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ranking of capes in star wars
  1. vader’s cape – of course its the best. its vader. its black. flawless style and execution. also, theme music. ∞/10
  2. lando’s cape – daring cut and color worn by the most stylish man in the galaxy. and what a clasp. 10/10
  3. phasma’s cape – stunning. incredible. its black. its armorweave. its got a tasteful red edge. and on those shoulders!! my only complaint is that it looks a bit like a tarp up close. 9/10
  4. krennic’s cape – nothing special, but its a good solid cape in capable cape-wearing hands. 7.5/10
  5. padme’s white cape thing – i can’t tell if that’s  cape or not. half the shit she wore looked like a cape? why is she defined by her fucking outfits i hate george lucas? damn i keep looking at her tits im so fuckin gay. anyway it looks like a beach towel but other than that, a nice cape. a bit like avant-garde LL Bean fashion. 7/10
  6. the various capes of bail organa – i wish i liked these better. you’re a great man bail but i’m not such a fan of your capes. all dashingly cut, but the dull and drab military-esque colors are heartbreaking. 6.5/10
  7. dooku’s cape – plain from a distance, weird texture up close. nice clasp though. 5/10
  8. grievous’s cape – messy and uncontained, but at least it matches its owner. 4/10
  9. boba fett’s cape – terrible, like the rest of him. 1/10

honorable mention – grand admiral thrawn’s cape, lost in the abyss of the eu.

other notes – robes were not included, obviously, if it has sleeves it aint a cape



Genre: Angst. Gang! AU. 

Warnings: Mentions of blood & violence. That’s it.

Pairings: Mark x reader x Namjoon ft GOTBANG collaboration.

Summary: You’re innocently caught in the crossfire of two of Korea’s deadliest gangs, after an argument with your gang leader boyfriend. Could you have been hurt by someone closer to home? Or has the rivalry between the two become personal? Remember not everything is as simple as black and white..

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Sugar Sweet  | 1 | (M)

word count: 8.9k (seriously, what a mouthful)

genre: smut + fluff; college AU + fuckboy!kihyun

pairing: reader/kihyun

summary: your best friend & roommate changkyun just wanted to help get you laid. instead you found solace in a pink haired man named kihyun who had a smart mouth with sharp words you weren’t afraid to let cut you, as long as he didn’t mind you hurting him a little too.

part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6


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Right Here

I cried writing this. Listen to this song while reading. 

Gray clouds littered the sky, making you even more sad. It had been three days since Stefan’s death. Everyone one was still grieving, however they kept their distance from his grave. That was perfect for you because you couldn’t keep yourself together if you saw anyone.

Dead, brown leaves mushed under your shoes, your feet sinking into the earth slightly. You stopped a few feet away from it; Stefan’s grave. Okay, God. You can wake me up now. This is a dream… please let it be a dream. 

You stood in front of the gray headstone, eyes stinging as you tried to hold it all in. “Oh, Stefan.” You whimpered, sinking to your knees. Flowers were laid on the soil, you picked up a few, looking between the plants and the stone. 

Never in your long life had you felt such pain. Sorrow ripped through you, making you gasp for air you didn’t need. “Stefan.”

Your finger tips grazed his name that was carved into the cold stone. “Stefan! You big fucking idiot!” You cried, voice cracking in agony. “You stupid, beautiful idiot. How could you? Why the hell would you save Damon? Why the hell would you leave me? You said you’d never leave me. You said you’d be there forever.” You choked on your tears, gagging as you rested your hands in the dirt. “What happened to forever? What happened to us us seeing the world together? Who am I gonna get drunk with in Greece? Who’s gonna lie with me and listen to Aerosmith? I c-can’t do this. S-Stefan, I need you. I need you to come back, please.”

