damn you expectations


You really gotta hand it to them.
—– Inspired by @birdsandivory‘s text post.

calling Shiro space dad is Coran erasure so jot that down 


That could be anything, then. | It could also mean nothing.
ғɪᴛᴢsɪᴍᴍᴏɴs ᴍᴏᴍᴇɴᴛs ⁽ ⁴⁸ /💑 ⁾ 

This is what a blessing looks like. 

god save the queen [ eggsy x reader ] 001

warnings: cussing, mentions of alcohol

words: 1876

summary:  The relationship between Statesmen and Kinsgmen is fairly good, could be a bit better though. Various failed mission in the past has put some tension between the two branches, but thankfully, an olive branch, one looking exactly like (Name) (Lastname), is extended and intended to patch up any fights the Cousins had had. She is sent on a secret mission to London along with her new partner Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin to guard some expensive jewels and accidentaly save the world.

a/n:  since tequila’s name isn’t made public, i just call him channing (since that’s the actors name lololol)
also! this is somewhat of an AU where the golden circle hasn’t happened (yet) and the two branches already know each other and have worked in the past.

MASTERLIST KO-FI.  AO3. GSTQ masterpost.

from america, with love 

The ice cold water running down a lone faucet turns hot and pink once it connects with the hands of yours truly. The bathroom is quiet. Usually after training most would be here, relieving themselves after a beating and/or taking a shower to wash away the grime and tension. None of these fall into the category of your current occupation. You hiss softly when the stream connects with raw knuckles, eye the tares in the skin and cuss lowly, as if afraid that someone might hear you. The pale white lights create illusions, they almost make your head spin: everything is so polished it reflects and turns neon. You look up; see your reflection staring right back at you with a confused, tired and angry face.

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Come back and haunt me

Blindspot fanfic. Follow up to this one. Set after the S2 finale.

He doesn’t know what woke him. But he came awake abruptly and, just as he’d done for the past six months, reached across the bed to the cold right side. It was empty, just as it had been for the past six months.

He sat up and scrubbed a hand over his face. She was here… and she wasn’t here.

At least he knew where she was. Finally. At least he knew she was safe.

But even as the thought crossed his mind, he wondered what had woken him, and the need to check on her grew too strong to be denied. 

He threw off the covers and climbed out of bed.

He’d left the door open. Somehow, closing her out on the other side of the door had seemed so wrong that he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

He stepped out into the hall. The dim light from the windows in the living room didn’t reach that far, but he didn’t need to see where he was going.

The door to the guest room was ajar, too. He knew he should just let her sleep. She was exhausted, and lord knew he was too. But he stepped forward, not crossing the threshold or violating her privacy. Just enough to see through the gap to the shape outlined by the moonlight, huddled on the right side of the bed.

He swallowed. He was the one who stayed on his side of the bed, sleeping like a log, she had always teased him. Jane was the one who sprawled across the surface, draped mostly over him, taking up much more of a queen-size mattress than a woman her size should be able to.

The only time she curled up like this, tight in a ball, was when she’d had a nightmare and didn’t want to wake him.

He should go away and let her sleep. She’d been sleeping without him for six months. However she coped now, she didn’t need him to do it.

He forced himself to turn away, but before he could take a step, he heard the catch in her indrawn breath. 

It was the sound she made when she was crying.

He was turning back to her before even giving his feet permission to move. He just needed to make sure she was okay.

He stopped at the side of the bed. “Jane?” he asked, voice still gravely with sleep.

She drew in another breath, and with the tiny motion, moonlight glinted on the silver track of tears on her cheek.

Something crumbled inside of him.

He pulled the covers aside and sat down, reaching across to put his hand on her shoulder. 

She didn’t pull away, just seemed to still at his touch.

Moving slowly enough to give her time to object, he slid into the bed beside her and curled himself around her back, as he’d done before too many times to count.

He waited, breath held, for her to object or push him away, but instead, she moved ever so slightly, pressing her back against his chest.

He said a silent prayer of thankfulness and wrapped both arms firmly around her.

She let out a tiny broken sigh, burrowing closer to him, and he held her as she cried.

And when she finally drifted off to sleep, he pressed his own damp face into her tangled curls and held her tight, finally able to relax for the first time in six months.


It had been completely unexpected. Sure, the guy was being a dick. And he wasn’t being helpful at all. But you hadn’t really expected Sam to take his threats toward you seriously. So when Sam cocked back a fist and punched him across the face, and he crumpled to the ground like a wet towel you couldn’t help jumping a little and letting out a gasp of surprise.

“Sam!” you exclaimed, looking at him with wide eyes.

Sam was breathing hard from the sudden exertion and shaking his fist.

“Why did you do that?!”

Sam cocked his head and shrugged. “I don’t like how he was threatening you.”

“How are we supposed to question him now?” you asked, gesturing to the unconscious man on the ground.

Sam looked down at him and shrugged again, pulling the corners of his mouth down. “He’ll wake up. And perhaps be more polite,” he said, rubbing his knuckles.

Now that the shock had worn off, you revisited the image of Sam throwing the punch in your mind. Your cheeks suddenly burned pink and you bit your bottom lip. The warmth spread down from your face into your chest and you had to clear your throat before you could speak again…


Summary: Movie AU. Inspired by Clueless - A high society boy and a do-gooder-type girl find love.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 8,328 (*Cher voice* WHATEVER)

Warnings: language, fluff, mentions of aggressive behavior, a (non-armed) robbery, drinking, oh, and mean people really freaking suck

A/N: I was going to post this in parts, but the deadline is fast approaching. This is for @sgtbxckybxrnes’s “Tay’s AU Movie Writing Challenge.” Sorry if you’re disappointed, I never follow the movie plots exactly. Clueless was a lot harder to write than I thought!

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