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evidence that david wymack is the best character in this entire series, part i

The Foxhole Court

  • “I want my subs at the wall cheering them on, but if you trip up a referee, I will cut you.”
  • “Watch me beam with pride. It’s not your job to take care of yourself anymore.”
  • Wymack sliced a hand across his throat and jerked his thumb over his shoulder. Neil hoped he was right in translating it as “Let’s get the hell out of here.”
  • “Do you have any idea how much I hate coming home and finding you in my apartment?”
  • Wymack only recruited athletes from broken homes. His decision to turn the Foxhole Court into a halfway house of sorts was nice in theory, but it meant his players were fractured isolationists who couldn’t get along long enough to get through a game.
  • “Are you done wasting my oxygen yet?”
  • “Kevin, wake that dingbat without getting punched in the face.”
  • “You have five seconds to get your retarded psycho ass to my apartment! You even think about telling me no and I swear to god I’ll throw Kevin’s contract down the garbage disposal.”
  • “Your opinion has been noted and dismissed,” Wymack said. “Anything else, or are you going to start signing stuff?”
  • “I am going to drop you off at the dorm and spend the rest of the day drinking. Damage control can wait until tomorrow.”
  • “Kevin, you’re out if your hand so much as itches. Don’t be stupid tonight.”
  • “Coach Wymack was the only one I could think of turning to, and he didn’t disappoint me.”
  • Wymack snapped his fingers in front of Andrew’s face, trying to get Andrew to look at him instead of Neil.
  • “Damn it all to hell. Hemmick! You were supposed to wake them up ten miles ago.”
  • “Did you think I made the team the way it is because I thought it would be a good publicity stunt? It’s about second chances, Neil. Second, third, fourth, whatever, as long as you get at least one more than anyone else wanted to give you.”
  • “We saw their files,” Wymack said. “We chose you.”
  • “Breaking news: I don’t care.”
  • Neil wasn’t quite ready to face Andrew yet and he didn’t want to deal with this teammate’s curiosity over his prolonged absence, so he went to Wymack’s apartment instead.
  • “When I said Abby and I would look out for you, I didn’t mean you should pick a fight with Riko on national television,” Wymack said. “Should I have spelled that out beforehand?”

and my personal favorite for last

  • “God damn it, Minyard. This is why we can’t have nice things.”
Jughead x Reader: A Nightmare Approaches


Hi can you please write something with Jughead about that it’s your first time sleeping together (not sex just sleeping) and you get a nightmare? But you get all embarrassed and don’t want to talk about it but then he comforts you. thank you xx

 A/N: I loved writing about this, I like the idea of just cuddling since I still see Jughead as asexual (Can cuddle with you), but hey everyone has their opinions on this subject, but no he is not asexual in this. I’ll take this time to say I do not write smut sorry. Hopefully you guys enjoy this one since I got like over 100 notes on my last Jughead imagine which I didn’t think it was going to get that much, but thank you guys for liking and reblogging it really means a lot to me.

Words: 1040

Summary: Reader parents are away and she invites Jughead over.

Spoilers: I had inspiration for the nightmare form American Horror Story: Coven.

Warnings: Jughead hates Netflix

“(Y/N)!” you’re parents called out as you rushed to see them in the kitchen.

“Yeah, mom and dad?” You asked them.

“Your dad and I have to take a trip on the weekend and we can’t take you, you’re going to be alone, no monkey business” You mother proclaimed.

“Promise” You motioned your right hand against your heart.

It was now Friday morning as you were getting ready for school, that your parents called out for you and you ran downstairs

“(Y/N), remember to lock all the doors and windows” your dad claimed.

“I will, dad promise” as you reached in for a hug.

“We left you some cash in the drawer and deposited some in your bank account” your mom comforted you as she gave you a kiss on the cheek.

“Geez, mom are you leaving for a weekend trip or are you gonna start a new life and leave me stranded alone in the horror of a small town that is Riverdale?” you mocked your mother.

“Stay safe baby” your parents chimed in at the same time as they exited the front door and you went up to your room to finish up before you grabbed your backpack and locked the door of course and rushed to school.

As you entered Riverdale High, you searched for your friends in the crowded hallway and made your way to them.

“What took you so long?” Betty announced.

“Parents went on a weekend “business” trip” you told them while motioning your fingers as quotes “they gave me the stay safe, killer on the loose, no parties speech” you added on.

“Damn, I was about to ask you throw one” Kevin chuckled knowing you, you would never dare to throw a party unless your parents approved.

“They would never find out (Y/N), let’s do it!” Ronnie praised.

“Oh you are so new to Riverdale” Kevin addressed putting his hand on Veronica’s shoulder.

“What? Don’t tell me you’re that much of a goodie-good girl” Veronica questioned you.

“She’s a saint” Archie blurted.

“More than Betty?” Veronica continued as Betty smiled.

“No” Jughead spoke up with a smirk on his face making everyone go into a fit of laughter.

“God, I didn’t mean it like that” Jughead retorted as you blushed and he reached to grab your hand.

“I’d like to think Betty and I take risks when the risk taking needs to happen” you admitted to your friends with a smile.

“Take the risk (Y/N)” Kevin and Ronnie spoke in sync.

“Not worth it” you apologized “I can barely stand these losers at school, why would I invite them to my home” you continued as Archie, Kevin and Veronica sighed.

“How about tomorrow you guys just come chill at my house, a little friend get-together, my parents wouldn’t mind my friends” you commented.

“A loophole, you daredevil” Kevin complimented as you gave them a devilish smirk and they all nodded.

The school bell rang and your friends went their ways to get to class.

