damn this stupid thing took forever

Deoperio || Act I

She walked. She had no destination in mind, just walking away from HIM and everything that took place between them. Just when she thought things were FINALLY on the mend Barry had to get on her ass over nothing and make a mountain out of molehill. She was sitting there minding her own damned business and once she reacts over something that HE said, she gets blamed for the ensuing mess. Ugh stupid Barry! 

She was angry. If he wants to harass her she won’t be there to entertain him. It is how things have been done since….Since FOREVER. She picked up her phone and texted some old friends. If she was to spend time AWAY and alone, they were the right crowd to hang out with. Days would pass and she’d barely have a sense of time. Confirming their usual location Moira turned off her phone and headed towards the well known spot. 

What she needs right now is something to take her mind off of this. And time to cool off. She’s been TRYING, she did what she could, laughed when she felt like crying, came out and had fun when she wanted nothing but to curl up in bed and DISAPPEAR… But it didn’t matter. Never did. Fine, if Barry wants her out she’ll be more than ready to oblige.