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Hikari’s Role in Digimon Adventure Tri Part 5: Kyousei

Because someone has to talk about this! I just finished rewatching Kyousei, and guess what I noticed? She is not shafted at ALL! She had a great deal of good moments from her, she’s never spoken as much in previous movies as she is here, and like I’ve said already, her role is far from over! Now let’s start looking at her moments in here! Super, super long post ahead, with tons of spoilers, so i’m gonna use a cut! If you haven’t seen Kyousei yet, enter the cut content at your own risk!

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Chased pt. 3

<– Engraved 20 | <- Departed 1 | Engraved 21 –>
<– Chased 2 | Chased 4 –>

Short: Unlucky in love, Kim Jongdae finds himself wanted by a problem seeking journalist. What could not go wrong?
Words: 3409
Type: Fluff/Smut/Angst
Pairing: Chen x Sora (oc)
Notes for Update: 25
Warnings: Alcohol, swearing, mean guys at the bar, hints at cheating and betrayal
A/N: This will run chronologically with Engraved, but it’s not needed to read this to understand Engraved, but the parts posted for Engraved after this will contain spoilers. It is also not necessary to read Engraved to understand what is happening here. But it will make things more clear.

Jongdae’s pov

Jongdae was lying in bed, staring up at the ceiling. It was dark, late at night, and he wasn’t tired at all. It was slightly cold in his room, and he got up to find some shirt to wear to bed. He scratched the back of his head, blinking a few times when he turned on the light. 
The first thing he found was his dark read sweater, hanging on his bedpost. He took it, rubbing the material between his hands. It was soft still, especially on the inside. He sighed, pressing the sweater against his face and inhaling. It still smelled like her. 
He went for the shirt, that was hanging underneath, that’d do. So he slipped back under the covers, turning on his stomach and scrolling on his phone. Nothing much was going on really, Baekhyun and Chanyeol were having some discussion in their group chat. It had something to do with guns and sheep, he didn’t feel like getting involved. He had a information text coming from Suho, for a job tomorrow. And a text from Angel, asking him if he wanted to go out soon.

Angel: Hey, how about we go out sometime soon?
You: Hmm I’ll have to think on that.

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Desire }} 3

“I’m just fucking with you , don’t get all tough.” Taehyung laughed as he looked to the other side.

“I think I should just leave. I can’t be in any of help so I have no business here.” I said as I stood up and looked at him.

Actually, I looked at his crotch, blame me all you want I don’t know why I did that but my eyes just traveled there. Even thou his shorts were not tight , rather loose I could still see the dick print and it caught my attention for sure. I tried to shake all my thoughts away as I looked away feeling more than embarassed to look at him , especially after I felt like I’ve just saw his dick.

“Do you have something better to do? It 8pm Sora , let’s have a cup of wine and then you can go. Ofcourse you could just leave right now.. suit yourself.”

I stared at him for a few seconds thinking it all through. I knew I went wild when I was drunk and I know I had nothing better to do anyway. Jimin and Ahri were probably fucking and if I return home after half an hour I’d probably just ruin the moment. As I realized he was right , I sighed as I sat down feeling like I just lost a big game.

“Fine. Just one glass thoe.” I spat as Taehyung smiled at quickly stood up.

And ofcourse it was just not one glass, I didn’t realise how time have passed by and I sure as hell didn’t count my glasses because damn girl I was starting to see Taehyung as a sexy , provocative piece of meat and right then and there I felt I had to leave because this wouldn’t end well.

“Okay.. it was really nice talking to you , since you usually avoid me but I’d have to go.” I smiled.

“I don’t talk much when I’m not alone so .. that’s why.” He chuckled.

“I see.” As I stand up but as soon as I stand up I swear the ground spinned so hard I felt like I was on a spinning wheel. I was about to fall eventually , when I felt Taehyung wrap his hands aroun my waist , hugging me , standing a inch away from my face.

“Ops , someone’s tipsy.” I chuckled as I realised what I’ve just said and I realised I fucked up.

“Are you okay? Are you sure you must go, I think it’s gonna be better if you stay especially , in the state you are..” He said as he helped me sit back down on the couch and looked at me worriedly.

I blinked a few times as I tried to stand up but my legs were to wobbly and I knew I would fall. Shit , I fucking knew it , I never feel when I start to get drunk and I always end up fucked up , I just prayed I kept my pussy in my panties today because I’d regret it tomorrow.

“Damn it Taehyung,” I spat as I looked at him and he looked completely fine , “what did you put in my drink?”

“Nothing , the hell?” He furrowed his brows.

“You look completely fine , and I’m fucked up.” I said as I chuckled unwillingly.

“I just know when to stop drinking Sora, I didn’t drug you ,” he looked kind of annoyed , “who do you get me for?”

“Okay whatever, see now I am drunk if I say something , please let it slide okay.Forget I said it.” I tried to compose my words as I knew the more I felt like falling asleep the dirtier my mouth was becoming , and I was getting sleepy.

“Okay , okay.. ” He nodded.

“But know I want you to take me to your bed , because I can barely keep my eyes open, okay?” I said as I looked at him.

He just nodded , as he stood up and picked me up , carring me somewhere. While he did so , I stared at his face and I realised how fucking handsome he actually was and how fucking hot my hickey looked on his tanned skin , and ofcourse I had to say something ,

“Jeezus Taehyung you are so fucking handsome.. like wow. I’m amazed” I spat as I saw him laughing.

“Yea , thank you I guess.”

“And your neck.. shit I’d love to suck every inch of it.” Shut up Sora!

As Taehyung was carring me on his arms he looked at me with a serious yet lustfull expression , maybe it was the alchohol but he seemed aroused by my words. Which was arousing me somehow and .. I was just too drunk.A few hours later as I felt it , I was placed on his bed which was enormous as he sat on it looking at me.

“Are you okay? Do you wanna throw up?”