“Hey Jug” you cooed as he turned to see you as you guys made your way to your classes “How about you come over after school and we could watch a movie” you confessed.

“A home date, deal” he answered and kissed your cheek as he let your hand go and you both parted ways to your classes.

As school ended, you made your way to Jughead leaning against your locker.

“Hey, you ready?” You spoke as Jughead planted a kiss on your lips and grabbed you by the hand.

“How about I go grab a movie and you order the food and we meet at your house, please no Netflix” Jughead declared as you both walked out of school and you chuckled at his comment.

“Fine, Netflix hater, Pops burgers or pizza?” you replied at your boyfriend Jughead.

“Both” Jughead chuckled and you laughed.

“Okay, I’ll order you both, but grab like three movie choices” you declared as you parted ways.

You picked up the burgers and shakes from Pops and walked home to wait for the pizza delivery.

A few minutes later the pizza arrived and so you started getting the living room ready for your movie date with Jughead.

“Coming in!” Jughead clarified while opening the door to your house making his way to the living room.

“I brought (Y/F/M), (Jughead’s favorite movie) (Both yours & Jughead’s favorite movie)” Jughead acknowledged and you smiled at him.

“See these amazing films are not on Netflix” Jughead retorted and you giggled at his comment.

“Oh Juggie, Netflix doesn’t care about your modernizing problems, they’re subscribers beat you” you sassed him as you picked the first movie.

You guys enjoyed the delicious food and movies, you didn’t even realize you both knocked out cuddling on the couch. Although you started shifting too much and sweat started creeping your forehead. Jughead woke up from your squirming and began to worry he shook you so you could wake up. You opened your eyes and were breathing very heavily.

“(Y/N) are you okay? Did you have a nightmare?” Jughead questioned you worriedly.

“Oh no, I’m fine Juggie” You blurted out embarrassed about telling him about your nightmare.

“Oh c’mon (Y/N/N), you were squirming and sweating, I swear I won’t laugh, I’m here for you babe” Jughead confirmed smiling at you and giving you a kiss on your hand.

“Okay, but you can’t laugh” You confessed while blushing, telling him your nightmare, where Jughead kept breaking up with you and that same clip played over and over and wouldn’t stop.

Jughead gave you a smile and kissed you on the lips and you kissed back.

“I’m not letting you go, especially not in mine or your dreams” Jughead reassured you “Also I shouldn’t have let you eat that much” Jughead added with a small chuckle.

“You’d like that wouldn’t you, that way you’d have more” you added on and you both started laughing.  

It was late and you didn’t want Jughead out there, with a killer on the loose, so you made a fort in your living room and fell asleep, cuddling each other to sleep and you questioned why you both never did this before since you felt safer in his arms.

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Truth or Dare

Summary: Betty, Archie, Veronica, Jughead, Kevin, Cheryl, and Y/N are spending the night at Y/N’s house. Kevin suggests Truth or Dare at some point and they all decide to play. Shenanigans ensue and eventually certain feelings are shared, but will they be taken seriously or laughed off? Possible angst.

Pairing: Jughead x Reader (maybe)

Multi-fic: Yes? I’m splitting this up into a couple chapters so *finger-guns*

A/N: First Riverdale fic so sorry if anyone here sounds a bit OOC. Also, I don’t really write so *shrugs* be nice please. I had this idea just pop up and HAD to write it.

This was a horrible idea. Truly horrible. It hadn’t even been a half hour into the game before people started getting crazy and clothes were lost. It had started out as a simple sleep over. I just wanted all my friends to be in one place for once without someone trying to rip another’s throat out. My parents had left for the weekend so we were all situated in the living room, Cheryl and I sat in the loveseat, Betty, Veronica, and Archie were on the couch, Jughead was on the recliner (legs crossed and on his laptop), and Kevin was perched on the coffee table between the couch and recliner.

Within ten minutes of the game starting Veronica had dared Betty to keep her shirt off for the rest of the night, Kevin had dared Archie to take his pants off, Cheryl dared me to lose my shirt, Betty (with a face so red you’d think she would’ve passed out) had dared V to ditch her dress, I got Kev to take his shirt off, and Archie got Jug to lose his shirt. Jug had just dared Archie to not be an idiot for the rest of the night, which made everyone laugh. Everyone except Cheryl was somewhat nude and embarrassed.

“Y/N,” Kevin called my name. “Yes,” I answered, staring right at him, trying to be cocky. “Truth… or dare?” He asked, a twinkle in his eye. Everyone stared at me as I debated my choices. I decided I didn’t trust that twinkle, and no matter what choice I made I’d be in trouble. “Truth.” I sighed. Kevin’s face almost split in two at my answer, his grin enormous. I tried not to gulp in fear. “I want you to tell everyone here what you really, truly think about them. ‘Fuck,’ I thought. ‘Not good.’ I looked him dead in the eye as I said fine, and re-positioned myself on the couch. I took a deep breath before looking at him and speaking. “You’re first then hun,” I said as a small smile grew on my face.

“Kevin, I love you, and I mean that in the most platonic way possible. You were the first friend I made here, and my best friend, and I’ll never forget the way you introduced yourself,” “Oh god Y/N please no!” Kevin cried, a blush creeping up on his face. “Y/N yes,” I mocked. “It adds to the story. Anyways, we were five, I had just moved to town the day before. I was walking through the park when all of a sudden I see this kid come running towards me at full speed, only to fall flat on his face three feet away,” Everyone started laughing while Kevin’s face grew redder. “Y/N!!!” He wailed. “Hush!” I said, still chuckling. “I ran over to him to help but he just sprung up and grabbed my hand and started shaking it. ‘Hi, my name’s Kevin, what’s your name? Wanna play!?’ I mocked in a little kid’s voice. Kevin hit me with a pillow. “I didn’t sound like that!” “Kevin shut up or she’ll never finish.” Cheryl spoke. “Yeah,” Archie spoke up. “I kinda wanna hear what Y/N has to say about me too some time tonight.”

