damn report


monday to thursday - semester six, week three

my week can be summed up as productive, but only for classes i actually like. tried and still haven’t finished that damn report, but i consoled myself in reading woolf’s to the lighthouse and looking more into my lit classes, and the linguistics one. next week’s load of work is supposed to be lighter, thanks gosh because i need this family time in the countryside i’m suppose to have as of tomorrow. 

Wheat Thins Sponsortunity

“Let me reiterate – I cannot say this too many times – that this is an actual memo from Wheat Thins that I received.”

Upon my regular rewatch of The Colbert Report I got to one of my favourite segments ever and felt the need to share. I have this on my iPhone ready to deploy for people who haven’t seen it, and I recite it word for word alongside them.

“You know, I think I’m finally getting the hang of the British crossword.”

Old Man

Full story of my age gap NSFW scenario with Bruce Wayne @jadedhillon @whovianayesha @daisyboobear I don’t know if I should that other people because this is nsfw…

Never had you ever expected to be in a gala with Bruce Wayne. Not even in your wildest dreams. It had been two months since you started working for him and you weren’t really sure if this was actually happening or you had some serious case of schizophrenia but you were so damn happy. A nineteen year old girl, who started working for Bruce Wayne was his company to a gala, damn those reporters would be all over it.

But Bruce had a plan. A mischievous one. But he couldn’t bring himself to stop thinking about that kiss you shared some weeks ago in his office. He had made the first move, he was the one unbuttoning your work shirt, and he was the one who was bringing you to such an awkward situation as to get walked in by his sons.

But that night st the gala he didn’t seem to keep his hands off of you. You didn’t know whether it was because he had drunk a lot, but you weren’t in any place to judge, you had drunk at least two glasses of red whine, and you were pretty sure this wasn’t even legal. Though Bruce had noo one in this gala know your true age.

You only spend some more hours at the gala with him until you left. With him. You’d actually never felt so wild in your whole life as you did now, with a much older man by your side. You wanted to speak, to make sure he was taking you home but then again you hoped he wasn’t.

“So Mister Wayne my house is on the seventh-” Bruce Wayne was a man of surprises. Goddamn he was. He had his lips on yours for all you knew amd it felt good. Better than it should have. Better than any other kiss you’d shared with any other man.

The road to his manor was extremely long. In every mile, your feel regret and anxiety rush through your body. You were going to have sex with him.

That’s all he did to girls and you knew first hand.

But you’ve never had sex.

And your body wasn’t up to his standards for sure. Breast smaller than any girls you’ve ever seen him with, natural sized lips nothing, you didn’t have killer legs and or anything that could be called a killer on you. You were just a nineteen year old who had feel for Bruce Wayne’s charms, like a prey to its predator.


Of course it wasn’t your fault that you didn’t want to go to any other male after that night and had your parents known, you wouldn’t be naked, under Bruce fucking Wayne having him pound restlessly in you.

Although it wasn’t as if you were one of his play dates anymore. You and Bruce had been doing this for ever a year; hiding from the public in his dark room as he abused your body with his love and roughness. It should have stayed as a ome night stand, but you felt lucky it didn’t

All you cared about was him and how he felt inside you. And goddamn he was too restless for an old man.

Old.. old for you…you were twenty years old for God’s sake and Bruce was close to forty and everytime you thought about this it only made you hotter.
And you loved it, sometimes you thought if nothing but him as he pounded in you but here were times, just like now, that it made your stomach tighten to think about that age gap. You had him wrapped around your little finger, given yourself completely to him.

“Bruce” you mewled and tightened your grip on his broad shoulders before his lips crushed on yours once again

“I know. Just a little longer” he said in his deep hoarse voice that send you to deeper paths of pleasure.

Bruce rocked his hips hard and fast against you, his hands under your back to lift you just a little bit.

It didn’t take from from after that point. The friction alone was enough to send you over the edge, crying out his name and trying to crush him onto your lips once again. In fact you’ve never felt like you needed him so much any other time after you came, but at the moment you needed him on you, as he came to his own release.

He rested next to you, his hand on his very toned stomach.

“You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to be little girl!” Bruce panted. For the first time after one year he panted. He never seemed to get tired in bed, but that time his body was glistering with sweat and you swore you wanted to lick it off of him.

“Are you falling for me old man?” You half smiled, you wanted to hear it from his mouth, slipping off the tip of his tongue and forming into the sound of his deep voice.

“Yes, yes I am”

When I hit my plateaus before and during pictures always put things into perspective. Ten months difference between these two photos and 93lbs. I look and feel like a happier and healthier person. Through the struggles the ups and downs with my eating and my ongoing mental battles, it’s all been worth it to get to where I am and am going. This isn’t the finish line, but a damn fine progress report!

vortexblurr  asked:

Damn... Did you report about the gore pics? Sounded more like a threat.

it was a white supremacist propaganda raid by 4chan that went thru quite a few blogs i remember (they tend to attack popular things and i think my blog is up there in the steven universe list) and you know how staff does like…nothing at all with this kinda stuff lol, but i did report and block the email accounts they used (tho they seemed like throw away accounts) and then i shut off my submit because with every message, it was a new account and therefore bypasses th block