damn the bowtie and the suspenders i just

okay but let’s consider 1920s frank and joe

  • frank in his crisp tight-ass suit and his fedora. damn. don’t
  • this isn’t 1920s related really but just imagine frank reading the newspaper and chewing on a toothpick JUST FUCKING IMAGINE THAT FOR ME
  • joe with suspenders and a bowtie are you serious
  • get the feeling that joe would be this cute ass little chimney sweep and come home with soot all over his cute ass little blonde curls
  • ok their hair do i need to say anything more like come on
  • common vocabulary words: “sweetheart” “bee’s knees” and “wise guy” 
  • bonus: joe hardy saying “why i oughta” in every situation

anonymous asked:

You know what would be fun? more Grantaire the Lindy Hopper head canons if u have them 👀

  • Grantaire started dancing as a response to someone laughing at his green waistcoat and saying he looked like a 1930s mama’s boy. Just went “WELL, let me show you how old-fashioned I can be!”

  • Eventually switched the waistcoat for green suspenders and a matching bowtie when dancing because he got too damn sweaty.

  • Gets a lot of bruises and cuts from crashing into walls and furniture and people in high speed when losing control on the dance floor. Since everyone also knows that he’s a boxer, all his friends just assume he broke his nose in a fight. He can’t be bothered to correct them all the time.

  • He once brought Éponine to a dance session, but she left after five minutes claiming she felt sick due to all the damn cheeriness.

  • Has considered getting Bahorel into the whole thing, because he wants someone to practise extreme aerials with, and he needs someone he knows won’t break too easily.