Kevin made a zipping motion with his hands over his mouth before sitting back down, playfully glaring at me as well. “I told him my name and he said it was very pretty, and then he asked me if I liked boys, girls, or both. I was really confused at the time but Kevin just repeated it and told me he only liked boys ‘There’s a word for that you know, it’s called gay, and that’s what I am, so are you gay too?’ I just shook my head and said I didn’t like anyone.” I gave a light chuckle. “Kev gave me a weird look before he shrugged and said that was fine, and to come to him if anyone was being mean to me about not liking boys or girls. I knew at that moment we were going to be best friends,” Betty and Ronnie “Aww-ed”, Cheryl rolled her eyes, but I could see the smile in them, Archie smiled and Jug gave a smirk. 

“You’ve always been there for me Kev, every time I needed you, and I feel honored every time you come to me because you need someone. You pushed me out of my comfort zone so many times, and for the most part you knew when to back off. You’re so sassy and confident and I’m so jealous you have the confidence to be who you are. You always try to look on the bright side of things and keep everyone in a cheery mood. You’re amazing and wonderful and I never wanna let you go.”

I paused to look at Kevin, his eyes were watering up and I could tell he was trying very hard not to cry right then and there. “You mean the goddamn world to me Kev, you’re the twin brother I wish I always had. I’d crawl on broken glass for you. I’ll always be here for you whenever you need someone to vent to, or if you ever need someone to have your back in a fight.” We smirked at each other, my eyes starting to water up as well. “I love you Kevin Keller, with every fiber of my being, and I’ll be damned before I let anyone hurt you.” As soon as I had finished Kevin jumped at me, a couple tears streaming down his face and falling on my shirt as he nearly squeezed the life out of me. I hugged him back immediately and held him just as tightly, a few tears of my own falling as well. “Oh, I love you too Y/N! You’ve always been like a sister to me. I swear you mean the world to me too!” 

He kissed me on the cheek as we pulled away. When I looked around I saw that everyone had gotten misty-eyed, even Jughead, who was trying (and failing) to make it look like he hadn’t been paying attention the whole time. Kevin eventually made his way back to the coffee table, wiping his eyes before looking straight at me. “I swear to god Y/N if the rest of your speeches go anything like this I’m grounding you.” Everyone laughed while I looked around the room, trying to see who I would talk about next.

A.N.: Okay! First part is up! Let me know what you guys think and who Y/N should talk about next *wink* Also if you wanna be tagged that’s more than fine just let me know please!

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Hiding Under Those Clothes (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: yay requests are open :D   okay so how about a female reader x jughead (they like each other) where the reader wears a lot of layers and one day the crew had a pool party and jug saw the readers amazing asf body and like he’s mesmerize or something idk

A/N: Sorry for lack of posts! I have family visiting right now and I’m heading to the beach for Spring Break soon. I’m going to try and write before hand so I can just queue them for you guys. Hopefully this is good! xxx


Hiding under those clothes (Jughead x Reader)

Since Ethel became a part of the group, Veronica convinced her to throw a pool party at the end of the school year.

You were nervous as no one has seen you with anything less than two layers and the girls has forbid the infamous layers for both you and jughead.

When the day arrived you panicked and told Veronica you didn’t have a swimsuit.

She glared at you and hands you a black fabric. “Here. I figured you’d try and pull something.”

You glanced at the piece of clothing. There was barely anything there.

“Put it on and meet us down at the pool.” She nodded and left before you could argue anymore.

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So….I was reading the recap for Raw to see if there was anything I missed, and yeah…I missed the part where the crowd apparently chanted “fire Roman” when Foley had to make his decision on who to terminate.

You smarks have a hilarious way of shooting yourselves in the foot.

Remember when Roman was suspended? The noticeable DIP in viewership and ratings as a result on BOTH SHOWS? Clearly you buffoons need a reason to stand up and scream at your tvs/the entranceway, and guess what? Roman is the reason whether you hate or love him. Before saying dumb crap like “fire Roman” maybe you smarks need to stop and think about a WWE without Roman Reigns and realize how much that would fucking SUCK.

Yeah. The WWE would SUCK without Roman Reigns.

Even with Seth Rollins.
Even with Finn Balor.
Even with Sami Zayn.
Even with Kevin Owens.
Even with Chris Jericho.
Even with Bayley.
Even with Charlotte Flair.

You get my point. Am I wrong? Again, look at the huge dip in the rating when we had to go a MONTH without The Big Dog. Dropping these names isn’t to say that these stars couldn’t carry Raw, at all. Because they damn well could, Kevin Owens especially, I hope he gets the belt again soon so he can REALLY show out. But again, when it comes to reasons why people watch, Roman Reigns tops it, whether ya’ll can’t wait to boo him, or he’s your favorite, or hell, if you wanna see a damn good fight. I’ll argue this point until I’m blue in the face.

Distractions (Kevin x Reader)

Summary: The reader is stuck in an elevator with Kevin Tran on a hot day. Things get steamy in more ways than one.

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 1363

Warnings: Claustrophobia, Oral (Reader giving), Unprotected sex (which is unintentionally becoming standard in my fics but you should ALWAYS use protection!)

“Are you sure that’s the right book?” You asked for the third time in a row, wiping away the beads of sweat forming on your brow.

