’s great then you know that she’s not going to be available forever. Her career might take her away, somebody  might come along, see how great she is and make a move.”

“Then that someone should, they’d probably be better for her… and more her type.”

“What does that mean, Buck?” Steve asked in an exasperated tone.

“Well she’s…”

“African American? Buck, you never had a problem with African American’s not even in the forties, so what the hell are you talking about?”

“I don’t have a problem with her being African American, her skin is beautiful it’s like all the things good in this world put into the richest color.”

“Well alright Hemingway, if it’s not her race then what’s holding you back?”

She might have a problem with me being white. I mean historically speaking, she would have a little bit of a right to it,”he said with a forlorn sigh.

“I highly doubt that Bucky. She’s our friend, it would be a little counterintuitive for her to be so close to us and harbor ill feelings towards us.”

“Being friends and being romantically involved are two very different things.”

“You’ll never know if you don’t ask,” Steve countered, “Worst case scenario she say no and we all continue to be friends.”

“It’s not that simple.”

“Sure it is-” A knock on the door interrupted Steve’s sentence. Steve looked towards the door confused as to who it could be. He opened the door and immediately frowned as he saw Tony standing there.

“What do you want?” Steve asked.

“I’d like to talk to you in private for a while. Without the murder-sicle listening in.”

Steve rolled his eyes but stepped out and closed the door. Tony walked away from the door and down the hall.

“Listen,” Tony began in hushed voice, “Y/N has convinced me to let you and your friend skip off into the sunset.”

“Really?” Steve asked skeptically.

“She’s got a good heart and she’s good at persuading me, but there’s a small problem.”

“And what’s that?” Steve figured there was catch it seemed too easy for him to just let them be.

“It’s Y/N, I know you guys are all friends or whatever, but she’s crazy about Bucky. I’m pretty sure sometimes I catch her writing his name with hearts around it on her data. It’s sickening, and kind of sad really,” Tony said more to himself, “If you guys go then she won’t see Bucky anymore and she’ll probably start listening to Unbreak My Heart and crying and I can’t see her like that.”

“…I’ll just let Bucky decide what he wants to do,” Steve said after a moment.

“I know Bucky is into her. I don’t care how scrambled your brains are you’d have to be blind and dumb not to like her. So tell him to stop being a coward and just ask her on a date,” Tony’s tone was exasperated.

“Great, thanks Tony,” Steve’s tone was largely just annoyed now, but Tony did have a point and there was really only one thing to do. Tony went back the way he came, hands shoved in his pockets. Steve went back inside to deliver the news. Bucky looked at him expectantly, wondering what layer of torture Tony was adding now.

“What is it?” Bucky asked when Steve didn’t start talking immediately.

“Tony’s letting you go, says you can come live with me if you want to.”

Bucky’s eyebrows shot up in surprise he had not been expecting that, “What? Really?”

“Yeah… if you want to we can go off to DC… but you probably won’t see Y/N again.”

“Well, like you said she’ll find somebody,” he tried to shrug and be nonchalant.

“Well… you could ask her now…before you leave. And if she says no, which I highly doubt she will, then you’re leaving anyway.”

“What if she says yes?”

“Well… I’ve been looking at places in Brooklyn,” Steve shrugged.

“Fine. What’s the worst that could happen.”

You sat tinkering with program you were looking at. It was the final piece for today’s inspiration. Tony was sitting in his chair again, tossing a ball in the air. He was being tolerable again, and for that you were grateful. You sighed, trying not to think about the fact that Bucky would surely leave and that would be it. Just as the thought began to pull at your heart strings there was a knock on the glass doors of the lab. Both you and Tony looked at the door, startled by the noise. It was Bucky, he looked as beautiful as always. He pointed at you and then curled his finger as if to say, “come here.” You got up and as you walked past Tony he hit you in the butt with a stack of papers.

“Hey, don’t chicken out. Tell him.”

