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2Ps as shit people who go to my school have done

Canada: Somehow misheard “I don’t like to get my hands dirty, especially when drawing” as “I don’t like to get my hands dirty, especially when drunk driving”

America: Dabbed so hard his glasses flew off

Russia: “I wear black to be edgy-”

Italy: Drew a pentagram on someone else’s art project

Romano: Played Wannabe by the Spice Girls in the middle of class and jammed tf out

Germany: “Pugs are not cute tHEY ARE FORCED TO INBREED AND IT IS VERY PAINFUL, (my name)”

Prussia: (German foreign exchange student asks where the pencils are) “.. What’d you just say? I thought you were talking about German wartanks-”

Japan: Got so surprised he accidentally said “nya” and then proceeded to hate himself for it

China: Brought a red panda plush to school and kept having to yell “IT’S NOT A FOX” at people

Francois: Taught his classmate how to say “Fuck your mother” in French because he kept getting in trouble for saying a word that technically isn’t a swear

England: Drank caramel syrup straight outta the bottle. When asked why, replied with “It’s thick and delicious  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”

Scotland: Gave him the caramel in the first place. Saw how uncomfortable everyone was seeing that and proceeded to give him another bottle.

2,199 Days and You’re home.

Warning, this is probably going to be a long but cute asf fanfiction!

Clarke had never loved anyone as she had loved Bellamy, watching that rocket and knowing he was on his way to safety, she felt relief wash over her. She didn’t mind dying as long as it meant the people she cared for went on. Clarke had been sure the radiation would kill her, the memory of the searing pain she felt from her bubbling skin, the feeling of the burning blood choking up in her throat would forever be planted in her mind. She’d been so sure she’d die that day, dying on a dying planet. But then Madi found her, the girl only young then, barely able to take care of herself let alone nursing Clarke until she was at full health. Those were some of the most painful days of her life. Not just the radiation seeping through her but the fact that she’d let Bellamy go, she wouldn’t see him for years to come, no more warm hugs reminding her of home, no more playful smile crossing his face even though she knew he wanted to be mad at her. Everyone she loved so far from her but they were safe and that’s all Clarke could ask for.

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Yeah so ummm…..hi. It’s ya boi, Flannel McMullet. This is my Keith cosplay from the amazing fic Shut Up and Dance With Me by Wittyy with beautiful art by Sora !!!! I’m so deep into Klance hell in general, so throw a dancer au at me and I’m sold. Did I mention I’m only on chapter 4 but couldn’t wait any longer to do a costest? Because it’s true. Idk, I’m pretty proud of this. Also I took a vid of me dancing in this cos that isn’t the best but it’s decent; should I post that too? I think I might in a little bit….But yeah! I hope you enjoy. Go check me out on my Instagram (Full.Moon.Chaser) to see more of my cosplays, and maybe even subscribe to my YouTube (also Full.Moon.Chaser)!! Also all the pics have captions if you’re interested ~ @shutup-and-dance-with-me <3

the use of diamonds in endless summer: a rant

as someone who’s played through endless summer without spending literally one (1) diamond—a lot of the enjoyment that comes from playing the game is saturated by the desire to spend diamonds in order to get a happy (or happier) ending. the book is no longer reliant on the player’s actions to produce an good outcome, but instead on how much money the player has rolling around in their bank account at the time. it’s… not good.

this got really long (WARNING: this is super fucking long (by super fucking long i mean +1,500 words long, so super fucking long), i was fueled by rage and pretty much nothing else), so i had to split it into parts. yeah.

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List of Best Post 1x04 Fix-it Fics for Homeless Jughead / Abused Archie

• tasting future time on the tip of your tongue by jehoney  

(3375 words) Chapters: 3/3
Relationships: Archie Andrews/Jughead Jones
Characters: Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones, Fred Andrews
Additional Tags: Running Away, jughead has a crisis at the train station,should I stay or should I go, introspective, Strained Friendships, Angst, jug is an Emo but he has every right to be, Homeless Jughead,Pancakes, 
Summary: Train stations are the best place to watch, permanent fixtures in a world of transience - caught in a stream of movement and travel but always forever stationary.
Jughead would leave, he swears, if there wasn’t so much to stay for.

• small as a world and large as alone by jugheadjones

(3558 words) Chapters: 1/1
Relationships: Archie Andrews/Jughead Jones
Characters: Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones, Fred Andrews
Additional Tags: csa mention, jughead calls fred “dad”, Homeless Jughead, its jarchie but its not like romantic jarchie, the imperfect family of archie fred and jughead rly means a lot to me and thats why this is so bad
Summary: a series of drabbles about jughead, archie, and fred andrews post episode 4.

