damn stingrays

lumponthesofa  asked:

Oh shit i had an idea! So what are the merformers lets say the bayverse transformers hc be? Like what are their daily mermaid lives like or whatever... (sorry i really like bayverse transformers, and ur blog is now my life💗)

(OMG that is totally coolio! I remember, before I had the blog, I really enjoyed reading like… @zenxenophilia and @peachcanwrite , and they were my shit. And I still enjoy reading their stuff, it’s good shit 10/10.

Anyway. I think you mean TF4 bc that’s what everyone wants.

The thing is NO ONE knows about merfolk lifestyle. Like all i got was “Merfolk have no special occupations or abilities, preferring to spend most of their time swimming, hunting, eating, preening, mating, and playing with whales.” If someone could just, like, link me to a book or website on merfolk and their species that’d be just great. 

Also, this took way too fucking long. I apologize!( i kinda gave up bc I don’t have a lot of… lifestyle that’d be different than they are as bots))

Alrighty, i would like to establish a thing before i get started (this is all headcanons for the merformer AU as a whole). There are the two factions and the ‘bots are the ones who think human life is worth is and the ‘cons hate humans and think they should all die. So, ‘bots live closer to the islands that humans live on while the con’s life in the deeper darker places humans haven’t gone to.

And, well, guns don’t work underwater, so, crossbows with different kinds of spears.


  • (Great White Shark)
  • he’s the calmest of the pod. Also the Alpha male.
  • As the alpha, he gets to choose where they sleep and when they wake up and stuff. But he makes sure it’s a good spot that would benefit everyone!
  • But now humans don’t like mers, he’s gets himself in a jam often, but usually gets out with the help of Kade)
  • Has to promise people he’s not bad bc everyone’s afraid of sharks for some reason? (good going there, mother nature!)


  • (Leporinus)
  • he’s the only one who can’t communicate through the English language like the others, but he learns quickly after time.
  • Noticeably the youngest.
  • Other than Optimus, the fondest of humans.


  • (I was thinking a green sunfish at first BUT A STING RAY. YES. and then I’m a dumbass bc of crosshairs alt-mode is a damn green stingray. fml))
  • is obviously the most adventurous of the group,
  • He’s pretty much like how he is a bot.
  • Gotta keep his tail out of the way, a great weapon though. (It’s sensitive)


  • (I think he’d be like,,, a big-ass bass. Google big ass bass.)
  • He’s packed with big-ass spears and tech he found (nothing electrical, obviously).
  • Red-neck shit. Probably learns how to drive a golf cart or a fishing boat, (don’t ask, it just came to mind).


  • (he’s a blue koi)
  • Same old, same old, calm and collective mer a short, short fuse.
  • He’s just starting to like humans, and have really taken a liking to what it has to offer.
  • (can we safely assume he’s similar to IDW Drift in the sense he used to be Deadlock. It’d make sense of why his temper is so damn short.)