damn you and your body

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Do you have penis, or a vagina? I don't seem to understand why many genderfluid people seem to get angered at the question, like are you that angered by people knowing what you pee with? Seriously, ask me if I have a vagina and my answer will be yes, there's no debate about it. Why is it such a big deal for you folks??

it’s an annoying question because you’re really just saying “haha ok so you’re nonbinary but like are you REALLY a boy or girl???” it’s annoying because me saying “im genderfluid” should be the end of it, it should be enough for you. you wouldn’t ask a stranger who introduces themselves as male or female “omg but WHAT DO YOU PEE WITH” -at least, you wouldn’t unless you had reason to suspect they were trans, or were 5 years old and had a childish urge to inappropriately talk loudly about peeing and genitalia. seriously, among people that are all assumed to be cis, this topic never comes up! know why? cause there’s absolutely no reason you would need to know what someone’s genitals look like unless you’re assuming it determines their gender, and you’re taking it upon yourself to do just that. you want me to either tell you i have a dick or tell you i have a vagina so that you can tell yourself “oh ok so they’re really male/female!” and completely ignore the fact that i already told you i’m genderfluid.

it’s invasive. it’s rude. it’s transphobic. we get angry when you ask because it’s a dumbass, disrespectful question. we don’t have to tell you shit about our bodies. mind your damn business


Cheesy Pickup Line Tori.



Genre: Angst. Gang! AU. 

Warnings: Mentions of blood & violence. That’s it.

Pairings: Mark x reader x Namjoon ft GOTBANG collaboration.

Summary: You’re innocently caught in the crossfire of two of Korea’s deadliest gangs, after an argument with your gang leader boyfriend. Could you have been hurt by someone closer to home? Or has the rivalry between the two become personal? Remember not everything is as simple as black and white..

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Made of skin and bones

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(not my gifs!)

Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Warnings: Language, A/B/O dynamics, some nudism?

Summary: Due to the premature death of the King of your clan, his son, the alpha James Barnes, must assume his destiny and lead his people. As the tradition commands, he must choose some worthy omegas to make their his wives and with which he will ensure the subsistence of your clan. All the omega women are obliged to appear before their king, including you. Luckily for you, you would never be chosen… right?

Tags: at the end

A/N: I’m really sorry for the delay but sometimes life happens and I didn’t had so much time thos past days, hoppefully I’ll update sooner the next chapter. Thank you so much everyone! :)

1.Wolves   2.Chess

3. Holy water

Your steps and Steve’s are the only sound breaking the solemn silence of the royal hall. He has tried to stablish a cordial conversation with you but you are just focused on his previous words.

“We have to prepare you for your wedding”

Well, damn, you had totally forgotten about your part of the deal. You are about to get married, and with a stranger. 

- Are you okay? - Steve asks you softly

- Yes… - he doesn’t believe it, you neither

Before he can keep persuading you a tall young woman crosses paths with you and Steve, her eyes blown open when she looks at you

- Sila, what a happy coincidence - Steve greets her

- Sir - with a serene smile she bows at him

- We were searching for you

- Hi - you salute the, now you can sense, omega

- Hello - she then looks at you, and you feel like she knows you from somewhere else, and she doesn’t like you

- Well, Sila, this is Y/N, Y/N, Sila - Steve introduces you - She will be the one who will help you with the wedding arrangemetns and to understand the traditions

- Oh thank you - you breathe relieved knowing that you will be acompanied by a woman in those times of  unrest, and even better if she is an omega

- Sure, Sir - she nods at Steve - Please follow me 

Without even looking at you she starts walking undoing the path she just made, you wave at Steve and follow the graceful woman. The air between you doesn’t incite a conversation so you dedicate the time to observe the majestic rooms by which the woman leads you. When you cross one specially decorated with large windows you can’t help but staring at the sunny day outside and at the beautiful clear lake that peeks among the trees near the palace, you make a mental note to visit that beautiful place sometime.

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BTS Reaction to Their s/o Dirty Whining/Tick Tocking On Them

specifically @ a caribbean carnival

jungkook : “oh my god..” he’ll try his best to hold in his grunts and the fact that he’s turned on. he wouldn’t know what to do. he’ll just know what he’s going to do to you later on.

jimin : he’d enjoy it honestly. he’ll be dancing with you all while never letting his smile leave his face. “i’m a lucky man” he’d whisper dirty things in your ear which would turn you on and make you grind, twerk etc harder. good lord you’re in for it when you get home

taehyung : “ohh baby..” automatic turn on. when he sees the way that you move your body, he can’t do anything else but watch/touch you

namjoon : he’d try his best to keep up with you, you’ll go at a slow and steady pace for a few but then you’ll speed up once he has the hang of it. “damn y/n you can move your body!”

hoseok : once you throw it back, my mans will catch it. he’s moving up, down, left right with you. “you know what we’re doing after right?” he can’t keep his tongue in his mouth while looking at you go.

yoongi : “what do you say we get out of here and you know..” yoongs was already horny when he saw you in your costume. he’d go ahead and tell you straight up that he wants sex, he’d try pulling you towards the exit but you just pull him back. when you’re dancing on him, he’d never let your ass leave his private area 😛

jin : “ahhh y/n i didn’t know that you were so dirty..” he quickly gets horny and wants the moment to never end. it’s cute how he tries to dance with you.

Interrogation Techniques

For the anon who requested 45 and 58 with Reid “My eyes are up here.” “It would be a lot easier if you weren’t so attractive.”

Warnings: Some degrading language

‘Type killers’ always got under your skin a little more than random acts of violence. Seeing all those faces that looked eerily similar, murdered just for having the misfortune of sharing traits with someone else long gone. It bothered you even more when you were sitting and staring at a pile of woman who bore a striking resemblance to you.

Your teammates kept a close eye on your for the entire week, which only added to the slight paranoia that came with looking like murder victims. Once the guy was in handcuffs and shoved into an interrogation room you felt a weight you didn’t even realize you were carrying being lifted from your shoulders.