You hiccuped, makeup running, eyes puffy and red. “I never wanted to be human, you know that. B-But Stefan, I’d be human for you, I’d be human with you. I wanna grow old with you and have cute, little, messy kids with you. I wanna fight you, I wanna love you. I want everything with you. You can’t be gone, please.”

You fiddled with your shaky hands. “I-I wasn’t prepared for this, so I didn’t get a gift for you. But… but I have something better. And I know I should’ve told you this sooner, I’m sorry.” You rambled. 

“I love you, Stefan Salvatore. I love you so damn much.” You leaned forward, kissing the cold stone. “I’m sorry.”

With wobbly legs, you stood up and walked away. You tried to promise yourself that you wouldn’t go back. That you would leave him in the past, but as you looked back at the dull hunk of rock, you realized you would never forget your first love. No one ever does. 

Stefan rested against the tree next to his grave, watching you. He was dizzy with heartache and wanted nothing more than to hold you, wipe away your tears. As you blindly walked past him, stopping to look back at his grave, Stefan gripped your hand. Even though you couldn’t feel it, he rubbed his thumb in small circles. “I’m right here, I’ll be here with you. I love you too.”

Just Beg Me To Stay (Part 2)

A/N: So this has a character introduced in to it that we have seen in Season 8 but she’ll probs be better explained in the next part! Just FYI. Song mentioned is MOVE by Luke Bryan. And yeah… I think that’s It lol. One more part to go!

Part 1 is here

Dean x Reader, Emily

Warnings: Angst

Word Count:1700+

Tags: @the-great-irene @avengersgirllorianna @sdavid09 @codename-petrova @lipstickandwhiskey @today-only-happens-once @clemsonstatemom @deansgurlimagines @crazy-pleasures-and-crazy-habits @secretlywritessupernatural @kaedynce @zombi3gyrl07 @sandlee44 @itsjaybro16 @peachpoccs @kathrynxox333 @lovelifelovebooks

You honest to god had no idea where you were. It had been over a month since you had left the bunker, and you had been on autopilot ever since. You never stayed in a town to long, frequently picking up your clothes off of shitty motel floor and shrugged them on, escaping the “conquest” of the previous night and praying to whatever high being that the dude wouldn’t wake up as you made your way out. It had become a routine. Drive. Eat. Drink. Dance. Sex. Sleep. Drive. And so the cycle went.

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the gang on a cruise - hcs

requested by anon - these take place in a modern au!!