“Bitch, I don’t spit. I swallow.” I winked at him , surprising him with my words. Oh god, such an embarassment.

“Ookay , I’ll get going then , you get some sleep.” He said.

“But where are you going this is your bed , sleep in it. There’s plenty of space.” I said and probably looked serious because he seemed suprised.

“You want me to sleep here?”

“Yes of course. You should sleep on your bed even thou I’m here.”

“But I can sleep on the couch..”

“No! I want you..” I gulped , “to sleep here.”

Tae just nodded as he walked over the other side of the bed and hopped under the covers.

“Good night Taehyungiee~” I said in a playfull voice. “Don’t try hump me as I sleep ,yes?” I said and he laughed once again.

“I won’t.” He said.

A few hours later I felt so sick , I opened my eyes widely and literally jumped off the bed. Even thou I was half asleep , half awake I managed to realise that I was not in my aparment and I panicked so much I suddenly sobered up , it was dark and I couldn’t see shit so I just started wandering around , until a low grunt escaped someone’s mouth mixed with my name ,


When I turned towards the bed and saw someone lying there , I panicked 10 times harder. Since I was not in my right mind I couldn’t right away recognize the incredibally deep voice so I almost shivered , I indeed did as it actually helped me realise I was completely naked in some stranger’s bedroom. I saw the guy waking up , clicking the little night stand lamp as I imeddiatelly grabbed the covers he was covered with and wrapped them around my body , waiting to see his face atleast.

When the dime light showed Taehyung’s completely sleepy face , I got 10 times more suprised and paniced. What the fuck was I doing in his bed in the middle of the night , naked? He on the other hand had the same clothes I saw him when I came on.

“What the fuck is going on?” He asked me trying to focus my frame because he was so sleepy.

“Taehyung , what the fuck is going on? Why am I naked? In your bed?!?” I asked paniced.

“Well.. ” he ruffled his hair ,“ shit. I don’t know why you are naked , you just started taking off you clothes saying you were too hot. And you got pretty wasted so I let you sleepover because I doubted you could get to your home safe.”

“Fuck me , I got fucked up , didn’t I?” I said as I felt a light headache forming in my head.

“Pretty much yea..” Taehyung said.

I facepalmed myself , as I looked around , “Where are my clothes anyway?”

“You threw them on the floor..” Taehyung stood up helping me find my clothes.

I was too fucked up even now to look for them so I just sat on a sofa , hugged by the warm blanked , waiting for him to get me my clothes. Completely forgetting I was missing my underwear too ,and completely forgetting I had my lace black underwear, until he hanged the strap of my bra on his finger with a smirk , coming closer to me.I got so embarassed I wanted to die,

“Don’t look at them!” I jumped up as I snatched it from his hands.

“Then how should I find it?!” He rolled his eyes. “I’ve seen a lot of women underwear in my life , don’t worry.” He winked.

“Sure , you did fuckboy.” I mummbled under my nose as I sat back.

“What?” He said from afar.

“Nothing , nothing.”

Thank god the rest of my clothes were piled up so he brought them all in once , sparing me half the embarassment , I started putting on my clothes. I was done putting on my underwear and when I picked up my shorts , they were all covered in wine stains , damn it. I cursed under my breath as I picked up my top and realised it was literally ripped in half.

“What the fuck!” I exclaimed loudly , causing Taehyung to turn around and see me in my underwear.

“What is it?” He asked.

“Don’t look at me!” I said bringing up the cover up to my neck again. “My clothes are completely trashed!”

Taehyung sighed as he stood up and walked into a room into his room , and then came out of it , throwing me a red oversized hoodie. Which to my non-surprise had a big curled up snake printed on the back and the small GUCCI letters under it. I had no other choice but to put it on , and to my luck it reached the half of my thights , which was long enough to keep my ass hidden.

“Thank you.” I said as I smiled. “I’ll wash it and return it tomorrow.”

“It’s alright , you can take it.” He winked as he walked closer to me , staring into my eyes , like I was about to tell him something really interesting.

He took the covers from me and returned back to his bed , “I’m going to sleep. It’s really late at night and I suggest you do the same , we’ll deal with your clothes tomorrow morning , deal?” He said laying in his bed covering himself with the blanket.

I nodded as I slowly walked back to his huuge bed and hopped under the cover , as far away from him as I could , as I fell asleeep almost immediately.

** Tae’s POV **

I woke up feeling thirsty as fuck. My throat was so dry I wanted to cry. I stood up and realised it was already bright outside , as the sun was warming up the room even more.When I turned to the bed , I saw the most beautiful scene I’ve seen in a long time. Sora was sleeping in my bed , on her back , my hoodie covering only her upper body , since it went up , when she slept , revealing her flat and sexy stomach , her extremely sexy underwear and her long and silky legs , which were slightly parted.

Shit , was she always this hot?  I felt my dick hardening immediately just at this sight. I never paid attention to her , because I always had someone else in my mind , but today ,this moment I swear I’d kill to see it again. She looked really beautiful , even thoe her pitch black hair was all over the place , her body looked so sexy and perfect I fought really hard with myself , to not just fuck her while she’s asleep.

I licked my lips as I went to the kitchen and drank some water. When I went back , she had turned more to my side so I just went to hers and laid back there. Which was a big mistake. A few minutes later she turned around , half of her body ending up on mine. And by half I mean , her arm over my chest , her thin waist against my side and her soft leg over my torso. Just when I thought about her torso , I realise I could feel her panties against my thight, since she was literally spread her legs over me.

I completely froze as I felt the soft fabric against my thight and I fought the urge to rape her I swear , my dick was already hard enough to destroy her tight pussy but I just couldn’t let it happpen , not without her asking me. But on the other hand I couldn’t help but move my thigh a bit , in an attempt to create some friction down there for her. When she moaned quietly almost at my ear , I knew I was gonna loose it if I don’t do something this instant.

