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Prompt: from @outside-the-government - SO JO. What about the Enterprise is docked at Yorktown for a while for routine maintenance or something, and in that time, Starfleet wants to do an outreach program to the youth on the base, so they’re invited to come aboard and tour through the departments, do a day of like… shadowing around someone in the division they’re interested in. Reader and Bones are in charge of impressionable young minds in the med bay.
Word Count: 2106
Author’s Note: Bones wanted nothing to do with those kids, and only wanted to get into the reader’s knickers. Redirecting him was nearly impossible.

“Are you out of your corn-fed mind?” Leonard’s voice exploded across the MedBay. You glanced up, knowing Captain Kirk had said or done something to set him off. “No. Absolutely not! It’s a violation of privacy to my patients, and these are medical professionals, not babysitters. Let the rugrats clutter up the bridge, I’m not having them in my Medbay!”

You perked up, intrigued. If your Leonard McCoy translation guide was working properly, it sounded like Kirk was trying to add MedBay to the Yorktown student’s open house on the Enterprise. Without much success. “They aren’t rugrats, Bones. They’re all nearly finished school, and are considering their options. They need exposure to medical personnel. How else will the Medical Corp continue to grow?” Kirk’s voice had that persuasive tone that Leonard rarely was able to deny.

“It’s a privacy violation, Jim, plain and -”

“Each student signs a confidentiality agreement, just like the staff do. They’ve done this on the Pasteur for years,” Kirk interrupted. “Without any problems.”

“If I didn’t have a choice, why did you even ask?” Leonard grumbled. Kirk clapped him on the shoulder and winked in your direction. You quickly looked back down at your charting, trying to look like you hadn’t been eavesdropping.

“I knew you’d see to reason, Bones,” Kirk laughed. “This is a good looking medical crew, you know. You’ll probably recruit quite a few if you just smile a little.” You looked back up and caught Captain Kirk watching you. He winked again and you felt the colour rise in your cheeks. “Get Y/L/N to help you plan it, that will pull in a few more.”

You threw a roll of cling at Kirk as he headed out of MedBay, leaving you with Leonard.

“We could kill him, you know, and no one would ever know,” Leonard grumbled. “He’s allergic to damn near everything.”

“Sweet of him to suggest we’ll recruit people based on our looks though,” you laughed. “You, I understand. Had I not already been med-track, I would have considered a switch after taking one look at you.”

Leonard raised an eyebrow, but you had the pleasure of watching him flush a little. You enjoyed working with McCoy. He was dry, witty, and probably the best doctor you’d ever had the pleasure of working under. The fact that he was also a little hesitant around women was endearing in the extreme, and you loved to tease him by flirting. He never quite knew how to take your comments, which gave you the rare joy of seeing him without an clever retort.

“You’re the goddamn poster child for the ‘fleet, Y/N,” he shot back. “You make those damn impractical uniforms look incredible.”

It was your turn to be speechless, but only for a moment. He wanted to play a game, he would get a game. “Not as incredible as your ass in those pants,” you retorted before you realized what was coming out of your mouth. You felt your face heat up and broke eye contact with him before he started laughing. “Shit, I will, uh, be over in the clean hold. Doing inventory. Do you think I could strangle myself if I wove cling into a rope?”

“You’re even prettier when you’re flustered,” he laughed as you retreated. Using the same practiced defense tactic you’d used with Kirk, you lobbed a roll of cling at him as you retreated.

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The Hatake kids!!

I decided to change my mind on names (i mentioned them on my main blog).

The boy is gonna named Tobi and the girl is Rei. Tobi is two years younger than his sister.