  • who comes up with this wild idea???? 
    • “so…….guys…. we got u all together here today because” (soda looks at two)
    • “how bout we go….”
    • “on A CRUISE”
    • two and soda said that and nearly everyone erupted in a collective “NOOOOOOOO”
    • steve and johnny were the only two to say “yEAH”
    • lil steve has never been more excited for anything in his damn LIFE 
  • the curtis household is an actual MESS between booking it, packing and just the whole thing in general
    • there’s literally never a dull/quiet moment (as always) (but now it’s 10x worse)
  • they literally dont pack until last minute
    • like it’s 5 hours before they’re supposed to be leaving 
    • and nO ONE
    • NO ONE
    • bc we know darry probably drilled down on pony to make sure he was packed on time
    • darry is losing his fuckin mind when everyone is at the Curtis house asking for shit
  • they have to catch a flight to miami bc their cruise is to the bahamas
    • darry saw the groupon and he hasn’t looked back since
    • darry is def on the plane asking if someone has aspirin or excedrin
      • “sometHING I NEED SOMETHING” 
      • dar thought he was getting a vacation asap but this whole process of preparing and getting there has never made the times so stressful
  • steve keeps asking for food??
    • yknow how they give out pretzels or peanuts?
  • johnny is softly sleepin
  • dally is kicking the chair of the lady in front of him
  • and two is snoring at mAX volume
  • before they board the ship
    • they have all their luggages and shit and their hair is all messy and fucked up w/out grease!! (but in a sloppy-cute way)
    • but darry turns around and he’s like
    • “when we’re here, i don’t know any of you. i don’t know your names, u don’t know mine. if you bother me or make trouble, i swear on our parents that i WILL RING YOUR DAMN NECKS”
  • steve ends up yelling
    • “AWWWW FUCK”
  • soda’s all
    • “can we drink it”
    • “it’s water isn’t it?” (steve)
    • “ITS BLUE WATER” (soda)
    • and then u can hear darry speedwalk w his squeaking flipflops 
    • “god, you guys r just embaras-”
    • *already drinking it*
    • “you guys it’s saLTWATer”
    • *already spitting it out*
  • dally’s reaction to the water is ike
    • guys it’s just water
    • it’s just saltwater
  • stevepop takes another swing at drinkin the water to see maybe if it tastes different a second time (spoiler alert….it doesn’t)
  • but pony and johnny r still so struck by it
    • “wow. it’s just so beautiful. you see how the sun glistens off the water johnny? it’s awfully gorgeous”
    • and johnny’s like
    • “i aint never seen somethin so big in my life. well, except for the sky of course. it just looks neverendin”
    • steve overhears and says passingly
    • “calm down u two, the water aint nothing special it just tastes like ass”
  • two foR once in his LIFE
    • isn’t putting his two-bit into somethin
    • he’s actually speechless about the water
  • on the cruise itself tho,
    • darry is deadass in the saunas
      • he’s gettin massages and facials and shit
    • steve and soda are chasing each other around one of the decks
    • pony is getting seasick as FUCK
    • johnny is eating icecream
    • dally is smoking his life away
      • and getting yelled at by staff for it
      • and then continuing to do so anyways
    • two is having margaritas and sangrias at 3 in the afternoon bc he promised not to drink heavy
      • even tho by like midnight
      • he drinks a six pack of beer and he’s havin a grand ol time
  • steve and soda are horseplaying
    • on the deck
    • in the saunas
    • in the pool
    • in the meditation room
    • all im picturing is that in each room darry is somewhere w a grump face
    • while steve and soda are messin around with the playfighting and chasing and backflips??
    • LMFaO just change the backdrop of the location and stevepop are still fuckin around while darry is just “omgfdsfkh”
  • im tellin u rn that the playfighting becomes real after some time
    • like someone’s startin a fight
    • steve gets his tooth knocked out again
    • “cmon soda really??? the doc just replaced it”
    • “don’t be stupid it’s the tooth doctor u fuckin airhead”
    • “it’s the deNTIST U DROPOUT”
  • dally & two are always checkin out girls w soda
    • but soda only comes along when steve sleeps in
    • bc he loves hangin w his bro :’))
    • “soda what are you doing”
    • “move, ya michelin man. ur blocking my sun”
    • “you’re sunbathing?”
    • “well darry whAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE”
    • “well u need sunscreen, that’s what it looks like”
    • “go and get a massage or somethin jeez”
  • pony is 1000% gonna yank johnny down where they can see the sky real well at 7:02pm exACTLY
    • in order to see the sunset and stargaze afterwards
    • johnny will probably appreciate it but knock the fuck out
  • dally is definitely burning holes in towels with his cigarettes on purpose after he gets yelled at for smoking
    • they have to drag two away from the mic
    • buT before he leaves, he gives the microphone a drunk peck of a kiss??
  • okay well johnny is just THE happiest lil boy
    • he’s just so happy to be there with everyone in a place so far away from home
    • he’s just chillin with that ice creams and makin sure pony isn’t dead
    • and fkjshfk he’s just a lil ball of sunshine on the cruise, this kid
Best of Women [Lin-Manuel Miranda X Reader]

Request/Inspiration: @living-in-lala-land-forever “Can I make a request, if so I would like a Lin x reader in which the reader is playing Eliza and has a long time crush on Lin, during Say No to This she breaks down and can’t hold in her emotions any longer. (In the end he’s in love with her too and pretends she’s Maria during that scene.”

