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Oikawa Tooru appears in preview wearing glasses: HAIKYUU!! TRENDS ON TUMBLR

Ladies and gentlemen and other non-binary friends, this is the power of a gay volleyball anime  

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Here's a (possibly) toughie: Do you prefer conventional or digital art?

// Oh digital, totally! Even though I started out with traditional media.

Like, my start in art was making cat comics when I was like… 9? Something like that? It was cat comics and comics about ants. So from then until, liiiiike, 18 or so, I was pen and pencil all the way. I would use colored pencils and a bazillion Sharpies, and very briefly dabbled in using markers, like Copics and such.

Then, after graduating high school, I got my first tablet, and WOW, it’s like my eyes just opened.

Like, don’t get me wrong, traditional art has a… feel that can’t really be replicated (though a lot of people try to, and I appreciate that) and it’s amazing. Like, the texture and scent of paper, feeling the grain from using pencils, the headaches you inevitably get from using markers for too long and inhaling that alcohol smell. Everything feels nice and weighted, and getting paint on your fingers or smudging up charcoal is a feeling I can’t really describe, but it’s a great one.

But digital opens up so many venues. Like colors, for example! For colored pencils or markers, packs would come with the typical hues, and you’d really have to hunt for the more unconventional colors, like for skin tones or pastels or that specific shade of grey. In digital, it’s all right there in the color wheel! You just click and boom, there it is! I’ve been able to experiment with all the palettes I’ve wanted, and I can pretty much do unsaturated colors all day, which is my favorite.

Then layers are a godsend, then CTRL+Z, and an eraser that cleans it completely without smudges, and controlling the size of the canvas, and TEXTURES (I freaking love textures, I use them everywhere it’s so great), and you can have so many brushes with different attributes, and you can save colors, and the fine tuning you can do to a picture after you finished, and TEXT OPTIONS because my handwriting is horrendous, and being able to upload it online without needing a scanner, and opacity options and simulating lighting, which is a lot harder to do in traditional, and just UGHH

Digital is great. Traditional is great. Art is great.

Sasusaku month 2015

Day 3 - Carnival 

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ok but imagine thorne taking cress to italy and her trying italian food for the first time!!!

After distributing the letumosis antidote throughout most of the American Republic, Thorne and Cress split their time doing runs for the European Federation and the Eastern Commonwealth. Kai suggested that they take a break before starting their new schedule and take a respite at the palace, but Thorne had a better idea.

  • Thorne loved showing Cress around the American Republic, but their stops had all been brief and they didn’t have much time to sightsee. President Vargas keeps a tight schedule and while Thorne grumbled about never working so hard before in his life (”Even overthrowing a tyrannical queen was much easier than this!”), he was secretly grateful because he wasn’t sure he knew how to be the perfect boyfriend and that was what Cress deserved.
    • But if there’s anything to be said about Carswell Thorne, it’s that the man always has a plan. He began scheming as soon as soon as he knew their contract with the American Republic was up.
  • Thorne spent an entire week deciding on the perfect place to take Cress. It would be their first official vacation and he had wanted it to be perfect. He spent hours sitting in his pilot seat jotting down ideas into the little leather notebook he used as his Captain’s log.
    • Years later, Cress would find that little worn notebook and flip through it curiously. She would wipe a tear away as she read the list, mentally checking off all the places that Thorne had taken her. He didn’t miss a single one.
  • After much deliberation, Thorne finally decided on Italy and hurriedly made plans.
    • His thoughts kept wandering back to the time years ago, when he was mesmerized by Cress’s voice as she sang her Old Italian opera.
    • He kept it a secret from Cress for two whole weeks and only revealed the surprise when Cress checked their delivery schedule and saw that there was nothing listed.
      • He couldn’t keep the grin off his face when he told her that they were going to spend a week in Italy because well, they deserved a little R&R.
        • Cress flung herself at Thorne and squealed nearly making them topple over.
    • For the first stop on their trip, Thorne made Cress put on his blindfold from the desert, even before they had landed. She hated wearing it because she wanted to be able to take everything in as they descended, but Thorne had insisted and he promised her, she could wander the streets all day and night and he wouldn’t make her go to bed.
      • Cress made him pinky-promise.
        • He did.
      • When they finally landed, and after Thorne led Cress to their destination, he finally removed her blindfold to reveal Teatro de Fenice–the actual opera house from Cress’s favorite operatic performances. 
        • Cress actually cried as they walked through the doors and admired the countless chandeliers and carved wood paneling.
          • She didn’t even realize where Thorne was leading her until they made it into the performance hall and he pulled her on stage. He had to wipe away her tears and give her a little coaxing, but soon enough she was belting out her favorite opera as Thorne sat in the front row and admired her.
            • He may or may not have tears in his own eyes when Cress was done with her performance. His and Cress’s stories don’t match up.
    • After the visit to the opera house, Thorne took Cress on a gondola ride and they watched the sun set as it made the water sparkle.
    • They went to Rome and visited the Trevi Fountain.
      • Cress looked wistfully at the fountain as she told Thorne how people in the second era used to throw coins into it which meant that they would return there someday. 
        • Thorne reached into the pocket of his flight-jacket and pulled out a tarnished medallion. He had known about the tradition and even though univs was the only form of money now, he didn’t want Cress to miss out. Her face lit up when he handed her the medallion and she made a wish.
    • They went to Florence and ate their way through Tuscany.
      • When Cress looked longingly at the olive groves, Thorne made a mental note to get her an olive tree if they ever settled down. 
        • In the meanwhile, he talked one of the children at the vineyard they were visiting to make Cress an olive branch crown.
          • She wore it the rest of the day and it still hangs on one of the pegs in the Rampion’s galley. 
Truth or Dare

