damn riddles

mine-(s); how the grand canyon was created

Sediment is eating the solitude.

A river carries it to the ocean. I followed waves

of salt, but they are folklore. I am not soluble to his sand - he is shaking.

He is a rattlesnake in the American West. This is the same


where he drew horns and fang teeth on the

face of 

my character. 


This is how the grand canyon was 

created: the broken heart of a river flowed,

weeping, for five million years.


I tip my hat.

He points his gun.

A sacred reunion as the Colorado River

returns to the sea.


Tourists consume the aftermath. 


In any case, Friends is one of the greatest sitcoms ever created and that’s just a fact based on how popular it is. However, the writers kind of sucked in terms of continuation, because damn, it is riddled with plot-holes.

I felt like compiling these mistakes into a masterpost… yeah, honestly.

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So I’m looking over theories on who Savitar could be, I personally feel it’s some form of Barry but I just read something that I had completely forgotten about. I forgot future Barry told everyone not to trust current Barry. Why would he do that? Why would future Barry do that? Omg. I have more questions then answers right now and Savitar and his damn riddles are pissing me off. He speaks as if he’s apart of the team. But why would he want to kill Iris? Is it because she’s the most important person to Barry? Is it because Savitar personally knows that without the death of Iris there is no dark flash…no Savitar? I have so many questions but I know for sure it’s one form of Barry. There’s one more thing, Future Barry is current Barry so if current Barry turns into Savitar then how is future Barry alive to warn everyone not to trust current Barry? I hope all of that made sense. Another thought, thinking about all of that I really feel Savitar might just be Barry from E19, lol. Just because the focus has been on E19 this season and the speedforce is outside of time so that would be the perfect place to trap someone for eternity from any earth. I don’t know, if they were going the comic book route I’d know who Savitar was but noooo….😒


ace attorney: the one man band

Reactions to deaths in the last Harry Potter book
  • Hedwig: Wait, what? No. Y-You can't kill her!
  • Peter Pettigrew: I shouldn't care. I shouldn't care. I care. I shouldn't.
  • Dobby: No! You can't just kill Dobby!
  • Fred Weasley: JK Rowling, please. You can't kill a twin.
  • Snape: Why do I feel upset? These aren't tears.
  • Bellatrix: About damn time.
  • Tom Riddle: You couldn't have died before the others?

So I think I finally figured out why I love Nicole Haught so much. I mean, she’s gorgeous, adorable, obviously smitten with Waverly, confident and smooth but also a huge dork, but above all that, she’s southern. Nicole Haught is southern. And yeah she’s new in Purgatory, but it’s a small southwestern town, and her confidence in herself is amazing. Being from the south, I’m so used to seeing women flirting with other women in some sort of tricky code–like it’s a damn riddle trying to find out if a girl is queer or not. And I’ve never seen someone walk up and flirt that unabashedly with someone of the same sex. We’re all, at least here, too frightened of the repercussions to even dream of being that confident, which is a shame but that’s just the region right now. But Nicole doesn’t give a damn. She’s either superbly confident in herself and couldn’t care less what other people think of her, or she’s been the object of torment for her behavior and realizes that, hey, those people don’t matter. Her happiness is all that matters, and she is going after what makes her happy. Yeah it’s great to have women liking women on tv, representation matters, but seeing Nicole was the first time I’ve personally felt truly represented, cause damn. I talk like that, I live in a place not too different from that, sans the evil demons unless you count old church ladies, does that mean that I too could be that at ease with myself? That I could face the world with the same demeanor as Officer Haught? Cause if that’s the case then I’m down. I love her and this has been a PSA from a small southern gay about her undying love for a fictional small southern gay.