• Get It Right  by xLoveMx

(2304 words) Chapters: 1/1
Relationships: Archie Andrews/Jughead Jones, Archie Andrews & Jughead Jones
Characters: Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones
Additional Tags: Hurt/Comfort, the boys making up, and a god damn apology because jug deserves it
Summary: And if this is the universe´s way of making up for whatever the hell went wrong last summer, then that´s fine with Jughead.

• pull me through (got so much to lose) by wayonwayout

(2472 words) Chapters: 1/1
Relationships: Archie Andrews/Jughead Jones
Characters: Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones
Additional Tags: Angst, Sharing a Bed, Fix-It
Summary: After, Archie calls Jughead. This was both a good and a terrible decision. Jughead has always known the absolute worst thing to say, and he’s never shied away from saying it.
(Or: a necessary conversation finally happens, and Jughead gets a full night’s sleep for once.)

• refuse to look back thinking days were better by mohritz

(2035 words)  Chapters: 1/1
Relationships: Archie Andrews/Jughead Jones
Characters: Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones
Additional Tags: Strained Friendships, this is kinda sad idk, ends happy though??, homeless jug, Developing Relationship, Fluff and Angst, mention of grundy, Childhood Friends, where is jellybean? who knows, Asexual Jughead
Summary: (just because they’re younger days)
Jughead likes Riverdale High at seven in the morning. It’s quiet, calm. The halls are peaceful, and he can hear the steps he makes echo around the corridor as he walks. He doesn’t have to weave his way around people who don’t even know his name or attempt to avoid certain people in the lunch hall.
Certain people being Archie.

• Scattered Pieces by Val_Creative

(944 words) Chapters: 1/1
Relationships: Archie Andrews & Jughead Jones, Archie Andrews/Jughead Jones
Characters: Jughead Jones, Veronica Lodge, Betty Cooper, Archie Andrews
Additional Tags: Friendship/Love, Psychological Trauma, Canon Era, Past Sexual Assault, Hurt/Comfort
Summary: Archie’s been missing from Riverdale High for nearly a week.
These are my faves from this week at least. Hope you like them too. Remember to leave kudos, comment and bookmark! See you on AO3! (I’m moonandreacre)

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Consider this: Homestuck marshmallow toasting headcanons

Aw yiss. This is incredible. I am diving full-force into this.

John: Perfectly toasted. He and Dad went on regular camping trips and John has become The Expert at the perfect crust-to-fluff ratio.

Rose: Blackened to a crisp. Swears she likes it that way.

Dave: Really really really sick of fire. Prefers untoasted marshmallows at a good distance.

Jade: Zaps the marshmallow with her own Green Sun flamey powers. It gives it that good added tang that only radiation can bring.

Jane: Like John, she is a master of the toasting arts. Unlike John, she goes all-out on the s’mores recipe. Eat a Jane Crocker S’more if you want the best s’more you have ever had in your life.

Jake: Drops his marshmallows into the fire exactly four times before toasting the most perfect marshmallow to ever exist. It is slightly on fire but honestly the burnt mouth and singed eyebrows were worth it.

Roxy: Shoves five untoasted marshmallows into her mouth in one go and then downs half a bottle of chocolate syrup to wash it down. Will not touch the graham crackers.

Dirk: Sticks ten marshmallows onto the Unbreakable Katana and uses it as a spit. Sets all ten on fire. We forgive him. It sounded like a good idea at the time.

Aradia: Burns the marshmallow on purpose, eats the blackened crust, leaves the inside.

Tavros: Marshmallow on each horn. Forgets about them all night. 

Sollux: Also not a fan of fire. Steals a bottle of chocolate syrup and drinks it like a beverage for the rest of the night.

Karkat: Burns the marshmallow, eats the insides, leaves the outsides. He and Aradia have a good system going. Does not understand why he’s the only one who legitimately enjoys the taste of graham crackers. Spent two hours attempting to light the fire until Tarvros lights it by accident.

Nepeta: The girl lived in a cave. Practically her entire non-meat diet on Alternia was toasted marshmallows. She knows what she’s doing.

Kanaya: Toasts the marshmallow, punctures the crust with her fangs, and sucks the innards out like blood. Prefers those multi-colored ones and brings her own bag. Acts very surprised when someone calls her out on it.

Terezi: Ate four whole bags in the car on the way to the camping trip and is completely fine. Eats one more bag while people are toasting and downs three bottles of chocolate syrup. Everyone is slightly concerned she’s going to keel over at any minute but she doesn’t even hiccup. If you can get her to feel comfortable socializing, she tells the best scary stories. Says if John gets anywhere near her with those graham crackers she will light his windsock on fire. He does so she does.

