damn right its better than yours

  • APH Finland: My vodka brings all the boys to the yard ♫
  • APH Finland: And there like,♫♪
  • APH Finland: Its better than yours ♫♪
  • APH Finland: Damn right its better than yours,♫♪
  • APH Finland: I can teach you, ♫♪
  • APH Finland: But I have to charge ♫♪
  • APH Sweden: ...
  • APH Sweden: Who are those boys?
  • APH Finland: It's just a silly song, Sve!
  • APH Sweden: I'm going to fight them.

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1. nillili mambo - block b (of fucking course it would star with kpop right)
2. la hormiga brava - calle13
3. valjean arrested/valjean forgiven - original broadway cast recording
4. vanilla - the maine
5. we are young - fun.
6. mi soledad y yo - alejandro sanz
7. festa - ivete sangalo
8. tag, you’re it - melanie martinez
9. overrated - mika
10. damned if i do ya (damned if i don’t) - all time low

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You know, I wasn’t gonna do a Valentine’s post this year. Last two years I’ve said some pretty aggressive things, but this year hasn’t gotten to me. Then my co-worker dropped one at work, said, even if I had a girlfriend, I’d be anti- Valentine.

For the record… I’m not. In fact I used to try pretty damn hard. The thing that always made my blood boil was the whining and wailing about being single, or complaining about your significant other. Being single isn’t so bad. To me its hands down better than being in a bad relationship. As for being in a bad relationship, its in people’s power to end it and get out, start doing something good for themselves. Learn to love themselves and be an independent human being. If you have to force it, you aren’t doing something right. 

This year though, a lot of what I’ve seen has been people genuinely enjoying being together. As lovers, or as friends, and, I didn’t want to slam down some grating story of my abusive ex and declare I’m happy to be single this year. But that comment from my co-worker did make me want to say, this year, people found some of the good in it again, and that’s a lovely thing.

  • Elesis: Ey guys! Who wants milkshakes???
  • Elsword, Raven, Chung, and Ciel: We do--
  • Add: OUT OF MY WAY! *rushes to Elesis*
  • Elsword, Raven, Chung, and Ciel: HEY! *follows Add*
  • Elesis: There's milkshake for everybody!
  • Ara: *passes by* E-eh??
  • Elesis: My milkshake brings the boys in the yard! DAMN RIGHT, it's better than yours! DAMN RIGHT, it's better than yours~
  • Ara: Elesis, why? Q^Q

title: minor insecurities
fandom: miraculous ladybug
summary:  Ladybug is desperate to keep her personal life separate from her crime-fighting partner, but its hard sometimes. There’s so much more behind the mask than a simple identity.
notes: this isn’t even good i am so sorry.

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“Your hair is longer now.”

Instinctively, Ladybug reaches up to touch the ends of her pigtail. She doesn’t have to reach back very far, Chat is right. The ends drape over her black-spotted shoulder.  Her fingers run through them measuredly and then she turns to glance at him.

“What about it?” she asks, confused by his sudden turn in topic.

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You Are More

For the anon who asked for something to cheer her up from her breakup. Hope this helps! <3

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You checked your phone for the umpteenth time within an hour, still no response. You sighed and put your phone down again. Loki looked at you with some concern and you gave him a half hearted smile before looking anywhere but at him. Loki wordlessly moved closer to you.

“What is wrong, Y/N,” Loki asked you.

“It’s nothing, Loki,” you said as you tried to put a smile on your face.

“I know something is wrong. You can either tell me now, or I will find my own ways of finding out.”

“It’s really nothing.”

“Alright then,” as Loki said this he pulled you phone over to him. He tapped on the screen and tried some other maneuvers with it. “Why won’t this device grant me access. Open for me. Open. Unlock. Unlock for me, device. I am Loki of Asgard and you shall open for me you blasted device.”

You laughed at the man as he tried with all of him might to get access to your phone.

“At least I got a real smile to grace your face,” Loki told you, momentarily pausing from his efforts.

You blushed and looked down.

“Ah, it has given me access.” You looked at Loki in confusion trying to guess how he gained access to your phone. “Why are you showing me my face? What does this button do? Y/N I do not understand what is going on. Will you please explain to me what this device is doing?”

You leaned over to get a better look at the screen. Loki had somehow opened your camera and was inadvertently taking selfies with it. You laughed and Loki looked at you quizzically.

“You’re taking pictures, Loki, see.”

You smiled at the camera and took the picture. You then pulled up the picture for Loki to see.

“You look happy but at the same time not happy. How can that be, Y/N?”

“It’s truly nothing, Loki.”

Loki gave you a look and you sighed.

“It’s my stupid boyfriend. I’ve trying to reach out to him for awhile now and he hasn’t responded in at least three weeks. I’m just pissed and confused and just a whole bunch of emotions.”

“He hasn’t talked to you in three weeks?”

“Not a word,” you confirmed.

“Then leave him. He is not worthy of you if he does not see you for what you truly are and cherish every part of you.”

“And what am I?”

“Smart, kind, beautiful, graceful, compassionate, shall I keep going?”

“No,” you said with pink coloring your cheeks, “That does quite nicely.”

Loki lifted your chin to have your eyes meet his.

“You should be with someone who sees you as all those things and more, and he should help you to see that you are all of those traits.”

“Oh, yeah. Who would be willing to fill those shoes?”

Loki answered by pressing his lips to yours in a searing kiss. Your lips moved in harmony together before you pulled back to catch your breath.

The next couple of weeks were some of the happiest you could remember. You broke up with your sorry excuse of a boyfriend and started a relationship with a certain god of mischief. You didn’t mention to anyone the bad luck he seemed to have recently, but you made sure you gave Loki extra love those days. The best part, besides getting a better relationship, was the picture Loki took on accident became your new phone background and greeted you every time the screen lit up reminding you that you are loved and you are a god damn amazing person.

Thief/Leverage AU

  •  So Jack is the mastermind, he gets the crew together and does all the planning.  He can go into the field and grift but usally he just directs.  His dad was a big time criminal, and Jack never thought he could do as well as his dad did, but now Jack helps people in his less than legal way.
  • Bitty is the grifter, he can charm your pants right off you.  He talks with a southern drawl but he can do any accent really. He knows how to flirt and seduce to get what he wants. He and Jack have this hate/flirt thing going on. It takes them forever to get together.
  • Lardo is the forger, obvs.  She can forge anything, like literally.  She also does her own work, but still she thinks forging makes her a better artist.  Plus its fun.   
  • Ransom and Holster are enforcers.  The best damn enforcers money can buy.  They fight like one person.  Nobody knows if they’re actually together but it’s the only explanations they can come up with to explain how close they are. 
  • Dex is the hacker.  He started when he was young, hacking into bank accounts so his family could afford their mortgage and so his siblings could have everything their peers did.  
  • Chowder is the thief.  He can navigate air ducts, and lasers like a freaking champ, I mean he is incredibly flexible (SPLITS!!!!).  
  • Nursey is a second grifter.  I mean we know the guy can flirt and he’s incredibly beautiful, plus he can come up with lies off the top of his head (kinda like writing?) (I’m not saying Dex, Chow, and Nurse are in a poly relationship….but I am).
  • Shitty is probs like a lawyer/cop on the payroll.  He knows the crew’s goal is to actually help so he keeps them out of trouble, and is really good at distractions ( I mean he just has to start ranting)

I’ll probs come back and edit this, but I just needed to share.