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Here’s a few photos of my Peridot cosplay from Hyper Japan this weekend!  It was really good fun.  I went with my hubby @orengefox who, as you can see, did two different cosplays whilst we were there - Ash Ketchum on Saturday, and Greg Universe on Sunday (I’ll let him post his cosplay photos separately).

Me and the Lapis cosplayer in the first photo were really happy to find each other :D If by any chance she’s reading this (or if someone else knows who she is), please let me know so that I can edit this post to give credit!

Some notes for future chapters that I’ve made for Mine/the possessive!fae Robbie au partially with the help of @saintdiabolus who is great and deserves love

-Yo what if Stingy’s allergic to iron bcz looooong ago fae descendent
-Robbie literally cannot eat lots of healthy stuff. Sportacus is Concern and Confusion.
-Glanni is his waaayyyy older brother who is full blooded fae (of some sort idk) meanwhile Robbie’s somewhat half human, human parent was not entirely human
-Ppl make Deals/deals with Robbie a lot and Sportacus is Concern™
-Stingy really looks up to Robbie and tries to emulate him. Robbie is Confuse. Did not mean to adopt son.
-Never mind, son is His now
-Pixel gets a virus on his computer and Robbie fixes it/makes magical antivirus in exchange for some coding lessons bcz he’s better at building than coding
-Robbie and Bessie are Gossip Besties who go get pedicures done and bitch at each other on Sundays (she gets bits of juicy Only Fae Could Know info while she pays for the day out)
-Robbie gets candy from Ziggy to help him with homework
-Robbie ‘grades’ Trixie’s mischief levels and occasionally lets her live at his place when her parents are too much, usually for favors and her pulling a few pranks on his behalf
-Robbie ended up in LazyTown bcz Glanni was there and doesn’t realize he’s Really growing to like the place until he unintentionally Claims it
-Sportacus finds out he has back pains and is worried
-Common deal the kids make is to go with Robbie when he goes grocery shopping and do all the moving stuff around for him, including putting it away. He then makes them sweets afterwards and they all chill together
-Stingy doesn’t tell the others that he’s descended from fae so they don’t get why he’s so weirdly possessive
-Robbie doesn’t like HAVE to make deals/Deals all the time but it’s his comfort thing and helps him feel more at ease bcz he knows exactly what to expect, though some situations absolutely demand that he make a Deal, such as when he needed to make sure Sportacus would Swear he meant LazyTown no harm

  • Assassin's Creed: *leans out from behind wall*
  • Assassin's Creed: y'know those guys in history who were a lil bit shady around this one major event
  • Me:

reasons i love jeonghan: debut big plan teaser

jaune-refaire-arc  asked:

Don't open before midnight. Jaune plans a party for Pyrrha, on a table, behind all her friends lies a homemade red velvet cake, and a box. Underneath the wrapping, there's an intricately carved jewelry box made from dark red wood. When she lifts the lid, the song shine plays, revealing a pair of earrings. They're emeralds set in gold. Jaune's beaming proudly. “Happy birthday Pyrrha!”

    She’s shocked at the small celebration in and of itself, verdant hues sparkling as a wide grin tugs at her cheeks — although he likely can’t see it, as her hands have occupied themselves with covering her mouth out of reflex. It takes her a moment to regain herself, arms moving back to the crutches she leans on, before she manages to begin making her way through the gathering. She spots the cake first — he remembered that? — before her eyes find the small package beside it.
    The gift inside brings tears of joy to her eyes.

               ❝Thank you, Jaune. Truly.❞
    It’s all she can say at the moment.

Chopper pulls apumpkin carriagejor a delighted Namideretla and her mouse friends.

One piece:671.