damn right bb


Wolf mother, where you been?
You look so worn, so thin


BATB 2.11 Held Hostage 

My favorite because they are the only happy and hopeful VinCat moments from this ep! I wish Vincent had heard Cat “praying” to him but I guess it was even more significant that he returned on his own cognisance or as he so endearingly puts it ~ thanks to Cat’s “old Vincent tirade!” (^^,)

So shiny! So chrome!


He can slit an enemy’s throat before they even realize he’s there, and slip away, never to be seen again.


Neverland AU ♔ Fake Grudges
“For reasons that are none of your concern, I decided to leave him and grow up. I didn’t want to be a boy forever like him. He never forgave me.”

Where free speech is exploited to incite hatred and violence, of course, the law can be applied, and people must be prosecuted and prosecuted hard. The problem always, when you start on the slippery slope, is when you define what kind of speech you like or don’t like, what you find offensive or not offensive. The very definition, the heart of a free, liberal society is that we should be free to offend each other.
—  Nick Clegg