But since I had the best luck ever , she slowly pulled away , waking up. I tried to move away but not to sharply so she don’t notice that we even touched. A few minutes later I turned towards her as he beautiful blue eyes greeted me , wide open.

“Hey.” She softly said. “Damn , what a night.” She laughed.

The morning was better. “Good morning.” I smiled. Was she always this pretty? I see what Jungkook sees in her.

“I should get going thoe. Thank you for being so kind to me,” She smiled as she quickly hopped of the bed , still dressed in my sweatshirt.

I swear seeing her beautifull legs and my sweatshirt on top , was turning me on even more. I had such a big errection I just couldn’t stand up or she’d notice it immediately. Fuck.

She raised her arms to put her hair in a ponytail as my sweater went up just enough to let me take a peak of her plump booty , and I just bit my lip in attempt to not imagine things about her.


“Aren’t you getting up?” I asked him , seeing he was still laying on the bed.

“In a minute .. I have .. um.. ”

“Oh! OH!” I exclaimed as I placed my hand over my mouth , “ Morning wood , yes. Sorry. I’ll get out.” I said as I laughed and walked out of his room.

Jeezus why was he so hot , when sleepy? I asked myself.

After an hour later I was already infront of my door , dialing the code. I hoped there was noone arond because I was freaking naked with just a oversized hoodie that covered most of my body , but still I was left in my underwear below it. I walked in as I took of the hood and the first thing that I saw was Ahri’s smug face. As soon as she saw me , she began laughing.

“I can’t belive this shit.” She said as she laughed loudly.

“It’s not even funny.” I took of the only thing I’ve left - my shoes and walked inside the apartment , heading for the fridge.

“I guess it was a wild night.” She said , still mocking me.

“You won’t belive what happened. We didn’t even hug so chill your hormones.” I spat as I began taking out groceries to make myself a sandwich.

“What I know is that you left here looking completely normal and you came back ON THE NEXT day , with just his hoodie on , looking like a hot mess.” She laughed , “You basically leave nothing to my imagination.”

I sighed. “I know what it seems like , but I actually got mad shit drunk , ripped my clothes off and fell asleep in his bed. He was kindly enough to let me borrow his sweatshirt.”

“Did you guys fuck?!” She asked.

“NO!?” I exclaimed.

“Okay I need you to sit your ass down and tell me exactly what happened yesterday. From A to Z,” she insisted as she tapped the stall next to her.

I sighed as I looked at her and sat down. “Well , first .. I think I should tell you what happened the other day. When we all got to sleep in JK’s house I still couldn’t manage to fall sleep and I was obviously not the only one. Taehyung *texted me* in the middle of the night. It’s wasn’t anything special he mocked me for the hickey. I shut him off and tried to fall sleep yet I couldn’t so I went to take a glass of water.” I began telling her everything that happened in details.

“Oh my god , he wants to fuck you!”  Ahri exclaimed.

“I think so too yeah.. the way he pushed me against the counter Ahri.. it made me super aroused I swear. And I never saw Tae in that way..” I said worriedly , “And then at his house.. he told me he didn’t need *my* help because I was not strong enough , yet he invited me over a drink , and for reasons I can’t quite express , I said yes and I got caught up in my shit and went completely overboard.”  I sighed in despair , “I ripped my clothes off , I asked him to stay and sleep next to me.. everything went wrong, yet he didn’t even lay a finger on me..”  Now that I said it out loud I actually realised that he was not that bad of a man , beause after all he had te oppportunity yet he didn’t do anything about it.

“So.. how do you feel about him? Do you like him? ‘Cause I can tell he feels someway towards you..” Ahri chuckled.

“No!Absolutely not. Why would I like him , what he did was just nice but not worth of me falling in love.. I doubt he likes me, I bet he’s like this with all the girls around him.” I nodded my head at myself.

“I doubt it but if you say so.. So are we telling anyone what has happened?”

“Absolutely not. I’d appreciate it if you keep Jimin shut because .. I doubt Taehyung would say anything , knowing how Jungkook would feel and shit..”

“Yea , I guess you are right. Well ..” she suddenly pulled me closer and sniffed me , “Shit this smelss incredible! What is that guy using?!”

“I know right.. jeezus I feel like I was drugged it smells so nice , I don’t even want to return it back to him..” I said.

“Then don’t.” Ahri winked.

The rest of the day we spent on watching movies and eating basically, waiting patiently for the night to come. When I caught up wtih Ahri she told me that we were actually going out today with the boys , because they opened a new bar downtown and we just had to check it out. I knew that it was about to be a long night because there would be drink involved and I was kind of nervous.Why? Because of Taehyung ? Why Taehyung you’d say? I don’t know either. I just felt weird everytime I was about to meet him and it was starting to anger me.. I was not usually like that what the hell hapened?

“You ready to go?” Ahri asked me , as both of us were already dressed in our beautifull tight short back dresses.

“I am gonna regret this.” I said as we walked out of the apartment.

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How do you feel knowing Sora's canon height now?

    ❝ Man way did that Nomura guy have to tell people I’m 5'2? Does he know my friends? they’ll never let me live it down! 

(( So yeaaaaaah about that. 5'2 is pretty damn short even for a 15 year old male, was really hoping he’d be a bit taller than that, but  after doing some sleuthing around on old KH forums (since I’m horrible at guesstimating heights) 5'2 is roughly how tall most people estimated him to be anyway, so it really shouldn’t come as too much of a shock. I’m just glad after all these years it’s been confirmed (seriously his height should have been in the manual of the first game) I still love my short son ♥♥♥ Now if we could just get a last name ))


With Valentine’s Day approaching I decided to do a little Drag & Drop Digimon Adventure/02 version! If you don’t know what to do, all you need to do is click on the gif then drag it.

