damn you and your attractive soul

ringing in the new year with seventeen
  • s.coups: "please please please don't give dino any alcohol this year!"
  • jeonghan: *pouring champagne into dino's mouth* "what?"
  • joshua: "may jesus enter your souls and you be blessed this year"
  • hoshi: "take it back now ya'll! one hop this time!"
  • woozi: *already on his 10th shot* "the end is inevitable"
  • wonwoo: "the year of pain and suffering is finally over"
  • jun: *after half a shot* "y'know if you asked, i'd probably have sex with any one here! no homo though!"
  • dk: "guys i've got an idea, fireworks but... inside!"
  • mingyu: "i wonder if i'm possibly gonna get MORE attractive in the new year?"
  • minghao: "maybe this year i'll get some damn lines for once"
  • seungkwan: "i promise to bless you all with my presence for one more year"
  • vernon: "is everyone ready to TURN THE F*CK UP?! YEEAH!"
  • dino: "someone please save me"
❝ american horror story ❞ starter meme

from season two
content warning: slurs, sexuality

  • “ Do you think I’m full of shame and regret for what I’ve done now? ”
  • All monsters are human. ”
  • “ Let me give you fair warning: I’ll always win against the patriarchal male. ”
  • “ I cared for you, I coddled you; refused to see what others thought. ”
  • “ Bend me over a bread rack and pound me into shape! ”
  • “ You’re a dirty little slut with a poisonous tongue. ”
  • “ No. Whores get nothing. ”
  • I admired her purity. Her innocence. ”
  • “ I am not a monster! I’m a visionary. ”
  • “ Never trust a drunk. ”
  • “ I don’t judge. I never judge. ”
  • “ Are you ready for me? ”
  • “ Rubies are the most glamorous of all. ”
  • “ I don’t believe in God. But I do believe in evil. I’ve seen it up-close and personal. ”
  • “ What do you say we blow this pop stand, go savage a few elves, and then suck on each other? ”
  • “ You’re disgusting. ”
  • “ We all got our crosses to bear. ”
  • “ Come on, goddammit, give me a cigarette. I think I’ve earned it. ”
  • “ Well, hot damn. ”
  • “ Guard your thoughts, use your rosary. Each bead is His name. ”
  • “ Kill her. ”
  • “ You’re mine now. Body and soul. ”
  • “ You have no idea what it means to have lost you. ”
  • “ I want it burned down and the Earth salted! ”
  • “ We are vultures, attracted to the scent of rotted meat. ”
  • “ I’m blessed with the gift of total clarity. ”
  • “ You’re one tough cookie, you know that? ”
  • “ I am tough, but I’m no cookie. ”
  • “ Babycakes, I’m only just starting to toy with you. ”
  • “ He was so corrupt and deluded, he believed his own lies. ”
  • “ I knew it the moment I saw you. ”
  • “ I do hope you know what you are in for. The loneliness, the heartbreak, the sacrifice you will face as a woman with a dream on her own. ”
  • “ You don’t have any idea of what I’m capable of. ”
  • “ Just remember if you look in the face of evil, evil’s gonna look right back at you. ”
Being in a Relationship with Queenie Goldstein

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A/n: This was requested with the intentions of a female reader and I was happy to comply because Queenie owns my soul.

• Queenie is the kinda of person to just know whenever she’s attracted to someone.

• Would not give ¾ of a damn about who her partner is or gender.

• If you have a personality she finds attractive, you’re all set.

• She makes it very obvious about her interest, talking to you every chance she can get and learning your favorite things.

• She was tempted to just read your mind a few times, but ultimately wanted to take the slow path.

• Always, always bakes you all the sweets you love and makes sure to put a heart somewhere.

• Incredibly over affectionate, always has to be near you and touching you in some way.

• You become her personal muse for all the dresses she makes.

• If you were into something like potions or charms, she loves watching you work or seeing you do demonstration.

• 100% was the one to ask you out.

• Although Tina’s a very busy lady, you and her are both close friends.

• Queenie loves doing things like your hair or make-up because you don’t really know how to.

• She’s the most glamorous person you know.

• She has to refrain a little from the affection out in public, although she’s told you multiple times about how she could care less about the looks.

• Teaching you how she makes cocoa, but every night in the winter she makes you a cup.

• Will go all out for Valentines Day and Anniversaries.

• She’ll do all the clichè stuff like congure roses all around the apartment and gift you chocolate.

• Stuttering because you got her a few sunflowers at the florist.

• But she treasures them and proudly displays them.

• Tina has become one of your closest confidant other than Queenie herself.