“Goddamnit, Y/N, I’m sure!” Kevin snapped and you watched his eyes narrow in agitation. He slammed the button to call the elevator up to the top floor of the dingy apartment building in which the bookseller lived. Evidently, Kevin was just as hot and bothered as you were.

You smirked and pretended to study the back of the book that the Winchesters said might hold some crucial information on where to find the rest of the tablets. You didn’t doubt Kevin for a second but it was fun to see him all worked up, especially when the last few weeks all he had been was tired out. That energy, even if fueled by anger, gave you hope.

“I don’t see,” Kevin huffed as he impatiently bashed the button once more. “Why you even needed to come with me today.”

Your heart sank at his words but you didn’t let it show, opting instead to playfully smack his arm. “Because I’m your girlfriend, stupid.”

And?” He asked, snatching the book from your grasp.

“And you’ve done nothing but translate the tablet for the last month, stupid.” You chided. “AND You haven’t been eating or sleeping properly, look at you Kev; You’re all skin and bones.”

And?” Kevin said, raising an eyebrow at you as the elevator finally came to a shuddering halt at your floor. You scowled at him.

“AND it’s my job to keep you alive.” You proclaimed sliding into the small elevator, dragging Kevin inside with you. “Plus, it’s like 75 degrees in that bunker. I had to escape somehow.”

“This place is not much better,” He muttered, leaning against the opposite wall to you. He had a point.

The elevator doors screeched shut and you noticed how Kevin had started to nervously fiddle with his hands and let out long deep breaths, signs you had learned to associate with his distress.

The elevator descended slowly, creaking and letting out a continuous high-pitched moan that almost deafened your ears. Suddenly, it groaned ferociously and screeched to a halt. You exchanged a worried glance with the prophet before cautiously tapping the ‘open’ button. Nothing happened. You mashed it a couple of times more with the same result. ‘Shit.’

You drew your cell out of your pocket and swore again when you realised that you had no service. Kevin began frantically pressing every button on the keypad in the hope that the damn elevator would just do something.

“This can’t be happening,” Kevin exclaimed, as the pitch of his voice slowly began to rise. “Please, not this, not here.”

You looked at Kevin and gulped. The nervous fiddling, the way he put as much space between you and him when you entered the elevator, his extremely deep breaths. Kevin was claustrophobic.

“Kevin,” you said in your most reassuring voice, taking his face between your hands. “It’s okay, we won’t be here long, someone will find that the elevator’s broken, call the fire department and we’ll be outta here in no time at all, okay, Honey?”

Kevin nodded, eyes wide as he concentrated on breathing steadily and you concentrated on anything but the sweltering heat that was suffocating you both.


Ten minutes later and the heat was unbearable. Your clothes were uncomfortably stuck to your skin and Kevin’s hair was slick with sweat.

“When I said I’d take a break from the tablet,” Kevin said. “This isn’t exactly what I had in mind.”

“It’s not really what I had in mind, either!” You snapped. Your voice softened and you shot him an apologetic glance. “I just wanted to spend some time with you.”

“Well, you’ve got it,” Kevin pointed out, and began closing the space between the two of you. “Maybe you should make the most of it.”

You gasped as he pulled your body flush with his, allowing you to feel his growing hard-on through his jeans.

“I need a distraction from the heat and the whole ‘stuck in an elevator’ situation,” He growled as his eyes, already dark with lust, pierced through yours. “And you’ll do just nicely.”

His lips found yours and his tongue hungrily delved into your mouth. You kissed him back enthusiastically, it had been weeks since you had both been with each other intimately. His mouth found your neck and you sighed contentedly as he sucked and nibbled there, leaving some very visible and obvious marks.

His hands started to venture under your shirt but you grabbed them, spinning Kevin around and pinning him against the elevator wall.

“One distraction coming right up!” You purred as you sunk to your knees.

You made quick work of his belt and zipper, pulling both his jeans and underwear down together. He groaned as his erection was released and you grabbed it, licking a long strip from the base to its tip. You left kisses all over his cock before taking the tip into your mouth and sliding him in further and further until he hit the back of your throat.

Y/N!” Kevin moaned, grabbing onto a fistful of your hair. “Shit, that feels so good.” You continued to suck his cock and drag your tongue against his length when suddenly he pushed you away.

You looked up at him confused as picked you up and pinned you against the wall. His pupils were dilated and damn did he look hot. He leant over you and whispered seductively in your ear. “I’m not coming down your throat, Sweetheart. I’m coming inside of you.”

You felt yourself become even wetter at his words alone and moaned as he pulled up your skirt and pulled down your underwear, running a finger through your folds.

“So wet for me. Really, Y/N, I’m touched.” Kevin smirked at how you involuntarily bucked into his touch. You shivered as his hand explored your body and ghosted over your breasts before he settled at your entrance, teasingly stroking his cock between your folds.

“I-I need-” You whimpered as he continued to tease you, the head of his cock occasionally bashing against your clit and making you shudder.

“You need what, sweetheart?” Kevin’s hoarse voice whispered into your ear. You let out a sound halfway between an irritated scream and a frustrated groan. He knew very well what you fucking needed.

“Kevin, I-FUCK! I need you!” You panted as Kevin began entering you at a painfully slow speed. “Stop being an asshole, I need you to fuck me!”

Kevin quickly thrust into you fully and you gasped at the sudden sensation of being completely  filled. He gave you a moment to adjust to his considerable size before setting a quick pace that had you out of breath and sliding up and down the elevator wall.

Kevin’s mouth found yours and he placed one hand in your hair whilst the other snaked down in between you to find your clit. Your legs became weak and you felt yourself melt into him as he fucked you hard against the elevator and rapidly rubbed your clit.

