damn though can i be that girl lol

i have been routinely checking the australian h&m website to see if they’d ever stock kara’s ‘power to the girls’ shirt and they have now! but even though they have a website here they don’t have online ordering?? which sucks because there aren’t any stores where i live and i just want it so bad!

anyway if you live in any of the eastern capital cities or places near them (or perth) you can go find it in store now! It’s $25

anonymous asked:

Damn it. I've a question for ya. You been watching the JoJo anime? Secondly, can ya see Kira being into fat girl hands?

I’ve read Parts 1-7, a bit of 8 and seen all the current anime to date. I would not wish that on fat girls personally! I just assume Kira isn’t going after big girls.

Though I’ve had ideas for a “Serial Fattener” that fattens up girls and hides in plain site with a thin girlfriend only fattening up girls from the shadows. lol

I also really want to draw some fat Shinobu.

the update is here the update is here!!!! omggg

  • bitty is wearing the flannel while talking about his boyfriend one of his best friends, jack
  • Tater!!! i love you already you enormous russian goofball
  • that interview w/jack…oh no…who will rescue my poor awkward child
    • tater you tried
    • the awkward is too strong
      • but seriously though stop asking jack about his ‘girlfriend’ my sad gay heart can’t take it
  • SMH team breakfast!!
  • Wait ‘more than you call March’ does this mean Ransom and March the volleyball girl are together????
  • zimbits skyping and snuggling in bed ;____________;
  • jack’s eternal quest to get bitty to do his damn homework continues lol i’m so glad (you’re doomed on this jack tho)
  • they have been skyping every night oh my god
  • ‘handsome’ how much does jack light up inside at bitty calling him this though???? holy shit they are so cute