damn u look fine



Inviting itself along proves to be a pleasantly wise decision, given the truth to Pip’s assertion; it was, indeed, quiet here. Peace had not been something Sev had the luxury of experiencing as a piece of hardware, with continuous streams of data stimulating its pseudo-senses. 

Despite its newfound disdain for coffee, it sits perfectly well with water. They’d come here to catch up, and now talking was all it could think to do. “You’re… adjusted,” it notes offhand, and it’s entirely sincere; it means it in the most complimentary and endearing tone it can think to convey. “I bet you’ve… been here longer than I have, though… as a human.”

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relatable BPD things
  • i need to go get food. but im talking to my fp. i could just go get something and come right back but they might go offline in the 47 seconds it takes to grab a bag of chips
  • *doesnt talk to fp all day, doesnt feel like shit* mental illness where? ‘,:) *fp comes online* FUKC WHER EWERE YOU I LVOE YOU SO MUCH I MISSED YOU PLS DONT LEAEV MEA GAIN FUCK
  • sigh. im horny. NO im sex repulsed. no im horny. no im sex repulsed. no im ho
  • im sad *looks at knife* damn u look fine today…. 
  • my fp has only talked to me once this week so you know what that means! its time to CUT! YOUR! FLESH!
  • *changes URL and theme every time i get a new interest because that interest is my personality now*
  • *scrolls to the bottom of discourse post so i know which opinion to have*
  • i want attention *gets attention from person ive splitted on* no not you
  • hell

I mean I’m a strong Baekhyun stan, but I also support EXO as a whole. I’m an EXO-L for God’s sake and of course that means I’ll support THE HELL out of For Life when the MV drops? Chanyeol, Jongin and ESPECIALLY Suho deserve that attention! Stop being so damn negative and petty, and focus on the fact that EXO is having a comeback and it’s probably going to slay us all!!!!!!!!!

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essentials for college?

besides text books and notebooks and all that jazz

  • concealer stick: v important, u probably went to class thinking oh damn i look fine and then u look into a mirror and u see a big ass pimple u didn’t cover up and then all ur confidence is gone and u can never think about anything else ever, or u simply popped one by accident while rubbing ur face and now u feel exposed and u cant look anyone in the eye. yes. concealer stick.
  • deodorant/perfume: sometimes classrooms will be hotter than what u planned ur outfit for.
  • a razor: yes, sometimes u wear cute shorts or a nice skirt, and you suddenly look down and u see u missed a spot while shaving. and now u can’t think of anything else. razor.
  • extra pencil: u will never guess how many ways u can loose a pencil
  • flats: yes i love wearing heels to school but sometimes i just regret all my life choices.
  • band aids: remember the heels? yes. 
  • blotting paper: remove the oil off ur face. v important.
  • mouthwash/mint bubblegum/tooth paste: u will fall asleep on class at least once.
  • pad/tampon: even if u don’t have a vagina, someone out there will need it.
  • chapstick: u need it.
  • extra battery/charger: don’t question it.
  • money: always have at least 5 bucks with you.
  • phone: doesn’t need an explanation.
  • granola bar: ur tummy won’t be quiet in those 8am classes where u didn’t have time to eat something before.
  • advil! or any pain killer

polkari-seuta’s fic is giving me newly wed jikook on their honeymoon feels and i’ve been thinking about this shit for days like

jikook not being able to keep their hands off each other and spending days in bed and not caring and opening the window to hear the beach or rain as they lay next to each other and snuggling under covers and lots of sex and sleeping close and singing each other awake and kissing each other awake and waking each other up with blowjobs and talking for hours in bed and being awake at weird hours bc they keep just having sex and sleeping and not leaving their bed

And jimin eventually being like “Ive been without pants for so long that I kind of want to wear some now” so he and jungkook get dressed and get ready to go out but they barely make it out the door cause jungkook is like “if I thought you looked good without clothes, u look damn fine in that outfit” and jimin kisses him and they start making out and jimin’s like “WAIT NO WE’RE SUPPOSED TO BE GOING OUT TO DINNER” and jungkook is like “ok but ur the one unbuttoning my pants rn” and so they hurry up and leave but they can’t stop blushing and making eyes at each other and playing footsie under the table and holding hands and they’re so CUTE cuz jimin is like “yes my HUSBAND would like white wine” and “wow I love these flowers on the table dont they remind you of our wedding, honey?” and jungkook is like “no sweetie, the flowers at our wedding were red. Have u forgotten already?” And they keep using gross pet names and the waiter cant stop laughing and jikook are blushing like crazy but they’re so in love and keep making excuses to tell everyone they’re married and they barely pay attention to their food

And when they come back from their honeymoon bangtan is like “how was it?? what did u guys do was it fun??” And jikook can’t stop blushing and looking at each other as they breathlessly say it was amazing and being married is amazing and bts is like “omg pics or it didn’t happen” but most of the pictures are of them in bed and bts are so exasperated with them and yoongi’s like “are there even any pictures of u guys with pants on” but jikook are all excited and cooing and jungkook is like “u can tell that’s the third day cuz jimin wore one of my t-shirts that day” and jimin is like “this is day 5 cuz I didnt give u that hickie until the fourth night” and theres some pictures of them outside on the beach and lots of kissing selfies where one of them is holding the other’s face so you can see their wedding bands and IM SO EMO I LOVE MARRIED JIKOOK