Vriska: Guess how many spits she has in the fire? All of them. She dropped all of her spits in the fire. Terezi and Jade decorate her horns with marshmallows without her noticing and she gets very frustrated when people start snickering. Rearranges them so there are eight on each side and then rolls with it for the rest of the night. 

Equius: Makes a horse sculpture out of stuck-together marshmallows and refuses to let anyone eat it. 

Gamzee: Somewhere in the woods with four bags of marshmallows and twenty bottles of chocolate syrup. Sometimes the others can here a crackling fire and distant honking. It’s always in a different place each time. They leave him there when they pack up and go home the next morning and he’s back home waiting for them like he never left.

Eridan: Eats his sandwiches with two marshmallows sandwiching a single graham cracker, insists it’s better that way. It isn’t better that way.

Feferi: Trident. Fire. Twelve marshmallows. Make it happen. Also spends two hours in a deep conversation with Jane about the nuances of her s’mores recipe, adding in suggestions. A week or so later, she and Jane produce the Optimal S’more. No recipe for anything ever will top it. It is incredible. 

Caliborn: Locked in the back of the van with more marshmallows than he deserves.

Calliope: Deserves as many marshmallows as she wants. Eats many, many marshmallows. Prefers them untoasted.

Jasprose: Has fun chucking marshmallows into the fire and watching them burn. She’s a sprite. She doesn’t eat. Plus she likes to watch the looks of horror on everyone’s faces.

Davepeta: The Reigning Champion Of Tossing Marshmallows In The Air and Catching Them In Their Mouth. They’re a sprite. They also don’t eat. They don’t care.

Holy fucking shit, this took waaaaay longer than I originally anticipated. Hell, I was supposed to upload this 5 days ago, on Dashie’s birthday, but here I am, 5 days late. -cries- Anyway, besides that, this here is what I wanted to upload for the boi Dashie’s birthday. I love him so fucking much, I just knew I had to draw something for him. It’s an assortment of some of the characters from my favorite Let’s Plays he did and just some characters who the fanbase and I have come to associate him with. I’m quite proud of it, hehe.

From right to left: Dashie (of course), Mario, Yoshi, Link, Hello Neighbor, The Boogeyman Monster, Max Caulfield, Chloe Price, Yandere-Chan, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Fazbear, Jimmy Hopkins, Sonic, Nathan Drake, Donkey Kong (Donkey Bitch Ass). There’s also the bread from I Am Bread below and the character from Geometry Dash above.

If you like my art, why not commission me?~

The Bubbline guide

UPDATE: Time Sandwhich has been added to the list, as suggested by yellowdartvoice

So all this hype made you want to watch Adventure Time, but just for the cute couple gal pals? (Or you just want to watch the show itself, in which case another guide is coming soon.) Yet you’re intimidated by the 226 episodes that have aired so far? Fear not, here’s your guide to Bubbline that includes their shared episodes as well as those that help you understand them as individual characters. I know you could just go to wikia and see what episode features both Marceline (the punk-rock vampire one) and Princess Bubblegum (the scientific pink one), but come on, you want to understand their story, don’t you? Which is why I made this guide (and it’s not procrastinating, not at all).

The episodes themselves are gonna be under the cut because, well, out of 226 I listed 71 of them. I know, I know, I was supposed to narrow it down, but most of these are optional ones that only feature one or neither of them. If you watch all of these 71 episodes then cool, you have a general understanding of Adventure Time’s most important plot points and know pretty much everything there is to know about Marceline and Bubblegum. If you don’t want to and are only here for the real action, you can find the ones to watch on this list.

Overall, there are 13 core episodes (including all of Stakes), 21 recommended and 37 optional ones (tho some are more important than others). Watching just the core episodes is not that recommended, since you will be confused during later episodes and I don’t think one can appreciate, say, Varmints, as much, but hey, you can of course just watch these.

These 13 episodes are:

  • s2ep20: Go With Me
  • s3ep10: What Was Missing
  • s5ep29: Sky Witch
  • s7ep2: Varmints
  • s7ep6-13: all 8 episodes of Stakes (srsly, watch them all)
  • s7ep27: Broke His Crown

Okay, so Go With Me is more like a prologue for Bubbline and Stakes centers around Marceline, but I’m not willing to cut these out of the core. Now, if you’re also interested in their individual character development, I have more episodes for you, some highly recommended, some entirely optional. I really do hope that even without most of the optional ones you’ll get the overall picture of this show, these characters and their relationship. The 71 episodes are the following:

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