• Tina will fight anyone that tries to make comments or to the fellows at work that still hit on Queenie.

• Basically the whole romance in the movie Carol minus the husband.

• Loves to take you out dancing or out to dinner at nice restaurants.

• Will ask you to read to her while she makes her dresses or just finishes up with works.

• Making each other terribly happy just with the other’s company.

Losing Sleep Over You (James Kirk x Reader)

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WARNING: A super brief, super implied NSFW part that tbh is hardly NSFW but I feel obligated to warn people, anyways just in case

“I could have him kicked off the ship, you know.”

You knew that voice very well, though you’d only ever heard it over the intercom. It was surprisingly different in person. The soft echo it usually held was stripped away, making it warmer and more crisp. As if you were talking to a close friend, rather than your captain.

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to celebrate valentine’s day, i have written a fake dating/college au oneshot. warnings: fluff, ust, awkwardness, swearing, a broken nose (blood), and maka harboring a secret crush. this is also on ffn and ao3. shoutout to lunar and proma for looking this over!

Drowsy, heavy-lidded eyes peer at her when the door finally creaks open, unfocused and squinting under the strain of adjusting to the fluorescent hallway lighting. Mumbling incoherently while shifting to lean on the casing for support is the height of Soul Evans’s coordination right now. The hem of his long-sleeved shirt bunches up as he slides a hand to lazily scratch up and down his flat stomach. He is blessed with a snowy-white trail of hair that leads beneath the waistband of his dangerously low-riding pajama bottoms.

Maka can’t help but stare. No one ever warned her that her sexual awakening would occur at three in the morning as she stands on a candy wrapper littered welcome mat, desperate, her fists sore from pounding too hard on his door.

Yet here she is, three seconds away from jumping up to wrap her legs around him. Hopefully they would land on his bed, but the floor is fine, too. It’s honestly too late to be thinking rationally. She blames the “Annual Valentine’s Day Cute Couple Contest!” poster she ripped off the bulletin board earlier and her competitive streak for inspiring the idea to ask her longtime secret crush for a favor.

“Tell me when you’re done staring,” he yawns, slumping even further onto the doorframe. What she finds charming about tousled hair, a husky voice, and straight, pointy teeth that only add an intimidating effect when combined with his reticent demeanor is a mystery she doesn’t want solved. On the rare occasion when he does smile, though, it stirs a bubbly heat in her belly, one that could melt metal, and these moments are little pockets of bliss.

“…I’m not,” she lies inexpertly, knees wobbly, feverish. “I’m here to tell you something.”

Thick eyelashes bat slowly, a sure sign that he’s in the process of falling asleep standing up. “Hurry up then. I don’t have all night, Albarn-”

“Date me!”

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Hoya is your personal trainer

Scenario: You’re taking part in a marathon, and hire a personal trainer to help you prepare. It’s just your luck that he’s a pain in the ass and super hot.
Rating: sexy
Word Count: 4007

“You’ve got to break through the pain barrier, we discussed this!”

You wiped the sweat from your brow and shot a glare at the owner of the voice. You knew what he said was right, but he didn’t have to say it so harshly. Trying to regulate your breaths like he’d taught you, you pushed onwards even though your muscles were burning and your chest aching.

“Okay, let’s stop for water.”

You almost wept at those words, accepting the bottle he handed to you and sipping some before leaning forward with your hands on your thighs, watching as your running partner stretched out his legs.

It had been four weeks since you’d started your training and already you were wondering why the hell you’d agreed to take part in the marathon at the end of the year; but it was all for charity and you had to do at least one good deed in your life or you were sure your soul would be damned for eternity. Your friend had told you about this gym, and so you’d ended up there one Monday evening after work, and then you’d found yourself wrapped up in some kind of contract with a personal trainer. And here you were, in a park, sweating way too much, red in the face and unable to breathe properly with said trainer, Lee Howon. Who just so happened to be extremely attractive and very distracting.