Here’s my story:

I was dating Iori and then he cheated on me. Damn kid, didn’t know he was a player. Fortunately, Sora was there to comfort me in my time of need. The bearer of love can really help me with my love problem. Then after a time of healing, I fell in love with Ken! Unfortunately, Daisuke steals him from me! I knew there was something going on between them! Although, I’m not too mad with that. ;) Nonetheless, Taichi helps me get revenge on the two. Heartbroken, I finally find my one true love in Jou! He’s so reliable!

I hope you have fun with this. I’d love to hear what your valentine stories are like! HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! <3

Tl;DR Smoochy-Smoochy Sora/Riku

(If I was in charge of Square then KH3 would just be a series of excuses to make Sora and Riku suck face.)

“Riku! Thank goodness you’re here!”

“Donald? Goofy?” Riku raised an eyebrow at the duo running towards him. He wasn’t expecting his boyfriend’s backup dancers to be at Aurora’s castle. They looked worried. “What’d Sora do now?”

“It’s terrible!” Goofy explained. “We need you right away!”

This was serious. “Lead the way.”

Donald and Goofy led Riku to a bedchamber within the castle. In the bed, Sora was resting, fully clothed, dead to the world.

“This is the problem? “ Riku asked. “You can’t get the lazy bum out of dreamland? Story of my life.”

“He’s not a asleep!” Donald squawked. “He’s cursed, you idiot!”

“Cursed?” Riku sat on the edge of the bed and leaned down to look closer at Sora’s face. He just looked like he was napping, his chest rising in deep, easy breaths.

“Yes! Cursed!” Goofy repeated. “He stuck his finger on a cursed spinning needle and now he’s cursed to sleep forever if we can’t break the curse!”

“And only you can do that!” Donald cut in.

“It figures he’d stick his fingers in something he wasn’t supposed to.” Maybe he’d be more worried if his boyfriend didn’t make a habit out of looking for trouble and finding it. Clearly Donald and Goofy weren’t used to it, despite all their time spent as Sora’s companions. “So how do I break this curse? And why me?”

“It’s simple,” Goofy answered. “Well, you just havta—you’ve gotta—“

“True love’s kiss!” Donald spit out.

Riku felt his cheeks grow hot. He just knew he was blushing. “What?” Damn, even unconscious Sora made him blush. “No way! Just leave him!”

“But Riku!”
“But Riku!”

“Fine! Fine! I’ll do it!” Riku looked down at Sora, his mouth trailing a little bit of drool. “Just hand me a tissue or something and get out. No onlookers. How do you even know I’m his true love, anyway?”

Goofy smiled warmly as he handed Riku a tissue from the nightstand. “Aw, come on, Riku! Why, if you and Sora don’t have True Love, then who does? I’m sure he’ll wake up if you just kiss him!”

“Whatever.” Donald and Goofy backed out of the room slowly, shutting the door behind them. He could hear their muffled talking behind the door. “Now or never I guess.”

Riku bent down over Sora’s now mostly drool-free face, and placed his lips softly down on Sora’s own. He wasn’t sure how long the kiss needed to be, or how hard—the movies Kairi and Sora watched usually just showed a little peck, but movies didn’t mean that’s how it worked in real life.

After a moment, Soras eyes blinked open lazily, so Riku raised his head. “Huh? Riku? What happened?”

“You got yourself cursed you dork. I had to come save you.” He moved so Sora could sit up.

“You did? How?”

Sora was smiling. Riku felt his face flush again. “Tch. How do these curses usually get broken?”

“Eh?” Sora thought about it for moment, then his eyes lit up. Suddenly his smile turned sly and he laid back on the bed, yawning dramatically. “Geez, Riku, I dunno if the curse is completely broken. Maybe whatever it is you did, you need to do again. You know, whatever it is you did.”

What a shit-eating grin. Riku couldn’t help but laugh. “Quit joking around! I’m gonna go tell Donald and Goofy you’re okay.” As Riku began standing, Sora pulled him back down and kissed him.

“You know, Riku, I always knew you were my One True Love.”

The sincere look on Sora’s face made Riku’s heart melt. “You did not,” he joked, but he let Sora pull him in for another kiss anyway.

“Say it all you want, but I have a real life fairy-tale to prove it!” Sora suddenly scrambled out of bed and jumped in the air. “Just wait til I tell Kairi! She won’t believe it!”

“Don’t you dare! Sora!” Sora ran from the room and got caught up in a three-way hug with Donald and Goofy. Riku watched him jumping and laughing, swinging Donald through the air. He felt a smile pull at his mouth. His boyfriend was just too cute, sometimes.

“Idiot. Didn’t even give his shining prince a thank you.”
Because Demi wanted a Sleeping Sora story, and what are friends for?


For wyvernjade (MY SOULMATE AND BFF!!)

Permission To Touch

Recently you had started to feel it. Your boyfriend was growing further apart from you and you didn’t know why. He rarely kissed or held you and it was starting to get to you. What bothered you the most though was that every time you went to touch him or ask him what’s wrong he would just ignore you or tell you that nothing was wrong with this emotionless look.

This all started about a month ago when you had gone to the beach with your best friend Sora, her boyfriend Kai and of course your boyfriend Sehun. All was fine up until the moment he saw you in your bikini. You had actually worked hard to get into shape so that you could show it off to Sehun but he never even said anything to you.

The whole time you were there you noticed how intimate Sora and Kai were, Sehun was hardly even talking let alone looking at you. You weren’t angry, you were sad and frustrated with him. Even when you got back home he was acting all weird and distant, not cuddling with you much, never kissed you, didn’t want to stay over at your place, it’s like anything that meant skinship was off the table.

However recently things had gotten worse. You rarely saw him and it was as if he was trying to avoid you. He didn’t call or text you much and you could feel the two of you slowly drifting apart.

You decided to ask you best friend for her intake on the this whole situation. She and Kai had dated about a year longer than you and Sehun and it was she who introduced you to Sehun in the first place. You had wanted to ask her if she and Kai had any problems like the one you’re facing now.

