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One of These Nights (Part 12)

Summary: Benny reveals more about his past to Dean; you eavesdrop and learn about Andrea. While out to clear your head, you run into some of Benny’s old friends. Mounting a rescue mission proves difficult for the boys when Andrea appears.

Pairing: Benny x Reader

Word Count: 3,200

Warnings: Language, heartbreak, betrayal, kidnapping, confinement, threats, angst, so much angst…

A/N: The next installment… I think there might only be one part left, guys… maybe two. We’ll see. A lot of direct quotes from S8:E5, sort of a re-write/reader insert. You’ll see.

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From Re7 wiki
  • The photograph of the elderly Eveline marked with number “E-001” can be encountered at the beginning of the game, long before it is relevant. It is unknown who took the picture, though it was likely taken by Lucas, as he kept observing Eveline throughout the 3 years gap after escaping Eveline’s control and wrote a report about it on his laptop.

    Can you imagine the people Lucas is emailing saying “we need you to grab a photo of Eveline as she is now so we can determine her state.” And Lucas is like “ffs you want me to take her damn picture as an old lady? Yeah, she’ll love that, totally will let me do it cos ofc she’s so happy shes old n wrinkly now.” Which then leads to a good couple of days of Lucas trying to sneak a photo before just giving up and pretending to find an old camera and showering Evie in compliments so she feels better and managing to get the photo that way. 

I dont even think that worked, she don’t look particularly happy in it but shes clearly aware that she’s having her photo taken.

thoughts during my POT date

-are we really going to stand in the middle of the restaurant instead of sitting

-how old exactly are you

-well then how old are your pictures damn

-did you just say you’re surprised that I’m smart and attractive

-did you say 65

-like 65 years

-everything you’re saying sounds like a line

-your pubes are longer than your dick

-did you just say Viagra

-wait you have a 5 year old and a 39 year old

-OH 3 divorces

Mabel Pines Appreciation Week

Day 5: Family/Friend Bonding

Of course my favorite family bond is Dipper’s and Mabel’s. 

Quickly rouch sketch for Day 5 of Mabel Pines’ Appreciation Week, some older twins here. Headcanon that after Weirdmaggedon, Mabel gain more sleep issues becuase she is terrified to sleep again. So whenever she is helping Dipper with his videos, she falls asleep. Dipper doesnt mind, he’s still glad to have her helping him, even if it’s just for a couple of hours.

Gochi completed fanfics

Soooo I can’t remember all the gochi fanfics that where completed but these are the ones I remember.  List for @kyabeko​ ♥ ♥

A Moment’s Peace 
A New Beginning 
A Simple Wish 
Loved and forgotten
Free Falling
Lust in Purity
Goku’s Diary
Do I Have To?
Second Chances
Garden Talk
Night Out
Z High
Striking The Heart
One Night Stand
Two Worlds One HeroThe Seduction
First Touches
Just You And Me
Play with me
The Outlaw and the Slave
Love Lost
Blast from the Past
Given Time
Pregnancy Scare
Iced Tea with a Little Help
Those Damn Pictures for Old Kai
Orange High
The Waterfall
Sleepless in Mt Pouz
Goku and ChiChi
Son Goku Always Keeps his Promises
I’ll Show You
Please Remember
Without Someone To Share It With
Forced Love
PS I’m hungry for you
Promise Stitched in Blue
Echoes of Love
Unmistakably the Same
Don’t change, I love you
Serendipity In College
A Long YearWedding NightPrairieNew MemoriesConception of a Hybrid  Chances  One Night Stand  More Than AdequateI Wanna Make You Feel BetterFrom the Top of Your Head to the Bottom of your Feet  Just Like The RestGive Me Back My Mate!  In a Year  The School Across The Lake  I Saw Daddy Kissing Mrs Claus  Wedding Night  My HeroGoku’s Test  While We Wait  An Unexpected Blessing  ChiChi’s Surprise  Only Three Days  Just Give Me Some Affection

“He was telling Ariel about the pig he had just delivered when he broke off mid-sentence to stare at me with jade-green eyes. Some instance to danger made me fear I had betrayed myself. I expected him to denounce me, but he seemed suddenly aware that he in turn was watched. He then let his eyes rove over our entire group but I felt sure he did this only to cover the attention he had paid me.”

Obernewtyn by Isobelle Carmody

we don’t talk about joetrick enough. i mean, they’ve admitted to cuddling (little spoon patrick ftw btw), they’ve admitted to kissing (there’s a damn picture man), there’s that picture of patrick in joe’s lap, i have this old picture of patrick feeding joe (which is kinda irrelevant but still, what straight guys feed each other on camera what is that), there’s this one picture of pete trying to molest patrick and joe holding him protectively, there’s a video of joe talking about ‘patrick’s delithus stomach’ and another of him saying something about patrick cuddling with a guitarist (???), there’s the height difference (v important), the fact that they were both horny teenagers stuck together in a van at one point?? peterick gets all the attention but joetrick, man.

Nonnie Asked...

Oh my god! She really is stupid and her fans are also stupid if they believe that is “Shep winging it through weekend”. Just saw her latest IG post. 😂😂😂

Do you ever see a post she makes and wonder how she’s made it through her entire life without serious injury? I know I do.

Her followers are complete and total fucks! They know damn well that’s an old picture but they refuse to call her out on it because she could possibly stop posting! What a shame that would be, right? God forbid we don’t get anymore staged pictures that are back when their favorite hip mama was 8 months pregnant. I don’t understand why she couldn’t just take a fucking picture from today or why she’s obsessed with that fucking chicken! Also, I hope they wash their hands after touching them.

Its funny how Cedric wanted super strength in “Cedric be good” but sometimes I see Cedric in other episodes and its surprizing to see how strong he really is.

Its like when Cedric lifted that anchor in "The floating palace" and he didn’t seem to struggle that much or look tired afterwards.

In my opinion I think Cedric is stronger than he knows…  

… But then I see Sofia lift an anchor in “The princess stays in the picture" and I’m like 

"Damn Sofia , your 8 years old and you can do that 0.o " Looks like Cedric has some competition here ;) But seriously though how strong are these two XD

Gochi fanfics master list:

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