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What do I personally love about you?
  • Aries: When you deviously play and wholeheartedly accepts risks and failures, how you're always so optimistic about life and the dangers of it.
  • Taurus: When you stand your ground and never bend for anyone, how you're so adorably stubborn and gifted with such a headstrong personality.
  • Gemini: When your eyes glimmer as you naturally cannot stop talking about your dreams, your experiences, your failures, and your observations.
  • Cancer: When you're not afraid of emotion and what it can do to you, how you don't see sensitivity as a weakness but rather a great strength.
  • Leo: When you're confident with a humble heart and a kind soul, how you appear with such demure appearance but conceives a lion heart.
  • Virgo: When you never let go of a matter if it's not pristinely perfect for you, how your eyes knows the best out of the selection.
  • Libra: When you just light up the room with your smile and friendliness, how you're so in love with tranquility and making things more pleasing.
  • Scorpio: When you keep me hanging with how elusive and enigmatic you are, how you never fail to make me crave and more curious about you.
  • Sagittarius: When you just can't stop your wanderlust, how your soul can't be satiated because you feel that you belong everywhere you go.
  • Capricorn: When you will go through heaven and hell just to possess that something you believe you deserve, how you always keep on fighting through.
  • Aquarius: When your ideas spill like an unstoppable wave, how you naturally attract splendid eccentricity and how you put these ideas to life.
  • Pisces: When you act so damn tough but you're all soft and mellow inside, how you stay quiet when your brain is screaming with so much thoughts
In For Real (Jay Park Scenario)

In which he proves he’s in for real.

Glancing at the scale on the floor you sigh again. At first you were angry and wanted to throw it out the window, but then it all washed away in a silent sadness that made you hide in the darkness of your room. Why was it so hard on you? Why couldn’t you stay motivated enough to keep yourself on the same track and not fall into temptation? Maybe it was something with your DNA…

The TV on mute plays Jay Park’s last MV, “My Last”. Sure, he’s sweet and goofy towards a girl perfect from head to toes. He’s not ashamed to declare his love towards her in crazy ways and glances since she’s looking as if she stepped out of the Vogue cover. Annoyed, you turn off the TV and stare into the darkness. If it weren’t for people imposing models for everything and anything, then being oversize wouldn’t be a problem. However people stare, people laugh, people point fingers believing all you do is eat fast-food and noodles all day long. But you jog, you drink over 2L of water per day and eat only home-cooked food, almost nothing fried. Do they know that? Of course not!

The blinking screen of your cell phone interrupts your thoughts.

“Hey, babe! ≧^◡^≦ I’m coming home! 🚘Want me to buy something on my way there? ᵔ.ᵔ says the text and you just stare at it. It would be great if he’d be there to hold you, caress you, tell you that everything was ok, that it was alright not to look perfect, that he still loves you. It hasn’t been long since you started dating and yet you know that he’d look at you with different eyes, as if measuring your fat. And that would be the last drop that would make you lose it.

“It would be better not to…” You type and press sent, lying on your bed in the darkness. Darkness is good, darkness doesn’t point fingers at you but engulfs you in absolute silence.

“What do you mean? Did I do something wrong? ૅ.ે

“Just… go back to your apartment! I’m not sure if I can handle Jay Park right now… sorry…”

ಥ_ಥ You see the screen blinking right before the phone starts ringing. “Babe…” His voice is low and persuasive.

“Don’t ‘babe’ me, Park Jaebum,” you clench your teeth to hold in your anger. “Listen, it’s not you, it’s me. So leave it, alright?”

“No,” he says calmly, “something’s wrong. Tell me, please! We promised we’d always be sincere with one another, didn’t we?” He makes use of that one day when you made the rules for your relationship.

You sigh deeply. “You always said it was my ass that attracted your attention. What if,” you unwillingly gulp, “I were fatter?”

“Would your ass be bigger too?” His laughter tickles your ear.

“Park Jaebum!”

“I don’t know why you’re asking that, but I would still be attracted to you, babe.” He’s serious, but you still doubt. “Your ass is just one of the bazillion of things I love about you. It wouldn’t matter if you’d be paper thin or obese to be honest.”

“Liar,” you whisper, tears rolling down your face. “Is that why you always rub yourself against model-like girls?! Because looks don’t matter, but what’s on the inside?! Damn, they must all have such beautiful souls then!” You yell at him before hanging up. And then you yell into your pillow, tears of frustration rolling down your face. All of a sudden, the darkness is no longer so welcoming, but you lay still, crying into the pillow with your fists closed tightly.  “It’s not fair! It’s not fucking fair!” You mumble, sobbing.

“Oh, babe,” the bed screeches a little as he sits down next to you.

“Leave me alone,” you retreat from him. “I told you not to come,” you quickly wipe away your tears, keeping your back turned on him. “Why did you come, Jay?”

Turning around you find him looking straight at you.

“What happened? Did I do something? Did I say something? I’m sorry,” he apologizes, reaching his arms to touch you. But you retreat, afraid that if he were to touch you, you’d break down again.

