damn you and your flawlessness

anonymous asked:

I have such a mighty need to tell you that you are an amazing person, not only are you physically flawless, (so damn beautiful), but your personality is beyond words, you are so sweet and so pure at heart, but don't take any shit and I love that, you just keep doing you, because babe it is working! Thank you for being such a blessing on my dash, all the love for you <3

Nony, I have such mighty need to tell you that you just sent me to tears.

It’s been a fucking hard week for me, and today wasn’t a piece of cake either, and then you just come out of nowhere with such kindness and sweetness and I really wasn’t prepared for all of that. 

I also have this huge instinct to deny your words cause damn I’m really none of that, but I’ll just take your words to my heart and thank you. You and Beyonce both made my day a little happier. Thank you very much <3

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well ive been following u for so long and when i saw u reblogging from me i was like😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍damn cuz your blog is that flawless❤️and aaaah thank you following (always low key wanted it lol😳😳)

ure welcome i love your blog too b but gosh u couldve just asked for a follow haha anyway this made me happy thank u 💓

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You're perfect. I like the music you listen to. Murs, Atmosphere, Living legends, Eyedea, name it... And I fucking love how God damn sexy you are. Your body? don't get me started. Your style is flawless! Fuck. Don't ever change. Keep doing you.

Thank you! 🙈☺️

x-reality-i-hate-you asked:

I saw the meme and I had to: Your portrayal is flawless. You're damn good and your writing.. I can hear Inoue Kazuhiko speaking to me while reading your posts.

How’s my portrayal? Leave an opinion in my inbox. // OPEN

// COMBUSTS oh myg od thank u v v much for ur kind words friend aaHHH ;;u;;

avcngrs asked:

ayy i recommend the book "I am the messenger" by Marcus zusak it's beautiful

THANKS BABE!! I will absolutely check that out, it took me ten seconds to figure out where I’d heard his name and then I remembered BOOK THIEF OFC, so yes, I’ll definitely have to read that one! <333

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compliment: Your blog is amazing and flawless because yOU are amazing and flawless, and also gorgeous, and also just such a nice person to talk to, and ily, a lot. Just saying :3

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