Summary: He couldn’t say no to you.

A/N: Hey everyone! I apologize in advance to everyone who had a request a long time ago. I promise I’ll get them done! I’m either stuck or have a plan on it. I’m sorry! I hope you enjoy this one!

Reader Pronouns: she/her I’m sorry! I’ll make more gender neutral fics!

Word Count: 1,584


Request Here!

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I Like You

Happy denial-riddled month of mourning!! I hope you enjoy this. Please tell me what you think at @potting-lilies :)


Rubbing her eyes with the back of an ink-stained hand, Lily Evans yawned. Her fingers were cramping and she was long past being able to feel her butt, but the end was so close. So close. If she took a break now, she knew she’d-

Bloody fucking-”

James Potter sighed, dropping his head with a dull thud onto the cold wooden floor.

“Look, James. Maybe if we moved back to the desks-”

“Bollocks. No.”

“You haven’t got anything down since-”


“Mmmmm.” Lily yawned again.

“This is bullshit. I’m telling Flitwick to change the due date of this damn essay. It’s not our ruddy fault we all got the flu last week.”

“Isn’t it though? Who went out naked in the cold last week, and coughed everything onto me? I swear we do way too much spit-exchanging for two people who don’t go out.”

“It was Sirius!” James cried indignantly. “He dared me to, and you know I haven’t turned those down since second year!”

Lily hacked a cough that sounded suspiciously like child.

“Anyways. Flitwick can’t do this to us. I’ll just go to his office in the morning and-”

“You will do no such thing.”

James glared at her. “Just because you’re the head girl-”

“And you’re head boy, idiot.” Lily smirked. “You set his hair on fire last week, remember? I’ll ask.”

James raised his brows. “Alright.”

Lily smiled weakly, forcing her drooping eyes open. Stifling yet another yawn, she squinted at the clock.

“Thirty more minutes and we’re definitely going to bed.”

James grunted in agreement, wrinkling his nose to hold his slipping glasses in place as he scratched into his parchment.


Cramming one last word into the bottom corner of his parchment, James sighed. Groaning, he rolled his head once clockwise, and then once anti-clockwise, hearing with satisfaction the cracks in his ridiculously stiff neck.

“One more page and I’m done.” He sighed. “Where are you up to, Lils?”


James carefully rested his quill beside his blotchy parchment and looked up.


Lily was sprawled out on the floor, her red hair glowing in the firelight as it fanned across the carpet. Her chest rose and fell gently as she softly snored, making the soft curls on her cheeks lightly flutter.

This girl had the most ridiculous hair. James could remember, pre-friendship, when he used to tug on her hair from behind and make crude jokes about Medusa. And anacondas. And his anaconda. He’d rather not remember the details.

He’d always liked her, he reckoned. Ever since he met her on that train, even though she was friends with Snivellus. He didn’t stop liking her through the countless times she told him she hated him, or when she stopped him from pulling that one fateful prank. Now, in seventh year, they were friends, heads, and just friends. It was better, he reasoned, to be her friend than nothing at all, but still.

With a clatter, Lily’s quill fell out of her hand. Rolling his eyes, James sat up.

“Come on, Lils. Let’s go upstairs.”

No reply.

“Lils. Lily?”

“Hmmmmmm?” Lily rolled her face to him, but did not open her eyes.

“Oh, for Merlin’s sake. I’ll carry you up, shall I?”

“Hmmmmmm.” Lily smiled softly, her eyes still closed.

Snorting under his breath, James stood up. Bloody typical of Evans, working hard until she collapsed. No wonder she always got so annoyed with his half-arsed attitude, furrowing her brows in that cute little way of hers as she told him to get it together.

Bending down, James gently lifted Lily into his arms. She was surprisingly light. As he couldn’t go up the stairs to the girls’ rooms himself, he had no choice but to take her up to his room. Right?