“You really want to know what happened?” You whisper, walking to the bedroom’s door. “That happened!” You point at the scale on the bathroom’s floor. “This happened!” You pinch your belly fat. “It happened that I gained weight and my jeans no longer fit me. It happened that I was so happy in my cocoon that I didn’t even realize when it happened. It happened that I gained weight right after you said you’d reveal our relationship. I can’t go anywhere with you looking like this!”


“Why you ask?! Because people will point their fingers at me and whisper and mock you because let’s be honest, I’m nothing like that girl in your last MV and you could always date someone like that. Which you should do,” your wipe away your rebel tears with the back of your hand. “I don’t want you to be ashamed with me, Jay. I’ve never been skinny or even slim, but right now I feel like a pig. And people –”

“Fuck people!” He frowns, approaching you. “I don’t care what people say. They’re not important. They’re not the ones making me laugh when I’m down, they’re not the ones that take care of me when I’m sick or that look at other than my looks and money. It’s all you. They can say whatever they want and long as you’re comfortable with being yourself, I am more than happy, babe,” his hands on your cheeks don’t allow you to move from under his graze.

“I wish I looked like that girl from your MV,” you avert your eyes, “I hate myself.”

“Don’t you ever say that, alright?!” Jay’s hands force you to look at him as he wipes away your tears. “There’s nothing wrong with you. This,” you feel his warm palm on your belly, “is you. And it’s beautiful. This,” his hand stops on your hip, “is you as well. And it’s just as beautiful as this or this or this… or this,” lastly, his hand returns from your chest to your face. “There’s no wrong and right in beauty. And people don’t matter,” he shushes you down when you open your mouth to protest, “all that matters is what you think about yourself. If you are okay with how you look, you dress, you speak, then they don’t matter. And I would love you no matter what. Because you’re you, the one I fell in love with. And your ass doesn’t count,” he smiles cheekily.

“I still wish I were slimmer,” you sigh, closing your eyes in his embrace.

“That’s something we can do together if you want,” he smiles genuinely. “We could go to the gym together. C’mon! It will be fun!” His eyes sparkle. “I never told you, but I won’t ever let you down and I am going to help you achieve all you dream of,” his fingers intertwine with yours. “Sorry, but I’m in for real and there’s no escape.”

“I’m not sure if that’s the most beautiful confession I ever heard or the most scary threat,” you laugh, realizing that he’s sincere despite his cheeky smile.

lmao there are now radfems twisting a beautiful acronym that stands for unity of all women attracted women to “mlw” to lump bi and straight women together and basically shit on bi women while saying “i’m not being biphobic!” “where did I say bi women?” 

like how much god damned hate must you have in your soul


“I’m not even kidding… in and out. Stab, shoot, slice whatever! Then get the hell out of there. Capiche?” The night was colder than usual and your jacket was thinner as always. You nodded at Dean’s words as he motioned to the empty house behind him. You pulled out your gun, checking if all your angel bullets were still intact. You locked your gun and placed both your hands to steady your aim. Sam nodded as he pulled out his knife, ready for any sort of combat.

“Y/N I mean it… be careful in there. If you freak out or anything, yell for Sammy or I. Got it?” You rolled your eyes but you smiled at your protective best friend. It was sweet how both of them would give you the be careful lecture before every hunt but at some point it become excessive and annoying.

“Dean I’ll be fine. Now lets go kill some black eye bitches, shall we?” You weren’t suppose to take this case but your friend backed out last minute which left the three of you to take care of it. Apparently there were some demons who were trying to recreate the 7 Deadly Sins. You found this quite humorous as it was worse than any obsessive antic you’ve ever seen. Demons pretending to be other demons was pure bliss to you. So you werent that afraid or threatened, really.

The three of you slowly entered the house with Sam in front and Dean at the back Your steps were in sync as you carefully made your way into the cobweb filled home.. You heard the creak in your steps along with the breaths of both brothers, including yourself. The house was so peacefully quiet, you failed to hear a single mouse squeak.

Dean squeezed your shoulder from behind you and motioned he was going left and Sam was going right, leaving you with upstairs.You made your way to the stairs and slowly lifted your legs, keeping your gun at eye level ready to shoot anything in your way. You were cautious of each step, afraid of tripping or creating a loud noise. In amidst your thoughts, a figure jumped into your view from the top of the stairs.

“Think you can kill me with that honey? Please you can’t hurt pride…. a gun won’t touch m-” You rolled your eyes and sighed while you aimed straight to her head. You pulled the trigger and the orange light consumed her from the inside out.

