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hi cutie, i have been following you for a long time already, and i always wanted to tell you ((but im too shy fight me)) how much i love your work and how much you are a the coolest!!! girl!!!! ever!!!! i scream internally with your amazing (((and hot damn))) (((like how can you draw zenny this sexy?? im dying))) fanarts, and omg no hope no fear is so addictive??? ill support you as much as i can and i wish you the best for the future!!! gros bisous de France, je t'adore!!!!

Je t’aime tellement!!!!! 

Thank you for reading my work ha ha. I don’t know if I’m that cool though, because honestly sometimes I’m not that nice and weird myself. No matter where I go I’m always the weird one lol. But oh well, we’re all weird right? 

Milles merci!!!




First off the legendary, iconic Sasha Pieterse aka Alison DiLaurentis who was running this show at only 14 years old. Even though most the series she was either dead or kind of out of the inner circle, she constantly found ways to steal the moment. Even when Alison could’ve been a total bitch, you found yourself rooting for her (well if not her then Sasha because damn girl you can act lol)

Heres my list of dramatic Ali faves (it is in order from least to most):

1. Episode 3x17 (I still have no clue who Beach Hottie is for sure)

2. Episode 3x23 (Which is one of my favorite episodes in the series. I just always loved this moment.)

3. Episode 7x02 (This was so hard to watch, I felt bad seeing my baby like this)

4. Episode 5x24 (YALL… When I tell yall I was in TEARS!!! I thought they were really really going to jail. I was really telling people ‘free my girls’ that’s how invested I was)

And my very favorite emotional, scene stealing performance by Sasha was THIS….

5. Episode 4x24 (I FELT this entire scene. I didn’t see Sasha in this scene I saw Ali. I was crying. I felt for her so much. I lost it at ‘Can’t you see me breathing?’)

Tell me some of your favorite dramatic Sasha/Ali scenes that didn’t make the cut!!!! 

so when are we gonna make that female production of newsies happen…

i can provide my complete lack of acting, singing, and dancing abilities 

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Im getting tired of the amount of white, straight foolishness on my tumblr. Can you help a girl out and recommend me some fire blogs? Love yours btw so much!!!!!!

this is A Mood lol. thank u for loving my blog 💖

@labiotte (loml doesnt rlly post bts but damn bitch she got a good aesthetic so follow)

others i super loveee (some of them r straight i think idk)

@wlwhob @taekoyaki @syubah @penguinpocalypse @park-babyg-jimin @myg96 @majesticgoatsbeard @luapis @loladivine @kimtahyung @kimtaehyungsgirlfriend @hobisgothicbride @firesignjimin @donteatjin @blondemyg @bfkook @bangtanmv @7oonie @itschims @doesbtsisgay @sensira

(even though ive never talked to some of you rip i still love seeing u guys on my dash😗)

The downside about having an uppity Parisian French accent is that a lot of whites think I’m one of them because I sound a “real French person” (let’s not get into how racist that is (-::::: lol ) and once this French girl from Marseille who found out I was from Paris after we got talking a bit started talking to me about Moroccan women and straight up said that they’re all ‘witches’ and I (-: just (-: my mum says that but my mum is a Moroccan women she can say whatever the f-ck she wants but this white FRENCH (important taking into account Frances colonial history of the Maghreb) woman? And she said that after I told her my mum was from morocco (-: well for future reference I’m still a brown dude it’s not because yall can’t fathom a North African speaking ‘like’ a white French person that we don’t exist. My accent doesn’t make me any less maghrebi. Anyway I guess At least I can infiltrate the whites and gain their trust and challenge sh-t like this, but you best believe if a white thinks I’m going to turn my back on my ppl just for White Approval and the White Gaze when it comes to it (-:

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I have had this crush on a girl for the longest. She's literally the prettiest girl I've ever seen. We used to like each other, but I never made a move. I don't think she knows how I feel now. I don't think I can tell her either. I really need to though. She's literally the girl of my dreams. Lol, I'm sorry for venting...

