damn she fine!


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Summary: Dean meets the reader at a party and he finds out something about her that he doesn’t expect.

Prompt: “Will you for once stop thinking with your dick!”

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Requested: @blackcherrywhiskey

“Damn she’s fine.” Dean growls under his breath, practically eye fucking you as you stroll into the frat party.

“That’s Y/N. She’s cool. And a law major too so we have a good amount of classes together.” Sam explains before polishing  off his beer and chucking the empty can into the trash.

“Her friend is pretty good looking. Let’s get on that and do a double date, man. I get Y/N though. You get…”

“Kelly. She’s Y/N’s girlfriend.” Sam finishes with an amused smirk followed by a full on snicker. Dean doesn’t catch on at first making his younger brother  laugh even harder.

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Turntaround Time

Mila & Yuri - stuck at an airport

“Hey, Yuri. Smile!”

Ugh. Is she fucking serious? Yuri pulls his hood down and flips her off. The one person who won’t get turned off of taking a picture just because of it – of course, she snaps a shot.

“Three…two…tagged…and, posted!” The notice pops up on his lockscreen: milababi has tagged you in a post. Doesn’t waste a damn second, does she. Fine, whatever. Yuri flicks his phone open.

delays party at the airport is LIT lol

It follows one of herself, posing like an old Hollywood starlet in her sunglasses and that awful beanie she stole from him last winter. She’s worn the hell out of it and it’s already starting to bead. Still, her lipstick is perfect, damn her. Yuri grabs for her phone.

“Gimme that.”

“Hold up!” Mila swipes it from his reach so his fingers only just brush it. “My camera, my rules!” Un-fucking-believable. Yuri snorts.

“Better step up your game, my photo sucks.” He begins to regret this challenge the very millisecond the grin starts to split her face. Oh, god.

Yakov finds them in the souvenir shop not far from the terminal, modeling some coonskin hats and miming doing shots of maple syrup from bottles shaped like giant glass maple leaves. He loses his shit over their wandering off, but Mila challenges him to a round of syrup shots and for the look on his face when he tries to decide whether or not she’s serious, it’s kinda worth it.



look we found Yakov some new hair!


“Cut the big sister act, Alex. We have never been sisters, we don’t share blood. And you know what the sad truth is? Without me… you have no life. And that kills you. Deep down… you hate me. And that’s why you killed my aunt. Oh, did I make you cry? You know what they say. The truth hurts.”

okay but, ever since jade came out an said that she had an eating disorder when she was younger, i keep seeing people like analyzing her now an talking about how they’re sad that she has weight insecurities bc she covers her stomach a lot an……like ?????????? covering your stomach doesn’t equal being insecure. an didn’t jade herself say that her eating disorder wasn’t bc she had a warped self image but bc she took the death of her grandfather who she was very close to very hard an she was looking for control ????? like can y’all stop assigning insecurities an symptoms to her just bc you now know of a disorder she dealt with in the past…..y’all aren’t doctors an you don’t know her personally. like you wanna talk about how strong she is that’s fine but stop trying to diagnose her with problems she’s gotten over/doesn’t have