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West Virginia honky-tonk, 1991, pretty waitress,bunch of personal business between us after closing. And then i git, ‘cause Johnny Law’s breathing down my neck. Lacking a forwarding address, I never heard from her again.

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Hi, Butterfly! I hope this hasn’t been asked before: what would have happened if Robert had found out on his own about Jon being Rhaegar’s (noticing something that could have given Ned away, doing some research with the Tower of Joy, dream revelation, whatever)? Let’s say this happens after Balon’s Rebellion, in the middle of his peaceful reign, when he’s thankful to Ned… would he have ran to Winterfell asking for Jon’s head? Do you think that Ned could have talked him out of this idea? Thank you!

Hmm, I don’t think anyone’s asked anything quite like this before, so… well, Ned’s always been pretty damn careful, and Robert isn’t exactly the most perceptive person in the world, so I’m going to have to assume he finds out about Jon’s parentage in a dream. (He’s ¼ Targ, it could happen.) So, a few months after the Greyjoy Rebellion, he wakes up, filled with fury… and because Robert isn’t exactly the most subtle person in the world, either, he goes roaring down the Red Keep corridors until he finds Jon Arryn and starts shouting at him about Ned’s treachery and the dragonspawn nesting at Winterfell. But Jon Arryn, who is subtle and has a strong interest in keeping Westeros peaceful, talks Robert down from his anger. (Along with asking him if he was sure, it was a dream after all, but Robert responds with shouts and sobs (about Ned, about Lyanna) and certainty.)

And, well, this gets very fanficcy, so under a cut it goes:

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gif request meme ⇝ emmerdale hs yearbook award themes

biggest flirt: robert sugden

  • simon: um so i made out with clary, flirted with maia, took jace's stupid advice and flirted with him too and Quite frankly i'm so done with this breakup and i have no impulse control and i'm pretty sure i fractured a rib last night from sleeping in that canoe and i'm starving-
  • raphael: i drank from izzy twice
  • raphael: i wasn't aware we were dating
  • simon: *throws his hands up in the air* IM DONE, SIMON LEWIS OUT

I got a commission to draw a daiMACura, and here it is :) I had a lot of fun with this one. Thanks to patchesotron-art for commissioning me, this was a total blast!!! After they order one I may see about making prints myself ;)

you know, i was rewatching the ssw forest scene for the umpteenth time and something really hit me. seeing aaron’s empathy and compassion towards robert in that scene has always made me extra emotional but now it’s struck me just how much i love that aaron, who has been through and survived some of the worst things a human being can go through, would never undermine or dismiss the seriousness of robert’s own experiences and traumas.

in that scene, he’s crying from watching and listening to the man he loves open up about something that happened in his past and about his feelings, because he understands that what robert is telling him about has shaped how robert has perceived and lived his whole life up to now and he gets how huge it is that robert is finally expressing it.
some would think that aaron’s lived through worse and would have limited sympathy or whatnot, but that’s not at all how aaron sees things, not in the slightest. if something affects robert, it’s important. as proven by his reaction to the jack comment at their wedding, months later. 

so basically god bless aaron dingle, i am immensely grateful for him and so happy that robert sugden is as loved as he is by this amazing person. because believe you me, aaron would defend and protect robert from anyone who would dare hurting him, with everything that he has.


# jace tries to hit on maia # but she’s like “how many girls do you usually get with this line?” # “no one ever complained” # “guess there’s a first time for everything” # “guess i should think a better pick up line just for you.. and that one will work” # “i wouldn’t count on it, shadowhunter” and she just,,,, goes away??? # and jace thinks “damn this girl is going to be the death of me”