damn that neck is way too long :t

Curse him, curse him to hell and back. The Shield merely glance over his shoulder at the Accursed who was holding him in such a way that was only deemed as an invasion of ones space. First instinct was to push him away, get some distance between the two before taking off but the minute those lips fell upon his neck, Gods how he hated himself.

That damn blush was back and he couldn’t very much help it with his sensitive skin. Ardyn knew, he always knew about it and it was a problem. Osiris growled under his breath, denying the man anymore feelings from him as he jerked his head and neck away.

                     Too long and here I was planning on keeping it that way.


Ardyn chuckled, knowing that his little touches to the Shield’s skin was enough to send the younger man squirming. Each little touch and each little taste of the skin was a hatch in Ardyn’s bedpost, though the ultimate would be when Osiris finally gave in.

Curse his damn loyalty. The Shield could be broken, however, and Ardyn had every intention to BREAK him.

Long nailed fingers lightly scratched beneath Osiris’ chin and the fallen king leaned in relatively close, as though to whisper to the very Corruption that lay deep inside of the Shield’s heart. 

“Still trying to run away from me, hm? Come now. We both know you just cannot stay away for long.”

Childhood Crush

(Stiles x Reader)

based on this imagine

Request:  can you pls do a second part to being scotts sister and having a huge crush on stiles ? :)

“I look awful. Like someone wrapped a curtain around me and sewed me in it.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, you look great.” Lydia replies and continues doing whatever it was she was doing to you. She had good taste and you trusted her but you weren’t so sure if all of this would look good on you. You never wore much make-up and now you had like a ton of it clustered onto your face, your hair done in a complex style and wore a quite expensive dress.

“I feel a bit weird, maybe I shouldn’t go. I mean what if Stiles only asked me out because he feels sorry for me and doesn’t really want to go?”

“Stiles is an idiot and not an asshole. Stop worrying you look great and you’ll have a good time.”

“I don’t know…”

“Y/N you are going that’s not even up for discussion.”

Lydia practically had to drag you out of your room and down the stairs. You were so scared and there were so many ‘what ifs’ going through your head, you felt like throwing up. This whole thing could end in a disaster, you didn’t know how or why but the possibility was still there.

You hadn’t even have a chance to look in the mirror and check how you looked before Lydia pulled you with her. Not that it would make a big difference but still.

Stiles mouth fell practically open when he saw you coming down the stairs. You looked absolutely breathtakingly amazing. You always did of course but he had never seen you wearing a dress and it made him speechless for a moment.

Scott had to nudge him in the side, watching him with a smirk as he struggled to regain his composure.

“You look lovely.” Stiles tells you after you awkwardly moved down the stairs in your way too uncomfortable shoes.

“T-thank you.” A light blush is creeping up your neck and you can’t manage to suppress the nervous feeling that is forming in your stomach as you look at the boy you’ve wanted to go out with for as long as you can think back.

“Ah…yeah okay lets go?”


Stiles takes your hand, which almost causes your heart to stop and leads you outside to your car. You still couldn’t believe how damn lucky you were. This was really happening and it was better than all the times you had dreamed about it. Imagining it had been great and all but this was ten times better.

“I’m really glad you said yes.” Stiles tells you when you’re alone in his car on your way to the dance, “I didn’t think you’d go with me.”

“Why would you think that?” You say, honestly surprised.

“I…was just a bit…I don’t know, nervous to ask. I didn’t know how you’d feel about it and all…and I just really like you.”

“Stiles…I’ve had the hugest crush on you for years, of course I’d say yes.”

“You had what?” He shrieks with wide eyes, slamming his foot down on the brake in the middle of the road.

“Geez are you trying to kill us?”

“No just…really?”

“Yes, really.”

“Well, I certainly could have skipped all these years of waiting and just ask you out.” He sighs, his head falling onto steering wheel.

“You could have, yes.” You answer with a little smirk.

You didn’t care that it had took you both ages to finally get here, the important thing was that it all had worked out in the end.