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Why I’m NOT disappointed in the YOI finale...

Like, look, it wasn’t perfect by a long shot, I understand that. (I agree with you. It had some flaws.)

But I’m really happy they did NOT try to stuff an hour’s worth of material into this episode. (I mean, god, it was rushed enough with the material they did include. How bad would it have been if they included all that other stuff we wanted?)

Y’all were asking for WAY more than could have possibly fit into twenty-odd minutes, and since it looks very much like we’ll be getting a second season, I’m not at all upset that they chose to wrap this episode up with an open ending.

I’m looking forward to seeing more development for Viktor and Yuuri’s next season – development that doesn’t have to be crammed into a few sparse minutes at the end of a single episode.

I’m looking forward to revisiting the other skaters, for whom we got only tidbits of development in season one. (More Phichit! More JJ! More Otabek! Seung Gil’s redemption?!)

I’m looking forward to see where Yuri P. goes from here, and whether or not he’ll continue his victory streak, or whether his issues as a maturing teenager are going to get to him – and how that’ll affect him and his relationships.

Another 12 episodes could honestly work wonders on just about every level of this show, so, really, no – it doesn’t bother me that not everything was tied up nice and neat with a bow. And while I won’t pretend, by a long shot, that YOI is a perfect show, I also won’t pretend I’m disappointed in the finale just because it didn’t have everything.

i love ks but the fandom is a fucking disaster

My Beautiful Obsession:  eleven days along

…and I can honestly say that despite all the buildup to Doctor Strange; despite knowing how amazing & groundbreaking the movie promised to be; despite knowing full well what BC would bring to the role, how his full range & emotional commitment would make Stephen a compelling, living Soul–I know now that I was never adequately prepared for how thoroughly this character & his story–given life by this Actor’s portrayal–would sweep me off my feet.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…my oh my oh my!

When one of my favorite shows goes and releases a plot line that adds more drama to a character that already has too much drama and continues to neglect its best character and her relationship. And it doesn’t even premiere for over a month!!

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while Mika and Ferid are just staring there like

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My bitterness at what they did to Vanessa and Ethan right now is so real

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Let me just make myself clear,

Yes, I am a Mommy, but excuse my language, I will be DAMNED if you expect that I’m a Mommy ONLY for the sex and kink factor to it. Please, don’t misunderstand why I’m here, exposing my likes for this community and others just taking it as just a ‘fling’, for something not real, something hollow and and heartless.. That isn’t why I’m here, and it sort of breaks my heart when littles– littles that are suppose to be youthful and innocent, that are just suppose to set me at easy and let me have some light-hearted childlike fun with them after a long day of work, school, life in general– just come to me asking for indecent pictures, talking ONLY about naughty things when they don’t even ask for a name or how I am doing that day, they only ask if I’m interested in them even though they are 100% strangers.

Mommy does not like that. Mommy doesn’t do that. Mommy WON’T do that unless you are MY little and we discussed our boundaries and our relationship thoroughly with each other. No, I’m not saying I’m against the sex aspect to it, if you are in a LEGIT relationship, I do feel as if sex is a special thing to to with the one you LOVE and CARE about, I’m just saying, if I don’t know you, it isn’t going to happen.

Respect how I run things, please.

Nurture, love, care.

P.S. Little one, you can’t just ask someone to be your mommy/daddy/caregiver right off the bat (you can if you want, and if that is what that person is into, then fine by me, I’m just saying, that isn’t me), it is a process, don’t you want to be with someone you know won’t just leave you out of the blue? Not only that, but someone you can trust? Someone you can make a solid bond with? Someone you know won’t break your heart? If you want someone like who will care and actually LOVE you, talk to them, get to know them, it is safer that way for you, not only that it will feel a lot more real.

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god fucking bless the lady who apparently told my manager that I worked my ass off all weekend (when my manager was away)

I hope this mystery lady has a great week

owari no seraph episode 12

what the fuck

what thE FUCK 


W H A T T H E F U C K 

whAT tHe fUCk

Fran Bow x Jack: Finally, Peace…

I love Fran Bow and the voice Jack makes for each of the character. And so, we combine the two and… that happened. Yep

Congrats on 7M Jack :D
Here’s to 8M and many more!! Bring out cakes and cookies and we’ll dance all night, wooooo!
And sorry if he looks a bit on the girly side, I really tried D: