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When I was 10 this girl moved in next to my house. She was 12 and I had the biggest crush on her, but I didnt know it then. We would always hangout in my treehouse in my backyard. We were friends for a couple of years until she had to move away. We didnt keep in touch. Fast forward to now. I got out drinking and come home with a girl. We have sex and pass out. I wake up the next morning to my phone ringing and get up to answer it. Completely naked i might add.(1/2)

I go into the bathroom and answer it. When im done i go back into my room and i make eye contact with this girl in my bed, who i completly forogt was even there. And after a second i recognize her and i just freeze up. So there i am standing naked in the doorway of my bedroom with my childhood crush, who is also naked, in my bed. We dont say much to each other. She gets dressed and leaves and i havent heard from her since.(2/2)

holy shit… this is Wild… this is like destiny dude whoa. a+ gay abc movie

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A dragon catches a thief red handed in his lair hoarded with treasures.As a punishment,the dragon casts a spell on one jewel and shoves it down the thief's throat.Remember that one duplicating spell in the last Harry Potter film?That's what's happening to the jewel stuck inside the belly.The dragon watches and laughs as the thief tries to run away with his rapidly growing and painful belly, crying for mercy.


I saw a pic with Mishima in his full gym clothes and he was so cute this monster happened

anyway I feel like someone as tiny as Mishima playing sports would be so cute to watch? I like to think he’s pretty decent at it since he was in a sports club (I assume to stand out, but well things didn’t work out.… .)

i also like to think of Ryuji as the Tired Best Friend who knows Akira has a crush on Mishima but has to watch Mishima unknowingly side-step all the damn time (gdi ryuji, blocking me at the school fest too)

Last pic is kinda a sad thought :’)

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Why are there still so many people who believe that cheetahs are the fastest animals alive when it's clearly peregrine falcons?

Listen, it’s all in how you’re going to split hairs or various other integuments on this one. Without any qualifiers, peregrine falcons are the fastest animal. However, they hit their record speeds of 320km/hr+ in free-fall - so, once you start getting into “fastest animal moving under it’s own power”, things get messy. When it comes to powered flight, peregrines only hit about 65-90km/hr.

Cheetahs aren’t even a close second in the unqualified “fastest animals” category though, with their speeds of ~120km/hr; a whole slew of other speedy birds who enjoy plummeting to their deaths just haphazardly smashed their way in there with no regard for those poor earth-bound mammals

So let’s get into some qualifiers. Fastest self-powered movement? Nope; Brazilian free-tailed bats noodle around at a casual 160km/hr - and, as you may notice, this also means cheetahs aren’t even the fastest mammal. It’s only once we rule out everything that isn’t a terrestrial mammal that cheetahs finally take the crown. You tried, cheetahs.

This isn’t even going into speed options beyond our restrictive, human-sized measurements - for instance, in terms of objective body lengths per second the Southern California mite just absolutely crushes it with 322 body lengths per second (whereas cheetahs only score at about 16). To translate, this is the equivalent of a human running 2,092km/hr