“Vanity and pride are different things…dumbass ” Her body rolled down the stairs and you moved to the side, waiting for it to pass you. You felt bad knowing the innocent person they abducted died with them and you couldn’t do anything about. But great wishes came with a price, and this price was something you never wanted Sam to go through again. Demon blood. You thought about it all the time, wondering how much the world would change if you became part demon part human. How safe everyone would be.

Your train of thought was cut short as you heard Sam and Dean grunt, knowing the battle had begun. You continued making your way upstairs and suddenly a growl was heard behind you, as soon as you turned around you shot a man who was clearly impersonating gluttony as he died with a donut in his hands.

“Wow… this was suppose to be hard” If you didn’t have a soul then maybe you would’ve laughed, he was a splitting image of Homer Simpson. You pushed all distracting thoughts beside and continued. You walked down the halls, hearing nothing apart from water running in the bathroom.

You slowly neared the room and you saw the water pool from beneath the door. Your hand reached the knob and the grip on your gun became tighter. The door creaked while it opened, shining a bright light in the dark hallway. You saw a man submerged in water in the bathtub while it was overflowing. You tucked your gun away walking up to the man who was luckily dressed.

“Ah dammit.” You took off your jacket and threw it on the closed toilet seat. You dropped to your knees which were now wet and pulled the anchored man. Your arms strained as you placed all your strength into every tug but it was useless, it was as if he was super glued to the tub/ The water began to splash out of the tub though the body stayed put. Your eyes were concentrated on his peaceful face, you noticed how relaxed his features were. Though suddenly his eyes opened and they were black.

“Oh fuck” You tried to reach for your gun but he held your hand forcefully. You saw him smirk under water and he pulled your head in while you tried screaming.

“SAGHHBM, DEABPPN” The demon was now outside the tub, holding your head in place while your body squirmed. Dark spots invaded your vision as you inhale dangerous amounts of water. You still tried reaching for your gun while your legs attempted to fight against the snickering demon. The seconds felt like hours while the demon taunted you with his laughs.

“Y/N?” you heard Dean’s voice near and you felt your attacker push your head in further, like he was trying to speed up your death. Suddenly the black spots took over your vision and the bubbles beneath you vanished. Your body shut it self down and your whole world was overcome by darkness.

“Y/N? There are 6 bodi- SON OF A BITCH” Dean saw your body being held in a tub. He didn’t need to think twice before he plunged his knife, deep into the demon’s heart. He stayed put until the orange light extinguished. Your body became limp and Dean gripped your shoulders tight and pulled you out of the water before you sunk even further. Your body fell on the tiles creating a loud splat from the water previously there. Dean climbed on top of you body and he checked for a beat which was barely present. He cursed under his breath while he held his fingers to your nose, noticing you weren’t breathing at all.

“Oh god no” Sam rushed in to see Dean ontop of you with his hands on your chest, pushing it up and down. He looked up to his brother with panicked eyes and he used every single cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skill John ever taught him. Sam stood there with his hand combing his head, not accepting you were possibly gone.

“Please don’t kill me for this” Dean felt your heartbeat fade with each second so he opened your mouth placing his ontop of yours. He exhaled into your body while Sam rushed over and pumped your chest.

“C’mon… C’MON DAMMIT” Sam huffed while his large hands covered your torso. His hair flying up and down with every push and Dean’s anxiety peaking every second of you not waking up.

Dean breathed into your mouth one more time before you choked up the water that was held in your lungs. You coughed and coughed, unable to breathe from the non-stop choking. Dean pushed your body to the side so you were able to release most of the water that was building up in your throat. You inhaled a large needed amount of air and your eyes flickered to the brothers who saved your life. You broke out into a weak smile and wheezed as your breaths regulated.

“Well… that was a great ride… let’s never do that again.” Sam and Dean chuckled at your sudden sense of humour. Dean looked down at his feet, sighing from the exhausting activity that just took place.

“Thank the damn heavens above you’re okay. Sammy check the house, see if there are anymore. I’ll catch Y/N up to speed” Sam nodded and gave you a quick kiss on your temple before leaving. Dean slowly lifted you up onto your wobbly legs, you leaned into him and he supported your body weight with his. He picked up your jacket and threw it over his other shoulder. You walked past the demon that attempted to kill you and you were pissed you didn’t get to put a bullet straight between his eyes. You noticed there was something different about your breath. You cringed as you didn’t recall eating something minty and you’re pretty sure you didn’t like drinking Whisky before a job. You almost slipped but Dean caught you thankfully.

“Woah easy there tiger.” Whisky and peppermint. You got off him for a second while your brain pieced the puzzle together. You cringed and looked to a slightly confused Dean.

