damn right i made her pump the gas

BMC Camp Counselor AU: Camp CrokOShita

“Bug spray, sun screen, first aid kit, life vest-”
“Mom, I got everything. Chill.” Michael zipped his backpack up as his mom looked up from her check list.
“I just want to make sure your prepared. You never know what the outdoors can throw at you.”
“Mom, you had me pack a bowling ball just in case. In case of what?” Before she could answer there was a honk from outside. “That’s Jeremy, bye mom!” He kissed her on the cheek before grabbing his bag and running out the door.
“Do we really have to bring it with us?”
“Jake, Freddy is a growing iguana. This kind of outdoor stuff’s going to be great for him.” As Rich said this the iguana glared through the bars of it’s cat carrier. “I know you don’t like this, but you’ll have a bunch of open space when we get there.”
“Or we could just abandon him in the woods.”
“Jake, even if we did he’d find you. He knows what your peed on shirts smells like.”
As Rich packed his last bag have leaned down to the carrier and stuck his tongue out at the lizard who responded by hissing at him.
“Jenna, please. We already filled out all the paperwork we’re doing this.”
“You filled out the paperwork for me! I never agreed to be a counselor for parent less children in the middle of nowhere without any Wi-Fi!”
“Jenna, pwease?” As Christine asked her eyes got bigger as she made a whimpering sounds that Jenna couldn’t look away from.
“Don’t do that-”
“I’ll wove you foreva,” Before she knew ot Jenna found herself in the car on the way to the camp.
“Damn it.”
“Learned it from Jeremy. He’s right, it does work every time.”
“So how come you never told me about this uncle before?” Chloe got in the car as Brooke finished pumping gas. “Why the hell would he want to run a summer camp?”
“We don’t usually talk to him, until we saw pictures we thought it was just him writing down another felony tax scheme.”
“There’s a reason we don’t talk to him.”
“If the pay he was offering wasn’t so good I would not be coming. 90° heat is not good for my lip liner.”
“It’s going to be fun! It’s like spring break, only with kids. And possibly bears.” The meter rang, Brooke swiped her card before getting in the car. “Let’s go!”
“This is it?” Jenna asked as the drama squad convened in front of the sign.
“Camp Cokosita? More like camp CrokOShita.”
“I don’t think those brochures you gave us were accurate Brooke.” The place looked run down with letters from sign distorted or missing, the visible mess hall looked worn down and sagging.
“My uncle told me we’d find him in mess hall.” They all followed Brooke except for Rich who set the carrier down and opened the door. Freddy came out, taking in his surroundings before hissing and parking himself next to the totem pole in the middle of camp.
“What the hell?” The group entered the mess hall that looked even worse on the inside with no uncle in sight.
“Hey there’s something on the table.” The group followed Chloe who picked up the piece of paper with four simple words on it.
‘You’re on your own.’