damn u hot

“117 countries is far from representing the whole world. “

my dude, there’s 195 countries in the world.

I’m really proud of Bruno Mars because he’s made nearly every teenage girl go “I’m too hot hot damn” and even just saying that once can help someone’s self esteem and no one is making fun of the song so girls aren’t constantly made fun of for listening to it like with other artists. I’m just really proud of Bruno for making a ton of young girls a little bit more comfortable in their own skin.


defbeoms’ fave mvs 🎥 [1/?]

⤷ Seungri || 할말있어요 (Gotta Talk To U)

you May Have noticed but i love period dramas, and i’ve been rewatching my all time favourite– the bbc miniseries Emma,,,, it’s just so good and i love these nerds