damn you expectations

Why I’m NOT disappointed in the YOI finale...

Like, look, it wasn’t perfect by a long shot, I understand that. (I agree with you. It had some flaws.)

But I’m really happy they did NOT try to stuff an hour’s worth of material into this episode. (I mean, god, it was rushed enough with the material they did include. How bad would it have been if they included all that other stuff we wanted?)

Y’all were asking for WAY more than could have possibly fit into twenty-odd minutes, and since it looks very much like we’ll be getting a second season, I’m not at all upset that they chose to wrap this episode up with an open ending.

I’m looking forward to seeing more development for Viktor and Yuuri’s next season – development that doesn’t have to be crammed into a few sparse minutes at the end of a single episode.

I’m looking forward to revisiting the other skaters, for whom we got only tidbits of development in season one. (More Phichit! More JJ! More Otabek! Seung Gil’s redemption?!)

I’m looking forward to see where Yuri P. goes from here, and whether or not he’ll continue his victory streak, or whether his issues as a maturing teenager are going to get to him – and how that’ll affect him and his relationships.

Another 12 episodes could honestly work wonders on just about every level of this show, so, really, no – it doesn’t bother me that not everything was tied up nice and neat with a bow. And while I won’t pretend, by a long shot, that YOI is a perfect show, I also won’t pretend I’m disappointed in the finale just because it didn’t have everything.

i love ks but the fandom is a fucking disaster

This is what a blessing looks like. 

My Beautiful Obsession:  eleven days along

…and I can honestly say that despite all the buildup to Doctor Strange; despite knowing how amazing & groundbreaking the movie promised to be; despite knowing full well what BC would bring to the role, how his full range & emotional commitment would make Stephen a compelling, living Soul–I know now that I was never adequately prepared for how thoroughly this character & his story–given life by this Actor’s portrayal–would sweep me off my feet.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…my oh my oh my!

First off, I’d like to say I’m terrible at introductions to these things. I’ve been here almost exactly a week and I’ve gotten to meet 100 of you beautiful people in my short time here so far. It was only fitting that I do my first follow forever at this point. I uh. I guess more will be under the cut below. I’m terrible with these intros I swear. Without further ado:

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while Mika and Ferid are just staring there like

© to Namanmari 

Guess who has warm hands while helping run this cookie booth? Me! Because I have these awesome gauntlets/fingerless gloves from @jwab and they are super warm and snugly and soft. I am so stupidly lucky to have her as a friend and now my fingers won’t freeze while I write crusaders tonight!

A Dance with Dragons, Pt III
  • Melisandre: can I walk Jon Snow home
  • Stannis: why would you walk Jon Snow home
  • Stannis: fine? I don't even care. why would I care
  • Melisandre:
  • Melisandre: goodbye, then
  • Stannis: have I EVER mistreated you. no. just go
  • Melisandre: I
  • Stannis: and NEVER COME BACK
  • Melisandre:
  • Melisandre: see you in 5 minutes you big drama queen
My bitterness at what they did to Vanessa and Ethan right now is so real

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Okay guys, prepare yourselves. I’m gonna make a post about why I’m not going to be as active and it very well could be quite long. So just…brace yourself.

So, idk if I posted about specific things on here (I probably did because that’s just me) but I have really not been in a very good mindset the last few weeks. Ever since I came home from my trip to Florida, I’ve just been in this pit of depression and anxiety. I cried myself to sleep almost every night the first week I was back, and since then I stopped crying and went back to apathy and pretty much lost the ability to cry.

Then I got my period and since then I’ve just had really bad dysphoria. I’ve gotten so self conscious about the fact that I’m seen as female and not as anything besides that. I’ve just had a lot of self hate and completely despising how I look and how I am just in general.

Basically, the depression is taking over my life. I’m super dehydrated and hungry all the time because I haven’t been drinking enough water or eating enough. I haven’t done my laundry in over 3 weeks; I’m just wearing dirty clothes and wearing clothes for too long. I haven’t been sleeping enough, but when I do it’s extremely hard for me to get up. My grades are slipping, and school is just so hard for me mentally lately.

I just want to improve myself. I want to do more creatively and I want to give you guys more writing and maybe drawings too. I want to work on being nicer to my siblings and being better to my family in general. I want to try and do some more exercise and drink more water and eat better with less junk snacks. I just want to do better in general for myself 

So, that’s why I probably won’t be as active in the near future. I want to start trying to make my life better and try and reduce my depression and anxiety. I just hope that you all will be there by my side to support me in these decisions. I love you all so so much.


iwant-tosee-bone  asked:

i need a meanspo. im 5'2 and 116lbs and i keep binging. im sore and dont want to work out today but i need to. give me all you've got

okay, gurl, you said you needed to lose that weight. right? WELL WORK HARDER, YOU FAT BITCH! for one, stretch for like twenty minutes and you should be fine. jesus christ, don’t you want anybody to like you? that boy you like? no wonder you’re so fat… with your fucking selfish lazy-ass who can’t even control her damn self. how do you expect yourself to advance in the future if you can’t even control yourself now? you wanna be successful right? then work for it, fucking bitch. people who are skinny fucking work for it, but you ain’t getting skinny, hun, you gotta work hard like the rest. so fucking exercise, now, more than you planned, so you can be the skinniest bitch they ever seen. until then, STOP BEING A WHALE-ASS FAT FUCK.


tfw you are looking for the three or four musical touchstones for a young and extremely talented metal guitarist with a vested interest in not being recognised

and it takes you like two fucking days to remember buckethead