“DEAN DID YOU FRIGGIN MOUTH TO MOUTH ME?” You croaked suddenly disgusted, not because you didn’t find Dean attractive but that he was basically your sibling. Your relationship was purely platonic. Dean’s eyes widened in disbelief, if he was a mere five seconds late you would’ve been dead.

“Was I supposed to let my little sister die? Trust me it was either me blowin in your mouth or one of us selling our souls” You were expecting to detect the hint of sarcasm but when Dean ended with a serious tone you gulped your saliva. Realisation dawned over you that if you died they would’ve sold their damn soul for you, all because you weren’t careful enough. Dean sighed and picked up your arm, placing it around his shoulders again.

“Blowing? Really? couldn’t have used a more scientific word like revitalise or revive?” Dean smirked while you walked down the hallways.

“Nah… your face is just hilarious when you do that thing” You furrowed your brows while your mouth slightly hung open. Dean pointed to you, smiling.

“THAT ONE” You chuckled and he kissed your forehead.

“Seriously Y/N… you could’ve died. What were you thinking?” You were now walking down the stairs while Dean was behind you.

“I didn’t know that guy was a demon… I thought I was saving him. That’s all” Dean sighed and you were now at the bottom of  the steps. He put your jacket around you and pulled you into his side while you walked towards the open door.

“Just know that if you died, i would have to suffer Sammy’s gassiness alone, and that would suck” You laughed and playfully punched his stomach. You saw Sam lean against the Impala and he opened your door.

“Wow such a gentleman” You said in your failed British accent.

“Hey don’t get into baby wet” Dean called out but Sam hushed him.

“She almost died! I guess she gets an hour pass to the princess life, just no costumes! Please.” You saw Dean’s disappointment at the no costume mention and you chuckled as both the brothers sat in the car.

“Should it bother us that we are so accustomed towards dying?” The brothers looked at eachother before glancing towards you, they thought hard for a long moment before shrugging and shaking their heads, mumbling a ‘no’.

“Oh and Bobby’s sending a clean up crew so we’re good to go” Sam mentioned as he stared at the house. Dean ignited baby, welcoming the knee wobbling growl coming from her engine.

“Sweet. I vote ice-cream and pie” Sam groaned while they began to bicker. You joined their banter agreeing with Sam, mainly to piss Dean off. You looked back to the house with a smile plastered on your face, leaving one of the many places you almost died behind.

Seemingly Bad - Shawn Mendes Imagine (requested)

Request: @finate-lives  Hey! I was just wondering if you could do a personal imagine? If not, no stress :) if yes then would I be able to have a shawn one about him being like a bad boy and pretty cocky and I’m not that into it bc I’m sassy af and sees him as a player but then I give in but he’s legit into me and not that bad after all. My names Alexandra by the way if you want to add it and that’s me in the icon 😊 thank you!


Alexandra’s POV

He wasn’t the stereotypical bad boy, Shawn that is. No tattoos, piercings or smoking constantly. In fact if you were to see him walking down the street you’d think he was just a normal teenager. But he wasn’t. Shawn treated girls as if they were toys, didn’t have many friends as everyone was scared of him. He’s known to beat people up if they do him wrong.

I’ve never gotten the fact of everyone being scared of him, he was a dick yes, but scary not so much. He actually looked kind of innocent. His brown eyes showing an innocent little boy rather than a macho tough guy. But I guess eyes aren’t really the windows to your soul.

But the one thing I absolutely despised about him, other than the degrading of women, was the fact he was so god damn egotistical. Like this boy was as cocky as you could get. Just because he got tons of girls, suddenly the world spins around him. It’s one of the most unattractive traits ever. I mean he’s a quite attractive guy but when he opens his mouth, all the attraction you had before meeting him, just vanishes.

I turned my head away from the whiteboard to look two seats beside me, to see Shawn himself, staring right at me. I roll my eyes and continue writing on my notes. Throughout the class I glance over at Shawn, noticing each time he’s staring at a new girl. God he’s such a player.

My phones makes a silent buzzing sound, I look around if anyone noticed but everyone seemed to be paying attention to whatever maths equation Mrs. Thompson was teaching. I look down at my phone, noticing a text form my best friend.

“Hey, you going out tonight? Cause there’s a huge party at Aaron’s xx”

I start typing out a reply before a cough startles me. I look up to see Mrs. Thompson right in front of me, looking at me disappointedly.

“Alexandra, does your phone have the answer to the complicated equation written on the board.”

