damn you cole

also, cole sprouse looks like he hasn’t slept. like, ever. not once in his entire life. like every time jughead is onscreen i just want to jump into the TV and be like no, stop. stop it, jughead. stop talking, stop writing your novel, stop narrating and Go To Bed. Sleep, My Son. please, for the love of god, sleep.


He can slit an enemy’s throat before they even realize he’s there, and slip away, never to be seen again.


I go where the knife needs to be.

I had just lost the entirety of my faith in Riverdale as a whole simply based on the fact that all the sexy CW brand screencaps were skeeving me out… but the fact that Cole Sprouse, known anime weeb child, based his entire performance as Jughead on L from Death Note may indeed drive me to watch the damn thing.

Fuck you Cole I’m on to your games…


Can I just talk about how frustrating it is to decide people’s fate as an Inquisitor who aims to please Solas?

He HATES literally 95% of my gut instinct choices that all of the other people are okay with!

Prime Example: The mayor of Crestwood. You know, the guy who murdered an entire village of people: men, women, AND children because he thought they had the Blight?

I wanted him executed. Sera, Cole, and Bull REALLY liked that idea. Solas? Nuh-uh. What did he want? Exile. EXILE.

That’s all he ever wants.

Exile the Avaar goat-slinger to Tevinter.
Exile the Grey Wardens to the Anderfels.
Exile your damn self to the Fade.

Loneliness does not solve everything, Solas.

I love you, but damn. You’re making Cole hate me because I can’t ever kill the bad people.

“This is a game changer.”

The TiDAL press conference just concluded, and for those who couldn’t make the livestream here are the highlights of the 20 minute presentation:

The new generation of TiDAL owners are all your favorite artists who are taking a larger stake in how their music is presented to the world. JAY Z, Beyoncé, Kanye West, Rihanna, J. Cole, Madonna, Alicia Keys, Nicki Minaj, Daft Punk, Chris Martin, Usher, Calvin Harris, Arcade Fire, Jack White, and Jason Aldean are all investors in the new streaming platform. 

Each artist will deliver exclusive content to TiDAL, with it likely being the place singles and early album streams will drop. Hov and his business plan has essentially cut out the middle man, with each artist now in control of how their art is presented to and absorbed by the world.

okay i’m gonna go all cole sprouse here for a minute

but have you ever thought about how things on tumblr affect your opinions of things

idk i was in social psychology today and my professor was talking about social experiments and how other’s behaviors affect our own and stuff and i mean just think about it for a second

yes, tumblr changes opinions on things like gay marriage and abortion and social justice issues by explaining things about equal rights made into educated thought out posts 

but like things that literally thousands of people now seem to feel strongly about like the fact that leonardo dicaprio deserves an oscar

i just saw someone post that they didn’t like leonardo dicaprio and my first reaction was “omg how can you say that he’s incredible” but then i realized i had no reason to have that reaction. i have literally not seen a single leonardo dicaprio movie (don’t kill me). the only reason i think he should have an oscar is because tumblr as a group has let me to think it’s a travesty that he hasn’t gotten one. (btw i’m not saying he doesn’t i just literally have no knowledge, i’m assuming he does based on how many people feel strongly about it, but who knows)

again, this was just an example, but it’s just interesting to think about

like all the things you wouldn’t believe in or really give any mind to if you weren’t on tumblr…idk