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personal post; pls dnt reblob this;
I love my aunt but she’s so judgemental of /anything/ even /slightly/ feminine. I know she doesn’t mean harm, and its more annoying than anything, but sometimes it really gets to me, you know? Like I’ve always had all the tell-tale signs of being a bit more on the androgynous/feminine side but all she ever does every time she sees me is pester me about it. Its always “you need a haircut” or “why is there a plushie alpaca on your phone real men would be disgusted” or “you need to grow some balls” like maybe I just like these things? Maybe I like having a god damn fucking toy on my phone that’s cute as heck like I just don’t get it? She’s constantly sizing me down and comparing me to ‘real men’ aka Western men and always telling me to do 'this’ and do 'that’ even to the point of where she criticizes my selfies. Every time I stumble to make an excuse as to why I have XYZ that’s feminine and every time after it haunts me for weeks, like if I even consider doing what she criticized I feel horrible like I’m doing something wrong but? I’m being me? and isn’t that what I’m fighting for? anyways, long ass ramble. do not reblob please.

tldr; stop treating boys like they can’t have or like feminine attributes its so westernized and media-centric and tbqh repressing to the individual


Mood Board #21;

Sutton: Well, I’m not your ordinary every day prince. I like to think outside of the box, alright? Chocolate covered strawberries and macarons would’ve made me hungry, and I probably would’ve been too tempted to not eat them and then I would should up empty-handed at your door.

Bristol: You’re doing a very bad job at this you know. Who sent you? Was it Sutton? I bet it was Sutton. She would send a cheap ass to be my Prince Charming. She’s so lucky we’re in the lesbian stage of our friendship and not the insult stage still.


Castiel Appreciation Week  | day 6: favorite variation

↳ As the fandom address him, broken!cas or crazy!cas. I like to think of him as a free spirited version of Cas. Cas’ subconscious if you wish.  A nature loving, honey collecting, monkey rescuing, full of astonishing wonderment precious ray of sunshine.