“Are you going to come for me, Y/N?” Kevin growled into your ear. “Are you going to come around your prophet’s cock?”

“Fuck yes!” You screamed as you felt yourself approaching your climax. “And how my prophet, is he going to come for me?” He nodded and grunted in reply, his eyes dark. “Then do it.”

“Y/N!” Kevin cried as he spilt his load inside of you. A particularly deep thrust that hit all the right spots sent you spiralling after him, panting out incoherent words and clutching onto his shoulders.

You both collapsed onto the floor of the elevator, out of breath and even hotter than before. You rested your head on his shoulder as he intertwined his fingers with yours. He studied his surroundings and let out a shaky laugh.

“Your distraction worked,” he said smiling at and kissing your forehead. “But I’m not sure how long it’s gonna hold”

“Well, we could be here quite a while,” You grinned and moved on top of him so that you were straddling his hips. “And I can still think of plenty of other distractions, if that would help?”

“I’m sure it would,” Kevin swooped up and captured your lips in a more soft and tender kiss. “I love you, Y/N”

“I love you too, Kevin.”

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"And I say, 'damn your kiss and the awful things you do! Yeah, your worse then nicotine,'"

“Did you…” you trailed off, looking over at the ginger boy next to you with a bit of a smile hidden on your face. “Did you just quote Nicotine?”

Archie grinned a little. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

You blinked once, twice, then thrice before you set your phone down and stood.

“I need new friends.”

Dating Sami Zayn would include... (Extended version)

I made this because Sami is the cutest ray of sunshine ever and I love him, though i wasn’t expecting it to turn out so long. Enjoy!

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Oh fuck’s sake 400 followers special is here
  1. “You told him your name is Elizabeth?”
    “I panicked! And I was thinking about the Queen!”
  2. “So now you’re hiding in Boston?”
    “Hiding isn’t a good word”
  3. “What do you want?”
    “You to stop crying on my water paint.”
  4. “You need to kickback and relax”
    “If by ‘kickback’ you mean actually kick you in the back and then relax”
  5. Only thing I remember is drinking a whole bottle some very expensive wine by myself and then kicking a waiter to the nose.
  6. Potato stings like a bitch when thrown at you
  7. “Who did you get him to stop fighting?”
    “I told him that if he gets sucker punched one more time to face the nose bone might impale his brain.”
    “His eight! You can’t tell him things like that, now his gonna have nightmares”
  8. Just knock on the door and let the vodka lead the way
  9. He only wanted to spent a day with you, not murder you.
  10. Stupid and cute usually co-exit with her
  11. Oh, God. I’ll be there in twenty minutes.
  12. She gave a weak smile but he knew she was trying her best
  13.  “Who the hell brought a fire thrower?!”
    “The girl.”
  14. I tried to shoot him to the spine. 
  15. Can Amish be a psychopath? 
  16. I’m gonna go now, because you’re gonna be slightly mad after you finish that call. 
  17. We have to get him off the streets before the gangs catch a wind of his where abouts. 
  18. Gracias tio, I’ll call you tomorrow. 
  19. Thanks Luie, call me if you need help tomorrow
  20. If you were such a good mother, why did he spent so many years recovering from his childhood?
  21. “Where you going?”
    “Liquor store’s don’t deliver.”
  22. I’m good. I’m so good. I didn’t break anything. That’s not true and you know it. They just see your old man in you, and that scares the hell out of them.
  23. I’ve been lying for so long. I’ve told so many lies that I forgot what was true and what isn’t. But I guess that’s my problem in the end. 
  24. “We have bigger problems right now!”
    “Bigger than nuclear weapon?!”
    “We have a guy with a codes who can activate that weapon.”
  25. Keep the fight off the stage!
  26. “You stuffed a tiny top hat in his mouth? What’s wrong with you?”
    “He was already dead when I did it.“
  27. “If anybody is going to pull this out it’s her. Trust her.”
    “I cannot trust someone who is currently trying to steal the biggest fucking diamond in the world!”
  28. “What are you doing?”
    “That’s not food.”
  29. “I got 8.”
    “You got 8 euros?”
    “8 grand.”
  30. “Why the fuck are you looking at me?”
    “You’re the only one who can beat his ass.”
  31. “I said basic distraction!”
    “Bomb is a basic distraction!”
  32. Don’t break your fucking back or anything!
  33. Don’t the money to the man who only buys cereal and rum.
  34. I will smack your face against that damn wall
  35. Then kill me, pretty boy. I’m ready. Do it quick.
  36. “I need to take a piss.”
    “For fuck’s sake!”
    “We are not stopping!”
    “If you don’t pull over I will pee right here.”
    “And, we are stopping.
  37. When he woke up again, his hair was dyed purple and one of his eyebrows were missing 
  38. “Kevin, you promised not to do this.”
    “It ain’t my fault that someone left their car unlocked”
  39. The little girl showed to the her mother’s funeral with a newspaper clipping taped to her forehead, yeah I don’t think she needs help.
  40. “You’re late.”
    “Yeah, time tends to fly when you’re dying on a black alley.”
  41. She won’t go down quietly, so just aim for the head
  42. “I can hear her coming towards here.”
    “How do you even know it’s her?”
    “Who the hell it would be other than her?”
  43. Why’s my papers ripped up and across the floor?
  44. You need new glasses. Duct tape won’t held them together forever.
  45. Why do you keep crumpling dollar bills? And why the hell are you even here?
  46. “Why did you bring me here?”
    “Well.. for one James has been on the other side of the lake trying to set up your surprise, and for second.. well, the fireworks weren’t suppose to go off yet, but.. I love you, and happy birthday.”
  47. “She hit me!”
    “Be happy that she didn’t have her rings on.”
  48. She was the one who stayed when everyone else left.
  49. Okay, my motto for sketchy places is ‘if you can only access from the alleyway, don’t fucking go there’.
  50. How bad do you think this will be?
  51. He filled a broken vase with a wine, and now carried it around to find the bride.
  52. She and her group of asshole crashed the wedding party
  53. “You’re like a shiny baby”
    “What does that even mean?”
    “I don’t know!”
  54. “Whatca doing?”
    “Burning her stupid face from all the pictures you have.”
    “You can do that to your own pictures, but these are mine and Remy’s still my friend.”
  55. Don’t move so I won’t blind you
  56. “What’s she doing here?”
    “Don’t worry, she will just stay in the corner, sipping jagermaster. Fair warning though, if your men attack me, she will slash your fucking cut open.”
  57. “You took a cab?”
    “For a block or so, but then the driver kicked me out.” 
  58. “Why does she do this?”
    “She doesn’t have nothing to lose.” 
  59. “You still have his number?! I thought you deleted it!”
    “I did. But won’t help much when I have his number memorized.”
  60. Let me near him and I might just rip his eyes out
  61. At this point, running from him seemed more dangerous than facing him
  62. “Who did you learn to fight?”
  63. Ideal situation would be if Nikita and Paul wouldn’t see sight of me during my ‘quick’ visit.
  64. Look I only know how to break it, fixing isn’t my thing
  65. “Can I get a beer, please?”
    “Just a general beer? Maybe you should specify a little?”
  66. I want to protect you as long as I can
  67. “I’m the most non-violent person!”
    “You stabbed me to neck when we were eight!”
  68. Last time I was forced to go to wedding, I was sitting half of the time on edge of a high raise building, trying to decide if I would jump or not.
  69. I just really like to wear clean clothing
  70. See ya later, fuck knuckle