You sat on your bed totally drowned in the blankets. You were in a pair of shorts and one of Sehun’s shirts. You had started to wear his clothes more often now since you missed him so much. You were too lazy to get up and do anything so Sora had to let herself in. She walked into your bedroom and saw your lethargic state.

“Y/n what the hell are you doing?! It’s noon and you’re still in bed?!” Sora said as she sat down next to you on the bed.

“Sora be honest with me am I that ugly?” You asked as you sat up in bed to look at your friend.

“What?” She asked

“Or am I too fat? Is there something wrong with me? Am I not good enough?!” You went on and on as Sora finally shut you up by smacking you with a pillow.

“Shut up and tell me everything from the beginning and don’t blabber!” Sora said as you took a deep breath and started to tell her everything. She didn’t interrupt you at all till you looked up at her with tears in your eyes.

“He doesn’t love me anymore Sora, he won’t call, text, kiss, hug or talk to me. I don’t know what to do, is it me? Am I not good enough? Or am I just that unattractive?” You said as Sora sat beside you and hugged you.

“Unattractive?! What are you talking about?! Don’t you remember all those guys at uni that were constantly asking you out? Or my guy friends that keep asking me for your number? There’s nothing wrong with ok! I’m sure he’s just under stress from all the practice, sometimes Kai is like that too” Sora said as she pulled you away to look at you. She gave you a smile before you hugged her again.

You definitely felt better after spending the day with Sora. She always knew just what to say and do to make you feel better hence the reason she was your best friend. You decided to just go to sleep since it was pretty late and you knew Sehun wouldn’t be coming over.

While you crashed on your bed Sora barged into her shared apartment with Kai totally frustrated with Sehun. It was strange she was more pissed off than you were but then again Sora was always like that.

“KAI!!” She called out as he didn’t answer “KIM JONGIN!!” She yelled again literally two seconds later. Kai walked out of their shared bedroom with a smile on his face.

“Hey baby you miss me so much you’re screaming my name? Maybe we should take your screams to the bedroom” Kai said as he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her neck.

She pushed him off as he gave her a confused look. Had he done something wrong?

“Where the hell is Sehun?!” Sora asked.

“At the dorm, why?” Kai said as he tried to figure out what was going on.

“Good! Then that’s where you’ll be sleeping tonight” Sora said as she walked past Kai and into the bedroom.

“Wait what? Babe what happened?” Kai asked as he followed her.

“What happened?! I’ll you what happened!!” Sora said as she told Kai everything that was going on between you and Sehun.

“So why exactly do I have to sleep at the dorm?!” Kai asked

“Cause until you knock some sense into that knuckle headed friend of yours you won’t be getting any” Sora said as her hands rested on Kai’s chest. Her face was only inches away from his and he wanted nothing more than to kiss her.

“What? Why am I being punished because of Sehun?!” Kai said as Sora walked towards the bathroom.

“Hmm I wonder where I put that new Victoria’s Secret lingerie I bought last week” Sora said loud enough for Kai to hear and yell out an ‘aish’ before running out the door.

Sehun was laying in bed as he thought about nothing but you. He missed your touch, your smell, your kiss, your everything. Thoughts of you flooded his mind as he covered his eyes with his arm and let out a sigh. Sehun still loved you, he loved you a lot and that was the problem.

Ever since that beach trip you guys took he’s been wanting to become more intimate with you. He’s been wanting to touch you, feel you and kiss in ways nobody else has or ever will. He thought about running his cold long fingers across your soft skin, his lips melting with yours as his tongue explored your wet cavern.

God he missed you so damn much.

His room door suddenly burst open as a frustrated Kai walked in. He slammed the door behind him but Sehun didn’t move or budge he was too engrossed in his thought about you.

“Get up!” Kai said loudly as Sehun still didn’t move. Kai let out a frustrated sigh as he said once again “yah Oh Sehun I know you’re awake so get up!!”

“What?!!” Sehun yelled as he sat up.

“Thanks to you my girlfriend refuses sleep with me!” Kai said.

“What are you talking about?!” Sehun asked.

“What did y/n do to you for you to ignore and distance yourself from her?! Today Sora went to see her and she told Sora about how things were between you two. She’s been blaming herself saying it’s her fault that this has happened and Sora said that she’s never seen y/n this insecure before!” Kai said.

“It’s not her fault it’s mine, you remember that time we all went to the beach” Kai just nodded as Sehun sat up and planted his feet on the floor “ ever since then I’ve been wanting to you know get more intimate with her but I didn’t want to rush her into anything so I stayed away from her” Kai said down next to Sehun as he whacked him on his head “OW! What the hell was that for?!” Sehun said as he held the back of his head.

“For being the biggest ass I’ve ever seen!! I feel bad for y/n, her boyfriend is such an idiot!” Kai said as Sehun just shot him a glare “dude if you had wanted to take things to next level all you had to do was talk to her! She’s your damn girlfriend you two are in a relationship obviously things are going to escalate but she needs to know!! Hiding out here like a coward is probably the dumbest thing you’ve done!” Kai was practically yelling, he couldn’t believe what an idiot his friend was.

“Fine I’ll go talk to her” Sehun said

“Good! Now can you please call Sora and tell her that!! I swear our girlfriends are gonna be the death of us!” Kai said as Sehun just laughed and nodded in agreement.

You were tossing and turning on bed, not really sure of why you couldn’t sleep considering how tired you felt. You got up and walked to the kitchen to get a glass of cold water which made you feel a little better. You went back to your room and sat down on the bed as you ran your fingers through your hair. You checked the time and it was almost midnight.

It was at that moment that Sehun walked into your room, you looked up saw him standing there panting, he must have been running. You hadn’t even realized that you had been crying till you stood up and saw Sehun. He didn’t even give you a chance to say anything as he charged towards you and crashed his lips into yours. His hands cupped your cheeks as his lips blended with yours. You wanted to fight back but at the same time you couldn’t, you had missed him so much that having him kiss you like this was enough to drive you crazy.

