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Change Is Gonna Come

Pairings: Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Style: Part I of II, or can be read as a One-shot.

Warnings: Explicit language, pregnancy, mentions of sex. Some sweet fluff, for now.

Word Count: 1,310

Summary: You find out you’re pregnant while abroad for work, and tell Tom after a month of being apart.

A/N: This is going to be a two-part story, but you could read this as a one-shot and just take it for what it is, if you like. :) Enjoy! (Gif not mine!)

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You and Tom weren’t even actively trying to conceive, it had just happened. After years of long distance, FaceTime calls, dreaming and scheming about the future late at night when only the stars were awake – suddenly it was all a reality. You were pregnant.

You found out one night while you were abroad for work, and had last seen Tom a month ago in London. You were hardly even with him for 24 hours, just a quick trip before you went back to Berlin. You remember lying in the hotel bed late one night, thinking to yourself, it’s been a while since I last had my period. Sitting up abruptly, you opened your period tracker app to find that your hunch was right – you were eight days late.

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On the DL

Summary: You and Spencer have been in a secret committed relationship to one another and only JJ knows because JJ is Spencer’s best friend and whatnot. Well one day Spencer gets hurt in the field and this is the outcome of that…

Warnings: Mentions of injury on the field, hospitals, stress, mild angst, mentions of blood

Note: Two one shots in the same weekend? Wow I must be going crazy :P Know that requests are open and that I apologize for my inactivity.. School has been sucky and I’m starting break the week after the next so I’ll be more active soon!! Also, I made this set in season 10 because I love and miss Kate so much. She was one of my favorite characters ever. Lots of love ~G

You’d been cooking when you got the call. It was personalized to JJ, a good friend of your fiance. You picked up the phone immediately, a smile on your face as you answered the phone in a chirpy tone, “Hey JJ! How’s the case been going?”

JJ’s silence on the other end made you worry and you were about to speak up before you heard her speak in a worried tone, “Y/N, you’re going to want to get down to the DC Hospital.. Spencer.. He was injured..” Her voice was sad as you spoke and you dropped the knife you’d just been using, letting it land to the cutting board before hanging up the phone and moving quickly out the door, grabbing your jacket and keys on the way.

You were quick to hail a taxi, telling the cabbie to step on it as you stared out the window, tapping your foot rapidly. You felt a pinch in your stomach and you looked down to your forming baby belly, simply rubbing a hand over it with a sad stare, thinking to yourself to calm down because of the side effects that the stress could cause yours and Spencer’s baby. You were 6 months along now and are carrying an apparently fit and healthy girl (you can tell by the amount of kicking she does).

It felt like an eternity before the cabbie pulled up to the hospital. You quickly handed him the designated amount of cash before moving quickly out of the taxi and into the hospital. You were going as fast as you could, one hand protectively resting on your baby bump and the other one simply at your side as you found yourself in the waiting room. You say JJ immediately and she saw you, getting up quickly to approach you. You could see Spencer’s other teammates in the background and could almost instantaneously see the confusion on their face. You’d never met anyone except for JJ, and her finding out was an accident as well.

JJ was quick to give you a hug and you returned it tightly, holding back tears as you spoke, “What happened, JJ?” There were so many questions swirling through your mind and JJ simply rubbed your back comfortingly to get you to calm down.

“We had the unsub cornered and hadn’t profiled that he wouldn’t go down without a fight… Spencer was the closest and got shot in the area that his vest doesn’t cover.. He’s still in surgery and you need to sit down before you pass out.” JJ puts a comforting arm around your shoulder before leading you to where the rest of the team was sitting, “Guys, this is Y/N… Spencer’s fiancee.”

You could see everyone’s jaws basically drop to the ground at JJ’s words and you simply offered a weak smile, trying to keep back the tears but ultimately failing, a couple of tears leaking from your eyes. “I uh.. I really wish that we could’ve met under different circumstances…” You spoke in a quiet tone as you sighed a little. JJ had taken the seat next to you, rubbing your back comfortingly as you leaned into her, letting a few more tears out.

Eventually, a woman with medium length, blonde hair came up to you, “Hi, Y/N, I’m Penelope.. Penelope Garcia..” She spoke in a gentle manner and you simply offered a small smile. The same applied to the rest of the people who introduced themselves to you. There was an Aaron Hotchner, a Derek Morgan, a David Rossi, and a Kate Callahan.

You knew everyone, Spencer talked about everyone all the time.. But you just wouldn’t be able to talk without breaking down in a fit of sobs. Those damn pregnancy hormones had been driving you crazy for a long time. It seemed like an eternity but a doctor eventually came into the room, requesting for the family of Spencer Reid. You were the first to get up, looking to the doctor with eyes filled with nothing but worry, “Is he okay?” You hadn’t even let the doctor speak.

