damn u thomas


This is who I picture the hwu ppl like??? (also, handwriting hc’s!!!)

I was thinking of tommy as either Ian or Henry, but Henry is a bit too buff to be tommy, in my opinion. So ian, my cinnamon apple, is my thomas hunt.

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no offense but...why is newt calling tommy sOOOO like sOOOOOOOO important??? im honestly sick of seeing it everywhere, even tbs said he didn't know it was such an important thing. there are actually more important things than newt calling thomas tommy. like what you like idc but, it's so overrated tbh

ok i respect what ur saying but ok have u even read the books or???/

page 250……………………………….

please tommy please……………………..


like…….. its just a thing us book readers are VERY attached to. he’s called him Tommy from the very beginning, 

TBS did not read the books so he obviously isn’t going to understand the importance of it. 

That’s his nickname for Thomas, it’s basically his LAST WORDS??????? 

im sorry that ur annoyed of seeing it everyone but like its so so so so so sos important to me and to a lot of other people in this fandom who have read the books (he was my first favorite before gally tbh) 

its just something that if u read the books u should understand why, unless you for some reason hated newt (which i totally respect) 

I’ve decided from now on, whenever 5sos piss me off I’m gonna refer to them by their middle names

“Someone’s gonna catch us some day.” He whispered, pressing another kiss onto his lips again. “You’ll lose your job.” Another kiss. “I’ll get kicked out of school.” But he continued kissing Nick, dreading the moment when they had to pull away. 

holy jees00s haldercrombie rully is gun kill me as well

oh lordy