“We still need a confession.” Hotch announced coming into the room that your team was sat in, watching the unsub who seemed far too calm and collected. “We’ve got him on at least two accounts, but a confession for the other four would solidify his prison sentence.” The room was silent for a moment, all of their minds following separate trains of thought, but all arriving at the same station.

“I’ll go in.” You nodded, standing up from the desk you’d previously been stationed at. Spencer, who had been resting beside you shoot up immediately at your words.

“What? No!” You ignored him, turning to face your boss, straightening your back in a way you knew showed your determination. You knew what you had to do; it came with the job.

“Hotch, we all know his chances of talking are considerably higher if I go in and play nice. If you go in and start with that tough guy routine we’re going to move nowhere but backwards.”

“(Y/N) no.” Spencer stated using his firmest voice. His hand gripped at your arm and you continued to ignore him.

“I’ll go in, I’ll be able to catch him off guard, get him talking. If it- I mean if I’m not getting anywhere I’ll come out and you and Morgan can go in and do what you need to do.” Spencer’s hand tightened slightly and you lifted yours up to pat his, not breaking eye contact with Hotch.

“Go in. Play nice. If he gets too… crude. But no information is coming through you get up and you leave or I will come in and remove you myself.” You cocked an eyebrow before nodding and removing yourself from Reid grip.

“Gotcha.” You nodded turned around and swiftly removing the blazer you were wearing and popping open a few buttons on your shirt. You stood up straight and fixed your hair giving yourself a moment to collect your thoughts. When you zoned back in you couldn’t help but smirk slightly.

“My eyes are up here.”  You teased, putting a finger under Spencer’s chin and lifting. He glared. Okay maybe not a time for jokes.

“You’re not meat, (Y/N). Don’t unbutton your shirt for that pervert.” You smiled gently and moved your hand up to pat his cheek.

“You’re sweet Spence, but if it gets a confession out I think I’ll manage. I get similar looks from the creeps that stalk the subway. I’ll manage.” He made a soft noise of protest and you hushed him quickly, “I’ll be okay.”

Thirty seconds later you were swiftly entering the interrogation room, sitting in the chair and keeping your head down as you looked through the files, giving him a moment to really look at you. You felt a bit… dirty. Allowing yourself to be ogled at but when you looked up and caught his staring at you practically licking your slips you had to bite down a smirk. You’d gotten worse. Most women above the age of… well. Birth. Had gotten worse from people passing on the streets. Being leered at for a few minutes would be worth it if it meant this sicko was put away for a long long time.

The first few questions were easy. He answered them gladly, licking his lips from time to time, eyes focused on you. His comments were lude but not obscene. You were making progress.

“Do you know any of these women?” You asked, setting a series of photos out in front of him.


“You didn’t look.”

“I’m sorry, Skank. But I can’t seem to focus. It would be a lot easier if you weren’t so damn attractive. Or if you had the decency to button your top.” Your body tensed. The profile pointed to all signs of him wanting to sexual engage his victims, not that their appeal angered him. You opened your mouth to ask again when you heard a shuffle from outside the door.

“Reid!” Emily called as Spencer burst into the room, face flushed with anger. You raised both eyebrows in surprise. Reid quickly approached you, gently grabbing you by the elbow and lifting you from the seat nudging you towards the open door where Emily stood looking shocked.

Spencer turned on the unsub not even waiting to make sure you left and his eyes became a kind of intense you’d never seen before. It was like they were oozing with anger. He’d never looked so intimidating.

“Hello, I’m that Skank’s husband, and I will be finishing your interrogation.” He sneered as you let the door fall shut. You stood completely shocked for a second, mind processing what just happened. Spence rarely ever lost his cool. You waited another moment before you allowed yourself the pleasure of a little smirk. That’s your man.

Twisted Up

A/N: Alright, I’m terribly sorry to my dear Twister Anon who has waited so long for this! I’m so glad you requested this, because I had a lot of fun writing this particular smut of mine :3 I hope you’ll enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it! Lots of love to you, Twister Anon and all my PCY stans out there! x

Pairing(s): Chanyeol x Reader

Warnings: Vanilla sex

Genre: Smut/Fluff

Requested: Yes, by my darling Twister Anon <3

Summary: A game of Twister with Chanyeol ends up being taken into the bedroom.

Word Count: 2839

Soundtrack: Toothbrush // DNCE

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“God damn it, Chanyeol! It’s right foot on red, not blue”, you burst out laughing, already twisted in an awkward position of your own. With your left hand resting on the yellow circle and your right hand on purple, you’re not exactly in a comfortable predicament.

To your left, Jongdae is twisted up in a human pretzel, trying hard to keep himself from losing his balance as his giggles rumble throughout his form. To your right, Chanyeol seems to be having a bit of a struggle in keeping up with the instructions Junmyeon is diligently reading out from his perch on the nearby barstool.

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• His cigar drops from his mouth when he sees what your new uniform is, mouth hanging open and he is literally stunned

• A tight, black, leather catsuit with some rather revealing parts

• His eyes travel up and down your body with no shame because damn do you look good

• Loses his shit altogether when you turn around to speak to another agent and he sees your delicious booty, as though it was ‘sculpted by Michaelangelo himself’

His own words

• You have to explain to him it’s for manouverability and to keep hidden in the shadows, you being moved to a covert ops department meant you had to be tactile

• He’s missed his target on the battlefield more than once because he’s seen you out of the corner of his eye

• Will constantly try to find excuses at base for you to get something from the top shelf, or bend over to get something from the fridge just so he can see all of you

• If you’re on a mission, he’ll make you do the work out of climbing or fighting, the sheen of sweat making your body glisten which just fuels his fantasies even more when you’re in your catsuit

• Has absolutely no control and has definitely sneaked off with you in a the middle of a battle to do things

Soldier 76

• He’s glad he has his visor for cover, his face was betroot red when he saw what your new uniform was on your next mission together

• Honestly, is this even allowed? Yes you were wearing armour on top but a catsuit that just showed off everything?

