damn you booze

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So my best friend and I are going away to Europe for a month and I’m low-key a little sad because after weeks of being so starved, we’re finally starting to be fed with new content… and by then filming would have just started, and spoilers will be coming in hot, and probably bloopers, and then of course there’s fucking comic con and all the gif-worthy candid moments we get from just that alone. And I just don’t think I can handle going through this pain on free wifi hotspots and international data roaming #help

I missed you X Daryl Dixon X Reader

Request: Imagine where you and Daryl meet again at the hilltop.

I did like the run up to seeing him again. I hope it’s what you wanted I didn’t really know where to go with it.

Your life had got pretty shit after Daryl was taken. You just felt empty and hollow without him. Your place had started to look messier and messier. You had no motivation to do anything. All you wanted was to see him again. The time Negan bought him with him to collect his shit you basically collapsed on your porch. Seeing the man you love so broken and beaten hurt you in a way you didn’t know was possible.

You woke that morning as miserable as always. You dragged yourself out of bed and into the shower. You couldn’t even bring you self to stay standing so you just sat there and let the water go over you covering the tears escaping your eyes.

You finally got dressed and wandered outside. “Morning” Rick walked passed your house and waved.

“Good morning Rick.” You put on your best smile like you always did “Need me to go on a run?”

“No I’m going to head out with Aaron. Can you stay here and keep watch?”

“Of course.” You smiled as he walked off. You walked back into your house and grabbed your bow and arrows you kept stashed in your wardrobe. Negan was not getting his hands on this. You took it to the watch tower on the front gate where Rosita was sat.

“Hey. Rick asked me to keep watch.”

“Thank God. I’m knackered.” She smiled at you. You tried to smile back “You alright?” She frowned at you a little.

“Yeah.. I’m hanging in there”

“Good” She gave your arm a rub “He’ll be ok.”

“thanks” You said as you shot a walker with an arrow.

Your shift was pretty boring. Couple of walkers. “Hey you. It’s my turn” Tara’s voice made you jump.

“Oh good. Not very interesting out there. See you later.” You said as you walked down the ladder. You quickly nipped out the gates to get your used arrows. Spencer pulled his car up next to you.

“Hey. How are you?” he said as he got out the car.

You walked ahead “Fuck you Spencer.”

He ran up to you and nudged your arm “What’s up with you?”

You turned and raised your eyebrows “Seriously? I know you want to get rid of Rick and take as leader. But you can’t do shit. Rick is the best person for us.”

“Was he the best person for Glenn and Abraham?”

You slapped him clean across the face “Don’t you dare say that. We had no choice in what happened to them it could have been any of us. To be honest I fucking wish it was you.” You turned on your heel and walked away.

You got to yours and Daryls house and threw your stuff on the sofa. You shuffled your way to the kitchen where you kept your alcohol and then went back to the living room. Where you sat in silence drinking and smoking with just your own thoughts to keep you company.

Time seemed to pass really quickly when you realised your bottle of rum was empty. “God damn why is the rum always gone” You said to you self as you stood up, you swayed a little “Oh yeah that’s why” You got another half bottle from the kitchen and decided to take your one man party outside.

You walked out onto the street and saw a little crowd down near Rick’s house. You lit a fag and walked to them. You got through the crowd and saw Negan Spencer having a game of pool. You stood next to Tara, fell a bit and then gave her a nudge. “What’s going off?” You whispered.

“Are you drunk?” She whispered back.

You shrugged “Yep.. what’s happening?”

“Spencer is trying to get Negan to kill Rick so he can be leader of here I think.”

“Fucking slimy piece of shit. He deserves to be shot.” You laughed and took another sip of your bottle.

You weren’t listening to a word that was going off between the two when all of a sudden Negan stabbed Spencer and gutted him. “Oh shit! Ha!” you shouted too loudly. People around you stared at you “Sorry, he fucking deserved it” You laughed some more then walked back to your porch.

Some ugly fucker with half a burnt face walked up to you “Aren’t you a pretty little mess.”

“Fuck you.” You spat at him

“Woah there beautiful. Why you so angry” he stepped closer when you noticed he was wearing Daryls jacket.

“I said fuck off”

He scoffed and turned. You stood up quickly, pulled out your knife, grabbed him from behind and held your knife to his throat. “Give me the jacket”

“I’m sorry gorgeous. You want the jacket” he smiled.

You pulled the knife closer to his throat “This ain’t a time to be smiling. Now give me the jacket and I won’t slit your fucking throat.”

“Give her the jacket D!” Negans voice came from around the corner. “She clearly wants it more than you. Not worth getting killed over.” He took the jacket off and dropped it at your feet making you release him.

You sat on your porch with the jacket over your shoulders and watched the saviours leave with Eugene. When all of a sudden what happened really hit you. Someone had been gutted like a fucking fish right in front of you and all you did was laugh. Yeah he was an ass hole but did he really deserve that. Eugene was probably going to be tortured and you had heard a gun shot so someone else was probably dead because you know none of your group had guns. Life really had just fucked up. No one wanted to fight out of fear and there’s nothing you could do other than sit and watch your friends die around you.

You must have fallen asleep leaning on your porch stairs because you were suddenly jerked awake by Michonne. “(y/n) wake up. We’re going to the hilltop to see Maggie and Sasha. Rick wants to fight. We all know now we want to fight.”

You rubbed your eyes and looked up at her “What.. okay. Woah I didn’t expect that so soon.” She helped you up, you ran inside grabbed your bow and ran to the trucks. Just as you were about to get in a sudden queasy feel crashed over you. You turned around and threw up pretty much all the alcohol you had drank. You wiped your mouth and got in .

“You okay?” Rick looked at you.

“Ugh yeah. What a God damn waste of booze.” You said making them laugh.

You must have fallen asleep again in the truck because you made it to the hilltop in seconds. You opened your eyes as you pulled up at the gates. You got out and stretched. “God fucking damn. I need to stop drinking” You yawned.

The gates opened for all of you and you walked in. Hope and happiness filled your for the first time in ages seeing Maggie and Sasha alive a well.

“(y/n)!” Sasha called as she ran to you and gave you a hug. “Guess who we found.”

You frowned at her when all of a sudden your heart dropped. It was like slow motion. The man you loved and missed with all your heart stepped from a trailer and saw you. “Oh.. my.. god” You stuttered out. You dropped your bow and ran to him. He grabbed hold of you so tight it could have knocked the wind out of you. You couldn’t let go. He pulled back and put his hands on your face. Looking at you like it was the first time all over again. Tears were streaming down your face. He pulled you in for a kiss. It was hard and rough but you loved it.

Finally you pulled from each other “I missed you”

“I missed you so fucking much.” You smiled and wiped the tears away.

“Hey man” Rick’s voice came from behind you. Him and Daryl hugged it out and you were looking over at Maggie smiling.

“Hey where did you get my jacket?” Daryl asked you.

You passed it to him “You know just threatened to slit that ugly fuckers throat.”

“Ha. That’s my girl” he laughed as he kissed you on the head.