I’m gonna post something tomorrow. Thank you for everything you people

The Proposal - Part 3

Summary:  Sam’s pushy boss forces him to agree to marry her, hoping to secure her stay in the U.S. and avoid deportation to Canada. An AU based on The Proposal. Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Sam Winchester x female reader

Word Count: 3838

Warnings: Language, drinking, family arguments, reader’s parents died when she was young, reader is a not nice person, fluffy angst (yes, fluffy angst, it’s a thing, okay)

Author’s Note: Italics/Bold used to denote text messages. Kevin makes an appearance in this chapter, sort of. If you’ve seen the movie, you know what I mean. And just so you know, the slow build is killing me. But I love it.

Originally posted by chiwimon

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A Mummy Problem

So, here’s the thing: I freaking love this movie. Even the sequel. And those are the only two Mummy movies that exist. And this probably won’t make a whole lot of sense if you haven’t seen the movie, but, you know, hopefully I’m just being overly-cautious.

This ended up being a modern AU sort of thing. I don’t know. It was fun to write, though!

Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Words: 2,384ish
Summary: Houston, we have a mummy problem.
Challenge: @thing-you-do-with-that-thing Movie Night challenge x
Warnings: Swearing, because I can’t help myself

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Sleep Deprived

Anonymous said: Can you please write a Kevin Tran imagine/oneshot where he hears the reader having a nightmare so he goes and comforts her? Thank you!

A/N: OMG Kevin is my precious little prophet you do not know how much I love him. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this! :)

Word Count: 543

Relationship: Kevin/Reader

Warnings: slight swearing.


“No. No! Please just leave him alone!”

“(Y/N), wake up!”

Kevin’s voice made you shot up, the mattress squeaking beneath you. You could feel tears on your cheeks, and you took deep breaths to help you calm down.

Damn, you thought. It was third nightmare this week, and now you had dragged Kevin into your mess.

“(Y/N),” he said gently, putting a hand on the side of your face. “Do you want to talk about it?”

You did. You wanted to get it off your chest. But you couldn’t. Not with Kevin.

For the last couple of nights sleep had been difficult to come by, and in the nights it did come, you would barely have about two hours of it before waking up crying. The last hunt had been rather difficult, as a demon who worked for Crowley had managed to capture you, threatening to hurt the Winchesters and Kevin if you didn’t cooperate with him.

You knew he wasn’t an actual danger, but for some reason his words had stuck with you.

You loved Kevin. There wasn’t anything in the world you wouldn’t do for him. So now you were constantly awake with the thought that he, like you, could die any day. And that’s when the nightmares started, escalating pretty quickly.

“I can’t talk about it,” you whisper, looking down. Kevin puts his arms around you, gathering you gently.

“You yelled my name,” he says hesitantly. “Why?”

“Kevin, you remember the demon case a few weeks ago?” you ask finally. Might as well get it over with. He nods with a confused expression.

“What about it?”

“ He, umm, he threatened to hurt you,” you say, “and I just haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since then.”

“But why? He’s dead right?” Kevin raises a hand to your cheek, and you blush.

“Yeah,” you say with a shrug, and Kevin continues to look confused. “Damn it, Kevin, I love you!  Okay, there we go! That’s why I’ve been having nightmares recently, because I can’t help but think that you’re somehow gonna end up dead because of me!”

You covered your mouth. That’s not what you had planned at all. Tears prickled at the corner of your eyes, and you blinked them away before they could fall.

“I’m sorry,” you apologized, turning away from him. Kevin, however, grabbed your wrist, and you face him again slowly.