• He blames a crack in his visor for missing his shot of helix rockets, when in fact he just caught a glimpse of your scrumptious behind

• He just didn’t understand how it was so gravity defying and plump and the way it slightly jiggled when you walked

• Absolutely has to drag you into a dark alley just to feel you

• The suit was easier for you to move around in, which he could clearly see

• Honestly his visor is a lifesaver this old guy can not keep his eyes off of you

• Gets incredibly protective when he sees other agents noticing you, dropping an arm over your shoulders and grunting about how you were his

• When you’re walking away from him in public you have to expect at least a pinch

• In the bedroom? Prepare to be spanked. Hard.


• He just rolls his eyes when he sees your skintight leotard, saying you’ve been spending too much time with Widowmaker

• Can’t help but steal glances though, especially when he has his mask on

• Other Talon agents become even more terrified of you, not just beause of your outfit but Reaper has become so possessive

• He will hunt those down who stare one second too long at you, and he will hurt them

• Will not let you out of his sight for a second, him becoming your second shadow just in case someone tried something

Or because he just wants the chance to oogle you all day

• Sombra has had to literally knock sense into him on the battlefield because he was too busy looking at your hips shaking as you fought

• Has no shame in dragging you by the wrist to a dark corner and telling you how he’s feeling

• Back at the base he will literally tear it off of you so he can have you

• You make a mental note to thank Widow, your little plan to add some ‘spice’ into your relationship had worked

Holding Out For a Hero - Doctor Strange x Reader [Fluff/slight angst]

Title: Holding Out For a Hero - Doctor Strange x Reader [Fluff/slight angst]

Request: “Oooh, okay, could you maybe do a fic with Strange with #’s 3&4 or one with #9? I usually make any requests in anon, but I’d love to be tagged in your Doctor Strange fics. Your writing is A+ Quality. Thank you.” by @trinswhimsy

Summary: This was also inspired by the song “Holding Out for a Hero” but specifically sung by Ella Mae Bowen, because in our moments of sadness and loneliness all we want is a hero to sweep us off our feet and save us, sometimes from ourselves.

Warnings: Unrealistic love expectations, slight angst, A LOT of fluff,

Word Count: 1993

A/N: DO LISTEN TO THE SONG WHEN READING: https://soundcloud.com/cheysharpe/ella-mae-bowen-holding-out

I loved writing this! I’m a sucker for romance, what can I say? 

Also, Strange uses magic to drive in this guys before anyone says that he can’t drive because of his hands. He uses magic to stop his hands from shaking, so that he can use them.

Oh yeah, and if you want to be tagged just reblog and say so! Or just leave a comment below :)

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Truth or Dare | Courtney Crimson & Zach Dempsey

You knocked three times then stepped back and awaited for Hannah to open the door. You had just had an argument with your boyfriend Zach, it was petty, nothing serious but you called Hannah anyway and she told you to come over as she had a free house tonight.

The sound of laughter and muffled music emerged from inside so you assumed Hannah had company over.

You inhaled a deeply then sighed “Great”

All you wanted to do was spend some one on one time with your best friend and not have share your business with anyone else.

Soon enough, the door knob turned and the door swung open, revealing a very tipsy Hannah Baker

“Y/N!!” She exclaimed as she flung her arms around your shoulders and placed a slobbery kiss on your cheek.

“Hannah, thaaanks” you say as you wipe her kiss away from your cheek.

She pulls you into the warmth of her house and kicks the door shut behind you “If I even hear the words ‘Zach Dempsey’ I am kicking you in your ovaries”

You chuckle “Fine, I won’t mention the kid”

You watch in amusement as Hannah staggers over to her parents liquor cabinet, crouches down and pulls out a bottle. You hover over her as she begins to pour some into a glass.

“Want some?” She asks

You thought about saying no, I mean it was never a good idea to get drunk when your upset “..Fuck it. Sure”

She holds the wine glass above her head and you take it from her.

“So you gonna introduce me to your drinking buddy upstairs or what?”

“Courtney, this is Y/N. Y/N this is Courtney” Hannah said introducing you to the girl sat casually on her bed.

“Hey” she said sweetly “Don’t I know you?”

You shrugged and leaned against Hannah’s dresser.

“Ignore her” Hannah says wavering her free hand around “She’s just mad at her boyfriend”

You pull your jacket off and lay it the chair in Hannah’s room. You know the one, the one dedicated to having a pile of clothes on it.

“Damn. You have a great figure” Courtney says, bringing a smile to your face.

“Thanks Court”

“Doesn’t she?” Hannah agrees “And she’s wasting all of that on the likes of Zach Dempsey”

You chuckle and sit in the bed with them. You already knew you had a great body, it was probably what drew Zach to you in the first place but the comments from the girls made you blush a little. You never usually got compliments from girls
Without warning Hannah lifts up the bottom of your glass, forcing you to drink more “Drink up cos your way behind”

“We we’re gonna playing truth or dare, we could use a third player” Courtney said smirking at you.

“I’m in but I’m not doing no illegal shit” you say before downing the last of the contents in your glass “Dare”

Courtney and Hannah look to each other then back to you.

You smile at them “What?”

“Strip” Hannah orders, her eyes widened and both eyebrows risen.

“No fucking way”

You we’re comfortable taking your clothes off in front of Hannah. She was your best friend and had seen in your underwear plenty times before. But not Courtney. You just met the girl.

“Pussyy” Hannah hisses

“Sorry Courtney but I just met you and-

“What do you think I’m gonna do?” She questions “I won’t tell anyone”

“Take it off baby” Hannah sings. You roll your eyes and begin to undress earning a few cat whistles and cheers from the girls. You pull dress down, revealing your blue lace bra and black underwear.

“Damn girl” Courtney says, scanning your body up and down

Blushing, you grab a pillow from Hannah’s bed and hug it over your body. “Ok. Ok. Next person”

“Truth” Hannah picks

“Hannah Baker” Courtney says, sitting up on her knees “..Are you a virgin?”