I shook my head, placing my phone upside-down on my desk, before Mrs. Thompson took it and placed it on her desk.

“And how about you Mr. Mendes? Does your phone have the answer?” I looked over to see Shawn, swinging on his chair, not even looking up from his phone before answering.

“I don’t know, but I can sure find out. Just wait a second, I’m texting someone important.”

“And who’s this important person, Shawn?”

“Aaron,” Shawn replied nonchalantly. The teacher scowled at him before taking his phone and placing it next to mine on her desk.

“Guess Alexandra will have company during after school detention, isn’t that right Mr. Mendes?” I heard Shawn groan, before groaning myself. I did not want to spend an hour with a guy like Shawn.

After the class finished learning about linear functions for the thousandth time, Mrs. Thompson let everyone out before glaring at Shawn and I as we were sitting alone at the back of the class.

It was almost the end of the detention before Mrs. Thompson’s phone started ringing, at first she didn’t take notice but then saw the caller ID. She instantly stood up and left the room, closing the door.

I looked over at Shawn and giving him a confused look. He just shrugged and stood up, going to the desk and grabbing his phone. He sat back down, instantly going on his phone.

Mrs. Thompson comes back in, rushing to grab all of her stuff.

“Another teacher will come in, letting you guys out when it’s time, but right now I have to go,” she blurted out before rushing out the room, locking the door

Shawn doesn’t get up from his desk, rocking back and forth on his seat. I glance at him briefly to see him checking me out, smirking as he undressed me with his eyes.

“You know Shawn, I’d rather not knowing what’s going up in that tiny brain up there, most probably imagining the sex positions you want me in. But rather than degrading yourself why don’t you stop to help your reputation a bit,” he scoffs, leaning further in his seat to get a look at my ass.

“Does it look like I care about what others think of me?”

“Shawn you’re just an insecure horny teenager who was weak and succumbed to peer pressure, so of course you care about your reputation because you can’t stand the idea of people thinking you are, god forbid, a good guy,” Shawn clenched his jaw and turned his attention away from me and to the window out looking the oval. I scoffed at his childish behaviour. It’s not my fault he can’t handle the truth.

“You’re hot Alexandra, but you sure have one hell of a mouth.”

“Well no shit Sherlock, who else is going to call you out on your shitty attitude?” I stand up and walk towards the front of the class, grabbing my phone before sitting down on the desk.

“Shawn, what the heck happened to you? You used to be kind, caring, smart, a good-natured guy. Then suddenly you change overnight to this ‘bad boy’ who fucks girls, doesn’t care what other people think and starts slowly degrading the top-notch reputation you had once before. Can I get some kind of explanation to help my curiosity?” I was curious what happened to him, he was so different before.

“Go out with me and I’ll tell you,” Shawn smirked, leaning forward on his chair, elbows leaning on the desk.

“What?” I was confused, I don’t understand how the situation changed so drastically.

“You heard me, if you go on a date with me, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about me,” Shawn smirked up at me, awaiting an answer. I was thinking about my answer, but before I could even ponder it on any longer, the words “yes” leave my lips.

Shawn’s face resembled shock. He was actually surprised I said yes. It lasted only second as a genuine smile graced his face. He stood up before walking over to me. He grabbed my hand before pulling me to stand up. I was a good foot shorter than him, his body towering over mine.  I gulped at our close proximity.

Shawn’s fingers lifted my chin up so I met his beautiful eyes. I looked deep into them again, noticing a small spark, like he was excited, for a change. He leaned down before his lips touched the skin of my cheek. I could feel my cheeks begin heat up.

“Thank you. Thank you for giving me a chance,” I looked up at him confusedly.

“I’ll pick you up at eight to take you out, okay? Wear something comfortable but dressy,” Shawn winked before knocking on the door where Mr Kale, our maths teacher was waiting. Shawn showed Mr Kale his phone, before the teacher opened the door letting him out. I processed what had happened before slowly stepping out of the room.

What just happened?

I looked at my mirror, flattening out my white dress. It had a cut out near my waist but had lace over it. I played with the lace hem as I admired myself. I did actually put effort into this date. I looked over at the close noticing the time. I put on my shoes which were just sandals with ties going up ‘till my ankles. They added a casualness to my outfit.

I heard the doorbell off, before I sprinted down the steps, I grabbed my purse and waited a second before opening and closing the door. Shawn was standing there, hands in pockets, a lopsided smile on his face. He was wearing a top that had dark blue sleeves but a lighter shade of blue for the rest of the shirt, his black skinny jeans and his black shoes with a white sole. He looked very attractive.