“You have no idea how much I love you,” he said before crushing his lips into yours. You were surprised for a second, but kissed him back as you came to your senses. Kevin placed his hands on your hips, making you fall on your back.

“I love you too,” you yawned. However much you wanted Kevin tonight, you were deprived from sleep.  He got the message and stopped kissing your neck. “Maybe tomorrow?”

“Don’t worry,” he replied with a smile, “I don’t want to push you into anything.”

And that’s the thing you loved most about Kevin. He respected your decisions, even the most foolish ones.

He instead took off his shoes and jeans, leaving him in some boxers with a flannel shirt. He snuggled with you, smirking at your blush.

“Something wrong?” he asked with a grin.

“Shut up,” you mumbled. 

Never Let Me Go - Holtzmann x Reader

Summary: In which you get injured on a bust, saving Holtzmann’s life. Holtzmann is fraught with grief and guilt. 


Warnings: light smut - and I mean extremely light. Like it’s not even there really… oh and injuries/gunshots.

A/N: requested by @our-woodland-kin - I had so much fun writing this! Sorry it’s not more smutty but I reckon it’d be hard to have good sexy times without the use of both arms… I’ve got a more cheeky Holtzmann fic on the way, though, I promise! 

Let’s assume that Holtzmann and the reader have established feelings for each other but have never really acted on them.

Enjoy! x

You shot your proton stream at vapour after vapour trying to stop them coming. The four other ghostbusters are doing the same at your side. Who knows how they’d all congregated in the same place, but they did. Patty had explained that several mafia executions had been carried out in the basement, so you suppose that would explain the numerous ghosts wrecking havoc. Eventually you got down to the last. Holtzmann got a hold of it and you, Patty and Erin rushed to help while Abby deployed the ghost trap. You all cheered an high fived. 

‘Not bad, guys!’ Holtzmann grinned, draping her arm across you, making your heart flutter. You returned the smile before holstering your proton gun. None of you had noticed yet that a hand gun, which the security guard of the building must have left on his desk, was hovering in mid air. You glanced around to check that everything was in order - at least as much as it could be - when you saw the gun trained on Holtzmann. Time seemed to slow for a moment as you yelled: 

‘Holtzmann, get down!’ as the gun went off. You shoved your friend out of the way. An excruciating pain radiated up your arm as you collapsed onto the ground. You gripped your shoulder as blood blossomed through your overalls. 

'Y/N,’ Holtzmann yelled, falling to her knees beside you, 'you stupid idiot!’ Tears welled up in her eyes. 

'I wasn’t going to let you get shot, J.’ You winced, swallowing thickly. Your vision was a little blurry but could see Abby and Patty reining in the ghost that had fired the gun. It must have revealed itself properly after it shot. 

'It’s okay,’ Holtzmann said shakily, helping you apply pressure to your shoulder as you lost blood much faster than you’d have liked, 'you’re okay.’ You started getting woozy. Spots dancing before your eyes. You blinked hard. 

'Hey,’ Holtzmann cupped your cheek, trying to get your attention, 'hey, hey, Y/N, eyes here okay? Keep your eyes on me, alright, stay with me, please. You’re going to be okay.’ You nod minutely, fighting hard against the pain and blood loss. 'Erin, call an ambulance!’ Holtzmann yelled, her voice shaky, 'stay with me,’ she murmured to you, running a hand through your hair, 'it’s not even that bad, okay.’

She sounded like she was reassuring herself more than you. She pressed your shoulder again, trying her best to stem the bleeding, only to gasp as more blood oozed out of the wound and onto her hands. Your blood. The blood that was spilt because you’d saved her life. She choked out a sob, guilt consuming her. 

'Ambulance is on its way, Holtz.’ Erin came over and rested a hand on Holtzmann’s shoulder before going back to the others to help clean up. 

'Hey, Y/N,’ Holtzmann forced you to look at her again. You blinked through bleary eyes. You barely had the energy to stay conscious, 'two chemists walk into a bar. The first one says “I’ll have some H2O.” And the second one says “I’ll have some H2O too”.’ The engineer swallowed, fighting hard against the fresh tears pricking her eyes. Using the last of your energy you lift your uninjured arm to cup her cheek before everything went black. 

'Why does the second one-’ she cut herself off mid punch line as your hand goes limp, dropping from her face. 'Y/N?’ Holtzmann tried to shake you awake, 'no, no, no, Y/N, you can’t leave me.’ Tears began to fall freely. 

Moments later a paramedic approached her and attempted to pull her away from you. Of course Holtzmann fought tooth and nail to stay glued to your side. Eventually when they got you into the ambulance, they found that they could stitch up the wound and give you a blood transfusion on site. The ghostbusters sat huddled on the hood of the Ecto-1 wrapped in blankets. Holtzmann was shaking, unable to speak. She stared at the closed ambulance door, waiting for someone to emerge. 

'She’s gonna be okay, baby,’ Patty reassured the unresponsive engineer, 'Y/N always is.' 

Eventually, what seemed like aeons later, the paramedic explained that although you had lost a surprising amount of blood, you would be absolutely fine with several days of bed rest and regular visits to the hospital for the next few weeks. 

The ambulance followed the Ecto-1 to your apartment. Luckily you lived on the ground floor. The paramedics lifted you into your bed and left Erin enough pain killers for you to set up a shop with and a sling for when you started moving around. The ghostbusters took it in turns to go home and gather an overnight bag so that they could stay and watch over you. The only one that didn’t move, however, was Holtzmann. She grabbed the chair from behind your desk and sat down beside your bed, taking your hand in hers. 

'Holtzmann, you sure you don’t want to grab some stuff from home,’ Abby asked her friend gently. When she didn’t get a response she placed a hand on her arm, 'Jill?' 

