damn slime!

slime protips

- simple slime recipe: glue (white or clear) + activator

- simple fluffy slime recipe: glue (white or clear) + shaving cream to cover the whole top of the glue + activator

- stir slowly, don’t put too much activator, and add in activator a little at a time for the best results

- deco/foam balls don’t stick to fluffy slime, but glitter does

- if your slime is too runny or sticky, refrigerate it and/or add more activator

- paint works just as well as food coloring!! i’ve only used acrylic though, so idk if other types work


Why haven’t I seen any posts about these tweets? They’re so damn cute T uT

Original Tweet

ok this has been bothering me a lot so i’m gonna say it:

You are not entitled to someone else’s personal experiences, especially when they’re being harassed. Stim blogs aren’t some monolith or machine that you put requests into and get gifsets out of. We are actual human beings on the internet and we don’t owe you anything. If a blog says “don’t interact if [x]”, don’t fucking do it. It’s not that hard to respect someone’s boundaries.

We also don’t run our blogs for other users. Stim blogs are mostly personal blogs, so telling us you’re unfollowing for whatever reason or doing other rude things will just get you a block. If a blog trigger tags or caters to you, that’s great! They’re a great person! However, it doesn’t give you the right to harass a blog that doesn’t or can’t. They are not you, their blog is not your property. Sending manipulative messages in order to guilt users into doing something for you is not okay either. Prioritize yourself and follow blogs that can be accessible to you.

And lastly, we deal with life too! We get overwhelmed! Don’t send us messages telling us to be kinder during unwanted interactions, especially when you know the blogger is getting swamped with hate messages. It costs nothing to be nice and show other people kindness (or straight up leave them alone) when they’re clearly overwhelmed. PLEASE don’t purposely hurt someone just because you can. Nobody thinks it’s cute or “bratty”, and they definitely don’t think it’s endearing. It’s cruel and it just makes you look childish.

Top Ten Worst Responses to My Makeup Post

for reference, here is the original post:

fairly innocuous, right? just me, talking about my life, sharing an experience I thought other women would relate to. And they did! A bunch of responses were from other women talking about their own annoying makeup experiences.

Except, uh. Some people got really upset. Here are a few of my (least) favorites.

12. @b—y-femisnist (bitchy? butchy? buoy?) is number 12 because, um, sure 

I guess that’s true, but have you considered: 

11. Strangely, @if-it-all-ends-well reiterated my original post exactly

they enjoy makeup because they aren’t required to wear it. but then goes on to give me unsolicited and condescending advice! Baffling!

10. Everyone makes mistakes

@merrybitchmas2 gets number 10 for being innocently uninformed and making a nice dinner suggestion! Thanks!

9. I don’t know where they got “oppression” from, but @lenaluthorapologist is apparently a medical doctor! 

I appreciate the free diagnosis; psychiatrists are expensive.

8. @wasteyourlife saw an opportunity to hit on his tumblr crush, and he took it 

original post be damned.

7. @toxicmutantslimefreaks actually Slime Freak, it’s called having a job :)

I really don’t get it. Are you guys all 15? Have you ever worked in a professional environment? Have you ever looked at the dress code for women, where it describes what kind of makeup to wear?????

6. I truly feel for men who have unfortunate facial shapes, @keyhollow, 

but if you think it hurts their careers, I suggest you take a look at the United States Senate.

5. @la-femme-noelle is either a fucking liar or some kind of super human

in which case it’s really not fair to compare the rest of us :/

4. I’m truly not sure how we got here… 

…but @amarretto-cowboy blames the public school system for not teaching me to cook. Also very clearly a 55 year old man masquerading as one of the “youths”

3. @egoisty clearly isn’t that curious, because I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned multiple times that it is a requirement. 

They then suggest I use exposure therapy on my coworkers so that they aren’t triggered by my makeupless face! Brilliant! (I cut this one if, it’s long and I just Don’t Care)

2. To be clear, @pancakesbejealouswaffles isn’t suggesting you quit wearing makeup. 

They’re suggesting you just QUIT YOUR JOB if you don’t want to wear makeup! Can you imagine???? I really couldn’t have made this shit up, bless this site.

1. This is one of the first responses to this post, but it’s just so good. 

@realspaztastic ‘s suggestion is so brilliant, my lady brain actually skipped over it the first time I saw this post. But look again: after suggesting I simply buy a better foundation, his penis brain goes to absolutely full capacity and reaches the magnificent conclusion that we should just MAKE OUR OWN FOUNDATION ON THE WEEKENDS

anonymous asked:

am sorry to bother you but do you know where silver parsnips spawn? a pink slime ate the one from the tangle gordo and ive been stuck (and salty) since..

… I dont know!

My best advice would be to bring as many areas to life as possible to hunt them down. I haven’t been able to see them in the wild yet myself but I also haven’t brought all the areas back to life. A particularly unexplored place for me is the area with dervish statues. Try around there? But I was just lucky enough to salvage the ones I got from that gordo. Sorry for not being able to help much! I’m sure some of my friends have a better idea and can leave comments <3


A Happy Family! ~

Thank you Jack, for playing Slime Rancher and basically turned me into a total sucker for this game…
Everything in this game is so cute and squishy, you can’t even be mad…

This wasn’t suppose to happen…I wanted to make sketches and I just kept going and I was half way done coloring when I realized what I was doin’.

Oh well, I drew the Bachelors. I might do the Bachelorettes!

I like the slimes. They are just a handful of jelly. Too cute- expectantly the ones with stars!

I think I drew dino right. Well have the dino. And of course Steven as a farmer. He’d so rock that straw hat.