Steadily ignoring the forehead nudging at his neck, James carried her up. Reaching his bed, he quietly laid her down. Brushing her hair from her face, James sighed. He’d have to sleep on the floor tonight.

As he turned to get some spare blankets from the wardrobe, a small hand closed around his wrist. James froze.

Turning around, he sat on the bed next to her. “What?”

Eyes still closed, Lily smiled, her lips soft with sleep. “I like you.”

James froze. “What?”

Lily sighed softly, turning her face away. After a moment, her breathing settled back to a slow, steady rhythm. She was asleep.

James didn’t mind. It might not be today, but someday he’ll get her to admit that she likes him too. For now, this small moment seemed good enough for him.

Standing up, he gently pried his wrist away.

On second thought, he added, “I like you too.”

The closed curtains around the next bed rustled. James froze, then held his breath, bracing himself.

Hah,” He heard Sirius whisper. “laaaaaaame.


Life lessons

This picture gave me all the thoughts… Sorry!

Life Lessons masterlist

Packed lunch? Check.

Book bag? Check.

Sobbing child, clinging on to your leg, who didn’t want to start school? Check.

Sense of guilt that sobbing child hadn’t been able to meet her new teacher when all the other kids had, because you couldn’t get the time off work to attend the open day, and there’s no other parent around to take her? Oh yes, check.

Usual sense of guilt at being a single parent, assuaged by adding an extra chocolate biscuit to lunch bag? Check. Sigh.

Additional guilt at attempting to overcome first guilt with bribery and food. *Deep breath*. Yeah, got that one covered.

Overwhelming urge to turn to drink even though it’s not yet 9am? Check and CHECK.

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Letter two hundred and sixteen

It seems you guys like angst, so here is some good old fashioned Eisuke angst. *Cracks Knuckles* 

Tagging: @catchthespade @maidofstars @kota-the-kitty-with-claws @2bedroom-baddestbidderlove


         Its been seven months and three days since you left. I used to say that you could never live without me. 

But I was so wrong. I guess it was me who can’t live without you.

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Aphrodite kids

Some have charmspeak. Some can change their features just by thinking about it. They’re all super beautiful but none are dulled down to the goddesses look, they all have more of their mortal parents features. Their bathroom is so well organized like damn guys. They’re always coming up with ways to make beauty products useful on the battlefield


pairing: mulette (mulligan/lafayette)

modern AU

requests: anon: Can you do something with Mull and Laff. And can one of them get hurt. I have no idea but I love it when someone in your stories get hurt you describe it well. Don’t stop writing. 😊😊😊 and anon: Can you make a Mull and Laff story. And can you make one of them get hurt because I don’t know why but I love it when you describe how someone is hurting like physically

word count: 459

warnings: light swearing, injury (duh from the requests)

a/n: not the longest thing i’ve ever written. the french is translated into english in parentheses after the sentence. here ya go. (also i have plans for a lot of fics so even when i do get all my requests written i might still keep ‘em closed)



“Damn, that hurt,” Hercules remarked, looking down at his hand. He’d accidentally gashed his palm open with the scissors he was using to cut the fabric for a pair of pants. The pain hadn’t registered yet–

He let out a high-pitched squeal and wrapped a piece of scrap fabric around his hand, pressing as hard as he could, trying to dull the pain. He didn’t know exactly what to do, but man, did that hurt. Pain shot up his arm.

“Mon amour–oh merde, Hercules! What did you do?” (my love–oh shit)

Lafayette wore a shocked expression as he came into his boyfriend’s workroom, seeing Hercules with blood all over his hand. Hercules grinned at him through the pain. “Cut open my hand.”

“How severe is it?” Lafayette asked. “If it’s extreme, we need to go to the emergency room.”

“Should probably go there,” Hercules admitted, wincing as another jolt of pain made its way from the cut. “It’s pretty bad.”