'I’m not leaving her. This is my fault; I’m not letting her out of my sight.’ Holtzmann said through gritted teeth. Abby knew she was trying to fight her tears and put on a brave face. 

'Jill, this isn’t your fault at all,’ Abby knelt down beside her, 'it could’ve happened to any of us.' 

'It’s not the same, Abby,’ Holtzmann’s voice cracked, 'I love her.' 

'I know, Jill, I know.’ Abby pulled her friend into a tight hug as she cried. 

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anonymous asked:

tell and quiet for kevin and wymack? :')

Quiet Me” one character trying to calm another down &“Tell Me” one character confessing something to another. SO, this was meant to be a drabble but I got carried away and its a little over 1k enjoy what I wrote all today in the span of 5 hours straight after work! (BTW this starts directly after Neil’s conversation with Wymack after page 298 of TKM) also (I kind of added ‘quiet me’ hope its okay!)

The sound of feet shuffling through his doorway made Wymack pause reading the paper in his hand. He was expecting Neil again since he only left his office barely two minutes ago, to thank him of all things. That kid needs a real break, Wymack thought seriously. He was definitely not looking forward to the aftermath of Neil talking to the press.

He glanced up and instead met Kevin’s rigid stance, and eyes that made Wymack instantly wary.  

Wymack was exhausted. After dealing with Neil and Baltimore, the press hounding him for comments and trying to book flights to meet new recruits, he was not at all in the mood to deal with whatever Kevin was about to tell him.

He still tried to lighten the mood but he didn’t know if it was for Kevin’s sake or his own.

“Don’t tell me, in the two minutes since Josten left this room he’s already managed to piss the press off when we agreed on next week?”

While softly closing the door, Kevin’s brows furrowed in confusion, “What- no.”

Before taking a deep breath that sounded more painful than it should have been, Kevin focused his eyes on Wymack’s shoulder as he came to stand in front of his desk. Taking pity on him, Wymack offered him a seat but Kevin only shook his head and stayed standing.

“I-I need to talk to you about something.”

Wymack silently gestured to go on as he watched as Kevin tried to compose himself after being caught off guard, or maybe what he wanted to say truly was frightening him. Please don’t tell me he’s going to confess to killing someone. I can only handle one at a time on this team, Jesus Christ.

He didn’t think he was going to like whatever was about to come out of Kevin’s mouth either way if he was being honest.

“Something,” Kevin continued as he lifted a trembling hand to trace the outline of his tattoo, “That I should have told you a while ago.”

Wymack was not exactly a patient man by nature, but as he watched Kevin struggle to form words, he remained uncharacteristically silent. Maybe it was because he was exhausted himself. But something was telling him to wait even though every part of him was screaming to prod and pry, just to get this over already. A nervous, sober Kevin was worrying in itself.  

Of course, not missing the way Kevin had touched his face, Wymack’s mind immediately raced with possibilities.

I swear to God though, if he gives me one more fucking ‘surprise’ about the Moriyamas again…

The silence was grating on Wymack, Kevin had started breathing heavily now, working up a slight sweat, looking sickly. “Would you calm the fuck down already, Day? Whatever you did-“

“You’re my father,” Kevin croaked out suddenly, interrupting Wymack as if he was ripping off a band aid.

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Kevin X Reader

Request: Can you write an imagine where the reader is a hunter and she is supposed to keep an eye on Kevin. Kevin has a crush on her but she’s a bit older than him and basically treats him like a child. Carte blanche for the ending :)

Request: hey i have a request: kevin x reader and you have a bad dream and you dont want to bother sam/dean bc you know they need their rest and the dream like really messed you up so you go to kevins room and you guys cuddle and its really fluffy and you two admit your feelings for each other? (lots of fluff please) (you dont have to do it btw!!) love your writing☻

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Request 37

Written by: Emma

Sorry this has taken so long to upload. I took it on probably a slightly different route to expected but I hope you like it anyway xD Sorry it isn’t particularly long. Just to clarify, the bits in italics are the readers thoughts when she is pretending to sleep xD - Emma xxx


“Is she asleep?” You hear Dean ask. You were currently stretched across the back seat of the impala. Dean and Sam, as per usual, took up the front two seats. In the back was Kevin, Cas and you. Now you were tired after a hunt and people in the way was in no way going to stop you from sleeping. So your legs were stretched out across Cas’s and Kevin’s laps, your feet resting on the end of the car. Your head was balanced awkwardly against the window, Cas’s trench coat tucked under your head as a makeshift pillow. After being quiet for around 10 minutes which was admittedly was a rather long time for you, if was fair for the others to think you were asleep.

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A Little Help From Kevin

(A/N: I haven’t been writing lately so I sat down, picked an imagine, and wrote it. I’d be more than willing to write a continuation, so let me know if you’d like one. p.s I suck at titles so this is the best I could come up with. p.s.s this is my first Kevin one shot so I hope it’s okay.)

Original imagine link: 

Warnings: minor swearing

A Little Help from Kevin

“Kevin!” you shout as you walk down the stairs of the bunker. You were really hoping he was home. You needed his help and you needed it before the boys got back.

There’s silence for a minute or two but then Kevin walks in, coming from the hall. “You’re back early.” he states, not having looked at you yet. He was focusing on some gadget in his hand.

“Uh, yeah. Little help here?” you say, struggling with carrying your bagk. You’d told all three of them you were visiting an old friend but you really had gone on a hunt, one that hadn’t gone quite as planned.

Kevin looks up and his eyes widen. “Y/N! What the hell happened?” he asks, quickly walking over to you.

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