The doctor paused for a moment before eventually nodding, “He just got out of surgery… The bullet hadn’t hit any vital organs which was what saved him. You can go see him, but only one at a time..”

You turned back to the team and JJ gave you a small smile, nodding to say that you could go first. You let the doctor lead you to where your fiance was and at the sight on him bedridden, your hands went to your mouth. It was a terrifying sight, to see all of those tubes and machines attached and coming out of the man you’d fallen in love with oh so long ago. You simply sniffed lightly, pulling up a chair next to his bed before taking his hand, pressing a gentle kiss to the back of it. You stayed there for a little bit, simply watching the man. Your hand had traveled to the man’s face, brushing the curls out of his face.

At the feeling of your hand on his face, Spencer opened his eyes lightly, speaking in a tired voice and squinted eyes, “Y/N?”

You immediately perked up, scooting closer to him with a watery smile making its way onto your face, “You gave us quite a scare, Spencer…” You were speaking in reference to you, the baby, and the team.

Spencer simply offered a weak and sheepish smile, squeezing your hand as best as he could, “I’m sorry.. We hadn’t been anticipa- you met the team?” He was slowly waking up more and you knew that wasn’t good. He needed his rest.

You nodded lightly and simply pressed another kiss to the back of his hand, “Yes, I did.. But we can talk about that later.. For now, sleep, yeah? I’ll be here when you wake up with your favorite Indian takeout and I won’t be leaving here till you’re discharged..” You pressed one more kiss to the back of his hand.

Spencer smiled weakly, letting his eyes flutter shut but wasn’t done talking, “Come lay down with me..”

Your eyes widen lightly as you speak in a mildly shocked tone, “There isn’t enough room for the three of us.. And you’re hurt..”

Spencer opens one eye before scooting over to one side to the best of his ability, “This is my uninjured side… Please? You know I have a hard time sleeping without you and our peanut at my side..”

You sigh quietly, looking down to your baby bump before back to the man, letting out another sigh before getting up, moving to his uninjured side, “Only for a little bit..” With those words, you got into bed with him, enjoying the feeling of his arm wrapped around your shoulders, pulling your head to his chest.

You were sure to move very gently to not hurt Spencer and only moments later, you both were asleep. JJ had come to check on you to make sure everything was okay and when she was greeted by the sight, she simply smiled gently before taking her phone out and taking a picture of the scene in front of her.

Pregnant!Omega!Reader Fic #1

“What’s wrong baby?” Your Alpha asked, petting your hair soothingly. You looked up to him, noticing a tinge of concern in his eyes.

“Nothing,” you said, laying your head back down onto the pillow. You were currently laying in your nest, wrapped in blankets, and various articles of your mate’s clothing.

“You smell off,” he said, kneeling down and leaning in to scent you better. “You smell anxious, babe, what’s wrong?”

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Friday Night Heathen Army Prompt- Loose Tongue

Here is my contribution to this week’s prompt fun! If you didn’t see it, I used the picture where Alex has his shirt up and is looking at a strip of his tummy 😉

This is completely ridiculous and silly, but the idea wouldn’t leave me. I imagine Ivar as often not really thinking about what he says before he says it. Please enjoy!

TW: none


“Do you think I’ve gained weight?”

You look up from your dinner to see Ivar standing in the hallway, shirt lifted as he stares at his perfectly toned stomach. You shrug, lifting another forkful of fried rice to your mouth. “I don’t know, why?”

He lowers his shirt, grabs his crutches and walks back to where you are sitting on the couch. “I’m just curious. Ubbe told me about the mystery that is ‘sympathy weight’.”

You frown. “Sympathy weight?”

He sighs, settling himself back down beside you. “It is exactly as it sounds, Y/N. The man unintentionally gains weight because he sees that his partner is gaining weight. It apparently happened to Ubbe. He gained almost 10 pounds when Margrethe was pregnant.”

You rub your swollen belly, trying to remember what Ubbe looked like 3 years ago. “I can’t remember him looking any different. Besides, who cares if you gain a little weight? I shouldn’t be the only one who has to.”

He gives you that patented 'Ivar’ eye roll. “I don’t care, I was just curious. But I wouldn’t be surprised if I did. The things we’ve been eating lately, it’s no wonder you’ve gotten so big.”

That makes you set down your fork. “Excuse me?”

He shrugs his shoulders. “It’s not a bad thing. The baby needs energy. Lots of Mexican food and sugar energy, apparently.”

You can already feel the tears pricking at the back of your eyes. “So what, I’m a huge whale who is making you eat shitty food against your will?”

Your tone catches his attention, and a wary look crosses his face. “You know I didn’t mean it like that, Y/N….”

