damn they grew up

i’ve said this before, i’m sure, but i’m so sick and tired of people claiming hinata is a bad character because of neji’s death.

first of all, did you even watch that scene? hinata WEPT over her cousin, and fought to defend his body from further damage. she didn’t ignore his death like you fuckers seem to think she did. she was hurt by it just as much as anyone else he knew.

second, hinata was under no obligation to care about neji. this boy grew up making it damn clear that he wanted hinata to die for something that wasn’t even her fault. take a moment to think about this.

hinata was already being neglected and abused by her immediate family. she was naturally shy to start with, her father hated her and considered her a fucking failure, and then, to top it all off, the boy who was supposed to be there for her and protect her wanted her to DIE.

then he actually attempted to kill her, all the while mocking her insecurities and telling her how weak and worthless she was.

it doesn’t matter that neji eventually changed. he could have, and maybe did, scar hinata for life.

hinata would have been well within her right to fear and hate neji after all he did to her- because three years or so of him being Not a Dick™ doesn’t make up for all those years he abused and bullied her.

but hinata cried over, mourned over, and defended her cousin EVEN AFTER WHAT HE DID TO HER.

she already gave neji more than what he deserved.

and then she takes neji’s final words and slaps some sense into naruto with them. she doesn’t just ignore neji in favour of naruto- but if she had, that would have been completely logical, because naruto supported her for longer and more willingly than neji did.

finally, hinata is a gentle woman. she hates to fight- if it wasn’t for hiashi, she probably would never have become a shinobi.

this gentle woman is in the midst of war. people she knows and loves are falling all around her, and she just watched her own flesh and blood sacrifice himself for her sake.

OF COURSE she’s going to seek comfort, and naruto’s hand was that comfort.

hinata reacted to neji’s death in a truly selfless manner, and her need for comfort after such a traumatic experience does not make her a bad person.

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fat people eat more than they need. They're expensive. Plus they're fucking unattractive inside n out and any sane person (even if fat) knows this

they expensive for who? not your damn self lmaooooooooo in my culture I grew up seeing bigger women as goddesses, celulites are a sign of femininity, a chubby stomach of well nourishment the European beauty standards are a plague for society

ppl with low or no empathy arent monsters lmao… u dont need empathy to have a moral compass? like we all grew up on the same damn planet getting told the same basic rules so we all understand the difference between right and wrong. just bc we can’t relate to someones emotional experience doesn’t mean we think murder is okay or some shit. @ neurotypicals get over urselves

Can we just appreciate the fact that we finally got a show in which it doesn’t matter who you love? A series that shows us how natural this feeling between people is and that doesn’t divide us into groups? Finally this message is spread! We’re all just equal people! I damn support this!!! To explain myself a little, I grew up in a very liberal home, for me it was quite natural that the gender of a couple didn’t matter, even though I grew up in what the most people call a “normal” family (with a mom, a dad and a sister). As I got older I observed that there are many people who think that same sex couples are a taboo and I couldn’t understand why they made such a fuss about it and tbh for a long time I’ve been angry and sad that such things as LGBT supporters etc. are NEEDED. No, I’m not against them or anything, I just can’t accept the fact that such a natural, mutual and pure thing as love needs a sort of justification. As I stated above, we’re all equal people! You shouldn’t be judged by the way you are, you shouldn’t be judged by the way you love, you shouldn’t be judged for who you are. Finally, someone made this all canon and I’m so thankful for that!

HEY so a wip of that Adam & Ronan sketchpage which uh. is primarily Adam right now >.>

Coca-Cola T-shirt, Cargo Pants, and Converse is an iconic look tbh.

So is: Mechanic’s coveralls, white tank top, grease, farmers tan, and freckles.

I’ll finish this whole thing one day but I’m re-drawing Ronan so it’s gonna take a lil bit of time so….ya’ll get this wip.

ALSO OKAY. So I’m re-reading the series, and there’s that scene in book 1 where Ronan is teaching Adam how to drive stick in the BMW? And like, are you honestly expecting me to believe that our boy Adam fixes cars as part of his job and on the side, can drive a damn backhoe, grew up in a poor household (that probably drove older, and cheaper cars, and last I checked, manual transmissions are cheaper than automatic) and DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO DRIVE STICK??????? REALLY? >.> 

I wonder if Jennifer Lawrence would take a piss on some ancient sacred shrine

And then giggle about how “lol random” she is.

Like if she would totally…

Just say “well what can you expect, I grew up with brothers!”

Yeah, human brothers, you damn animal.

as a zutara fan, i gotta admit it i get annoyed with those people that make the “aang so ugly, katara don’t want that” posts.

like even if katara would have cared about the way he looked, he turned out like this

like hot damn look at that smile he grew up fine so argument is invalid.

some watercolor and pencil sketches based of this comic.. someone grew up!
damn, i rarely draw animals, i need more practice
((dont tell me that Adrien is just a cat person, for me this boy loves everything and everyone))
and why am i drawing with watercolors just future!au?