Hee, can you guess who takes after who? XD

Now to design the oldest Uzumaki~

(oops forgot her headband. she normally wears it tied around her upper left arm :P)

(i LOVE the style of the new flack jackets and boots at the end of the series/the last. i may hate everything else, but DAMN are those some snazzy uniforms. so i incorporated a few things in their outfits)

Right, so, I 100% love all the art people make of their inquisitors and others in masks for Halamshiral, and I have a lot of sympathy for the attitude that we got robbed with our plain-ass matching pseudo-military uniforms (which, notably, had stylistically nothing whatsoever to do with any other costumes shown in the game, which bothers me too).  Please keep it up!  But there was a logic behind the lack of masks, and I thought people would be interested, so here’s a passage from David Gaider’s Asunder that explains:

To be without a mask in Orlais, then, was a statement.  It said you were either a peasant not even useful enough to be part of a noble house, or that you considered yourself above the Game.  To the elite, however, nobody was above the Game.  You were either a player or a pawn, nothing else.

Justinia V, Divine of the Chantry and the guest of honor at the evening’s festivities, was not masked.  Nor were the flock of priests attending her.  The priesthood wasn’t above the Game, precisely, but an exception to it, and any nobleman was expected to maintain an unimpeachable veneer of respect when speaking to a priest regardless of what they wore.

So in sending everyone barefaced, the Inquisition is making a pretty clear, bold statement.  Obviously, we’re actually there to play the Game and everyone takes that for granted.  But those bare faces are saying “We are above the Game”, and at the same time they’re sending the message that the Inquisition considers the Herald of Andraste as being due the same deference owed the Divine and her priesthood.  

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hey, if you up for it (it's fine if you are not) could you write director sanvers: Lucy goes to Washington and Alex and Maggie go with her and it is not as horrible because A&M are with her OR director sanvers + game night. thanks!!!

So, I’m pretty much always up for these guys just for the record :)

So I did a couple versions of gamenight. Pre-director sanvers but everybody gets to play and everyone’s an asshole at game night in Major Salt pt 2 and a just the girls playing strip poker in pt 1 and pt 2

But if you’re looking for something else along the lines of game night, let me know ;)

Below I present, for your viewing pleasure, Director Sanvers Go to Washington.

Lucy hated these trips to DC.

The quarterly visits were bad enough, really, even just as updates with casualties and containment numbers, listening to old white men bitch about how they shouldn’t rely so much on Supergirl, the bullet-proof alien, and should send out their own men and women out to fight the good fight and die as heroes, all while arguing over the “absurd” costs of proper equipment for those same men and women. Lucy had to stand there and listen as they complained about the costs of housing aliens, when they weren’t human, so why were they getting better treatment than actual human prisoners (they didn’t seem to see the irony in that statement, or bother flipping it around to ask why actual humans were treated worse while incarcerated by other humans). She had to volley poorly-disguised questions about adding lesser charges to the containment policy “for the safety of humans.” She had to deal with the bullshit inherent in being co-director of an off-the-books agency with an alien posing as a black man.

She had to deal with bullshit in general.

But the meetings leading up to the fiscal year budget? Those were brutal.

Sometimes it felt like she and McCain were the only ones who’d ever actually seen action in a room full of armchair officers and draft dodgers. Oh wait, they were.

In spite of the President’s Amnesty project, or perhaps because of it, they were worse than ever. Somehow, Senator Crane had managed to wedge herself onto the budgetary panel that technically didn’t exist, and she was pretty much the only comic relief in a drawn out day of old men and sexism. Really, Crane’s faces when the men spoke were everything Lucy was trying not to show.

Day one was useless. As usual. She took lunch with Senator Crane, a salad ordered by one of her interns, where they talked shit about Crane’s coworkers and all of the brass on the panel. Before they headed in for more government-sanctioned misogyny, Lucy pulled out her phone and turned it on, just to check.

And was immediately greeted by a text from Maggie, of her two favorite nerds posing next to the Superman exhibit at the Smithsonian. They were pretending to square up, captioning it “we got this XOXOXOXO” Nerds.

Lucy held onto that smile right up until she opened the chamber doors.

The Chamber of Secrets.

Secret Government Agency Finances.

Fuck, Lucy realized, I’m a giant-ass nerd too.