“What? No,” you stopped looking back at him.

“Look at you. Look at yourself, you are gorgeous. Make your ego bigger than your ass.”

“Ha ha,” you rolled your eyes and continued out, “What’s up?” you asked being sure the door closed behind her.

“…Tony has finally decided to let me go off with Steve.”

“Yeah, you must be excited,” you said trying to muster up some kind of mirth to be in your tone. You knew you should be happy; this was going to make HIM happy. However, he didn’t look happy. He looked down at his hands then at you, his eyes tracing up the curves of your body, lingering where your waist pulled in, before they skipped up to meet your eyes.

“I just… I am…”


“But, if I leave, we’ll never hangout-”

“I’m sure I can find my way up to D.C. don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine, I want you to be happy.”

“Well that’s the thing. If I leave we’ll never hangout…and I’ll never know what would have come of us.”

“What do you mean?” you had a good feeling about what he meant but you didn’t want to get your hopes up. It would be foolish.

“I mean, that I have to know if…if we could go on a date. I think you’re everything I’ve ever looked for in a friend and a partner and I just… Would you want to go on a date with me?”

You were frozen, you had a feeling you knew what he meant to begin with but some part of you still didn’t expect him to ask, “Bucky, if I say yes what does it matter? If I say yes, you’ll go to D.C. so…”

“If you say yes…I’ll stick around.”

“And be miserable because Tony’s being an ass I don’t think so you’ll be happy in D.C. you should go.”

“I won’t be happy, knowing you would have said yes and I chose to go.”

“I assure you there are plenty of girls in D.C. you’ll be fine,” you grumbled.

“But none of those girls are you… besides I don’t have to stay here here. I can just stay in New York.” he looked at you, trying to predict your answer from reading your emotions as they flicker across your face.

“…Yes, Bucky. I would love to go on a date with you,” you said finally, trying to stifle the smile that’s coming to your lips.


“Yes! I like you alright? I want to go on a date with you.”

He grinned and pulled you into a tight hug, you can feel the excitement radiate off of him. It’s infectious and you can’t help smiling and laughing too.

“Jesus finally!” Tony groaned.

“Shut up Tony!” you yelled.

My Hero

We’ve Got A Fic For That Challenge by @whispersandwhiskerburn

“I’m no hero. I’m just a bad guy who gets paid to fuck up worse guys.” -Marvel, Deadpool

Pairing: Dean x Reader 

Word Count: 1,768

Summary: The reader gets kidnapped and Dean has to babysit her until the ransom is paid.

Well, today definitely didn’t go as planned. 

You thought you’d get up, do some boring errands then go back home to grade papers.

Yet here you are being held fucking hostage. You have no clue why or who these people are. All you know is that one minute you’re putting groceries into your car and the next someone is pulling a bag over your head.

You have no concept of time but it feels like you’ve been here for hours. You’re thirsty, hungry and your hands are going numb from the handcuffs.

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compassion. | 3 [finale]

Originally posted by jeonsshi

1 | 2

not requested.

“Your ass looks great.” “Will you fuck off for a second?”

“You’ve really fucked me over this time.”

“Please let me in.”

genre: fuckboi!jungkook, roommate!jungkook, smut, angsty?

It was one night while you were watching TV and Jungkook came out of the shower, looking somewhat frustrated. “What’s wrong love?”, you asked the guy who only had a towel around his lower body. “I’ve got a hard on and jerking off just won’t do it for me.”

“I’ll help you, come here love.”, you said as you pat the empty seat next to you. Jungkook sat down, somewhat uncomfortable because of his erection but he was trying to keep his cool. “Now let me just take off your towel.”, you smirked as you removed it, revealing his size.

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Ankle Biter

Another Negan fanfic!

Your dog ran away from Alexandria and when you went to find her you found someone else had already found your Golden Retriever.

