damn the quality though


Damn low quality 1 minute sketches (enhanced first three though) because I felt the urge to draw EP12 S2 in a nutshell but couldn’t afford the time for it YET!

I promise I’ll edit it when I get time, make it pretty and colored! For now you get the idea. Unless my hand writting is that bad when I’m in a rush… sorry.

Meanwhile… I listened to this on repeat :


Ms. Hudson in 2x21, “The Man With the Twisted Lip”


(Well after seeing @inalandofmythandtimeofmagic  as patton! (Aka my new faaavourite thing)<3 I heard she required a Logan? Here’s my shitty attempt at @thatsthat24 Logic.) (Yes I tagged him.. why not ‘-’)

Logic’s not sure what to where for this ‘Meeting’. The blue? (He knows its Pattons favorite..) or the Black? (His personal favorite) Jacket or no?. He cant afford to take so long on such minor decisions! He refuses to run late. 

Let’s just hope he looks nice either way…

( Also new hair? it might not be obvious.. its blue now though.. I feel so me??… that sounds weird but wow I’m actually happy. ) 


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The thrilling saga.

(Also, on the last Eijirou line, it was supposed to be his normal picture… But since I screwed up, I’m taking this as Kyouka changing his profile picture, yet again, but this time, to match Katsuki’s. And I think I made her a bit OOC. Sorry!)

Dan’s eyes are too pretty to not draw


Ahhh~ that dere dere look is so adorable on our Rapper (*_*) (^_^)

Cr: Essential CM Conference 08.01.2016


michael & nikita | if you die, I die (x)