It probably wasn’t right to spend the next five hours sorting the idiots in front of her into houses, but it was a helluva lot more entertaining than actually paying attention to the anti-alien rhetoric.

And really, it was almost worth it to return to the suite to find rose petals and lit candles leading to a steaming bubble bath, quiet jazz humming from invisible speakers. Her girls were nowhere to be found, but they were clearly close by. Lucy stripped out of her uniform, laying it out neatly on the bed before sinking gratefully into the water. She melted into the bubbles, moaning aloud at the relief the warmth provided to her battered arches.

A quiet click of the door, the smell of Italian food drifting through the open bathroom door. A quiet murmur of voices, the soft sounds of clothing dropping carelessly to the floor while her own were hung neatly to preserve the creases. Lucy’s eyes remained closed, even as a second body slid into the water quietly, Maggie gently reaching for Lucy’s aching feet. A second pair of hands, calloused and sure, dug into the knots in her shoulders. Lucy half-flinched and moaned, forcing herself to relax into those hands, dropping her weight back and trusting she’d be caught. She forgot, sometimes, that dealing with assholes stressed her out so badly, but they didn’t.

Really, she didn’t know what she did to deserve Alex and Maggie, but she needed to figure it out and soon so that she could keep doing it forever.


Maggie’s hands slid up her calves, the same digging care releasing knot after knot created by those damn uniform heels.

That really should terrify her more than it did.

Instead, she was left warm and relaxed as Alex nudged her forward, where she could slip in behind Lucy and continue the massage down across defined musculature and old scar tissue. A particularly bad knot near her spine, a remnant of Iraq and a roadside bomb where she came out luckier than most, sent her lurching towards Maggie. Surer hands caught her as Alex whispered an apology, arms wrapping Lucy tight and bringing her back to rest against Alex’s longer body.

Maggie leaned forward, nearly climbing up Lucy’s front, to place a lingering kiss on her lips. Alex’s lips followed the earlier path of her massage, first a kiss to the temple, to the ear, drifting down to the base of Lucy’s neck. Even as Maggie placed her hands to either side of the tub behind Alex, trapping Lucy between them, Lucy felt none of the panic she had in previous relationships. With these two, she didn’t have to top for her sanity, for a fear of being stuck and unable to move. Here she could drop her shoulders as Alex bit into the muscle, first gently, then not. As Maggie’s tongue demanded entry, as Alex’s hands wandered her front while her own grasped at thighs and backs and whatever else she could reach. As chests heaved in the warm humidity and water spilled from the tub, Lucy knew she was safe. She was home.

They break for air as Lucy is ready to become one with the water, and all she can do is whimper.

“What about the food?” She asks, breathless, even as she buries her face in Maggie’s neck, lips and tongue tasting salt and perfume. She nips at Maggie’s ear, feels the twitch of Alex’s hands against her breasts even as Alex continues her exploration of Lucy’s neck.

“It can wait,” they murmur, in almost perfect unison, quiet words whispered against Lucy’s skin.

Forever should be terrifying.

It should be.

But Lucy’s found her home.

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what would baz be like in modern normal high school! au like i just want details on how he'd do classes and do homework and idk HOW WOULD HE MEET SIMON OOOMG

i literally made this shit up as i typed it, but here are some normal (boarding) hs au headcanons~