His arms moved around your waist as yours naturally moved around his neck. He pulled you closer to him as he deepened the kiss, his tongue found it’s way into your mouth as he easily dominated the kiss. You could feel the desperation and need in his kiss as you breath was slowly slipping away. You thought he would pull away but he didn’t he just kept kissing you.

You were hitting his chest as you finally managed to push him away to catch your breath. He was still close to you as you took deep breaths. He slowly moved closer to you and pulled you into a hug.

“Where have you been?” You asked

“I’ve missed you” Sehun said as he held you together.

“Why did you stop taking to me?” You asked

“I’ve missed you” Sehun said again.

“Sehun” you said in a soft voice as you wrapped your arms around him.

“I’ve missed you so damn much” Sehun said as he nuzzled his face into you neck “y/n I want you” he whispered against you neck before pulling away.

“What are you talking about Sehun? You’ve always had me” you said.

He just smiled as he wiped away your tears. He rested his forehead against yours as his thumbs caressed your cheeks. His lips met yours once again in slow kiss, it was different from the one before, this one was more passionate, it was filled with nothing but love.

Suddenly you landed on a soft surface, Sehun had lay you down on your bed. His lips still attached to yours while his hands carefully treaded your body. You felt his hand run up and down your bare thigh causing you to pull away from the kiss.

“S-Sehun are we gonna…?” You asked as you looked at him.

“Only if you want to” Sehun said as he tucked a strand of hair behind your ear “can I make you mine?” He asked as he stared at you lovingly.

“I thought I already was” you said as you cupped his cheeks. He just smiled and kissed you again.

You didn’t stop him this time when his hand came in contact with your bare thigh. You could tell that he was being as careful as possible, he didn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable at any point in time. However he grew more confident when your tongue fought with his for dominance. He was taken a back a little before he fought back and won. You moaned into the kiss and that’s when Sehun’s ego really got a boost.

He sat up and pulled his shirt over his head revealing his well toned abs. You wanted to touch him but you were slightly hesitant, he noticed this as he took your hands and placed them on his bare chest.

“Touch me, I want you to touch me and feel me because baby I’m all yours” Sehun said causing you to smile “do you even know how beautiful you are?” You blushed at Sehun’s words which made him smile.

He tugged on the hem of your shirt and looked at you for permission as you nodded. He yanked the shirt off of you and discarded it on the floor. Your hands immediately went to cover your bare chest, considering you were at home you didn’t feel the need to wear a bra. Sehun took your wrists as he peeled your hands away from your chest.

“You’re” he said as he kissed your cheek “so” he kissed your jaw “beautiful” he kissed your lips “don’t cover yourself like that in front of me, you’re absolutely beautiful and besides I like it when you don’t wear a bra” Sehun said with a smirk.

You wanted to say something in retaliation but once you felt his lips on your neck you forgot about everything. He kept you hands pinned to the sides of your head as he laced his fingers with yours. His lips trailed down your neck sucking, biting and kissing as much of your skin as possible. He marked your neck and smiled at his work, he knew you’d be wearing turtle necks and scarfs for a week. You were already moaning and somewhat breathless and he had hardly even started.

His lips traveled down lower to your chest, he kissed the valley between your breasts before engulfing his mouth around your right nipple. He sucked on it till it was hard and bruised, he was gonna leave his marks all over your body. He left your hands to fondle with your left breast his mouth still working wonders on your right nipple.

You had become a moaning mess and you could feel yourself getting wetter. You wanted him and you wanted him bad. But you knew Oh Sehun, he was gonna take his time to enjoy every inch of you. He finally pulled away from your nipple leaving hit hard and exposed to the cold air. He soon attacked your other nipple giving it the same treatment. He was finally done taunting your nipples as he brought his face back up to meet yours.

“You’re already so breathless baby, but I’ve only just started” Sehun said as his lips sloppily kissed yours.

His hands ran down the sides of your body as they reached the hem of your shorts. In one go he yanked off your shorts and your underwear as he smirked at the wet puddle you were forming.

“You’re so wet baby and all for me?! I’m gonna enjoy tasting you” Sehun said before he spread your legs leaving you completely exposed to him.

He kissed your inner thighs preparing you for what was about to come. He was being teasingly slow so you bucked your hips up and moaned his name.

“S-S-Sehun stop teasing~” you said in an unintended seductive voice.

“Patience baby, all in good time” Sehun said before you felt his wet muscle ravage your throbbing entrance.

You felt like putty in his hands as his tongue licked and sucked your folds dry. He sucked on your clit causing you to tangle your hands in his hair, you arched your back and let out a loud moan as an unfamiliar feeling swelled up in your stomach. Suddenly your orgasm hit you as you released into Sehun’s mouth. He swallowed up your juices before sitting up and wiping his mouth.

The sight turned you on as you felt yourself getting wetter once again. He crashed his lips into yours once again as you could taste yourself in his mouth.

“You taste so good baby, I could have you again and again” Sehun said breathlessly against your lips.

He crawled off the bed as he quickly unbuckled his belt, then his pants and finally he pulled them down along with his underwear. His member stood tall and proud as his size worried you a little, was he too big for you?

“It’ll fit” Sehun said as he climbed back on top of you.

“I don’t know Sehun” you said.

“Do you love me?” Sehun asked as you nodded “do you trust me?” You nodded once again “then it’ll fit” Sehun said as he kissed your lips “please stop me if I hurt you and don’t be scared to claw my back. I wanna see you leave your mark on me” he said as he rested his forehead against yours and caressed your cheek.

The reason why Sehun was being so slow and careful with you was because you were still a virgin and this was obviously your first time. That’s why he distanced himself from you, to not pressurize you into anything.

