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I'm with you. I still don't believe we won't get ANY Bellarke in 4x08 before the hiatus. They need to create the angst before it so we could die of curiosity all 3 weeks. At least a mention from each, a calling of feelings.. Idk, but SOMETHING :/

You think we wouldn’t die on the hiatus if we got a Bellarke reunion at the end of 4.08 and they leave us with all the emotions finally out in the air and whatever happens (hot damn!) with that?

We would die! DEAD die. We would explode!

And the other side of the fandom would dead DEAD die. And they would IMPLODE. 

The casual fans and the rest of the internet would be wandering around, befuddled, trying to get through the piles of bellarke induced corpses, going WTF happened here? WTF is wrong with these people? WTF?

Oh come on! That would be AWESOME. That is just the sort of sick, twisted drama JR and The CW like to inflict upon us. 

What I love most about the growl scene is its underlying message.

Belle asked the prince if he fancied growing a beard. This can be inferred that she was deeply unsure and wanted to know that the man in front of her is really the same one she knew, not the selfish and unkind prince whom he used to be.

The growl he gave to her is the proof that he’s still the sweet, gentle and kind beast she knew so well and fell in love with. It is a part of the beast who had changed into someone better. Even though he transformed back to human form she never knew, a part of that sweet beast she fell in love with remained in him and ensured the changes in his heart.