Ships: Negan x Reader

Words: 1,514

Warnings: Sexual references, Minor curses

You had been playing with your golden retriever, Ankle Biter (Anny for short), when Rick and Michonne had come back from a supply run. The dogs ears flicked upwards and he turned towards the sound, a fluorescent green tennis ball still in his mouth.

“ Anny…” You said in a low voice. “Don’t you even think about it.” You said in an almost growl. The dog looked between you and the gate, sizing up the risk.

You began to slowly walk towards the retriever when the dog bolted in a blur of gold.

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Slow Burn - Part 5 (Final)

Pairing: firefighter!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,177

Summary: The reader is reluctantly setup on a blind date and it doesn’t go as planned. Is there an instant spark or is it a slow burn?

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

“Damn. You look good, baby. As always.” Dean compliments strolling into your room.

You wink at him and walk over to your ridiculously large jewelry box.

“I just need to put on some jewelry and my heels then we can go.”

Dean nods his head and walks over to where you are. He’s so nosey.

“Hmmm.” You hum looking through everything.

“So many choices.” Dean makes fun of you.

“Shut up.” You say while putting on a silver Michael Kors bracelet.

“This would match…if you want.” Dean holds out his ring.

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Request:  Hi I have a odd request but could you do a fic where the reader and Oak break up and the reader has to learn to move on? I know it’s weird but I’m just going through a lot right now and this would be a huge help. Thank you so much.

Pairing: James Madison x Reader

Warning: angsttttt

Kink Tag: smut free

Period: Modern

Word Count:  2276

Song: “Breathe” - Taylor Swift

A/N: i got this request before i announced that i wouldn’t be writing cast fics so instead of Oak, here’s my first JMads fic! this time jumps a lot but they’re all from the point of view of the “today” part, meaning all time jumps are x amount of time from today.

2 Years Ago

“Don’t look now but that hot guy over there is checking you out.” Your best friend Maria said, looking over your shoulder. “Ooh, he has a hot friend too.”

You rolled your eyes fondly and sipped your latte. Maria was always on the lookout for cute guys.

“Will there ever come a day where you don’t comment on the attractiveness of guys we encounter?”

She tilted her head, thinking for a moment. “Probably not. I’m poly af for a reason.”

You laughed. “You did not just say af out loud.”

“Yes, I did. But more importantly, hot guy numero uno is coming over here right now.” She winked at you, grabbing her coffee and purse before sweeping away from your table quickly. Most likely to find Hot Guy’s friend.

Aforementioned Hot Guy finally made it to your table and cleared his throat to announce his presence. “Hi… uh, I’m James and I told my friend that I think you’re really pretty so he kinda made me come over here.” He chuckled awkwardly and scratched the back of his neck, a blush forming on his really cute face. “Would you mind if I sat?”

You shook your head and smiled at him as he sat down, holding your hand out for him to shake.

“Y/N. And for the record, I think you’re really cute too.” You grinned at him and James’ blush widened.

Maybe Maria’s boy crazy habits weren’t so bad after all.

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Twin Flames (Negan x Samantha x Sabrina) Chapter 2: Country Girl

Word Count: 2,412
Genre: Smut
Fandoms: Negan, The Walking Dead, Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Pairings: Negan x Samantha x Sabrina
Rating: Explicit
AO3 Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/9527135/chapters/22224047
Warnings: Language. Zombies. Oral sex. Vaginal sex. Object insertion.

Summary: With Sabrina off somewhere with Dwight, Negan and Samantha head out to the countryside for a romantic picnic and sexual rendezvous.


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Falling Into The Wrong Crowd-Part Six (Jax Teller X Reader)

Summary: Even though the Devoted Predators are gone, the traumatic night has left an awful memory on the girls. They continue with the new business, trying to adapt to their new life in Charming. The storm hasn’t passed yet though and another threat is on the way.

Meanings: (Y/N)= Your name

Warnings: Swearing, guns, drugs, alcohol (it’s Sons of Anarchy, what do you expect?)