He asked you one last time if you were ready to which you nodded. You felt him slowly start to penetrate your walls as you closed your eyes shut from the excruciating pain. Tears began to roll down your cheeks as you dug your nails into Sehun’s shoulder.

“Shh~ it’s ok the pain will soon be gone, I’m here baby I’m here~” Sehun whispered into your ear as he wiped your tears away. He slowly and lazily kissed your shoulders and neck as he pushed himself further into you.

Soon he was fully inside of you, the pain started to subside as pleasure took over. You cupped his cheeks and brought his face towards yours where you whispered “move”. He humbly obliged as he pulled himself out and thrusted back into you. You arched your back and clawed his back.

His thrusts started out slow but they soon grew faster meaning your moans grew louder. He held you close as he thrusted into you, he wanted to feel every part of your body touching his. You were moaning his name like a mantra when he had finally found your sweet spot. He kept whispering ‘I love you’ and ‘you’re so beautiful’ as he would lazily kiss you.

A familiar sensation built up in your stomach once again as your second orgasm was approaching. It took a few more thrusts before you finally climaxed as Sehun soon followed after. You both moaned out each other’s name before Sehun collapsed on top of you. You were both breathless and sweaty, your chests rising and falling as you tried to even out your breathing.

After a minute or so Sehun pulled himself out from you as he rolled off of you. He pulled you into his arms as he covered your naked bodies with the duvet. His one hand caressed your cheek as he kissed your nose making you smile. You wrapped your arms around his waist and snuggled up closer to him.

“Sehun” you said in a soft voice.

“Hmm?” He hummed in response as be played with your hair.

“Don’t you think I deserve an explanation as to what’s been going on with you this past month?” You said as you looked up at him.

“I was distancing myself from you because I didn’t want to force you into anything like this” Sehun said as his gaze hung low.

“Sehun look at me” you said as he looked at you without any hesitation “whatever we did just now was because I love you and you love me, you should have just talked to me rather than wasting a month in worrying about something that could have been fixed with one conversation” you gently kissed his lips as he smiled at you.

“I love you y/n” Sehun said as his head rested against yours.

“I love you too but you’re gonna have to do everything tomorrow cause I’m not gonna be able to move much” you said as you felt your eyes getting heavier.

“Today, tomorrow, forever, I’ll do whatever you want as long as you’re there with me” Sehun said before kissing your forehead “so you’ve been wearing my shirts huh?” He said with that playful smirk of his as you playfully hit his shoulder “not that I mind you do look amazing in them, then again you look amazing in anything you wear” your cheeks blushed at his words as he just laughed.

“You’re so annoying Sehun!” You said as you turned around so you back was facing him. He laughed as he wrapped his arms around your waist as pulled you against his back. He left a long kiss your shoulder before he nuzzled his face into the crook of your neck.

“Ok ok I’m sorry now can you please turn around so I can see my girlfriend’s beautiful face that I’ve missed so much” Sehun said as you slowly turned around in his arms. You both smiled as he kissed you once again before you lay in his arms once again with his arms securely wrapped around you.

“If you ever leave me like that again I’ll kill you!” You said.

“I’ll probably kill myself if I’m ever dumb enough to leave you like that again!” Sehun said as he kissed the top of you head “now go to sleep you’re gonna need it! Cause don’t think I’m gonna let you off with just one round baby, I’m gonna make it up to you and make sure you’re sore for the next three days!” That’s how you knew that your boyfriend was finally back and this time he wouldn’t leave you, not now not ever.


Dear Roxas Haters

This is for those who hate Roxas from Kingdom Hearts. Now I don’t mind if you just don’t really care about him or if he’s just not your favorite character, that’s totally understandable. I know he isn’t the perfect character nor I’m I trying to convince you to love him. But for those people who have this unwarranted hate for Roxas, here’s a big ‘ole rant to counter your numerous and rather repetitive “reasons” or accusations. (SPOILERS!!! Spoilers for KH 2 and KH 358/2 Days)

Accusation 1: Roxas is emotional, annoying, whiny, angsty, emo, mopey, angry, etc.

I’m assuming you’re already acquainted with his sad backstory. He isn’t the only character with a sad story but it’s depressing nonetheless. First he’s born into a strange world with no memories. He’s told that he doesn’t have a heart, therefore shouldn’t feel emotions, but yet he expresses them. He is utterly confused by his existence. The Organization uses him to execute their (or should I say Xemnas’s) evil scheme. Then one of his best friends, Xion, “dies”. After leaving he is kidnapped by Riku and DiZ and his memories are warped into believing he lives in this virtual Twilight town where he has friends, which he later discovers are all fake and that his happy memories with them were all lies. He had spent his entire existence longing to have friends and to lead a normal life. Remember how he’d watch the Twilight Town kids go about their lives? When he finally had that, it was cruelly snatched away from him. He resented bearing the keyblade and being so different. He learns that he’s not supposed to exist and should give up his existence to a boy he doesn’t even know or why he should. Then he gets absorbed into Sora and technically doesn’t exist but only within Sora. He didn’t even get to live a whole year. I know Xion and Namine didn’t either but this is still pretty sad and all those characters deserve appreciation. If this messed up and unfair crap happened to you, you’d be kinda depressed and angry too, just saying.

And he never whined about his life. He voiced his confusion and frustrations. He was tired and beaten down. He expressed his anger and hatred towards those who tell him his existence is void. This just makes him more realistic of a character. I’m pretty sure we’ve all gotten pissed off before, right? Sure, Sora never seemed to let any of the bad things get him down, but that’s only because he has this extraordinary ability to put the negative things behind him and think of the positives. Sora can bury his sadness in the happiness and comfort of his friends. But guess what? Roxas isn’t Sora. Stop thinking he’s supposed to be like him. He doesn’t really have friends anymore except for Axel. Because the other best friend just frickin died! And when I say died, I really just mean ceased to exist and become absorbed within him. But still. And with Sora, the need to find his friends motivates him. Roxas doesn’t really have a motivation other than finding the truth about himself. Realistically, most of us aren’t as emotionally stable as Sora proves himself to be. Roxas is more realistic in that standpoint. That doesn’t make him emo or whiny, he is just more likely to express his emotions and react more realistically. And to be honest, he held it together more than I would have in his situation.

