damn you and your music


Mike Chilton - Take Me Home (Hollywood Undead)

YEAH IT’S FINALLY DONE HELL YES.  I had to make this because if I ever heard a song with lyrics that described Mike Chilton more aptly than “reckless till the day I rest my bones”, I don’t remember it (but if I ever do I will definitely have to make a video with it).

It kind of looks a little bit like he died at the end.  OH WELL.  RIP in peace Mikey.

  • [Hamilton is working at home and Eliza comes to check on him. There are at least ten empty espresso cups all over his desk]
  • Eliza: Alexander are you okay
  • Hamilton: what me yeah babe I'm fine I'm super fine I'm great just working I love work I love you why what's up
  • Eliza: how many espressos have you had
  • Hamilton: whaaaaaat like psssh maybe ten at most
  • Eliza: really
  • Hamilton: okay like twenty but nbd
  • Eliza: are you fucking kidding me
  • Hamilton: it helps me think
  • Eliza, reaching for the closest shot of espresso: ...okay maybe it's time to toss these
  • Hamilton, seizing the espresso: I AM NOT THROWING AWAY MY SHOT


Turbulance- Sam Wilkinson

A/n: 25 Days of Christmas

“This is your captain speaking, it looks like we’re headed for a little bit of turbulance nothing to worry about just sit back and relax” sit back and relax what’s that a sick joke you thought to yourself. You were know questioning why you had to come home at all, sure you hadn’t seen your parents since August thats alright. Damn me for choosing a school so far from home. 

You restarted your music and tried to find some peace. Your airplane playlist was doing the trick when you felt yourself drifting off but the plane jolted suddenly. Shit we’re going down. In a panic you clutch both the armrests clinging on with a death grip. 

Your eyes squeezed shut and you pressed your head firmly against the headrest inhaling and exhaling in short bursts like a woman in labor. 

When the plane stabilized your grip loosened and the arm rest moved. You yanked your hand away and pulled out your headphones ready to apologize when you realized what you had done. 

You opened you mouth to begin the apology but the plane shook again. Catching yourself this time you hovered above the occupied armrest fingers splayed ready to grip it when a hand met yours. 

You kept your eyes straight ahead you felt a warm hand met yours the skin soft to the touch. The fingers clasped tightly by your knuckles giving your hand a reassuring squeeze. You reflexively squeezed tighter as the turbulance intensified completely ignoring that fact that you were holding a total stranger’s hand. 

As the motion subsided a cough brought you out of your frightened fog as you released the hand of the stranger. Suddenly embarrassed by the claminess of your hand you place it on your thigh attempting to subtly get rid of the moisture. 

For the first time you looked to your row companion and had to close your mouth quickly to prevent the impending drool from spilling out. 

“Sorry about that” you softly offered barely above a whisper “No problem turbulance sucks” he smiled revealing the prettiest set of white teeth you’ve ever seen up close. You smiled back at him quickly looking away. His eyes were on you as you ran your hand through your hair attempting to fix your appearance. Your hair was a mess courtesy of the headrest and clammy hands certainly weren’t cute/ 

How could you have not realized such a hot guy was next to you. 

You made eye contact with Sam and watched as he removed an earbud. “You from Nebraska?” “Huh?” you asked not processing the question before you spoke.  He chuckled rubbing the back of his neck before turning his body towards you. “Are you going home for the holidays?” “Yes I am but I’ve got a connecting flight after this” “Oh cool” he nodded. 

Although the rest of the flight was silent every time there was even the slightest shake he would extend his hand to you. Occasionally he would rub his thumb against you hand slightly making your heart flutter. 

As the turbulance ended you squeezed his hand twice as if silently thanking him and to your surprise he responded in like fashion. His squeeze caught you off guardbut when you looked at him to confirm his facial expression remained unchanged. 

You ventured again squeezing to a different pace and yet again he responded. It triggered a childlike wonder within you as you began squeezing his hand to different patterns and each time he would mimic yours. 

You followed kept a straight face but on the inside this was undoubtedly the most fun you’d had on a flight in a while. 

Smirking slightly you squeezed his hand as hard as you could and watched out of the corner of you eye as Sam winced in pain. His poker face faltered and you both burst out laughing. 

The laughter traveled beyond your row and both of you quieted down when you realized all eyes were on you. As the flight landed you took you hand from Sam’s standing to your feet. You turned to deboard the plane when you heard him say “Merry Christmas Y/n.” Sam reached to shake your hand but instead brought it to his lips placing a kiss on the back of it. “It’s been a pleasure and good luck on your next flight” he beamed giving you one last glimpse of his smile. Shit my next flight. 