“Ok, let’s go from the top!” I shouted out to the girls in the studio.

All of us were sweating after a long session of learning new dance routines for the club. A week had passed by since the incident and most of the bruises had faded, the cuts healing well. The Sons had become closer friends to us, especially after a couple of nights working together; and by that I mean the Sons getting pissed out of their heads as we tried to keep them from getting into fights or taking our girls away.

We had been back once to go to a Clubhouse party which really lifted our spirits. I still wasn’t a fan of the croweaters, they had always been annoying to me. But they were a big part of an MC lifestyle, they were here for the guys, not us. The company was well needed from the others though, I think it set us straight again.

“Alright girls, you’ve done really well today. Keep practicing those routines and I’ll see some of you tonight.” I dismissed them, out of breath as I took a huge gulp of water.

“Looking good (Y/N).” Luanne commented as she passed the girls leaving the studio.

“Thanks. They work hard.”

“Damn right we do.” Keira smiled, flicking her fiery hair over her shoulder.

Luanne crossed her arms over at chest.“Wish you were like that in your other job.”

“In my defence you do pair me up with the worst guys.”

“That’s cause you can take them. Those new girls are awful fakers. Don’t suppose you want to earn some extra cash (Y/N)?”

I was taken aback by her question.“O-oh my god, no, no thank you.”

“Actually you’re face in my movies would draw the audience in.”

“Luanne, you could offer me a huge sum of money and I wouldn’t do it.”

“Spoil sport. Right, I’ve got to get back to filming and so do you Keira.” she exited the studio, Keira making faces behind her back.

I giggled.“Gosh Keira, never thought you would be one to miss out on free sex. Wait no, it’s not free sex is it-”

“Oh my god just stop. You’re right, you shouldn’t do porn, you would be awful at dirty talk.”

I was about to disagree when she beat me to it.

She grabbed my arms.“Oh! I forgot to tell you earlier, but I think I’ve got a date set up for you.”

My eyes widened.“What!? No, no, no I’m not going on any dates.”

“It was sort of an accident. But maybe it will do you some good! He’s a nice guy, Jack I think his name was?”

“You think? Oh god, Keira what have you done?”

“Don’t be like that. You never got out much until….well you know when.”

“Exactly which is why I want to stay away from dating for a while.”

“Ok, understandable, but there may be a slight problem.”

My eyes felt as if they were popping out of my head.“What else have you done?”

“I gave him your number.”

“Keira! What the hell were you thinking!? That’s my personal information.”

“It’s a number, you can always change it.”

“That’s not the point! You can’t-you know what, there’s no point explaining. I’ve got to go, hopefully I won’t be tracked down by this so called ‘Jack’ who will probably turn out to be a serial killer.”

Slightly pissed off at Keira, I grabbed my bag and phone before heading towards the bathroom facilities (well, the main dressing room for the porn stars). I was allowed to shower and get ready in them, meaning I didn’t have to go home a stinking mess. Once I was clean and dressed, I got into my car heading towards the TM. It was normal for us to go see Gemma and the boys, sometimes even their old ladys now we were introduced. As I pulled in I could see that everyone was there as their bikes were lined up. Reaching over to the passenger seat to grab my bag, I felt my door open. Jax stood there smiling, offering a hand out to me.

“Thanks.” I chuckled at his antics.

“You’re welcome m'lady. What you doing here today?” he asked as I climbed out, locking the car afterwards.

“Just thought I’d visit. Also Frankie said she was here and needed a lift home, something is wrong with her bike I think.”

“She’s been fixing it up, needs some new parts.”

He walked with me to the garage, creating small talk. It wasn’t hard to see that there has been flirting between us, but every time I got closer to him, I had to back away. I had already dated a biker and we all saw how that turned out.

