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“Go row the boat to safer grounds

But don’t you know we’re stronger now
My heart still beats and my skin still feels
My lungs still breathe, my mind still fears

But we’re running out of time
Oh, all the echoes in my mind cry

There’s blood on your lies
The sky’s open wide
There is nowhere for you to hide
The hunter’s moon is shining

I’m running with the wolves tonight
I’m running with the wolves

I’m running with the wolves tonight
I’m running with the wolves

I’m running with the

Trick or treat, what would it be?
I walk alone, I’m everything
My ears can hear and my mouth can speak
My spirit talks, I know my soul believes

It’s been cause betrayal in hearts
They can in dream tonight deceives us
A million voices, silent dreams
Where hope is left so incomplete ”

Elashorei Lavellan ~ Tarot Card ~ Strength

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OTP Question14: Which one keeps accidentally using the other’s last name instead of their own?

After the proposal Dorian must be thinking about the wedding way too much since he keeps using Vax’s last name at least once a week. And everytime he does Vaxus suddenly smiles on the other side of Thedas without a reason.

I noticed that a lot of people call Sebastian/Ciel pedophilia. And people fo it to MANY ships that have one that is under the age of 18. People need to do their god damned reserch. This is an image i took that is hightlighted with age of consent from different years.
It shows that Ciel is of age to consent if he sees fit.
I read somewhere black butler was ment to be a yaoi romance between ciel and Sebastian.
Because of the era the manga is set in Ciel is of age and can consent to Sebastians advances.

It wasnt until the 20th century that you had to be 16 or over for sexual relations and 18 for intercourse with someone older.

Back over 100 years ago children as young as 10 were married as the primary goal of a human was to have children and once a girl got her first period she was not a child but now a woman.

Yes in our day and age it is wrong to prey on children. Yes i dont like people who sexualise and abuse children.

But for FICTIONAL characters in the appropriate ERA. It is perfectly fine. As it is FICTIONAL and is doing no harm but shipping characters people love together.

Some fans dont like sexualised ships. Relationships is not about sex. It is about love.

And once againm these are FICTIONAL characters. People made with pen, paper and words on a page. Not real life humans.

So dont call a sebaciel fan ‘sick’ or 'a pedophile’ and this goes for other ships from other anime like any attack on titan ship with Levi in it. ((Seriously people hating rivamika or ereri because one is younger then 18. Grow up.))

A relationSHIP is not based on sex, or the age of consent in MODERN day earth. But in a FICTIONAL reality.

If this is seen a lot i know i will get a huge about of hate. But some love from those who get hated for their ships.

Thank you AND GOOD DAY!

“Don’t be dense Niall, of course he’s spotty about this one,” Liam interjects, “How is he supposed to advance in a relationship with someone who doesn’t speak?” He reaches for his second roll from the basket set in the middle of the table, “The most he knows about her is that she likes animal printed shorts, she has a cat, and knows how to bandage someone properly –”

“Not true,” Harry pouts, “I also know she likes lemonade.”


Harry picks berries for a summer job and Y/N doesn’t talk

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“What we were looking for was someone new, and this character needed to be vulnerable and tough, sweet and terrifying. And to find someone that no one knew, who could do all these things, took a lot of looking. and We’re very lucky to find some great people, but the truth is, it wasn’t until we found Daisy. And we just felt like she was capable of doing all of these things this character acquired.” (x)

Damn good.

