damn rocks

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I was wanting to know how protective you think that the pevensie boys are over the girls

  • at first they’d super protective in narnia
  • especially peter because he is the big bro/mama
  • “watch out in the woods lucy!! the trees are moving!! there are dangerous animals!! stop climbing those damn rocks lu!!!”
  • and edmund would be like
  • “hmm you know su there are tons of suitors coming for you lately if… hm.. if you ever feel like you aren’t safe just scream ok?”
  • and everytime he sees susan’s suitors:
  • “i’m gonna kick their ass! hold me!”
  • but with time they both understand their sisters don’t need their protection… at all
  • lucy is a true girl of the forest who knows it by heart and can use a sword as good as her brothers
  • and susan is a queen with words who know how to turn down a man
  • … and she can shoot arrows if it goes wrong

Pregnant Lindsay: Evolution - Part 2 of 2

Congratulations to the whole Jones crew and their loved ones during this special time. Special shout out to @lindsayjones for being a badass build-a-baby machine for the past 35 weeks. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful pregnancy with all of us; we know that you’ll be the best kind of mom. 


I’ve fallen into the RWBY Rock AU.

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Well guys there’s the business. I kind of got to reading/scrounging for rwby rock team CFVY stuff after @dashingicecream​ released her revived RWBY sketches, so I kind of took ideas from a few sources-credit to @lacee-girl​ for the inspiration for Emerald here (chillin’ like a villain), some stuff from various Rock ideas, and a toss in a bit of events from the actual show. It’s been a long time since I last did a proper “Story” type project, so this was an experiment for me.

You get this because… Hell I don’t know, maybe I’ll have to fix all this angst later! The truth is I have a lot of feelings about this AU lmao we’re in it now