  • they would totally be those kids who always seem to wind up in the same class every grade
  • and they are roommates bc it would still be a boarding school (idk where else simon would live)
  • and next to each other in randomly assigned seating until they get in enough trouble that they have to be separated
  • that usually only lasts like.. half a class. most teachers know by now to put them on opposite sides of the room
  • they are infamous for their ability to disrupt any class with their bickering
  • baz is good at all his subjects but especially excels at english
  • he and penny duke it out for being top of the class, she barely beats him almost every time
  • simon fails every class
  • baz is such a nerd like omg he gets so worked up over academics and finds it personally offensive that simon is so bad at school
  • he was on the school’s football team but he and simon wind up in detention so much that he was suspended from playing until he can go an entire semester without detention
  • the longest he’s made it was a week
  • he and simon are on first name basis with the custodial staff bc they have spent so many detentions cleaning classrooms. they know where the spare key to the supply closet is hidden
  • (they may definitely use it later for making out when they are at school)
  • he has a car at the dorms, it was his part of the deal with his dad. he wanted to just commute from home, but his dad made him stay in the dorms and so baz bargained to at least have a car and some semblance of freedom
  • it’s a sweet ass black shiny sports car. like NICE.
  • except all the fender dents
  • which are all simon snow’s fault
  • baz wouldn’t have rear ended so many other students in the parking lot if simon didn’t have the nerve to walk in his line of sight as he went back to the dorms in those damn uniform trousers that fit way too well
  • simon makes fun of him a lot for being a bad driver
  • so baz will honk when he drives past simon just to make him jump
  • baz will sneak out of the dorms at night and go for a drive to clear his head. he knows simon follows him to the parking lot, but he never asks where baz goes
  • (which is good bc baz will never tell him)

idk. that’s the best i could think of on the fly lol

Bloody Fes: Mukamis
  • Kou: haaa~! We need to do a photoshoot again with our military uniforms~
  • Yuma: tch...! Those damn uniforms are itchy and annoying..!
  • Kou: Yu~ ma~ kun~! Thats not the right attitude for an Idol..! But.. The uniforms do seem a bit dull.. So..
  • Kou: chaaan~! I will wear this fluffy jacket!
  • Azusa: thats... What Laito-san wears...
  • Yuman: yeah.. I don't want to look like a Fedora freak over there.
  • Kou: *pouts* no its not..! Mines fluffier! What..?! I got one for all of you!
  • Azusa: mn... Sorry Kou-kun...
  • Ruki: what's the matter? What are these?
  • Azusa: Kou.. Wants us to wear laito-san's clothing...
  • Ruki: hm..? I see.. *looks at the jackets* They do.. Look like the Perverted Sakamaki's clothes.
  • Kou: no its not! Ruki-kun~...! We have a photoshooting with our Military uniforms again..! I thought these would give it a touch!
  • Kou: Ruki-kun..! Please...! *puppy eyes*
  • Ruki: hmn.. It is good to make a change..... fine i'll wear it.
  • Kou: Yay!!! We're going to be the best looking brothers!
  • Azusa and Yuma: *cringe*

team usa wins over team slovenia 5-1 with goals from ryan mcdonagh, david backes, and phil kessel (3) with a hat-trick. goalie, ryan miller, made 17 saves on 18 shots. this puts the usa in the 1-seed of group a as they go undefeated into the quarterfinals.

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A little boy gently taps Wes. "Bonjour, monsieur. Je suis désolé de vous déranger. Je me demandais si vous pouviez me dire où je suis? Je ne sais pas comment rentrer chez elle d'ici...." -wesleythemime

Wes glanced over his shoulder upon being tapped, eyes narrowed. He didn’t know what to expect (though, he had the fleeting suspicion it was Maxwell here to play another game) but it certainly hadn’t been a child. Turning around to face him, he blinked in surprise, peering down at the little boy. He was curiously familiar, and Wes felt an overwhelming sense of deja vu. He recognized what the child wore, that he was sure of. Back in France, when he was a child, there had been a private school, and all the lucky little children who attended wore those god damned uniforms. Scowling openly, he folded his hands behind his back. Those were the privileged children.

Disregarding the thought when the boy spoke, he tilted his head, frowning uneasily. Maxwell was adding more children to the island? That seemed a bit… Well, it certainly wasn’t ethical. Rubbing at the back of his neck, he shifted. Now wasn’t really the time to play silent.

He’d never been faced with the challenge of breaking bad news to a child, and he fidgeted in aggravation. Clearing his throat, he tapped at his chest idly. “Une île. Maxwell’s. Vous ne pouvez pas rentrer à la maison maintenant.” Well, that was blunt and likely made little sense to the boy.