Hii, I finally finished this story. It literally took me ages to write it but here it is! This is very smutty so please don’t read it if you aren’t comfortable with stuff like that. This has not beed proofread so please forgive any mistakes.xxxx

It was a hard day. Work was almost overwhelming, people were annoying her and the fact that Harry had a long studio day and probably wouldn’t be home until the middle of the night made it even worse.
If she was being honest the whole week was hell for her. She had so many things to do at work right now, so many things that kept her in the office longer than usual. On top of that her coworkers were getting on her nerves and her boss made her do things she wasn’t even supposed to do.
And Harry wasn’t there. He was there, in the same city at least and he slept in the same bed as her but she never saw him. She had to leave every morning before he was awake and when she came home in the evening he wasn’t there yet because he seemed to spend his whole day in the studio.
It was frustrating and taking a toll on her. She noticed how her mood got worse every day, how she became snappy and impatient.
She needed Harry. She missed him.
She missed waking up to his soft kisses. She missed cuddling him. She missed talking to him. She even missed their occasional bickering.
But what she missed probably the most was sex. It’s been forever since they’ve had a intimate moment and she was craving him. She was craving his body on top of her, his hips rocking into hers and making her eyes roll back from all the pleasure she felt.
So she couldn’t help it when her hands started to wander south when she took a shower. She was spreading her shower gel on her skin, her hands rubbing over a few places a little longer than usual.
When she washed the bubbles away she couldn’t contain the soft moan that slipped past her lips when she held the shower head against her aching center. She couldn’t do that though. Harry hated it when she pleasured herself when he was home.

“Don’t want you to touch yourself. Not when I’m home. It’s my job, innit? My job to make you feel good, shouldn’t do it on your own when I’m here.”