Lafayette gently took Hercules’s hand and turned it over, checking out the injury. “Yeah, we should probably go to the emergency room.”


“Laf?” Hercules mumbled, his words slurred with pain medicine. “What happened, where am I?”

Relieved, Lafayette took Hercules’s non-injured hand and kissed the back of it. “You’re at home, doof. They sewed up your hand and you’ve been on pain meds. You’re gonna have a bit of a scar, and you lost a decent amount of blood. Nothing serious, though.”

Hercules blew air through his lips and settled back among his pillows. “I’m so clumsy,” he said. “Can’t even cut fabric without tearing myself up.”

“Oh, please, mon amour, do not be upset,” Lafayette begged. “It’s okay, it all ended okay.” (my love)

Hercules bit his lip. “Why are you even dating me? I just screw things up. I can’t think of a single benefit to dating me, especially when you have to take me to the hospital. You deserve better than a clumsy tailor.”

“No, you’re wrong,” Lafayette breathed, ghosting his lips over Hercules’s forehead. “I’m dating you because you’re funny and intelligent and willing to stand up for what you believe in and deathly handsome and always make my day brighter. I’m dating you because I love you.”

Hercules blinked and looked away, biting the inside of his cheek, willing himself not to cry. “But I don’t deserve your love,” he whispered. Lafayette squeezed his hand.

“Too bad,” the Frenchman joked, and then he kissed Hercules for real, and Hercules forgot that he was injured, forgot that he was clumsy, forgot that he seemed inadequate next to Lafayette, because all that mattered was the fact that he was here and in love and kissing the man he was in love with.

“Besides,” Lafayette said, “your clumsiness is endearing.”

Hercules laughed.


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::This would be quite the relationship I have to say. I know I’ve gone overboard with imagines before, but I think I wrote a bit too much. Enjoy.::


[I actually wrote this Imagine back arooound episode 5 of Lucifer when it was only maybe a few days old? I didn’t really like my writing in it, but I saved it just in case.]

         Another one of those happy moments, just the two of you. Lucifer’s head resting in the crook of your neck while you sat on his lap, weaving your hand through his. The rings on your fingers, signifying your undying love would shine bright in the light of the beautiful sunrise. You didn’t even have to go to the balcony, Lucifer’s- Your home, captured the colors perfectly as if it were piercing through a glass prism. You could feel him sigh in content, the tickle of his breath causing you to giggle and him to smile wider. None of you were saying anything, the silence was comfortable all on its’ own. Of course you enjoy these moments of your marriage the most, because the days prior to this were- Well, let’s just go back and take a look at how your week had been.

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Dull as dishwater grey never looked so damn good. I’m still beard scratching about the pocket clip, I don’t think I have enough timascus to make one, but it will still be cool just anodized. #knife #knifemaker #knives #dailygrind #framelock #timascus #tanto

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anonymous asked:

Angst FiddAuthor with 7

7. “Because nobody cares about me!”

This one hurt…a lot. Ow.

NUMBERS (<– For more pain go here)

“Because nobody cares about me!” Fiddleford grit out from behind the safety of his weapon, “Nobody gives a damn what has happened to me! Not my ex, not my family, and certainly not you!”

His words were filled with bitterness and hatred but also a soft of hopeless sorrow.  

Stanford Pines had expected a lot of things when he had gone to investigate the secret room in the museum. The cult had been one of them but he had not expected this to be the result of his investigation. He did not expect to be face to face with one of the greatest failures in life as he held a gun to his head. Ford held up his hands in a sign of peace; the palms were up to show nothing was in them and he kept a calm look on his face.

“Fiddleford…I-,” Stanford began, “I do care. I’ve always cared.”

Fidds shook his head and the red hood slipped from his head to show the messy, thinning hair. Fiddleford looked so lost and broken. His eyes full of rage yet dull at the same time.