Hannah raises her glass “Yesss and proud”

“That’s my girl” you say as you clink your glasses together.

Hannah crawls over to you and lays her head on your lap. You could tell the alcohol was getting to her.

Courtney continues her inquiry “Waiting for the right person?”

“Well, I have someone in mind but-who knows” Hannah shrugs.

You begin to run your hands through her hair, smiling to yourself, knowing exactly who Hannah was talking about.

Courtney leans in “Who is it?”

“Two questions in one?” Hannah giggles “I don’t think so Court. But nice try”

“What about you Court? Are you a virgin?” You ask her

“Virginity is a man made concept I chose not to believe in” She plainly tells you

You nod “Well said”


You hold your hands up and shake your head “Not my question”

“Ok. Truth or dare?”

“Dare” you quickly say

Courtney smiles “I dare you- I dare you to kiss me”

Hannah laughs and you join her “Hunny I’m not drunk enough for that”

“It’s just a bit of fun” Courtney tells you as she inches a little closer to you.

“Zach would kill me if he found out”

“Pfft, fuck Zach” Hannah says as she holds her middle finger up I for the of your face.

“He might find it really hot”

You look around the room “Fine..”

A huge smile was plastered across both your faces. Courtney leans into you and licks over her bottom lip, promoting you to follow her actions and lean into her as well. She gently grabs the back of your neck and presses her lips against yours.

You smile at her lips and she does it again, this time sliding her tongue into your mouth. This was your first time kissing a girl. This was your first time kissing someone other than Zach.

Courtney was surprisingly dominating. She began to get a little rough as she pushed you on to your bed and began sucking your neck as her hands cupped your boobs.

“Girls” Hannah warns before crawling from underneath you.

You harshly push Courtney away and sit up, adjusting your bra back over your boobs as you tried to catch your breath.

“Holy shit Courtney” Hannah says “Your not as innocent as I thought you we’re”

“Sorry” she giggles “Got a little carried away I guess”

"Shh!” Hannah orders “..Did you hear that?”

You grab the pillow again “Hear wha-
Before you could even finish your sentence Courtney and Hannah ran over to the window and shone a huge tort he outside.

"Tyler Down”

You walk over and stand behind them. By the time you got there it was too late, and you only caught the glimpse of someone running away from the house.

“You said it was some creepy guy from down the street!” Courtney yells all in one breathe.

She begins to pack her belongings into her arm.

“Thats who I thought it was” Hannah tells her “I didn’t know my stalker was Tyler-fucking-Down!”

“You have a stalker?” You ask

“Whatever” Courtney mumbles under her breath as she quickly exits he room. Hannah chases after her and you begin to get dressed again.

— A few days later —

Monday afternoon had rolled around, you hadn’t thought about the sleepover incident much until you reached your locker and spotted Tyler walking into the dark room.

You rolled your eyes and shook the thoughts of that night out of your head.

“You seen Courtney?”

You shut the door of your locker and faced Hannah.

“No, why?”

Hannah fishes her phone from out of her pocket and shows you the picture of  you and Courtney kissing. You take the phone from Hannah and inspect it closely.

Hannah sighs “She’s really torn up about it”

“No one can even tell it’s us” you hand the phone back to Hannah and begin to make your way to the lunch room.

“And how comes you never told me you had a stalker?” You suddenly ask her

Hannah shrugs “I didn’t think you cared”

You enter the lunch room and search for someone in particular “Of course I care”

You spotted Zach sat at the lunch table with the other jocks and immediately walked over to them.

“Hey baby” You announce before placing a kiss on his plump lips. Zach grabs your waist and gently pulls you down on his lap.

You hear Hannah scoff “Guess you guys made up then? That didn’t take long”

Zach looks up at you “Do you have to tell everyone about every little argument we have?”

“She’s my best friend”

“Yeah well it’s none of her business”

“You guys seen this” Justin announces as he holds up he screen of his phone, showing you the picture Hannah had previously shown you.

You flick his phone away “Yeah two girls kissing. Get over it”

“Lemme see?” Zach asks. Justin hands him the phone

“Oh shit” Zach zooms into the picture “They look hot”

You give Zach a dull look. You knew it was you in that picture, but he didn’t. He hugs you tighter and buries his head in the crook of your neck.

“I-I mean hot in temperature, you know-that’s why one of them is half naked cos it’s hot…in the room”

“Nice save” Bryce says, taking the phone from him “These girls, they look pretty familiar”

“Porn stars in the making” Marcus says earning a few laughs from the boys.

You look up at Hannah “Besides we never actually broke up”

“Didn’t seem like that a few days ago” Hannah states before walking away from the table.

Zach’s jaw clenched “What the fuck did she mean by that?”


Sorry for the late update 😊✌🏽

Worst Timing

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Logan Howlett X Reader

A/N: For @the-real-tony-stank and @khaleesinarylfiel bc y’all are being so good to me and frankly I’m flattered so here’s a little something bc both of you have proclaimed your love for Logan.

Words: 514

Prompt: Logan finds the worst time to tell you how much he loves you.

Warnings: painfully fluffy, swearing


Logan’s arm was tightly wrapped around you, his chest to your back and his breath coming in soft puffs as he cradled your frame against his. Your eyes stayed closed as he pulled you close, gently kissing the top of your head.

Lightly, you stirred, moving impossibly closer to his warmth. He couldn’t help the gentle smile that tugged at his lips as he brushed a stray strand of hair from your face, his eyes scanning your serene face as you slept.

He took his time memorizing every detail of your face from the adorable way that your mouth stayed opened as you slept, your messy hair and the way that you curled up into a fetal position against the warmth coming off his body.

Logan’s lips pressed another soft kiss to the crown of your head. You stirred once more.

“Stop moving.” You demanded sleepily, turning over on your side to face him.

You huddled close to his chest, burying your face in the material of his shirt. A gentle, yet sleepy smile tugged at your lips as you heard him chuckle.

“You awake, sweetheart?” His gruff voice echoed through the quiet room, the only other sound being your steady breathing.

