damn red velvet cupcake

damn-red-velvet-cupcake  asked:

i follow a lot of zodiac blogs so i had fun putting this together. just some of the disney girls and my opinions on their prospective zodiac signs. i'll just leave it here :) Aries – Rapunzel, Kiara / Taurus – Elsa, Merida / Gemini – Belle, Giselle / Cancer – Anna, Lilo / Leo – Ariel, Vanellope / Virgo – Pocahontas, Megara / Libra – Jasmine, Tiana / Scorpio – Mulan, Esmeralda / Sagittarius – Aurora, Kida / Capricorn – Nani, Jane / Aquarius – Cinderella, Nala / Pisces - Snow White, Melody

oooh interesting !!!

I just want a guy that I won’t intimidate for a change. Can’t a woman know what she wants out of life, have goals and career aspirations, yet still be able to bake a mean batch of red velvet cupcakes while looking damn good doing it?