damn you gurl

SO! I go to read fave Rumbelle fic for like the 1000000000000th time by @suchadearie last night AND ITS DISAPPEARED OFF AO3!!!!!!

Accurate reaction GIF is accurate.
In case you’re wondering, I’m talking about Covered in Bees cause it’s like one of the best things ever. (WHICH I’D TOTALLY LINK BUT IT AIN’T THERE T.T)
Although! Frankly @suchadearie, if you’re taking my advice and trying to get that shit professionally published, I am COMPLETELY okay with that and will throw all my moneys at it once it magically reappears but on a market this time! :D

…Ah yes, and also:

(…Good lord I’m so ridiculously behind on smut blog now… ugghhh *sigh*)

@pathsfound ・゚☆ 

     Din of voices sound far away, in another room, on the other side of a fishtank. Liam can hear his own breathing, loud, pulsing, hoarse. His head is heavy, and his ears feel full, pressurized air tingling through the ossicles. ——is he hungover? Probably not. This is worse. 

     All at once, consciousness delivers clarity. T'perro’s voice is soft, quiet. Havarl’s flora is poisonous. He was exposed to a paralysing spore. Nothing fatal, fortunately. He’s been out cold for two days. He won’t be lucid for quite some time. Liam remembers the name, but not the designation. Asari. A doctor? She’s got the uniform for it. He grunts, tries to move. Feels too heavy, too sluggish, the room is spinning. 

     Liam feels hands braced over his bicep, helping him sit up— smooth palms, slender fingers. When he looks up, the lights are too bright, and there, the silhouette, dark hair, a young face. Soft-sharp features. Bright eyes. Beautiful. 

   His instinct, to everyone’s chagrin, is to grin. “Well—– hullo, nurse.”

BTS Reaction : To their S/O singing BgA’s song

Seventeen reacting to their s/o singing to BgA, was really amazing! I was wondering if you have done BTS yet?

Jin : Would laugh like crazy when he sees you, holding his stomach while laying on the floor.

“W-what’s wrong Jin ?”


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Suga : Would judge you

“Damn you nasty gurl”

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J Hope : Would find too funny but won’t say why

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RapMonster : He’d watch from afar, smiling because you’re being cute even by singing those nasty things

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Jimin : “W-what… Do you even know what you’re saying ?”

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V : Would freaking jam with you


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Jungkook : Would giggle like crazy but join you by singing

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People must never leave you alone. Damn gurl.

Nah I get hit on /maybe/ once or twice a week Lmao but usually it’s always creeps (not that you’re one anon!!) but irl it’s always those Men TM. You know the ones that are like /30/ years older than me, and think they’re gods gift to mankind like no dude leave me the fuck alone I’m just trying to do errands????! the last guy in my age range to hit on me was the manager at a bk , asking for my number when I(stupidly) had my window down but I was just trying to eat my nuggets ???

Ladies and other people don’t usually bother me at all and rarely talk to me tbh but one time a woman did ask for my number in a truck stop….right after I got out of a bathroom stall to wash my hands…..at like 8am (it was so odd and @msrainbownoodle can verify) and that was probably the creepiest like pls no;; let me pee in peace what are you doing;;

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Damn gurl you already graduated? I gotta wait till the end of June to graduate. Congrats tho!!

I’m done with classes! I graduate Sunday

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I FINALLY caught up.... my heart with EXPIRED, the fluffiness with SWEET HEART, and just TAE THO OMG 😍 I HAVE SO MANY EMOTIONS BUT DAMN GURL YOU ARE A GREAT WRITER 👩‍💻👩‍💻👩‍💻

Thank you so much! I’m really liking all of the past few series … Tatted up Tae gets me into a mood that isn’t really appropriate, and I’m really pushing my self between the fluff of Jin’s series and kind of this dark feel with Tae’s … We’ll see how it goes! 

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