damn u!!!

Johnny: I’m your guardian angel.

Ten: I get my very own guardian angel? What exactly is your job description?

Johnny:  Guard your body. I take my job seriously, which means I’m going to need to get acquainted with the subject matter on a personal level.



“Who was that guy?” Amethyst asked, scared.

I couldn’t give her the full story. Not yet. 

But I did owe her an explanation.

“He knew me before Hyacinth and you were born.” I said, my throat sore from all the screaming I just did.

“…Is he Sunrose and Cerise’s dad?” Amethyst asked.

How the hell did she work that out on her own? She was 5, she didn’t understand where babies came from, let alone that Cerise and Sunrose had a different father.

“What makes you think that?” I asked, trying to hide my growing panic.

“He’s pink like Sunrose, and Cerise can change colors, but stays purple ‘cause he’s sad that dad isn’t his real dad.” Amethyst explained.

…I repeat. How the hell did she work this out on her own? She was 5, there was no way she knew unless she was a genius.

keith, on the floor: can i just throw myself out of the airlock and float in space, until death comes for me eventually?

shiro, sighing: you can’t keep saying that or hide in my room every time lance flirts with you

keith: remember that time allura smiled at you and you tried saying “you have a pretty smile” but also “i like your eyes” so you yelled out “you have eyes” and then you ran away to hide in your room?

shiro: *slowly joins keith on the floor*


“I’m gonna destroy them! Every last one of those animals that’s on this earth!
↳ ★ Eren Yeager | Aka : Attack Titan | requested by my sweet Maha~  @kkookiedough 


this evening’s nonsense

An outfit redesign for my fave. I feel betrayed that the uniforms don’t have actual cat ears like that would be the cutest thing.