But he wasn’t. He wasn’t here. Hasn’t been here the whole week.
So she kept the shower head in that position, the water hitting her pussy in the most perfect way and making her body tremble and her lips open in a ‘o’-shape.
It felt good. So fucking good. And she couldn’t stop. The water hit her clit so perfectly and made her feel so good that there was no way she could stop.
She was close already, the knot in her stomach growing tighter and tighter and making her muscles clench.
She was so caught up in her pleasure and being so loud that she didn’t even hear the bathroom door open. She also didn’t hear how someone took of their clothes. Or how someone pulled the shower curtain to the side right when she came. She almost screamed when her orgasm hit her, the waves of pleasure so intense that her body fell forward and she had to brace herself on the wall.
Harry watched all that from behind. He watched how her body shook and how her ass cheeks clenched together. He listened to every moan and shout that left her lips. And he already knew how her face looked in that moment, all scrunched up and almost looking like she was in pain but he knew it was the total opposite.
“Enjoying yourself, love?”
She dropped the shower head when she heard his raspy voice, the sound echoing through the walls of the bathroom. She turned around immediately, her cheeks a dark shade of pink and Harry wasn’t sure if it was from embarrassment or the powerful orgasm she just had.
“H-Harry… I didn’t expect you home until the middle of the night.” her voice was full of panic.
“So you thought it would be a good idea to pleasure yourself?” he asked almost angrily.
He was standing in the shower now, towering over her smaller frame.
“Thought you were with another man when I came in. Heard your moans from downstairs, thought you were fucking someone else.”
He took another step forward, his hands reaching out and taking hold of her ass, pulling her soaked body to his roughly. She whimpered when she felt his naked skin against hers.
“Did it feel good, baby?“
She nodded shamefully, her cheeks still red from embarrassment.
“Better than when I touch you?”
“No.” she shook her head.
“Then why did you do it? Why didn’t you wait until I was home so I could do it properly?”
She only shrugged her shoulders, her eyes looking at the floor but that wasn’t good enough for Harry. He slapped her ass with both of his hands, the force making her jerk forward against his body and a low whine left her lips. He dug his fingers in her flesh afterwards, only so much to cause a tiny bit of a sting.
“Why did you do it?” he almost growled this time.
“Y-You weren’t there and this whole week was so shitty and I just needed a release and-”
“And you couldn’t wait until I was home.”
“I’m sorry.” she whispered.
“Sorry doesn’t help you now.”
She knew he wasn’t really angry, it was more his ego that she hurt. But if she was quite honest she didn’t care about his ego being hurt in that moment. The only thing she cared about was his naked body pressed against hers and his dick which was already beginning to get hard.
He bent down to pick up the shower head, the running water hitting his skin immediately and making it glisten which caused Y/N to whimper at the sight. He fumbled with it for a few moments until the water came out of it with more force.
Y/N looked at him with confusion when he just stood there for a moment, doing nothing. But the he grabbed her by her arm and spun her around, her back crashing against his chest. A surprised squeal escaped her lips at Harry’s rough action but it was soon replaced by a low moan when she felt his dick slipping between her thighs. Her hands reached down to touch him but before she could his voice stopped her.
“Don’t touch it.”
“Don’t. Touch. It.”
His free hand grabbed her right thigh, lifting it and making her foot plant on the step of their shower where countless bottles of sweet smelling products were situated.
His hand was reaching down between her legs then, cupping her center for a second before he spread her lips apart and immediately held the shower head so the water hit her clit directly.
She threw her head back, the back of it hitting Harry’s shoulder, and she moaned out loudly. Her hands reached up to wrap around Harry’s neck and he let her, groaning softly when she tugged on the hair at the nape of his neck. She felt her muscles clenching at the intense pleasure the water made her feel against his cock, which was pressed right between her legs due to the position they were in and how hard he was.
He kept the shower head right in this position and his fingers right against her, spreading her apart. But when her moans got louder and her hips began to move he turned the water off.
“Harry!” she exclaimed and tugged harshly on his hair.
“Bed. Now.”
She turned around and looked at him incredulously.
“What? I’m all wet!”
“Well, I’d hope so.”
“N-no, I mean-”
Love.” he said warningly.
“You’re already in trouble. If I were you I’d behave now. Lay down on the bed.”
She looked at him for another moment and then sighed and made her way to the bedroom where she laid down on the bed how he wanted her to.
He came in ten seconds later, satisfied with how she wad laying there.