“Well then what did you mean it like?” You can feel yourself getting riled up. Damn pregnancy hormones. “What did you mean, Ivar? Am I getting ugly too? Will you not want to have sex with me soon? Are you trying to tell me that?”

He grits his teeth, his brow creasing in frustration. “Dammit woman, you know that’s not true. We’ve had sex more times than I can count since you got pregnant. You know what seeing you carrying my child does to me.”

You know he’s right, he’s been practically insatiable ever since you told him the news almost 6 months ago. Rip your clothes off, do it anywhere, I need you right this second sort of insatiable. You are lucky your sex drive has risen to match his. But it’s too late now. The damage has been done.

“You think I’m huge and fat and ugly,” you sob. “My belly is like a giant balloon, I’m covered in stretch marks, my skin is breaking out and I can’t stop eating or crying! I’m a mess and you hate it!”

“Odin’s beard, woman, calm down!” Ivar reaches for you, but you push him away and turn your back on him. You hear him run his hands through his hair and snarl in frustration as you continue to cry.

“Dammit,” he curses to himself, and you feel the couch shift as he leans towards you.

“You are not huge, fat or ugly,” he says in his 'you will listen and not interrupt me’ tone. “You are beautiful and glowing with life. Life we created together. I didn’t think with my condition I would be able to give you children. When you told me you were pregnant, it was beyond my wildest dreams. You will get bigger, it’s the natural way. But I shouldn’t have phrased it like I did. I am sorry for that.”

You sniff, wiping your eyes on your hands. You can feel your anger slipping away at his sincere words. Ivar is working on getting better at apologizing when his mouth gets ahead of his brain, and you appreciate the effort.

“I’m sorry too,” you say, turning back around to face him. “I am taking everything so personally lately. These hormones are ridiculous.”

He reaches up and gentle wipes away a stray tear with one calloused thumb. “It’s not so bad. Remember Margrethe? How many times did Ubbe sleep on the couch because she had thrown a hormone addled fit and tossed him out of bed?”

You can’t help but giggle at the memories. “True. I would never kick you out of bed. I need you to keep me warm.”

He gives you a wicked grin. “Among other things,” he says, letting his tongue run slightly over his bottom lip. You shiver, feeling the familiar stir of desire deep within you.

He notices, and his grin gets even more sinful. He reaches into the bag beside him and pulls out a box of store brownies, your biggest pregnancy craving. “How about we forget what just happened and have some dessert, and then some….dessert.”

You look at the brownies and then to him, watching his pupils slowly begin to consume the vivid blue of his irises. You feel the familiar flush of heat beginning to spread over your body. The brownies look delicious, but him even more so. You give him a saucy smile.

“I don’t think I’m craving brownies anymore,” you say, and it’s all the invitation he needs. The box is tossed to the floor and for the next hour, you forget all about hormones and brownies and Ivar’s loose tongue.

Well, maybe not about the tongue.

Dedicated to me, who once threw the biggest pregnancy hormone induced fit over the fact the bank wasn’t open when I needed to go there. Those hormones are real, folks!

Not Again: Part 2

by: mldrgrl
Rating: PG13
Summary: See Part 1

Part 2: Returned
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Chapter 4, Day 4:

Scully can’t sleep.  For one thing, she’s uncomfortable, but for another, she can’t turn her mind off.  She doesn’t want to admit it, but she’s worried about Mulder.  She doesn’t like the thought of him in the middle of the ocean on an oil rig with a partner she’s not sure she can trust to watch his back.

Two o’clock rolls around and she hasn’t been able to keep her eyes closed more than a minute or two, so she gets up and logs into her work email to get a head start on things that might be waiting for her.  There’s an email from Mulder in there, time-stamped at 6:43 p.m.

Scully -

If you get bored tomorrow and need something less mindless to do, I thought you might want to take a look at the photos of the body that washed up in Texas.  Does it look like death from explosion to you?  This has black oil written all over it, Scully, I can feel it.

They’re sending the body to Quantico sometime tonight.  Maybe you can make a call and get the autopsy report.

Good luck either way.  I wish I could be with you.


She opens up a series of attached photos and scrolls through them.  She can’t tell from the photos alone what may have caused the angry, red lesions covering the body.  Her ID still works for the Quantico database, so she checks the log to see when the body arrived and when the autopsy will be performed, and by who.  Her suspicions are raised when the file indicates that the body is not to be autopsied, but transported to Mexico first thing in the morning.  The serial number for the cold storage locker is at the top of the intake sheet and she memorizes it before she shuts down her computer.

Without stopping to talk herself out of it, she gets dressed and heads to Quantico.  It’s not even three in the morning when she flashes her ID to the night guard and makes her way down to the morgue and scrubs in.