And people say that he is the dark emo side of Sora. No, he isn’t. They aren’t even the same person. Sure Roxas has a slightly darker personality than Sora, but that doesn’t make him an emo. Do you even know what emo is? Roxas is just more mature and thinks rationally before acting, unlike happy-go-lucky Sora. He is a little more irritable than his Somebody though. For he reacts a little more aggressively when provoked. But that doesn’t make him pissy or hot-tempered. You wanna know a character who’s pissy? Larxene. She’s pretty damn irritable and has a fuse as short as a candle.

Accusation 2: Roxas was mean toward Axel in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

Yes I am aware that how Roxas behaved toward Axel seemed pretty cold. But Roxas had been raised to believe that Nobodies are pretty much incapable of bearing emotions of any kind. So feelings of genuine friendship are included. And he even discovered that the Organization was trying to wipe him from the picture, seeing as Xion was made to replicate his powers. With that in mind, it only made it easier for Roxas to believe that no one in the Organization truly cares for him. Also, he really needed learn more about himself. He burrows deeper into this state of confusion and seeing as the Organization could offer little clarity, it was wisest to separate himself from the Organization and set off to find his own answers. And it was made clear to him that he wasn’t needed, except for Axel. But you can’t just wait for others to bring you all the answers in life, and Roxas realized that. Sometimes you just need to find them yourself. And that’s exactly what he did. He was also being used and lied to by the Organization. Though he did leave behind the one person who still cared for him, he found it necessary to take matters into his own hands. This displays independence which is a highly valuable trait to have. Though Roxas really did care for Axel. But with the situation at hand, it was hard to believe what anybody said at that point. With all of the lies he had been told and the vagueness of any answer he could get, made it rather hard to trust anyone.

Yes there are better ways that Roxas could have handled the events including the fights with Axel and Xion, but hey, no one’s perfect. He was impatient while interrogating Axel about Xion’s disappearance but he was confused. He didn’t understand the situation. I’m not the fangirl who idolizes a character and completely ignores their flaws or mistakes. He is slightly impatient, a little on the aggressive side, and kinda stubborn. Buy I actually appreciate the imperfections of each character (sometimes). No one likes a Mary sue or Gary stu. But you can choose to dislike Roxas for these reasons, because it’s understandable. But I still love this character and all his flaws.

Accusation 3: Roxas is selfish, self-centered, egotistical, etc.

Roxas is not selfish. At least not from what I’ve seen. I already stated my reasoning for his departure from Organization XIII and the tension between him and Axel due to fighting with Xion, which you can agree or disagree with. Roxas is actually a caring person. Remember when Xion forgot how to summon her keyblade? He, with the help of his buddy Axel, decided to work double duty so Xion could go on missions with him and practice using his keyblade in order to help her regain knowledge of summoning her keyblade. Wanna know what he used since he gave up his keyblade for Xion? A friggin stick. A STICK!! And I’m pretty sure everyone hated using that cursed stick to whack enemies with. That weapon was a piece of garbage! But he did it because he cared about Xion and somewhat revered friendship.

Remember the emotions he displayed when he witnessed her “death”? Remember the “winner” stick Roxas saved for Axel? Remember how a tear slips down Sora’s cheek in Kingdom Hearts 2 while saying farewell to Hayner, Pence and Olette? That was Roxas crying from within Sora. That does not sound like a selfish person to me. He wished days spent with his friends on the clock tower would never end because he truly loves his friends.

A lot of people say that he only thought about himself. Perhaps they mean when he questioned his existence so many times. His thoughts seemed to turn to himself. But considering his situation, and the lack of answers to his questions, it seems only reasonable that he constantly questions himself. Is it really such a crime to want answers about yourself? I know most of us question ourselves. We as humans question our very existence on this Earth and our purpose in life. We wonder where we’ll go in life and who we’ll ultimately be. We always have questions about ourselves. So does this make us bad people? No! So don’t keep on talking about how Roxas only thinks of himself and that he’s self-centered. He hardly knew who he was and just wanted some answers. Questioning yourself doesn’t make you selfish.

Accusation 4: Roxas is a blond.

Okay, seriously? This one can explain itself. Everyone knows that not all blondes are the stereotypical clueless idiots society has made them out to be. I know plenty of awesome, badass, and rather intelligent characters who are blonde/blond. This is just another stupid reason haters find to hate on characters and actual people.

Accusation 5: Roxas’s fangirls.

This is also quite understandable. Fangirls can be quite annoying: shoving their otp in your face, constantly blabbing about their fandoms, and fawning over fictional characters. Well I’m a fangirl and I have been guilty of these things at times, but I do not constantly rub it in others’ faces. It gets old and just makes those around you hold a resentment toward your fandoms and stuff. But guys, everyone freaks out about something. Whether it be One Direction, Justin Bieber (but no one really likes him anymore), or Doctor Who, whatever. Almost everyone fangirls/fanboy about something. So just try to tolerate whatever others fangirl/fanboy about, even if you don’t necessarily care for it. But if it gets to the point where this topic is brought up on a daily basis, then you can tell that person to tone it down and try to be considerate of others.

Okay so that wraps up my rather long rant. I do not intend to offend anyone. I just really needed to say this to get it off my chest. It’s not healthy for things like this to fester within me. If you disagree with me, then that’s your opinion. I’m just getting my own opinion out there. If you really feel the need to, you can discuss your thoughts on this topic with me. Just don’t kill me or cuss me out please :) And I thank those of you who actually read through the entirety of my rant. I’m not even sure if I would have if I didn’t write it haha. But anyways, thanks!