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Happy IwaOi Halloween!!

  • Kid iwaoi going trick-or-treating in pair costumes.
  • (Movie themes are their favorite. Along Godzilla and Star Wars, they also do Disney!)
  • Iwaizumi starts carrying candy or chocolate bars with him on Halloween ever since Oikawa trick-or-treated him when they were thirteen and Iwa didn’t have any sweet with him, ending up Oikawa playing pranks on Iwa the whole damn day.
  • Iwaizumi surprisingly trick-or-treats Oikawa in their first year in college and Oikawa of course has no candy with him. Oikawa stays on edge all day wondering what Iwa would trick him. But Iwa only asking for sweet kisses (and, ever more, candy-sharing kisses) when they are finally alone in their shared dorm room.
  • Halloween officially becomes Oikawa favorite holiday right after Christmas.
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Tales of the Abyss - Luke fon Fabre

“Up till now, all I ever paid attention to was myself… And I’m not even sure I saw myself clearly. I want to change. I have to change.”

How to Enjoy the Berena Story Line

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gramps hates halloween starters
  • “You want me to read you a what? A Bedtime Story? Well it’s gotta be a spooky one ‘cuz it’s the halloween time.”
  • “Then the pharmacist told the boy ‘you got type 2 diabetes’.”
  • TRICK OR TREAT! -”The fuck did you just call me?”
  • “Yeah, I would like to speak to a pharmacist please?”
  • “I drank some bleach all the way down to the blue and now I’m starting to feel like Harry Potters.”
  • “Well, it tasted like Candy to me.”
  • “What are you supposed to be? A Disappointment?”
  • “Oh, we ain’t goin’ nowhere until you drink your milk.”
  • “Now I gotta scare off these damn trick-or-treaters.”
  • “I told you motherfucking kids to leave me the fuck alone.”
  • “Every Halloween I have the same god damn nightmare.”
  • “A Goblin tries to eat out my _____”
  • “You see this App? It shows what you’re gonna look like when you get old and fucked up.”
  • “The spookiest thing in this Store is that a ______ that small comes from my gene pool.”
  • “Put that Candy back I am not buying you shit.”
  • “When we get Home I’m gonna give you a spooky ass grounding.”
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lol. i don’t think Ed contours his face, but i feel he might scroll through instagram once and while, (the fork contour thing was a recent “instagram beauty trend”)