“Save it, Pines. I don’t need to hear your damn excuses.” Fidds’ finger twitched on the trigger to the gun and the grip on Stanford’s shirt tightened. “Ya’ never cared about anything but your dang project. I was just there to be yer guinea pig.”

Stanford opened his mouth to retort but closed it before he could form words. Everything the man in front of him said was true. He had messed up; he had messed up so much. Fiddleford had gotten the brunt of it when it was still a small problem and now this could lead to the end of the world. It was all his fault.

“Got no excuses now, huh?” Fiddleford laughed bitterly and lowered his head, “It’s cause ya’ know I am right.”

“I…I’m sorry…” Stanford whispered, “I’m so sorry. I should have been more concerned. I should…I should have listened to you.”

Fiddleford gave another bitter laugh and looked back up at Stanford. The anger was gone and it left a dull sadness behind cracked glasses.

Stanford held his breath as he waited for forgiveness from the man that he in no way deserved it from. He almost pulled back when the man pressed a kiss to his lips. A relief so powerful ran over him that he almost started to weep.

All too soon Fiddleford pulled back and Stanford was aware of the sound of a click next to his head. The man in red smiled softly at Ford in a bitter-sweet way and took a small step back.

“Yeah…,” Fidds said softly, “You should have.”

A bright flash of blue took over Stanford’s senses before he could respond and the world went dark. When he woke up, he was laid out in front of his house. How he got there was a mystery and why there were tears on his face confused him.

“How did I…? Where…?” Stanford looked around the yard he was laid out before an idea on how he got there struck his mind.

“Dammit Bill,” he muttered and pushed himself up from the ground, “Just leave me alone for five minutes.”

He knew the request was impossible but a man could hope.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Can you write 13 for Keith? (cuz he's my babe.)

13 from [this list]: running a 39/102 fever

surprise, this is my first time writing a character with the flu since 2013 *jazz hands* i guess you could say i’ve avoided it like the plague? but anyways, i hope it’s okay. pre-relationship college au klance.

(also, this was supposed to be ~100 words. instead it ended up being a long unstylized wreck.)

The door swings open. Keith doesn’t bother to change; he drops his backpack onto the ground, kicks off his shoes, stumbles down the hallway. It’s been a long day. He’s going to sleep.

His bedroom is an entire fifteen feet away from the door, which isn’t that far, all things considered. Except, a few steps forward are enough to send his vision swimming, and he has to lean onto a wall because his legs aren’t enough to support him on their own.


His head is pounding and everything’s too hot, too bright. God, he really needs sleep. Maybe two all-nighters in a row wasn’t the best idea. If only he could just get to the damn bed.

He staggers forward, one hand gripping the wall so hard his knuckles are turning white. The floor is cool and nice and a nice alternative for his bed, he thinks. He contemplates laying down right then and there and going to sleep.

Except, then the fifteen feet are over, and he’s leaning heavily against the doorframe to his room, energy sapped. He takes a few steps and practically collapses face-first onto the bed, not bothering to properly pull the covers over himself.

His phone is still in his hoodie pocket, and it’s getting crushed by his weight. Heaving a sigh, Keith pulls the device from his pocket and sets it on the nightstand beside him, not bothering to look up. He’ll skip class tomorrow, he guesses.

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a lot of horrible great pickup lines that never always work!
(compiled with assistance from friends, the internet (especially these guys), and myself)