“No.” You mumbled, your voice still drowsy.

“Why’re talking then?” He questioned, raising an eyebrow with his smile only widening.

“Because you won’t shut the fuck up.”

He didn’t respond, his smile now a full blown grin as he dug his fingers into your side. You shrieked, trying to swat him off, now fully awake.

“Logan!” You shouted, struggling against his quick hands as his fingers  continued moving. You couldn’t stop laughing, tears forming in the corner of your eyes. His laughter mingled with yours, as he finally relented, his hands stopping to rest on your waist, his body now hovering over yours.

“Damn you.” You said, your chest heaving as you attempted to catch your breath. He only smiled down at you, leaning down to press a gentle kiss to your lips, which only succeeded in stealing your breath away.

You returned the gentle kiss immediately, your lips moving languidly against his. His hand traveled upwards, now cupping your face, his thumb resting against your cheekbone.

Minutes later, your lips parted, your face hot and your lips slightly swollen from the lengthy kiss.

“I gotta tell you something, darling.”

“What’s that?”

“I love you.”

You couldn’t help the laugh that burst from your lips. And Logan couldn’t help the flash of worry that crossed his eyes.

“Let me get this straight, you woke me up at….” You turned your head to the bedside table to look at the clock, “3 o'clock in the morning, to tell me that you love me?”

“I did.” He rose an eyebrow, following your eyes.

“I have something to tell you too.”

“And that is?”

“Even if I love you, I love sleep more than you. Go the fuck back to sleep.”


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Have you ever done RFA+literally anyone hcs with a chubby MC because if not then please do it I need it in my life no rush though take your time ily have a good day fam bye

i have been waiting for one of these


  • you were gorgeous
  • he was always telling you that
  • but when the two of you would go out and you would see all of his fans
  • it made you feel a little insecure yeah
  • but when you told him that he made it his personal mission to make you see how perfect you were
  • did somebody say extra love to your most insecure features?
  • how bout off guard pictures that look like they came out of a magazine
  • not to mention him down right destroying anyone who talked badly of you


  • he thought you were cute
  • ‘more to love is that saying right? it’s so true!…wait oh my god did i upset you im sorry!’
  • this cute dork
  • would straight up punch any guy who made a rude comment about your weight
  • whether you were around to hear it or not
  • the girls got death glares that would rattle even Saeran
  • super over protective
  • he thought you were perfect, yeah right if you thought he would let you think anything else
  • loves loves loves cuddling you though
  • favorite past time, wins out over LOLOL sometimes


  • this boy
  • you couldn’t show the smallest hint of insecurity about anything to him
  • he shut it down so quick and would do whatever he could to make you love that part of yourself
  • he absolutely loved your body though
  • so any form of weight loss surgery he would not be paying for
  • sorry MC but if you had plans on losing that weight you better do it yourself
  • Jumin thinks theres nothing that needs to be changed and he be damned if he reinforces your belief that there is
  • pays extra close attention to your stomach and thighs that night
  • if he kept up at the pace he was going you would end up losing the weight anyways
  • no seriously all you had to do was blink and he was ready to go
  • loves you regardless of what you look like, but you look pretty damn good to him


  • she doesn’t think anything of it
  • she loves you and your body, it never crossed her mind that you would feel any different
  • bet your ass she started telling you how much she loved you and how beautiful you are a lot more after that
  • she straight judo beats a guy in the cafe when he makes a joke about your weight under his breath
  • she didn’t tell you what he said
  • no one mentions your weight after that, not even when neither of you are around because she somehow finds out every time
  • when you’re cuddling she is always the big spoon
  • don’t try to fight her on it
  • she loves resting her cheek against your back
  • idk shes weird


  • boy would fight you if you were insecure about your weight
  • no really he wouldn’t get it and challenge you to a pillow fight
  • loser would be deemed right because if it was winner he knew you would win
  • you’re much better at pillow fights than he is because you distract him with your perfect looks
  • loves you and your body
  • pays super close attention to the parts of your body you dislike the most
  • absolutely loves how big your boobs are
  • he is always leaving little notes about how beautiful you are around the house
  • destroys anyone who talks badly of you
  • literally destroys them. credit, marriage, everything


  • this angel
  • he may be nearly blind but he knows you are gorgeous
  • you can’t use that against him
  • ‘V you’re blind you don’t even know’
  • guess who gets the eye surgery
  • “you’re just as perfect as i thought you were”
  • little shit
  • now that he has his sight back, he’s back to taking pictures
  • usually of you
  • after seeing how beautiful you looked in his photographs boy is talented with a camera you almost cry
  • “this is how you always look to me MC”
  • yeah you’re crying


  • he doesn’t care
  • he literally couldn’t give less of a shit about your weight
  • he loves you and everything about you 
  • so what if you weigh a little more than average
  • would pick you up like it’s nothing to him
  • one look from him towards anyone who was so much as looking at you wrong would have them peeing their pants
  • no one ever actually said anything about your weight
  • he’d probably kill them
  • pays extra attention to places he’s noticed you’re insecure about
  • loves to lay his head on your chest after a bad day


i loved you, then i lost you {0}

a/n: burn me pls, i was working on a jimin x yoongi fanfic and the cup of coffee but i kind of just stopped in the middle of writing the drafts :,) have this shit fest instead 

also i guess this is just a short introduction/drabble for the series?? that’s why its so short lmao kill me :)

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pairing: taehyung x reader

genre: fluff + angst

summary: you watched and watched as taehyung suffered from his one-sided love, comforting him when he cried, comforting him as he threw up those fucking flower petals. it hurt you whenever he would stare lovingly into that girl’s eyes, giggling and playing with her hair. it pained you when he kept throwing up flowers, pushing the thought that his lover didn’t love him away; he was so dejected, yet he never saw how much happiness he brought to you.

