damn you fellowes!

Having already seen Season 6 Downton Abbey in it’s entirety, I’m able to witness Thomas Barrow fans lower their standards after each episode airs on PBS:

  1. I just hope Thomas gets a cute boyfriend this season. It’s time. He needs some loving!
  2. (lowers standards) Wow, I just wish people would stop treating Thomas like shit.
  3. (lowers standards yet again) Jesus! Someone just give that man a hug. A pat on the back. Something.
  4. (really lowers standards) Goddammit! Shit! Fuck! Damn you, Fellowes. I just want him to survive.
  5. (and eventually…we get to the most pathetic standard of all) Ok. I just want him to be happy. Seriously, Fellowes. My standards cannot possibly get any lower. I don’t care if he’s stranded on a deserted island drinking his own piss. As long as he’s happy about it. Really. I’m putting my foot down. I can’t go any lower than this. We’ve reached the bottom of the standards barrel. I will not give another inch.