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carry on, darling, we were built to last 

“Were you serious?” Yuuri asked, glancing at Victor’s profile as the elevator climbed up towards their floor.

“What do you mean?”

Yuuri shifted nervously, conscious of the sudden weight of the golden band on his finger.

“About what you said, marrying me after I win gold?”

Too scared it was just a joke, he couldn’t look straight at Victor. It would be cruel to play with his heart in that way and Yuuri doubted Victor would do something like that, but… He sneaked a peek at the mirror wall in front of them.

And maybe it was worse than directly watching Victor smile, in that soft, caring way Yuuri was still not used to even after months of seeing it; maybe it was worse, because now he felt like a secret pervert and it just burned so right to spy all those changes of tender, wordless affection go through Victor’s face when his smile turned into an expression of gentle sincerity.

Yuuri’s cheeks dusted pink and he snapped his eyes away awkwardly, only to jump when Victor took his hand.

The hand with the ring gleaming in the bright elevator lights.

“I would never joke about it,” Victor said solemnly, lifting Yuuri’s hand and kissing the gold band.

Relief and embarrassment washed over Yuuri simultaneously and his body didn’t know for a moment what to do: to breathe or to fidget. So he stood frozen, watching their joined hands and the matching rings, so beautiful, so precious, so gold.

“But,” Victor continued talking. “I’ll marry you even if you don’t win.”

“Wha– But you said–” Yuuri started confused.

“I did,” Victor’s smile turned playful when he cocked his head to the side and his eyes squinted in that cheerful way that always made Yuuri smile as well. “If you don’t win gold I’ll be the one planning the whole thing, though.”

Somehow Yuuri couldn’t really bring himself to care about that. He was about to voice it, when Victor said:

“I’ll rent the whole cathedral and we’ll have white roses and baldachins of white silk draped all around it and then a coach pulled by six white horses and–”

“Stop, stop!” Yuuri cut him off, nervous laughter getting stuck in his chest. “That’s way too much!”

“Eh? I don’t think so. We should get the best of the best of the best to­–”

“Victor,” Yuuri stepped closer, catching Victor’s hand in both of his and holding it as if it was the most precious thing in the world. And it was. “If I win, we’ll do it my way, okay?”

Victor’s smile brightened, “Okay.”

When the elevator door ringed open and Victor sauntered out, humming the wedding march under his breath, Yuuri couldn’t help a fond smile at the sudden feeling of having played right into Victor’s hands.

But, well, he didn’t necessarily mind that.


the last weeks have been really bad for my mental health so i haven’t drawn much…  but i’ve started reading tsubasa again and i’m having the time of my life, thanks clamp…

i was trying to learn how to draw the Family so i did a few sketches and here we are :^)


~ happy birthday jiminie ~


Era of Samurai: Code of Love Release Campaign

Our Code of Love: Haiku of Desire

Kyohei and Hijikata: Serenity 

Eisuke and Hijikata: Possession 

Rikiya and Harada: Hunger

Miyabi and Saito: Loyalty 

Tsumugu and Okita: Truth

Aigonorus and Okita: Adoration

*All images are property of Voltage Inc*

~Ensue rant~

(In light of the most recent reply she sent to someone about berena)

If you have Twitter, are apart of the berena fandom, follow Catherine AND OR Jemma (yes mentioning her too) STOP tagging them in / tweeting them about what’s happening to and with berena.. it’s bloody annoying and it’s not fair to keep pestering them. (Especially in person, but that’s for another rant entirely) Catherine’s currently doing WTBS and yes, Jemma is, what I believe to be, still filming Holby but just stop okay? Even if they know what’s happening, they are contracted not to say anything, especially to fans!!! Time after time, Catherine has always positively mentioned Berena and when she first took her sabbatical she mentioned Berena and that damn #Keepthefaith tag. Not many would be so reassuring and tweet such things to their fans, so please just leave her alone. She does not write the show, she has no part in what happens with storylines in general and for her character- yes sometimes I’m sure she is allowed to have an input but for the most part, she probably is not. If you have a problem with the writing, tweet the writers not Catherine and or Jemma. Yes, the past few weeks, I agree, they haven’t had much on-screen time but it’s building up and if you could give it a few weeks to actually watch this build up and lay off before jumping the gun and going straight to keyboard warrior mode to Catherine and Jemma, that would be marvellous! I understand that other storylines are in the limelight at the moment but all stories are just as important. I am aware that Berena is incredibly important (for that needed representation and wlw relationship) but just wait and see and give it a chance, they’re just happening at different times okay? And can I just remind everyone, there are 10+ main characters, it’s not berena city, it’s Holby - they all get their fair share. Serena is currently going through losing her only child, at such a devastating young age, before she really got anywhere, they didn’t get a goodbye, nor have a great relationship.. do you have any idea what that’s like? Remember it’s a show, and at the same time it still needs to have that level of realism.. so I can assure you, that being lovey dovey is the last on both Serena and Bernie’s minds. From my own experience of grieving, Catherine is playing this storyline so beautifully and it’s being done so well and I know Bernie has not featured heavily but that allows the storyline with Jasmine to also develop and give us an idea on her relationships with her family and friends.

Y'all need to calm down and chill out. I totally get how important berena is to you, to all of us, it’s important to me too, but please stop tweeting them, moaning and whining about Berena, it’ll come, in time. Let Catherine enjoy her sabbatical, let Jemma do her thing. And on that note, I’m so done. I’m out

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