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“Fuck!” The limp, weak male curled over the toilet as he slammed his hand on the ground, tears slipping out from his eyes and dripping down his face. You rubbed his back as he threw up, watching as the flowers cascaded down and into the water. They were quite beautiful, actually - the varieties of shapes and colors, how they seemed almost too perfect to exist. Yet, they had to exist in Taehyung. 

Kim Taehyung, 21 years of age. Always sweet and kind, not to mention that his looks and personality caught women’s attention quickly. He had been dating a girl for almost two years now, a girl named Suha. You hated the girl’s name, not understanding how Taehyung was still by her side; the girl would date other boys behind his back, coming back to him with obvious visible hickeys that formed over time from her other “boyfriends.” He never seemed to notice them - you felt sad for Taehyung. He had searched for the one for almost his whole life, being dejected and having two day girlfriends. Suha was the only one he seemed to connect with. Well, that was what he thought. She was a liar, god damn bitch and never deserved Taehyung’s love - it made your blood boil. Your eyes watched him as he let out a dry, painful cough with a choked sob, his shaky hand clutching onto your arm - he clung to it as the flowers kept flowing out, as if he were hanging onto it for dear life. The dim light flickered for a split second, the quiet honking of the cars passing by muted by the walls of the house. 

“(y/n),” Taheyung choked, attempting to speak while the flowers were beginning to become smaller in groups, hinting that the end was almost near. “I-I- water..” you let out a small sigh, putting a finger to your lips. 

“No talking, Tae. It’ll be painful if you do.” You whispered softly, stroking his head slowly. The two of you sat there for about two more minutes before he could finally breathe, looking up at the ceiling. His eyes were bloodshot from the countless nights of throwing up and extremely red from the crying. You smiled and ran your thumb over his knuckles, patting his arm. “It’s over now. I’ll get you some water, alright? Stay here and don’t move.” He nodded, lowering his head and removing his hand from your arm. Standing up, you quickly forced yourself to walk towards the kitchen and grab a glass of water, staring at the clock with tired eyes as the cup was being filled. It read 3 AM, and even after all the times you stayed awake to help him, your body wouldn’t damn adjust. 

Returning to Taehyung, you sat down next to him and helped him drink the water, tipping the water into his mouth. He wiped his eyes quickly, smiling at you weakly. “Thank you, (y/n). What would I ever do without you?~” He faked a sob, wrapping his arms around your waist and hugging you tightly. You let out a quiet chuckle, rocking him side to side while he drifted into sleep. Gosh, time really did seem to fly when you were with him. It was already about 5 AM, and you had classes at seven. 

“Alright, lets go,” you murmured, helping him up and wrapping his arm around your neck, stumbling to his room and dropping him on his bed. You stared at him sleep peacefully, his face paler than usual. A small sigh escaping your lips once again, you turned around and shut the lights off. “Good night, Taehyung.”

Picking up the phone as it vibrated against the bathroom counter, you answered the call. “Heoo?” You asked as you brushed your teeth, staring at the mirror. 

“(yn)! I’m going on another date with Suha!” Taehyung’s voice piped loudly, causing you to move the phone away from your ear. You felt yourself rolling your eyes, spitting the toothpaste out and rinsing your mouth. 

“What help do you need now?” You asked, wiping your mouth with a towel and walking to your bedroom and opening the closet door. 

“Aish, don’t act like I’m such a burden, (y/n)!~” He giggled over the phone while you picked out clothes, laying them on the bed. Placing the phone on the dresser and pressing the speaker button, you groaned loudly. 

“Just tell me what you need help with, Tae.”

“Okie dokie!”

You quickly changed into your clothes, standing up correctly and staring at the body mirror in the corner of your room. You chose a plain, flowery blouse with the color of comforting pastel pink along with a simple pair of light blue jeans.You slipped your socks on, taking your phone off the dresser and grabbing your bag. “Alright, so what did you need again?” You spoke, taking him off the speaker and bringing the phone close to your ear, walking downstairs and grabbing your shoes. 

“Okay, so I heard she likes flowers and stuff, so should I bring her flowers?”

“..Taehyung,” you let out another groan, walking out the house and shutting the door closed behind you. “yes. you should, you idiot.” He giggled as you locked the door, turning around and walking towards the college building. “I gotta go. Have fun, Taehyung.” Ending the call with a glare at the phone, you shoved it in your pocket and opened the doors to the building, rushing over to your friends waiting near the classrooms. 

“(y/n)!” A girl with large, rimmed glasses waved excitedly, her short, black hair bouncing up and down. 

“Hey, Jenny.” You smiled, giving a hug to everyone else. 

“Somethin’ wrong? You sound tired.” Another girl spoke up quickly, her doe eyes wide and filled with worry. 

“I’m fine, Yoni. Taehyung just asked me to help with Suha again, that’s it.” Your hand clutched the strap of your bag tightly as they both let out a groan of frustration.

“Come on, (y/n). Just make him break up with her. Has he not seen her with other boys already?!” Yoni sighed, tucking a piece of her loose hair behind her ear. “I mean, I know he’s been searching for, um..” quoting the air with her fingers, “the one, but he’s just super..”

“Don’t say it, Yoni.” You held up your hand, shaking your head slowly. “It’s fine. He’s just gonna keep chasing after her.” Jenny stared at you with a stoic expression, grabbing both of you and Yoni’s arm, dragging you to class. 

“Whatever, that dude is too stupid anyways. Lets go to class.”

Her stingy response caused Yoni to look at you with a confused expression, eyebrows raised and mouth agape. You shrugged. Jenny never liked Taehyung in general because he was too naive and slow-minded; she, of course, according to the cliche, was the smart kid who hated the “dumb” ones. Taehyung did not fit your definition of dumb in your book, just..caught up in his own mind sometimes. Jenny proceeded to drag the two of you to class and plopped you down smack into two empty seats, ignoring the yells from the professor for walking in so abruptly, interrupting his lesson. Her face wore a smug smirk, grabbing her pencil case out and laying the supplies down on the table.

“This is..gonna be a long day, isn’t it?” Yoni whispered.