LATE ASS REPLY but damn if u ever get the chance!!! do it!

5 Seconds of Summer - Astrology / Horoscope

Who I Ship You With and Why
(PART 2)

See PART 1 on my page.

MICHAEL MICHAEL MICHAEL. I ship you with Michael. You and Michael would be so cute. Marry each other. Kiss. I don’t think I’ve said it enough– GO get Michael. Because you both match so much. But like I’ve said in the previous post, too much PDA is gross. Go be cute in your own room. You’re so damn charming and sly the rest would like you too, but no, stay away from ¾. I WANT YOU with MICHAEL.

Michael. If you two get with each other it would be VERY intense. For this one I advise you to PLEASE get a room because if you get with each other in public it would be even grosser for some people to witness than Cancer and maybe Libra because you’re so sexually attracted to each other. However stay away from arguments, ok. And Luke would also be mad about you. When you get to know them you will probably like Michael more, though.

HELL YEAH I SHIP YOU AND CALUM. He would no doubt pursue you until he gets you. You would make great best friends as well as lovers. The relationship would be full of passion. I also ship you with Ashton because man he would love you a lot; the relationship would be really stimulating. And erm… Also Michael because of your adventurous side. Lmao good luck choosing between ¾.

Calum. At first you might think that you two aren’t alike, but you actually bring the best in each other. I also would like you to be with Michael because you treat relationships in a similar way, even though to be in one it’s gone take time yo. Be patient alright (actually I don’t even have to tell you that because Capricorns are known to be patient people). Also maybe Luke because opposites attract. You da bomb dot com so only the best can be withchu.

Even though Michael might get a little bit too clingy, his outgoing nature would make you love each other a lot. He’s emotionally compatible with your personality. Luke and Ashton would find your weirdness attractive. Maybe you thought I was gonna ship you with Calum… lol sike. You’re both weird. It would be too weird (I’m not saying you don’t match tho). Actually, weird is ok. In fact, embrace your uniqueness. I haven’t actually shipped you with anyone, have I? This is hard (holy shit 4/4 can get it then) (girl I’m jealous af).

This is pretty damn easy. Luke, d'uh. Your relationship would be like one of those soppy love stories – full of makin out, flowers, emotions, etc… You’re both sensitive and would understand how to treat each other vvv well. This might be surprising but you also actually would be great with Calum because you are what he likes in a girl according to his Venus sign. And he likes to cuddle. Wouldn’t you be down for that? Of course you would.

——————————————-Whaddaya think? Do you like this analysis? What’s your sign? TELL ME

And guess my sign ;)

Also, you can tell me ideas for the next topic!

This is fun yo.

My Thoughts On "Out, Damned Spot"

Ashley Marin recruited the girls for the bridal show (when Spencer found the bones in her dress) and now the blood drive. Either she’s a really bad recruiter or she’s Black Widow.

Mike is too obvious (and too sloppy) to be A or a long term member of the A team. I guess he could be off his game now that Aria is on to him but my guess is he’s either completely innocent or a new to the A team/helping Ali (prompted by Mona’s murder).

Way to be creepy Andrew, oh and subtly blackmail Aria. Are there any normal guys in this town? Side note: Aria got into another college? Or it was a quick on her feet lie?

How OLD is Talia anyway? Even though age ain’t nothin but a number in Rosewood. I kinda like her with Emily for some reason (Emison fans please don’t hate me). BUT she’s super shady.

How come A didn’t expose the Ashley/Jason fling? Def gives weight to Hanna being A theories.

No wonder A has seemingly easy access to so much of the girls info, the Hastings leave their doors (and fridges) unlocked so the tenant can wander around. Again, I like the Johnny/Spencer (Spenny?) dynamic, but in a platonic way. He’s prob a bad guy too though so I’m not holding onto much hope (I don’t enjoy breeding misery). Unless he’s not, bc you just never know with this damn show.

Hank Mahoney? You can use alias when calling from jail?! And become a male?! Inmates who have been having their calls monitored for forever could learn from Ali LOL.