Happy Birthday to You - Tony Stark

N/A: this is just a quickly writing bc baby boo is getting one year hotter and c’mon he deserves a life being spoiled and loved. 

May 29. It was the second most important date on your calendar, one that you couldn’t forget. And it was the reason for you to be wearing the famous red uniform of the Playboy bunny girl. You took a deep breath, giving one last look at the mirror to confirm if everything was in order and finishing applying your red lipstick. Damn it, you were anxious. The music was playing loud and you knew you were almost two hours late, but that was your plan, pretend that wouldn’t show up and then make your surprise. You knew it wasn’t just a costume party,  but you wanted to spoil your boyfriend, so there was you finally going down the stairs holding a small cake filled with red and gold candles. The lights dimmed, leaving the lighting focused just where you would walk and as soon as you entered the guests’ field of vision, it started playing ‘Happy Birthday to You’ in Marilyn Monroe’s voice.

You walked slowly and sensually, adding an extra wiggle on your hips while singing along to the music and looking toward the birthday boy. Tony was standing in the middle of the ballroom, with Natasha, Steve, Rhodes and Clint beside him - probably those who helped put the small plan into action - and he seemed quite surprised. But every step you approached the expression on his face changed as if finally understanding what was happening there. The guests whistled, sang and clapped with the music, but it was when you finally stopped in front of him that everyone started screaming. You smile from ear to ear, it wasn’t a seductive smile, but a happy one.

“Make a wish, my love.” You hummed as he readily bent to blow out the candles.

“Happy birthday to me.” He said happily, taking the cake of your hands flustered and almost knocking in Steve’s shirt for delivering without notice to the super soldier. You shook your head and chuckled at his behavior, but just giving a little scream when you were pulled by your wrist and strongly embraced, with your lips being sealed in a passionate kiss “This is all for me? My present?”

You looked at Tony, his eyes sparkled the way you loved so much. Taking a deep breath to try to regain your composure, you put your hands on his chest and smiled innocently. It was written all over his body language that he had thought you wouldn’t show up at the party and that he was now completely happy and relieved to see that you just wanted to surprise him. You then bent until you could whisper in his ear, ignoring the party that was still going on and many of the guests still watching you two.

“Let me know if you decide to start.” You smiled when you noticed Tony shiver, so you slipped a hand through his hair and smirked.

“Start what?” He arched an eyebrow, deciding to act according to your provocation.

“Start to open your present, Mr. Stark.” You shrugged away from him and turned to greet Rhodes and Natasha, but soon you felt Tony’s hands on your waist and were placed on his shoulder, passing between the guests that laughed excited and were celebrating the party. You caught a glimpse of Natasha with a cell phone in hand probably filming everything, but you just pretended to complain and give small slaps on Tony’s back.

“Thank you for coming and enjoy the party!” the billionaire shouted before disappearing into the elevator with you.

“Nate! Please?! I’m trying to sleep?!” I yelled from our bedroom. Nate, Sammy, and John had been blasting their music for 2 hours. Obviously they couldn’t hear me yelling and pleading for them to stop or turn down their music. I groaned and threw a pillow at the door….the same time Nate was coming through. The pillow hit him in the crotch. I threw my head down on the bed. “You okay Lil mama?” He asked. I sighed. “I have been….yelling for two hours…..for you guys….to turn your damn music down….” I mumbled. He nodded. “I’m sorry Lil Mama. We were smoking a bit and John turned the music up louder than we had anticipated” he said apologetically. I looked up at him. He started to laugh. “What’s so funny Nathaniel?” I asked him. He laughed even more. “Your face is so red from yelling!” He replied while laughing still. I blushed. “Well what do you expect? I’ve been yelling at the top of my lungs for two hours!” I retorted. He smiled down at me. “You look so cute when you’re red” He said while laying down next to me. We heard the music being turned down. We heard footsteps and in came Sam with the the wireless speaker. “Just thought I’d put this here” He said. He pressed play on his phone and “Lay Me Down” by Sam Smith. I smiled and laughed. Nate leaned over and kissed my nose. “I love you, (Y/n)” he said. I kissed him on his nose. “I love you too, Nate” I said. He kissed my lips and wrapped his arms around my waist. It was until 2 minutes before we both fell asleep. Hey! I hope this was a good enough imagine! My messages are still gonna be open if you want to request while I sleep. So yeah! Goodnight! 😊😘 cayyyseee

What’s the pressure?
You will grow, you will know in the end
That this is fiction
It’s in your mind, live your life instead

I am going to listen to this song until it’s joy is engraved into my soul.