I wasn’t comparing him to Zac, not at all, but I knew the lifestyle very well. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to get into anothe relationship so soon either. There were rumours (well, probably more like facts) about Jax being a total womanizer. Although I really wanted to believe he wouldn’t hurt me after all that happened, there was still a part of me scared of what he could do. I fell for Zac easily, who said I wouldn’t with Jax?

We walked in to see Frankie crouched beside her bike, Bobby and Tig crowding her in their overalls. I always felt slightly out of place as I knew nothing about mechanics but was welcomed all the same. They greeted us and went back to helping Frankie.

“How’s it coming along?” I asked, knowing that they would bombard me with terminology I had no clue about.

“Just a few touch ups. Haven’t fixed her in a while, thought I might as well take an advantage of my new workplace.” she grinned up at me, twirling a srewdriver in her hand.

“Excuse me?”

“I got a little job here. I like the club and all but I can’t sit still in an office or watch the girls twirling on stage. Plus I’ll be bringing in more for the rent.”

“No, I think it’s really nice that you’ve got it.”

“She fits right in too, needed some eye candy round here.” Tig winked at her.

She sighed as she rolled her eyes.“There is one downside of the job as you can see.”

We laughed, Jax nudged me with his shoulder, gesturing to follow him. Glancing at the others, they hadn’t noticed anything so I caught up to Jax who was heading into the clubhouse. Opie and Happy were playing a game of pool while sipping on some beers whilst Chibs sat on a stool at the bar reading a newspaper.

“Alright lass? How you holdin’ up?” Chibs asked as I approached him, hugging me.

“Not too bad thanks. Hey guys.” I waved to the others who copied.“It seems quiet round here, maybe to quiet.”

“I think after our run in with the others we’re glad it’s like this.” Jax stated as he lit a cigarette.

I let out an unamused laugh.“Yeah, that’s understandable. At least they’re gone forever now.”

The sound of the pool balls echoed throughout the room as Opie slipped the cue. He tried to recover even though no one was laughing at him. Happy was silent as usual, his resting bitch face permanently plastered onto his face.

“Aye lass, tha’ they are.”

Just as we got back into a conversation, my phone began to ring. It was an unknown number and I groaned, praying that it wasn’t who I thought it was.

“What’s wrong?” Jax asked adbhe blew out smile from his mouth.

“Ugh, Keira gave my number to some guy without telling me. I think it might be him but I don’t want to answer it.”

They both laughed at that.

“Why no’ risk it? Have some adventure?” Chibs mocked.

“Yeah, well, my last relationship didn t end so well, did it?”

Later on in the evening, Gamma invited us round to dinner with the club. I was shocked but felt hnoired to be invited, immediately alerting the girls. They too were excited, telling me all about the food served there. They had more of a background with Gemma, she was like a mum to them; I just hoped she would accept me too.

Things were settling down now. Everyone seemed happy or at least content. As we sat around the huge table, some of us squished together, I looked at each person. This could be my new family, a sort of broken one, though still a family. Jax was sat beside me, whispering jokes and compliments on my ear. My face was on fire for blushing; I had been able to talk back to him, making him red too, it was obvious I was not a master at this. Keira was right about one thing. Gemma’s food was truly the best I had ever had, the company was amazing and I could feel my happiness start to seep back into my body.

“Are you not going to get that?” Gemma asked my phone rang for the third time today.

I had offered to help the women with the dishes but the phone was a distraction.“I don’t really want to.”

“Instead of leaving it, why don’t you just tell him to fuck off?” Alex shrugged.

“Because it’s rude. I didn’t think he would keep on trying to be honest. Actually we don’t even know if it’s him, I just have a feeling.” I started to dry off my hands.

“Only one way to find out.” Gemma smirked, taking the kitchen towel from me.

Giving in, I snatched the phone off the counter, rushing out of the room so no one would hear me. I answered it in the corridor trying to remain calm.


A make voice replied.“Snitches don’t live very long sweetcheeks, watch your back.”


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