damn these dorks

look at you go; i just adore you…

have a genderfluid Micah Reols trying on a cute autumn-y dress for the first time, and a smol chubby Lloyd Garmadon, well, adoring them.

I’ll be damned if these two dorks don’t watch Steven Universe.

By the way, that little circle on Lloyd’s shirt says “RED instead,” and it is NOT a pin—it is literally printed on the shirt, covering up part of the bi flag. Lloyd got it custom made because he is Extra.

Please be nice; I know Lloyd looks a little off. I’ve never drawn profile that successfully and I certainly have never drawn floofy hair like that. It’s nothing on the magic @witchlightsands somehow makes happen, but… I tried.

And, as usual, please don’t repost my shit.

Warden: and these are my new recruits, a psychotic murdering Dalish who tried to make a tree eat me, this bloke who killed several of our troops while trying to rob the keep, a drunken dwarf outcast, an apostate who probably didn’t murder any Templars, this other dwarf who gets really excited when you suggest she’ll likely be eviscerated by darkspawn, aaaaand a possessed corpse.

Other Wardens: um.  ser

Warden: what

Other Wardens: maybe, uh… are you sure this…



I totally understand how you feel. When I was in middle school, maybe around fourth grade, I forgot to tell my parents it was sports day at school that day, so I was the only one with nothing to eat. That’s actually your fault.. what are you even talking about? A story of when I felt lonely as I child.

I’m SURE this has been elaborated before, but still I wanted to take it out of my system and say it lol. I just love the reason behind why Koujaku had become a hairdresser is because he always wanted to touch Aoba’s hair and not being able to made him crazy, so in the end he started craving for it. Think about it, there is this emptiness in his heart, so he thinks screw this I’LL BE A FUCKING HAIRDRESSER THEN. Touching hundreds of women’s hair everyday thinking it is Aoba, but never feel satisfied because none of them gives the sensation of that one significant touch he’s looking for. So when finally this day comes, just think about all the feels… If it isn’t more sensual than anything then I know nothing.

Chat Noir Finds Out

Summary: This is the simple, straight-forward tale of how Chat Noir found out Ladybug’s true identity and how he dealt with it.

He dealt with it expertly like the heroic cat he was and definitely didn’t mess anything up.

Nope, he didn’t mess anything up at all.

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This was the fic that was supposed to be angst but turned into fluff and attempt at humor. Writing dork Adrien is just too much fun. im sorry angst week ive betrayed you

Chapter 1: The Day Chat Noir Found Out

Chat Noir found out Ladybug’s identity.

He didn’t mean to! He just slipped!

Literally, he just slipped. He’d been hurriedly jumping across Paris’ rooftops trying to get back to the photo-shoot he’d abandoned because of an akuma attack when he slipped on a loose roof tile. Fortunately, the fire escape along the side of the building had stopped his fall. But he fell stomach first onto the railing and had his breath knocked from him.

He’d been so busy groaning in pain, draped across the bars like a used washcloth, that he didn’t notice Ladybug dropping into the alley below and de-transforming.

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