Do artists typically paint murals in the dark (I mean besides graffiti artists who tag the sides of bridges and always leave me wondering how they got up there..I digress).

“How can you love something if you’re bad at it?”-Spencer “I usually manage.”-Johnny aka me theorizing about this show.

Hello Michael. Wow Aria came right out and asked Mike. Normal, involved Aria could grow on me (unless she has an agenda being A and all, which I’m also totally down with). I’d be more upset with his declining to answer but I’m too distracted by his chest, also I wasn’t expecting an answer bc what are those on pll?!

Here’s an idea Hanna: get a job and help your mom out financially. Why is Emily the only one who works anyway?! Mama Marin DOES always seem to work everything out. If she ends up being bad I’ll still love her. #sorrynotsorry

In one word describe Ezria: LIE. From day one. On both sides. Yea ok, it really would be “inappropriate” but “lie” just fit better at the moment.

Talia is married. The plot thickens. When does the plot start to thin? You know what I mean (or not).

Prisoners have access to instant messenger?! Mike has a mini fridge in his room?! Something tells me I’m missing the point of this scene.

Ok maybe I’m starting to ship Spenny. He just wanted her to go with him! But either he’s super sweet and just found out his crush was arrested for murder OR he knew about it and wants her to get in trouble again.

Ok so Talia is old enough to be married.

Emily is like the receipt genie. First with Aria now with Mike. They magically appear for her.

Andrew musttttt really be wondering why all the girls are so concerned with Mike. Well there’s one club he wasn’t previously a part of.

Don’t these chicks wonder where Ali gets all her supposed cash from. Ezra’s family has money, he has history with Ali, and I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him.

Winner of the worst parent award goes to Mr. Marin. And considering the other parents can give him a run for his money that’s quite the accomplishment. Ok Hanna can’t be A, my poor Hanna! Go call Caleb and he’ll help you feel better!

Cyrus! Aghhhhh! Mind is spinning in a million different directions right now. Cyrus was part of the set up that left Ali without an alibi during Mona’s murder. So either he isn’t helping Ali anymore or someone pretended to be Cyrus to mess with Ali’s alibi and he still is. Either way, if Mike’s working with him, Mike has to be pretty damn sure that Ali did or didn’t kill Mona.

Don’t tell Ezra ANYTHING Hanna! Ohhh but she’s gonna. Could Ezra be the one with a twin? There’s something just so…..off about him since the girls found his lair. Did anyone else notice Hanna’s slight smirk when Ezra said his parents didn’t think he’d amount to anything (or is that just my wishful thinking)? Sorry Hanna, Ezra noticed your potential while he was your teacher but he didn’t have time to help or encourage you in a constructive manner bc he was too busy stalking you and your friends…for a “book”.

Just when Aria is being a productive member of the group (even though it’s for self serving purposes) instead of thinking only about Ezra…he calls (well, she didn’t know it was Hanna but you know now she’s thinking of him).

I swear why can’t these girls all ever play detective as a foursome?! Why is someone ALWAYS missing?!

Don’t run towards the light, crowded restaurant, run towards the dark, desolate woods. Good girls. Smart. Wait did Andrew just help or hurt the girls in the long run?

How come Hanna didn’t get the text from A about the test tubes (that we know of)?.

Talia I’m pretty sure you can remain friends with your ex even if you get divorced. There’s def more to that lame excuse of a story.

Notice how Emily is missing from the sleepover. I’m telling you I’m onto something with my “3/4 liars theory”, it’s a subtle hint one of them is A.

A is planting Hanna’s blood on an old lady looking piece of linen so she can’t be A! Yay! LOL!

Thanks for reading! I appreciate it more than you could ever know. I love writing these. Even though I’m bad at it…I manage (I hope LOL) :-)


Did she really say that she wants to hire writers for the show? My girl has finally come put of her shell. I guess being told your acting isn’t that great or that somehow even though your character is the saviour all the damned time, you aren’t valuable can kind of make a person feel this way. Lol.

Kat, keep this shit coming!