damn this boy can really work a camera


the day my life was completed

so like i got to the venue at 12pm because they were selling signed albums (you get either an album signed by all 5 or a random photocard signed by a specific member by lottery) and there were supposedly a limited number of them, so obviously i got there hella early. in the meantime though, i was panicking just a little since i hadn’t finished my fan letters the night before, so the entire time i was texting @jyplovesday6​ and getting her to help me buy paper and stuff (bless her heart). i was maybe a little too early, there were only like 10 people there when i arrived, but. there’s a but. i had no idea that being that early would be a good thing because i saw day6 arrive at the venue. i didn’t even know they would be arriving through that entrance until i saw all the cameras and i was like…fansites? what are they doing here so early? i died right then and there

somehow when the staff lined us up outside i ended up being third in line for the signed albums. nothing really happened after that, 3pm came along and i got my two albums (because my stupid buyer had flaked on me so i used both my own ticket and the spare to get an album each). i ended up with two sungjin photocards at first, but then swapped with chien to get a sungjin and a dowoon (BLESS)

we picked up a bunch of merch from a couple of fansites like the taiwan main site and day886, then we went to have very late lunch with a couple of chien’s friends. i had to rush back to the venue at like 5pm though, because i had to pick up my everymoment slogan (which is so gorgeous by the way) from the master and bandmaster slogan from pandoradaydream on twt, who saves everyone’s lives on a monthly basis through mixlr. after that, i handed in my fan letters, and went back downstairs to get into the line

there were soooooo many people waiting to go up, i got lost in the crowd. but at around 7pm?? we went into the venue, i thought i got a pretty good spot then i realised my view was blocked by two very very tall people, which sucked since i couldn’t see dowoon sungjin and wonpil all that well. i could see jae and youngk though, for the most part.  then i realised that everymoment masternim was actually standing behind me (those cameras tho), and pandora was standing right next to her, which basically meant that a) everymoment’s previews and HDs are my line of sight, and b) pandora’s mixlr feed is what i was hearing. talk about reliving the moment.

my phone kept running out of storage the entire time and i kept deleting old photos and apps through the con to make room for videos and photos, not that they’re very good because well it’s the 5S its old.

a lot of what i remember is a little blurry pls bear with me i was too excited, i can barely remember the setlist so i’m just gonna share little snippets of what happened 

fanchants on point. i’ve never yelled that much in my life. the i’m serious fanchant and i smile fanchant is literally goals

there was a game section, the first game was to express a taiwanese food using music, and finally i got to see a stage where they all swapped instruments. dowoonie played guitar, jae played keyboard, sungjin played bass (but he did the be lazy bass line so that doesnt reeaaaaally count), wonpil also played guitar, and brian played drums. sungjin was so adorable in the whole thing, cuz he was just staring at the food the entire time there are videos everywhere it was soooo cute

the second game was a foot keyboard, like those mats that you step on and it makes sounds like a keyboard. so wonpil and jae got put into the same team, and they were both like yep we’ve lost we’re done for. their first song was edelweiss, but neither of them knew it so they literally played whatever and sang edelweiss to it (they won, because we’re like that). then they played against brian who was on his own, and they had twinkle twinkle little star aND IT WENT PERFECTLY AND JAE LITERALLY PICKED WONPIL UP AND SPUN HIM AROUND i died right then and there #jaepil you can’t fool us anymore

they did confession balloon by jay chou, i gotta be honest i don’t know the song, but it sounded so amazing. wonpil started a little early when the others were changing guitars, so sungjin was like we have to do it again. but their pronunciation is so on point, especially jae

we had a bit of a problem with the fan support, since we had a double sided slogan that was meant to be raised at different times. they said we had to put up the green side when YWB came on, but they didn’t tell us the fan vid also used YWB so we put up the green, then someone (i think the support managers) started yelling PINK PINK so we swapped real quick, it was kinda funny

congratulations chinese version was after, and my god jae’s chinese is sooooo good??? i didn’t know all the words (shame on me) but of course i had to do the WHOAAAAAA in the chorus, i’ve never been happier

we yelled so loud for encore my voice is gone

youngk smiled so big and took out his in-ears when we actually did YWB n the encore and put up the slogan at the chorus, he even got a little teary and wiped the corners of his eyes with the heels of his hands (idk what they’re called). he was shaking his head at us almost like he was in disbelief, i nearly cried too

i finally achieved my goal of watching a freely stage live. it was everything that i imagined, and better. jae ran off the stage to the side (i was in the middle) so i couldn’t see what was going on, but you can bet it was the best thing ever. i cried at freely because i was just so so so so happy that i got to see them at last



this is the fun part

the standing a ticket comes with a hi touch

i didn’t go on until nearer the end, because i was standing near the front next to a bunch of fansites just looking at them, since once i went up there i’d have to leave immediately and i didn’t want to do that

i had to stare at those faces for a little longer

brian is so damn handsome. jae is so damn handsome. DOWOON. sungjin was really cute, he was like flailing around. wonpil’s smile can light up the whole world.

and all around me were fansites. like brian and everyone recognize them, so in between batches of hi touches they would wave at their cameras and i was like, wow the masternims are really something special. they work so hard, we know it, the boys know it, and like, they’re just wow. i said thanks to everymoment for all her hard work, because it’s really a thankless job, all a labour of love

i was panicking so hard before i went up cuz i didn’t know what to say to them, i’m probably only going to see them this once so i wanted it to be perfect. so instead of doing a high five like everyone else, i was like, screw this, fistbump. 

when i went up there, brian was like oh? and he tilted his head in that really really cute way, jae was like eyyyy but he fistbumped me with his thumb at the top of his fist and not at the side so it was like lol, dowoonie just smiled, sungjin was like ???? cuz he wasn’t expecting it, and wonpil just smiled 

my hands were shaking when i got off the stage

they’re still shaking

so yeah i’m going home tomorrow (today?) morning

it’s been amazing

so amazing

time to trawl twitter for all the HDs and stuff i need it