The day went by quickly, and before you knew it you were outside the college door and dialing Taehyung. It was silly, actually - how you would call him right you went out of school. People were considering that the two of you were dating, but you quickly denied that ridiculous rumor. Of course, the two of you were close; he had been friends with you since you could first remember. The light breeze blew your hair in your face as Taehyung answered the call, letting out a tired sigh.

“Let me guess,” You began to walk away from the entrance, moving the hair out your face. “she said she had something to do and left.”


“Taehyung, come to my house. Sleepover.”



You hurried over to the convenience store, grabbing as many snacks as you could and stuck a box of Pocky in your mouth, furrowing your eyebrows while you counted the price. “Okay, if I just get rid of the chips, I should be fine.” You smiled at your math skills, returning to the cashier and laying the snacks down on the table. 

“Oh my, that’s a lot. Party?” The man asked as he began to scan the items, placing them in the small bags on the side. 


“Have fun, then.” He smiled, handing you the bags. You nodded, giving him the money and smiling back. 

“Thank you!” You hurried out the store, rushing to the front of your house, bumping into Taehyung. 

“Oh! (y/n)! You got snacks!” He grinned, taking some bags off your hands. You grabbed the key out of your bag, sliding it in the hole and opening the door for the two of you. 

“Of course I did. We do this every time.” You told him, dropping off your bag and walking to the kitchen, pouring the snacks down. 

“There’s so much! Did you get like, money from the heavens or something?!” Taehyung gasped, staring at you with wide eyes. He stared at the snacks with awe as you took a bottle of water, taking a small sip.

“I wanna make sure you don’t feel so bad when those flowers come up again.”

His face fell almost immediately, bringing his hand up to his throat and setting the bags down. “Oh, yeah. Lets get ready,” he whispered, rubbing around his throat and chuckling softly. 

“She what?!” You shrieked, sitting up from the floor and dropping a chip. Taehyung laughed, laying down on the pillow. 

“You’re really funny, (y/n)!” He wrapped his arms around his stomach, trying to catch his  breath. “Don’t be so serious, it’s fine! She’s super busy with her job, so she had to go!”

You fought back the urge to tell him how slow he was being, hugging your knees tightly. Taehyung continued to laugh as you played along, biting your tongue in hopes that you’d forget about it and have fun.

That was the problem; you couldn’t get rid of that feeling. That feeling that was slowly eating you up, it’s sharp teeth biting in your flesh and ripping it apart from you.The feeling when Taehyung held hands with Suha so happily, tightening his grip, then releasing her hand after she said “I don’t like that, you’re hurting me.” Your mind was swirling with questions for him - why did he love her? Why would he stay with her? Why is he making himself suffer? Doesn’t he know that he could die because of what he’s doing? Will he ever break up? Those questions pounded inside the walls of your mind, staying in place for the rest of your time with him. Fuck, he looked so happy when he finally told you he had gotten a girlfriend. His eyes were wide open, cheeks pink, almost trembling from excitement. You, of course, were also happy that he had gotten a soulmate. You thought that she would be different since he was acting so happy; but no. She was only there for his looks. For his hands to crawl all over her - she obviously didn’t think about it thoroughly and found out he was too..kind for that kind of act. She became bored, became annoyed by his presence, yet she never gave him up. She knows how much you care about him, how close the two of you were. Having the audacity to keep him to herself and make him suffer made you so angry you wished you could take him away, away from her. Away from what was giving him the most pain, the one who made his hell visible to him.

You stared at Taehyung with a smile, turning on the television. “What movie do you want?”

“I dunno..can we just watch the news?”

“The news?” You scrunched your nose, staring at him with confused sprawled all over your face. “Why?”

“Just ‘case. I wanna see how boring it is.”

You shrugged, changing the channel to a news channel and set the remote down, leaning your head against the couch leg. The news was in fact, very boring to you two. They talked about the weather, and too many commercials annoyed you. Looking up at Taehyung again, you noticed his expression changed completely. His eyes didn’t seem very..sparkly anymore. You swept it off, returning your attention to the television. After all, it was about midnight. He must feel tired, right?

“Tae, you tired?” You asked quietly, your eyes still glued to the screen. 

“No, why?” He responded softly, glancing at you. 

“You look off today,” you turned to face him, sitting up on your knees. 

Taehyung brushed the hair out of his eyes, raising an eyebrow. “I do? Do I look sick?” He sat up, grabbing his phone out and checking his face in the camera. Letting out a loud sigh, he flopped back down on the couch, shaking his head. “I’m not tired, just bored. I wanna do something. You aren’t fun today.”

“I ran out of jokes.” You mumbled.

“But I’m bored.”

“If you’re bored, shouldn’t your girlfriend be comforting you right now!?” The words slipped off your tongue before you could think, eyes widening and clasping your hands over your mouth. Taehyung stared at you, drawn back from the sudden burst of your words and slumped down, staring up at the ceiling.

“Hey, lets not go that far. She’s busy.” He whispered, rubbing his eyes. “She told me she has a huge, huge possibility of getting a pay raise and stuff, so we have to be patient!” He sat up again, his eyes gaining it’s sparkle once again.

“Oh, that’s nice.” You replied, standing up and shuffling over to the kitchen. Pay raise, your ass. She was with one of those other boys who fell for her tricks and shit, hoping to be noticed but only broken inside. You tightened your grip on the chair as your sat down, staring at Taehyung. “Lets go to sleep, Tae. Turn off the TV.”


The brightness from the television screen dimmed as he turned it off, the news reporter’s voice dying quickly. The two of you went upstairs and into your room, plopping yourself down on the ground. 

“What are you doing? Go to your bed.” Taehyung pointed at the bed, tilting his head.

“Sleep on my bed tonight.”

“Are you sure?”


He shrugged, jumping onto your bed and giggling to himself, slipping underneath the bed sheets. “Night, (y/n).”

He waited for you to say goodnight, letting out a soft chuckle when you said nothing and turned off the light.