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Jin , Yoongi, Hoseok, Namjoon, Jimin, Taehyung, Jungkook

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“Thanks for the earlier compliment, but honestly you’re the sexy one,” Namjoon winks and you hold in a groan at his deep voice.

“You really think so,” you ask as you bite your lower lip gazing at him through your lashes.

“I think we have too many people to play poker,” Vanessa points out counting that there are now 14 people altogether.

“We could make teams?” Jungkook suggests.

Everyone nods at the idea and your friends’ team up each with one of the men.

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Soryu 20, Akiyoshi 22 please! I've enjoyed every single piece you've written immensely! Keep up the good work! and thank you in advance!

Thank you lovely!!! Here have some horny fueled hot sexy men rage kissing you. :) :) (only the best kind. lets just be honest)

These only seem to get longer the more of them I write. Oops? But honestly, you expect me to cut Aki short? haha lets be serious here.

The first one with Soryu is a love letter to my new hubby Mamoru. His main wasn’t very impressive to me when i read it ages ago when it was first released. But HOT DAMN his sequel!! He needs a sale PRONTO cause I need the rest of his stories stat.

20. We’re not having a threesome.

You had a boyfriend damn it. A sexy muscular beast of a man. One who was in the freaking MOB for crying out loud. Who could literally end your existence and leave no trace behind. These horrible dirty thoughts of yours had to stop immediately. It was treading on dangerous territory… but damn it, when did Mamoru get so freaking hot lately?! You watched him from across the penthouse casually blowing smoke. You hated smoking, it was a filthy disgusting habit. Somehow though on Mamoru it was like a dangerous temptation, luring you to the dark side. Lost in your intense, lustful thoughts… you hadn’t noticed Soryu sneak next to you.

“Something on your mind?” Soryu wrapped a muscular arm around your waist and pulled you against his side. You flushed at the intimate contact in front of the others and trying pulling away. Soryu was too strong, and glaring down with such heated passion.

“Ai! Um, oh no nothing!” You reply tense and avoiding eye contact.

“You’re not to look at another man like that, got it?” Soryu bent down and vehemently whispered hot in your ear. Your knees nearly gave way at the intensity and Soryu’s forcefulness. His strength kept you upright and leaning against his broad chest for support.

“I-I’m not.” You deny, but it’s useless. You can feel even your ears reddening. You try hiding your flushed face against Soryu’s body. He allows you but cranes his neck down so his words reach your ears only.

“You are mine, got it? I won’t give you up, and we’re not having a threesome.”

22. Sorry I couldn’t help myself, you did have it positioned right there.

“Damn it! Why does the copier always break on me?” You sigh frustrated, glaring down at the offending office machine.

“Restart it. Unplug it from the back.” Kaoru calls out, and he too receives a glare. So nice of him to come over and help, especially considering his height and can reach the back with ease. After childishly sticking your tongue out at Kaoru, you turn back to the large copier.

As expected you can’t reach the back at all. You hop up until you gain a steady hold and lean over so you can see the back. Of course this position has you flaunting your ass to the office, but the copier is towards the back. Your boyfriend, the growler, has been extra tense today so everyone is working diligent. With luck no one will even notice your risque position. Just as you grab hold of the correct cable, you remember your outfit. A new tight skirt chosen just to taunt Akiyoshi while at the office.

You rush to finish and are almost done when a rough goose to your backside catches you off guard. You can’t resist the shriek of surprise, and you end up banging your head against the wall. You turn only your head around with your body still stretched over the copier. There you find Akiyoshi glaring behind you. He has his arms crossed but his body looks intimidatingly broad. As you ease yourself down off the copier, Akiyoshi relaxes his pose. You realize he must have been trying to hide your backside from the rest of the office. Your heart leaps joyous before realizing he is still glaring daggers at you.

“Awww boss you ruined the show.” Minato snarks from across the office, but regrets it as soon as Akiyoshi whirls around sharp.

“Two more full page articles due first thing tomorrow Minato. Anyone else?” Akiyoshi growls. His furious tone is enough for the keyboard clicking to quicken. No one else dares to turn away from their screen. Satisfied he turns around and demands to see you in his office at once. You timidly follow behind him, jumping when he slams the door shut.

“Aki-” You begin, but are sharply cut off with by a rough kiss.

“What were you thinking?” He growls in your mouth, not bothering to pull away the slightest. His harsh hands grab your ass pulling you hard against him, as he continues the assault on your mouth. At last satisfied he pulls away, looking ashamed at his behavior.

“I apologize. For touching your- um. Sorry I couldn’t help myself, you did have it positioned right there.”