  • are you a cigarette because you got a hot butt
  • you turn my software into hardware
  • am i dead because you must be an angel
  • are you shampoo with moroccan oil because you’re giving me body
  • your dad must be a baker, because you got some nice buns
  • are you a mophie case because you’re giving me extra juice
  • help me! i’m lost! can you give me directions to our bedroom?
  • are you homosexual tendencies because i don’t want to tell anyone about you until i’m ready
  • what is that in your eye? oh yeah it’s a twinkle
  • i’m gonna need a library card because i’m checking you out
  • are you lady gaga because you make my (he)artpop
  • are you a pokemon because i wanna pikachu
  • are you an easter basket because i wanna hold your eggs
  • are you a fast food sandwich because you’d be a mcgorgeous
  • are you roadkill because i wanna take you home for dinner
  • are you caffeine because i can’t go a day without you
  • that outfit looks great on you but i think that i’d look better on you
  • are you from tennessee because you’re the only ten i see
  • are you gluten free because i want your glutes on me
  • are you big bang theory because my parents love you
  • are you earwax because i can’t get you out of my head
  • are you the movie chicago because i watch you a lot
  • are you a nun because you are nun like any other
  • you must be starbucks because i crave you five times a day
  • i lost my teddy bear! can i sleep with you?
  • if i was a superhero, i wouldn’t be batman, superman, or iron man, i’d be your man
  • did you feel this shirt? it’s boyfriend (girlfriend) material
  • my love for you is like diarrhea, it is out of control
  • are you a palm tree because i am coco-nuts about you
  • are you the new mariokart because i want you so bad
  • are you megan fox because you’re hot
  • are you a bunny because you hopped your way into my heart
  • if you were a fruit you’d be a fineapple
  • did you invent the airplane because you seem wright for me
  • do you have a band-aid because i just scraped my knee falling for you
  • are you an interior decorator because when I saw you the entire room became beautiful
  • are you religious because you’re the answer to all my prayers
  • did you sit in a pile of sugar because you have a pretty sweet ass
  • your body is 65% water and i’m thirsty
  • my doctor says i’m lacking vitamin u
  • can i follow you home because my parents always told me to follow my dreams
  • did we take a class together because i could’ve sworn we had chemistry
  • was your dad a boxer because you’re a knockout
  • you’re so beautiful that you made me forget my pickup line
  • if i had a star for every time you brightened my day i’d have a galaxy in my hand
  • if being sexy was a crime you’d be guilty as charged
  • i was wondering if you had an extra heart because mine seems to have been stolen
  • if you were a vegetable you’d be a cu(te)cumber
  • if I were a cat I’d spend all nine lives with you
  • do you work at starbucks because i like you a latte
  • are you a banana because i find you appealing
  • did you read dr. seuss as a kid because green eggs and damn
  • is your dad a drug dealer because you’re so dope
  • me without you is like a nerd without braces, a shoe without laces, andasentencewithoutspaces
  • your beauty makes the morning sun look like the dull glimmer of the moon
  • most people like to watch the olympics because they only happen once every 4 years but i’d rather talk to you cause the chance of meeting someone so special only happens once in a lifetime
  • i must be a snowflake because i’ve fallen for you
  • there’s something wrong with my cell phone; it doesn’t have your number in it
  • if you were words on a page, you’d be fine print
  • do you work at dick’s because you’re sporting the goods
  • you must be a hell of a thief because you stole my heart from across the room
  • i’d like to invite you over, but i’m afraid you’re so hot that you’ll skyrocket my air-conditioning bill
  • excuse me, but i think i dropped something, my jaw
  • if you were a booger i’d pick you first
  • if i were to ask you out on a date would your answer be the same as the answer to this question
  • if this bar is a meat market, you must be the prime rib
  • are you lost because heaven is a long way from here
  • are you a campfire because you are hot and i want s’more
  • you’re kinda, sorta, basically, pretty much always on my mind
  • put down that cupcake because you’re sweet enough already
  • you’re so fine you make me stutter wha-wha-what’s your name
  • when I first saw you I looked for a signature because every masterpiece has one
  • i like legos you like legos why don’t we build a relationship
  • i might not be sriracha sauce but i sure will spice up your life
  • are you jewish because you israeli hot
  • you may be asked to leave soon because you’re making all the other (wo)men look bad
  • are you chapstick because i wanna rub you all over my mouth
  • did you just fart because you just blew me away and the whole room smells really bad