“Alexandra, wow, you look-you look amazing,” Shawn complimeted, a small blush creeping on to his cheeks.

“Thank you, and you do clean up pretty nice yourself,” Shawn chuckled before taking my hand, leading me to his jeep. I smirked at his eagerness, but before I could open the door, Shawn opened it for me. I was shocked to say the least, he was being a gentleman? Since when?

I sat in the passenger seat, watching Shawn jog over to the other side of the car. He smiled shyly, before starting the jeep, driving us to our surprise destination.

Shawn parked the car, before getting out and running over to my side to open the door for me.

“Thank you,” I shyly said, confused but happy about his sudden kindness. Shawn just smiled wider, showcasing his perfectly white teeth.

As I stepped out of the car I looked around trying to figure out where we were. I then saw a small light glinting in the distance, not too far away from the car but a good five minute walk. I also heard waves crashing near us, so we were near a beach. He was taking me to a restaurant, near the beach. What is this boy doing to me?

We started walking next to each other before Shawn intertwined his hand with mine. I blushed at the sudden contact but loving the feeling of it. HIs large hand fit perfectly with my small one. I looked down at our hands before swinging them. Shawn’s chuckle filled the air and my heart started beating faster.

I’d never felt this way before, like yes I know his attractive and all but his personality made me think he was just some player that uses girls for his own benefit one day and throws them out the next. But now, he was sweet, caring and cheerful, much like the Shawn he used to be.

“What are you thinking in that pretty little mind of yours?” I looked up to meet Shawn’s caramel brown ones, his eyes were curious and kind. They made me feel comfortable and like this was where I was meant to be.

“Just wondering if you do this to all your girls?” I asked as we stopped in front of a huge tree, a lamp post illuminating our faces.

“Alexandra, you’re honestly the only one I’ve ever taken here. You make me feel something. You make me feel like my old self again, something no one has made me feel in a long time,” Shawn, held both my hands, before lifting my right hand to his lips, pressing them lightly onto my skin.

Right then I realised, he wasn’t all bad, just no one took the time to dig a little deeper, to find the old Shawn. I’m glad he gave me the chance, and I’m definitely glad I said yes.


Ignoring everything bad about this scene like using Beast, etc. can we take a minute and appreciate how incredibly sexy and attractive this bastard looks in bed? Like you´re just bunch of lines but I wouldn’t hesitate a second to sell my damn soul to you or have you in bed, seriously.

anonymous asked:

I still cannot differentiate Got7 members individually 😭😭, any tips to remember their faces? 😅

Well to be honest, I think the best way to memorise the members is by their hair colour until you get used to them. It speeds the process along if you also watch a lot of their shows and that way you’re able to familiarise yourself with their faces. That process is very dangerous and may cause harm to your heart tho. So I’ve compiled a few little things that I think are really recognisable features of the members. 

JB: Swag leader. Lil almond shaped eyes and has two moles above his left eye.

Bambam: You’re gonna have trust issues because of this one because he was little baby Bambam until ???? happened and now he’s all grown. Seriously. Look.  Jawline got really sharp and has big ass eyes (to suck your soul in).

Mark: Oldest hyung. Damn that’s a hot potato. Got super strong eyebrows and is just generally very attractive. Will make you swerve lanes.

Youngjae: Cute sunshine with an eye smile that emits happiness and penetrates your soul.

Jackson: “”Wild n Sexy” member. Also has big ass eyes and strong ass eyebrows. Jawline that can cut glass. Wears snapbacks 90% of the time. Has hair.

Jinyoung: Baby face but is actually a part of the hyung!line. Pale skin. Not a part of his face but has a very nice peach.

Yugyeom: Maknae. Doesn’t look like the maknae. Giant Baby (very tol). These pictures were taken on the same day and I’m like how??????

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Like all of us in this rabbit hole that is our lives of Ginny/Mike feels you want to shout out WHY from the rooftops. SO WHY DO YOU LOVE THEM SO MUCH? Please write as much as you want. (also am i the only one who finds it interesting MIKE LAWSON'S EX is apparently a prominent feminist (sports?) journalist??!)

before i do this, i just wanna say that i’ve seen some great posts speaking on this topic and, if i were you, i would head on over to those, because i am a mess when it comes to ginny/mike ( and in general ) and will not be able to form coherent sentences for you to understand, so be warned. there will be a lot of yelling, exaggeration and extra(ass)ness ( like this shit right here ^ i mean who cares?? move on! clearly i cannot, but ANYWAY ) < and brackets! Also this is v long and I MEAN VERY! 

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