“You can be a good girl after all, hm?” he spoke while he walked over to her.
She was looking up at him, how he stood there in all his naked glory. She was amazed every time by how confident he was. He wasn’t ashamed to show of his body at all, not that there was anything to be ashamed of anyway. He was perfect. His face was perfect. His body was perfect. Everything about him was so perfect and so sexy. This man was pure sex. Which made it even worse that she didn’t have him all week.
He placed his knees on the bed, shuffling up until he was hovering over her. He leaned down until his chest met hers and his lips were brushing over hers.
“You know I don’t like it when you pleasure yourself.” he whispered against her lips.
“It’s my job.”
“I know and I’m so sorry but-”
He interrupted her with a hard kiss, her voice dying immediately. She gasped for air when he pulled away again.
“Didn’t say you could talk, did I?”
She was completely into the submissive role now, her head shaking no.
He pulled back from her body, sitting back to spread her legs for him. Under any different circumstances she would have shut them again immediately or covered herself but she didn’t because this was Harry. And Harry loved her body just as much as she loved his.
He moved so he was right between her legs and Y/N gasped when he took hold of his shaft, expecting him to thrust inside of her but who did she think he was. Of course he would tease her. He let his cock slip between her lips, thrusting his hips like he would if he would be inside of her. But he wasn’t.
A whine left her lips out of frustration and also pleasure because even though he wasn’t inside of her it still felt good.
“What, baby? What’re you whining for, hm?”
She looked at him with watery eyes, her lip wobbling with all the frustration that built up inside of her.
“You can say it, baby girl.”
“You’re cock, Harry. Want your cock.”
“But you already have it, baby.”
He kept on moving his hips, one hand placed on her lower stomach to press his cock more against her with his finger. He knew she was loosing her mind. He was making her loose her mind.
“W-want it inside of me.” she whimpered.
“Inside of you? Think you deserve that?”
She bit down on her bottom lip, knowing she didn’t deserve it.
“Please.” she pleaded.
He watched her for a moment before he shook his head.
“Turn around.”
She sighed but did what he said, turning on her stomach. She felt him spreading her legs apart. She turned her head to look at him but he shook his head and motioned with his hand for her to turn around. She sighed again but turned her head.
After a few moments she felt the head of Harry’s cock at her entrance, his tip slipping inside and not moving for a moment before he let himself fill her up completely, his hips snapping against hers. A relieved moan left Y/N’s lips when he was fully inside of her, the stretch burning so good inside of her.
She felt Harry leaning down, his chest meeting her back and one hand of his stroking her wet hair to the side so he could kiss around her shoulder.
“That’s what you wanted when you were in the shower?”
“Yes. Wanted your cock so bad.”
“Does it feel good, baby?”
“God, yes. It fills me up so perfectly. I wanted your cock so badly inside of me earlier. Missed it so much. Felt so… empty.”
Harry choked on his own breath when he heard that, his hips instantly starting to move. He rolled them against her, the movement making his cock slide back and forth between her slick walls that coated him with her arousal.
A intense moan sounded from Y/N immediately, her hands grabbing onto the sheets and her upper body lifting up, her elbows holding her up on the mattress.
Harry’s head dropped to her shoulder, his lips pressing countless kisses to her skin that was still slightly damp from the shower she took earlier.
“So good, baby. Feel so good for me.”
His fast movements made the bed move, the headboard hitting the wall over and over again with each roll of his hips. Y/N was a whimpering and moaning mess, the frustration of the week slowly subsiding now that she had him again.
“You want to come, hm? Can feel your pussy clenching around me.”
A choked ‘yes’ left her lips and Harry felt her getting closer and closer, her hips coming off the mattress each time Harry thrusted back in. Her body was starting to squirm, writhe underneath him and he knew that in a few short seconds she would come around him.
But he didn’t let her.
He pulled away from her right when she reached the edge, his cock escaping her tight pussy. He sat back on the bed and watched how she turned around quickly and released a frustrated shout, her hips squirming and lifting off the mattress in search for friction.
He calmed her down with stroking her cheek, a soft ‘shhh’ sounding from his lips.
“You’re okay, baby.”
“No. I’m not.” she whined.
“Shhh.” he made again and shuffled between her thighs, his hands spreading her legs apart.
He almost moaned when he looked down at where she was aching for him. Her skin was pink, glistening with wetness. Her hole was actually visible now, stretched from when his cock spread her walls.