You stared in horror as flowers flew out of Taehyung’s mouth, petals, leaves, all kinds fluttering down onto your bedroom floor. He was on his knees, gasping for breath as he threw up, the noise he made tightening your heart into a knot. “Taehyung, why didn’t you wake me up?!” You rushed to his side, turning on the light and pulled his hair away from his eyes, gulping nervously as his body began to shake. 

“Breathe, Tae. Breathe, okay?” You whispered, patting his bad comfortingly while you whispered in his ear, telling him to breathe and saying he’ll be alright. His eyes began to tear up as the flowers continued to grow in group sizes, and began to worry you as it kept flooding out his mouth longer than usual. 

Three hours passed before he finally calmed down, wiping his mouth and collapsing on his side, falling onto the pile of flowers. “Tae, are you alright?” You asked quickly, staring at him with concern. 

“Why do flowers come out?! This isn’t normal, (y/n)! Shouldn’t we go to the doctors? There must be something wrong, I know Suha loves me, it’s-” He broke down in tears, grabbing your arm and pulling himself closer to hug you. You sat there, frozen, as his tears soaked into your shirt, his loud cries echoing throughout the small room you had. Your shaky hand ran through his hair, using your free arm to hug him tightly. 

“We can’t go to the doctors, remember? Everything will go wrong,” you explained, keeping your voice quiet so he could stay calm, which wasn’t a very good idea, since he was crying after all. “I’m sure she..loves you.” You cringed at your words, knowing damn well she hated Taehyung. 

“T-Then why are th..these flowe-rs c-c-coming out?” He choked, burying his face in the crook of your neck, scratching the back of your shirt with his nails. You stared at him, wondering how hard it was for him to go from a happy man to such a miserable person in such a short amount of time.

a/n: holy shit man i finally have a good plot in mind ghfujsl

Devil’s Advocate - Chanyeol X Reader AU Series - Chapter 9

Vampire!Chanyeol X Angel!Reader

Genre: Action, fluff, angst, thriller

Warnings: Violence, blood, language, attempted sexual assault

Word Count: 5,471 (halp)

Previous Chapter | Next Chapter

“The reason they needed another seraph so desperately wasn’t because they simply wanted a new one-”

“-They needed a new seraph because theirs was dying.”

You opened your mouth to answer Kyungsoo’s response, but were cut off as red lights began to flash angrily across the prison hallway.

“Shit,” Kyungsoo muttered under his breath, using his inhuman strength to pry the bolt of the metal door open, “We have to get out of here before they start to seal off the doors.”

The prison cell door snapped open, the metal resounding with a loud crack. Kyungsoo swung the door and ran inside with you following right behind him. You darted to the female seraph’s side as Kyungsoo wasted no time getting to work on breaking the her metal bindings.

You knelt down to be eye-level with her, cupping her face and examining it for signs of life.

She was barely breathing.

Bruises swelled across her pronounced cheekbones and several slices littered the rest of her cracked skin, blood mixing with dirt in several places. You did your best to support the weight of her head to let air enter her lungs better, but there was still no conscious response. Kyungsoo made quick work of the metal cuffs around her wrists, leaving you to catch the dead weight of her body. Despite your own lack of strength, you managed to support her frail body while Kyungsoo began to rip the chains locked around her ankles out of the ground. As a result of the blaring lights, the unpleasant sound of metal against concrete, and the significant shift in movement, the seraph began to stir in your arms.

“K-Kyungsoo- she’s, she’s waking up.” You did your best to keep her body sitting upright in your lap, but the relentless beating your arms and legs had taken over the past few days wore away at your strength.

Kyungsoo’s head snapped in your direction the second he was finished breaking the bolted-down chains from their locks. You flinched at how menacing his expression was, his pupils widening and his irises turning a threatening shade of crimson. In the blink of an eye he was at your side, transferring the weight of the seraph from your lap to his own with surprising tenderness. Kyungsoo brushed a sweaty clump of hair from the seraph’s face, holding her chin delicately between his thumb and index finger.

Her eyelids shifted, and the moment that they began to open, Kyungsoo’s eyes returned to normal and he visibly relaxed.

“Hey, hey, try to stay conscious, stay with me here,” Kyungsoo’s voice was deep and soft, and you looked at the way he held the female seraph with such care in confusion.

“K-Kyungsoo?” Her voice was almost too quiet for you to hear.

What- How did… She know his name?

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Imagine Dean taking care of you when you can’t.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, sickness, language

Word Count: 2.5k

A/N: I haven’t written straight up Dean fluff in quite some time. So, I decided that today’s venture would be that. I know a lot of sickness is floating around, and I figured we could all use some Dean comfort. I have never written a Dean fic like this. It’s always Jensen. This wasn’t in ANY of my plans for my first Dean fic of the year, but it’s what happened. Sorry not Sorry. Also, credit for the title goes to @torn-and-frayed. Sickie poo little thing needs some Dean comfort cuddles. This is the best I could do.

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Break Me (1/?)

Summary: Y/N has been noticing a shift in her relationship with Bucky. A confrontation sets off a chain reaction nobody could see coming. 

Relationship/Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Angst & Heartbreak. My crappy writing. This was unbeta’d so all mistakes are my own. 

A/N: This comes from the drabble request ‘break me’ for @sexylibrarian1. I’m sorry if this wasn’t what you were expecting honey, but my muse has been somewhat of a distant bitch to me lately so this is the best my shit brain could come up with. I’m so sorry. Also, this is the beginning of a new angsty series. It’s the first time I’m writing with angst as the primary tone so I’m sorry if it’s shit. Tags are open if anyone is interested. 

Originally posted by teamamericass

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Make Me Feel

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Words: 4,646

Warnings: Swearing, Mentions of torture, Slightly angsty (if you squint real hard), Crying Steve.

A/n: I was drowning in Steve feels a while ago and I just had to write this. P.s. Guys, this is before the fall of SHIELD. I just wanted to write a story where none of by babies were fighting each other and were semi-not-really-almost happy.

Summary: After the Avengers save you from years of torture, you form a quick attachment to Steve.

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