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Nothing’s More Important

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“I said get closer not get us killed.” Obi-Wan yelled over the sound of roaring engines, his hands holding steady on either side of himself.

“I’d give you the pilot’s seat if I wanted us to get killed.” You said back, wincing as a red laser whizzed past the side of the Coruscant Air Taxi you “borrowed”.

Maybe Obi-Wan was right. Maybe a high speed chase over the bustling streets of Coruscant was not the greatest idea.

“Grab the wheel.” You ordered, looking over the edge of the vehicle. Cars of all different shapes and sizes were flying by at different heights. If you timed it right, maybe you could make it…

“Are you insane?” He shouted.

You rolled your eyes, readying to vault yourself over the side. You could do this.

“Just do it.” You screamed back, pushing your body out of the vehicle.

Obi-Wan’s hands immediately grabbed the wheel, his wide eyes looking to where you jumped. He nearly cheered in relief when he saw you’d landed safely.

“Why does this always happen?” He grumbled to himself, gripping the wheel like he’d fly out at any moment.

You looked up to your long-time friend with a smirk. He always did hate it when Anakin did stuff like that. You and his Padawan had a long standing bet on who could get Obi-Wan to crack first. You were definitely winning.

Your smirk faded when another laser came flying towards you, your saber crackling to life in just enough time to save you. Mission first, Obi-Wan later.

“Drive faster.” You ordered the unsuspecting driver. He blinked at you, two purple eyes widened in a mixture of fear and surprise.

It took him a moment to register your request, but as soon as he did, you nearly flew from the seat.

“Closer to the ground.” You directed, your eyes seeking out the bounty hunter. He had an inordinate amount of guns trained on both you and Obi-Wan, his rustic armor hiding his true identity.

The driver brought you a mere foot from the ground, giving you the perfect opportunity to leap from the vehicle. Your feet hit the ground unsteadily, causing you to stumble a bit. You nearly barreled into the bounty hunter, pausing only to grab hold of his torn cape.

“Drop it.” You commanded, your saber lit inches from his neck. He hesitated for a second before dropping his weapons with a clatter.

“Let’s take him in, Obi.” You announced with a smile, happy to be rid of the chase. It wasn’t that you didn’t enjoy your job as a Jedi- because you did, very much so- but rather because you were sick of tracking the same damn person throughout the star system.

“Obi?” You asked, confused as to why he hasn’t added in his own opinion on the matter. You looked back, biting your lip to keep from laughing when you saw Obi-Wan jump from the taxi you’d been driving earlier.

“Right,” you drawled, stumbling back in surprise when a blunt object slammed against your jaw.

The bitter taste of blood filled your mouth, your hand reaching out to stop the bounty hunter. Before you could, Obi-Wan pulled you towards him, forcing you to look at him.

“Ashley, are you okay?” He questioned, frantic eyes scanning your face, his hand tenderly holding your jaw.

“The bounty hunter.” You said, nodding in the direction he ran off to. “He’s going to get away.”

Obi-Wan hushed you, shaking his head as he did so. “It doesn’t matter, we need to get you to the med-bay first.”

You could hardly believe your ears. Obi-Wan was going to let the bounty hunter get away just because you’d gotten socked in the jaw. It would bruise no doubt, and there was definitely a cut on your lip, but it wasn’t enough to throw the mission away.

“I’m fine.” You assured him, trying to push him to the side so you could go after the hired killer. “We have more important matters to attend to.”

“Nothing’s more important than you.” He stated, eyes widening when he realized what he said.

“What?” You breathed, not daring to speak any louder. Did he mean…?

“After all the time we’ve spent together,” he began, running his thumb delicately along your cheekbone, “I’ve seemed to develop something of an affection for you.”

Your heart skipped a beat, a small smile tugging at your lips. Never in all the years you’ve been friends with Obi-Wan did you ever think something like this would happen. You’ve entertained the idea, of course, but you always thought it was just wishful thinking.

Even in the light of such a serious topic, you couldn’t help but tease him. It was just how you were.

“So uncivilized, Obi.”

He laughed, placing his forehead against yours. A sweet warmth emanated from the contact, his blue eyes shining with mirth.

“You and Anakin are the only uncivilized ones around here.” He joked, curling a piece of your dark hair with his finger.

“Says the guy who abandons borrowed vehicles in the middle of traffic.” You quipped back, reminding him that he had indeed left the ‘borrowed’ (stolen) Coruscant Air Taxi unsupervised in the middle of a busy airway.

“I remember you being the one who suggested we use it in the first place.”

You hummed in agreement, tangling your fingers in the base of his brown locks like you’d wished to do so many times before. His hair was like silk between your digits, his cerulean eyes closing in contentment.

“Oh, because you so had to listen to what I say.” You jested, smiling sweetly to him. He always did have a way of making you smile.

“I’ve found that listening to you has a way of making things right.” He said, his lips curving up.

“Is that so?” You questioned, unconsciously moving your lips closer to his.

He mirrored the action, stopping a single inch before your lips. His hot breath ghosted along your jaw, prompting a shiver.

“It is.”

And then he was kissing you.

Is this not Finnrey? Rey deserves someone who would do anything for her. Who would walk through hell for her, and that’s what we saw Finn do in TFA. He went into a place where EVERYONE wanted him dead because he was a known traitor just because he wanted to save her. She was his primary purpose for being there. He put Rey’s life ahead of the rest of the galaxy.

Finn wouldn’t just move mountains for Rey. He’d move a whole damn star system for her and that’s what we should all want in a ship.