Her hips lifted off the bed, searching for anything he would give her but he pressed her down, giving her a warning look. He settled himself between her legs so that he would be able to thrust inside her but he didn’t. Not yet.
He took hold of himself, his hand wrapping around his base. He let the tip of his cock slap against her pussy, something he learned she enjoyed quite a lot but maybe not right now.
He rammed himself inside of her when she screamed out for him, watching how her eyes rolled back into her head and her legs fell open for him completely.
He leaned down on her, his hands on either side of her head to hold him up.
“Want me to make you come?”
“Yes. God, yes.”
“Don’t know if I want to, though. Already had your orgasm today, right?”
“Please, Harry. I’m so sorry.”
And he almost felt sorry for her. Almost.
He began to fuck her again, his hips moving with a dazzling pace that made her toes curl. His cock massaged her walls in just the perfect way, rubbing over that one spot inside of her that made her scream and shout.
Her body began to squirm again, the pleasure overwhelming her. It always happened when he denied her her orgasm, her body writhing underneath him, her head rolling from side to side and her hands gripping onto the sheets so tightly her knuckles turned white. Her voice was getting louder too, her moans turning into screams.
She was getting close again, he felt it. And just like before he removed his body from hers just when she was about to reach her peak. A frustrated cry left her, a sob right afterwards. He looked down at her restless body, how she trashed around the bed. He almost gasped when he saw tears running down her face, thinking he went to far and did something wrong.
“Shh, baby. Hey, look at me.”
He held her face still between his hands, catching her watering eyes.
“You okay?”
“No! I-I just want you to make me come.”
“And I will. Needed to punish you for a bit, didn’t I?”
Her response was a wet sounding whimper, her eyes still producing frustrated tears.
“Turn around for me, baby.”
She did what he said, turning around with shaky limps, her arms and knees almost giving out when she was finally in the perfect position.
Harry leaned down and pressed a few kissed to her spine, his hands on her ass cheeks and spreading them apart so he could take a good look at her soaked pussy.
He couldn’t take it anymore himself, the sight alone of her could make him come immediately. He straightened himself up again and took hold of his shaft before he he pressed hisself into her to the hilt. She cried out when he filled her completely, her body jerking forward due to it’s sensitivity. He lifted her body up with his arms around her waist, making her back hit his chest. She grabbed onto his wrists, her nails boring into his skin. He began to pound her then, his hips moving so fast and so hard they created a filthy sound when they met her ass.
Y/N was screaming and moaning and sobbing, the control over her body completely gone. Harry was moaning and groaning too, right into her neck and his movements got harder and faster every single time.
She was close within a few short moments, her body trembling against his, every moan louder than the one before.
“D-Don’t pull out. P-please, let me come.” she whimpered out, her voice absolutely desperate.
His response was his wandering hand, his fingers finding her clit and rubbing in hard circles. And she exploded. She screamed out, her body trashing against his and her pussy releasing a hot liquid that coated Harry’s cock and soaked his thighs. The harsh clenching of her pussy and the sight of her squirting made Harry come as well, deep inside of her and filling her up with his cum. She was still coming when Harry came down from his high, the waves of overwhelming pleasure wrecking her body and making her loose every ability to do anything but moan. It seemed like she couldn’t stop coming, the pleasure just kept on cursing through her body and the waves of her orgasm kept hitting her. Harry couldn’t stop moaning either, the constant squeezes of her pussy milking him of every drop.
When her body finally came down she fell against Harry completely, her whole body feeling like jelly. Her breathing was harsh, occasional whimpers and soft moans still leaving her lips.
Harry pulled out of her then but still held her against his body, making sure she wouldn’t fall to the side.
“You okay, my love?” he asked her gently with a kiss against her shoulder.
She responded with a whimper that sounded so broken and so wrecked that Harry almost felt guilty.
He lied her down on her back after a while, pulling the sheets over her still trembling body. Her eyes were closed, her lips parted. Her breathing was still harsh, her chest heaving with every intake of air.
“That was the best orgasm I ever had.” she whispered when he lied down beside her.
He looked at her with a proud smirk, her eyes now half open.
“Seemed like it as well. Soaked my thighs, love.”
She blushed a bit at his words, the embarrassment clearly visible.
“I’m sorry about that. Don’t know what happened.”
“No reason to apologize. Was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. And I’d say your boyfriend is a damn good fuck.” he grinned.
She chuckled and nodded, her Hand lifting to stroke his cheek.
“I’d say so as well.”

