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M or H >> Jr, You

This was requested by wolffoggirl 

I’m so sorry about this request, it had been in my askbox for a year and half now lol I’m really sorry I wanted to write it in a good way but the plot wouldn’t match up with any idea… and… I think I somehow figure how to write it! Even though I’m not sure anyway I hope you will like it and sorry again~ 

P.S >> M or H stands for Mind or Heart

“So about Y/N….” Jinyoung started for the nth time, making Jackson groan in annoyance.

“Seriously, Junior. I told you I’m not talking about her. Forget it.”

“Jackson, I never asked you for a favor before. Just tell me….”

Jackson stood up from the couch that was placed in the practice room. A good scowl was placed over his face.

“Sorry, Junior. Ask me anything else but how to approach her. The answer isn’t with me.” Jackson noticed the hurt look over Jinyoung expression and he groaned again.

Jackson didn’t want to hurt his friend, yet he knew how he wouldn’t be able help him no matter what. “She is about to make her debut, man!! And she is a damn workaholic. I’m doing this as a favor for you, believe me. She doesn’t even think about dating so forget about her. She is not for you”

“She’s your friend!”

“I know, that’s why I’m warning you. Forget her. Look for someone else.”

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“what if we, like, film him on a road trip across America? We could call it JEAN CLAUDE’S DAMN VAN.” Workaholics Wednesdays 10/9c

Post-its and Paperclips

Regina and Robin are coworkers trapped in their office on Christmas Eve due to a snow storm. When Roland is distraught over the lack of Christmas decorations in the office Regina decides that they’ll make their own Christmas out of office supplies. Done for the wonderful Outlaw Queen Advent Calendar. Cover image by the lovely @ninzied :D

The snow falls in thick flakes as he and Roland rush through the cold night, traipsing through the piles of snow on the sidewalk. Not even the salt that had been scattered over the walk doing much in the way of keeping it from accumulating. Robin scoops his boy up into his arms, smiling when his high pitch squeal of delight erupts from him. It’s Christmas Eve and he should not be at the office. He and Roland are supposed to be at home, snuggled up in the living room with a fire and their multicolored and extravagantly decorated Christmas tree, reading stories and sipping on warm cider before he puts Roland to bed so Santa can visit. He is not supposed to be fighting his way through a snow storm with his son for a work emergency.

But he’d gotten a call from Gold, his boss, an hour ago regarding some problem with their biggest account and the possibility of it falling through. Robin’s worked too hard on the project to take a chance of it blowing up. So here he is, son in tow. Hopefully he can sort things out relatively quick and they can be on their way.

“It’s dark, Daddy.” Roland comments once he’s swiped his key card for late night access into the building and they stop to shake the snow off themselves in the lobby.

“I know, my boy. But look,” Robin takes several steps further into the building and an overhead light immediately flickers on. “We just have to walk around some and they pop right on.” Roland’s delighted by the prospect, laughing as he takes off at a brisk trot down the hallway toward Robin’s office and giggling each time he makes one of the lights turn on.

Chuckling, Robin follows him. By the time he reaches their little cluster of offices Roland is already sitting in his desk chair. Spinning merrily. That’s when he notices the light on in her office. What is she doing here? He shouldn’t be surprised. The woman is a damn workaholic and a perfectionist to boot. But it is the night before Christmas after all and he would have thought today, of all days at least, she would have somewhere better to be. If it weren’t for this conference call he needs to make Robin certainly would not be here.

Leaving Roland to his own devices for a few more minutes he walks over to her office, stopping to lean casually against the jamb and taking her in. She’s hunched over some file, reading intently, tapping her fingers irritatedly as she always does in staff meetings. She’s dressed in her usual work attire, button down shirt and tight pencil skirt. The ones that drive Robin mad whether he likes to admit it to himself or not. But she’s kicked off her shoes, stocking clad feet bare, one of which is tucked underneath her thigh and for some odd reason he finds that minor detail to be incredibly endearing.

“Working rather late on a holiday, aren’t you?”

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“You’re actually working.” Ren’s chin drops suddenly on Hux’s shoulder from behind, startling him. He nearly drops his datapad. “I thought you just pretended so people wouldn’t bother you.”

“It clearly didn’t stop you,” Hux remarks, struggling to compose himself while Rens wraps his arms around Hux’s waist and pulls him close, humming into his shoulder.

“You’re not my superior.” Ren presses a kiss to his neck. “Put that away. I want you in my bed.”

“We don’t always get what we want,” Hux says absently, typing on the datapad. He makes a half-hearted attempt to shrug Ren off, and is unsurprised when all it earns him is a huff of laughter and more kisses. Hux sighs. “If I don’t finish this now, I’ll have to do it tomorrow. Ignoring it won’t make it process itself.”

“You work too hard.” Ren bites his ear.

“Or maybe I just take my work more seriously than some.”

“You need to relax more.”

“I thought that was what you were for.”

“I’m trying. You’re not exactly cooperating.”

Hux sighs again. Ren goes back to trailing his mouth along his neck and throat.

“Ten minutes.”

“Your shift ended half an hour ago.”

“And now I’m taking ten more minutes.”

Ren moves his mouth to Hux’s jaw.


He starts using his teeth.

Ren.” Hux fists a hand in Ren’s hair and yanks him off his neck, turning his head to meet Ren’s eyes. “Ten minutes,” he says, sternly.

Ren stares at him. Then his face breaks into a smirk. “As you wish. General.”

As soon as Hux’s grip on his hair relaxes, he darts in and plants a quick kiss on the corner of Hux’s mouth.

“I’ll be waiting in my quarters. Don’t be late.”

kaifection  asked:

Jongin to the significant other thing please ~ :)

Okay, here we go…

I think Kai would be type of boyfriend, who you wouldn’t see in the day time, because he is a god damn workaholic, but he would keep you updated on how he is doing, what he have eaten and of course ask about you a lot, but at night when he is free, you would have him all for yourself. Or the other way around…

Jongin sometimes seems a little childish and he really likes to laugh out loud, so you will always have a good laugh with him and he would really try to keep you amused. On the other hand, if things go wrong, he tends to be a little cold and distant, doesn’t want to talk about it with anyone, so you would have to find a way around him sometimes.

From the fact, that he likes to read I can tell that he always has some nice stories to tell and trust me, you will like it, because his expressions when he is talking about something that excites him are gold. Also it means, that he has a good imagination, so I bet that your date nights would never be boring.

He also seems to be a perfectionist, so he would want for you both to be always clean, live healthy and be passionate about your work. I really think that his partner have to be as similar to him, as possible, so he would feel comfortable in the relationship.

Because of his split personality, he would be able to please you in so many ways, that I think you wouldn’t ever want to leave his side.