“Curse you, Ancient Egypt!”


I got introduced to the wonderful and strange world of Linkara’s comic reviews and so um, guess who’s been binge-watching Atop The Fourth Wall the entire week? ….or has it been two already? I binged three years worth of Longbox episodes and the entirety of Miller Time so I think I’m slowly losing my grip on the concepts of time and sanity but hey the more the merrier eh! So yaaaay here’s some fan art. :3


I’ve been in the throes of the mother of all art blocks running on months now, so this SGRU that ended up in @momiji-no-monogatari‘s planner is pretty much the only proof I have of my existence since June :P

Still quite fond of the result though

Things I’m currently in love with:

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One song: The Plagues covered by Jonathan Young & Caleb Hyles; I love this song (and every other song from Prince of Egypt) and the cover is even better!

Two films: The Breakfast Club & Star Wars (all of them)

Three series: Merlin (obviously), Yuri on Ice, Class

Four people: The whole Merlin Cast morphed into one person (there is no way I can decide between them), Maggie Stiefvater, Freddie Fox, Fady Elsayed

Five foods: Bohnensterz (its this austrian dish made of beans, flour & pig grease, I know it sounds weird but it’s really really good), salmon, cheese, tomatoes, peas

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Last 5 Questions on My Online Job Application

20. What is it about the harm reduction philosophy and approach that you are most passionate about?

The two aspects of harm reduction philosophy I am most passionate about are dignity and accessibility. When people are going through struggles in their life (from drug abuse, to self harm, to high risk sex) they are not voided of their right to respect. Harm reduction philosophy upholds this right, as well as making sure help is given and services are provided at the level clients are able to engage. All or nothing models of help disenfranchise those we are trying to help, but by meeting them where they are we gain a foothold and do what is possible right now.

21.Please discuss a policy issue(s) related to harm reduction that you would like to work on as part of your work? In your answer include the identified need/or reason you selected the issue(s).

I would like to work on ease of access to pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). Sober sex and condomed sex are clear ways of reducing the risk of HIV, however this is not always attainable. If a client is struggling with addiction and condom use is inconsistent, PrEP can minimize HIV risk, and reduce the number of active concerns the client is dealing with. For clients employed in sex work, or involved in abusive relationships, they may be unable to advocate for, or negotiate their own safer sex needs through condoms. PrEP can be be a way to give power back to them and their own sexual health. 

22.Please discuss your most successful and least successful experiences of teaching /training others? What did you learn from each of these experiences?

My least successful experience teaching another was trying to explain the difference between sex and gender. The main point was that transgender women are women, and transgender men are men, irrespective of the sex they were assigned at birth. What I took away from the experience was that people have strongly held beliefs about the world (especially subjects like gender), and that not everyone will accept your information the first time you give it.

A successful experience I had with teaching was dispelling myths about the contraction of HIV. I learned that positive regard for the learner, and creating a safe space for questions to be asked (there are no stupid questions!) makes a learner more likely to recieve your message.

23.Please describe two to three barriers you have observed, directly experienced or might expect related to implementing a harm reduction approach within an organization and what strategies you might use to help engage workers/community members towards harm reduction?

1. One barrier I have observed in harm reduction is stigma. During the advent of  PrEP i worked for an LGBT organization which had a program focusing on HIV prevention among gay and bisexual men, and trans women. The director of the agency recounted to us how at an HIV prevention seminar he went to, there was push back against PrEP. Some of his colleagues, (college educated social workers and public health workers) did not want to endorse PrEP for fear that it would encourage promiscuity. The barrier here was clearly a phenomenon called slut-shaming. This is the judgement and/or condemnation of a person for the amount or type of sex they have. In this instance it is important to stress a sex positive outlook. One that affirms people’s sexual practices and prioritizes health and happiness over judgement and stigmatization.
If an organization or worker is preoccupied with imposing their personal value on clients, then the clients health and well being are no longer coming first.

 2. A barrier I might expect to find in implementing harm reduction in an organization, is language. Is information provided by the organization filled with jargon, is it convoluted, is it even in the language spoken by the reader? Informational materials for a client base and community must be written in accessible language. It is also of vital importance to have them available in at least two languages. While the second most common language in the U.S. is Spanish, the next most common languages include Mandarin-Chinese and French. Consider what languages are most common in the area you are reaching out to. Hiring bilingual and multilingual employees can open doors for many potential clients seeking help. 

24.How might you respond (in your own words) to somebody who told you that harm reduction is “just encouraging drug use”?

It sounds like you are angry about drug use. Which is more important to you, the health and happiness of a person, or whether or not they use drugs? These two things are related, but not the same. Harm reduction is putting health first, before stigma about drug use and abuse. Putting stigma about drug use first, disregards the needs of users and seeks to satisfy a judgement on our part instead giving actual help to those who need it. Instant cessation of drug use is not a reality for everyone. We can accept this, and work with people where they are, or we can narrow our work, alienate those in need, and allow them to fall between the cracks. I choose to be inclusive, and caring, and helpful to those who are interested in what I have to offer.


He can slit an enemy’s throat before they even realize he’s there, and slip away, never to be seen again.