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Out Of Nothing At All - Nineteen

Where was he going? Why was he going back to the hotel?

Oh fuck.

What had you done?

Why were you so wound up by the thought that he was out fucking someone else? Was it just because you were so damn horny yourself? Stupid pregnancy hormones! Stupid bump getting in your way!

It had to be, right? I mean, if you were an actual couple then the answer would be simple. But you weren’t.

So the fact that he could go out and screw anyone he wanted to, without even a thought for how you were feeling had to be what was annoying you. The guy was a genius… He had to know that in the third trimester, lots of women got inexplicably turned on. He had to know this!

And then to try and lie about it! Just no.

But if he’d come to you and told you his plans for the evening what would you have said really?

You’d have skitzed out on him. Let’s be honest, you would have. And you would have told him he couldn’t go. And then you’d have ended up yelling.

So pretty much how tonight had ended but he’d actually got his dick wet before you’d turned back into a bitch. And he did have a point. You’d had no real right asking him where we was and who he was with. Or what he was doing. He wasn’t yours to keep tabs on. And he’d picked up straight away when you’d called so you couldn’t even throw that in his face.

Oh god…..you were going to have to apologise.


Although….. Really? Were you? He’d been a dick too, telling you the real reason you’d been so annoyed was because you were jealous that he was with someone else and not you. Just because you’d had a few dreams about him and couldn’t stop staring at his mouth…. Or his ass…. Or his hands…. And oh fuck, you’d actually admitted it to him as well. Great move Y/N!

But you didn’t actually want him…. You just wanted him to make you come. There was a difference. 

This didn’t mean anything, nothing at all. You didn’t actually want him. 


You didn’t.



Definitely not.

Where was he anyway? You checked your phone. He’d been gone half an hour. “Back in a few,“ he’d said. Although back for what?

Screw this…… You needed sleep. You just hoped you weren’t going to have another one of those dreams again. You really weren’t sure you could cope. 

Oh for fucks sake.

Another one?

Except…. Oh fuck. Oh jesus fuck.

Were you still dreaming?


Because it really felt like someone was kissing your neck right now, hands trailing up and down your body. And it felt so good. So fucking good. 

You must be dreaming. You heard yourself murmuring, “Lower” thinking how realistic this felt. 

The lips trailed lower, skimming over your covered breasts and stomach. 

You heard a familiar voice asking, “Lower still? Do you want more?”

 You whimpered in response. 

Hands gripped your pajamas bottoms, dragging them and your panties down and seconds later you felt lips on you, a tongue flicking out and tasting you, teasing you in your most sensitive area. 

Christ, this was the best dream yet……..It actually felt like you were being eaten out right now. 

Wait, were you? 

Holy shit……. Had Spencer come home?

“Oh fuuuck.” Your hips lifted off the bed as two fingers joined in, entering you and curling inside as a pair of soft lips sucked at your clit hard. This was real…. And fuck, that was hot. 

Your eyes flew open, and you strained up in bed, the bed covers already pushed aside. Adjusting to the darkness, your eyes settled on the messy hair of the man you’d been arguing with not all that long ago.

“Spencer….. Oh my fuck…. Oh god.”

His tongue flicked quickly over you as his fingers thrusted inside, his long digits hitting in just the right spot. Fuck, this wasn’t going to take long at all. Your legs were already starting to tremble. His lips pursed again, his teeth grazing your throbbing nub as he sucked you into his mouth, his tongue circling it, the pressure alternating between fast and slow.

“Oh my god…. Fuck…. Oh my. Fuck… Spencer!”

Light headed from panting you gripped at the bed sheets trying to control the shudders that were racking through your body and forcing you to gasp out the name of your colleague and housemate as you came.

You were sure you could feel the smirk on his lips as he lapped up the fluid you knew was pooling between your thighs. Removing his fingers from you once the trembles had stopped, you watched as he climbed off the bed and pushed his hair back off his face.

“Happy now?” he said in a voice that seemed to be dripping with a mixture of confidence and sarcasm. He walked to the door, pausing before leaving your room.

“You know where I sleep if that wasn’t enough for you. You don’t have to worry about Austin anymore.”

He closed your door and you heard him padding down the hall into his own room.

Well fuck.

Jesus fucking fuck.


You both hated and loved him for knowing how badly you’d wanted that….No. NEEDED that.

His mouth…. Oh god. There’d been reason that you’d had sex three times that one night. Because the man was fucking amazing in bed. Something that when you’d actually thought about it, didn’t  surprise you that much.

It was always the sweet and innocent looking ones after all.

Oh jeez don’t start thinking about THAT night Y/N. Don’t…..

Too late.


“You know where I sleep if that wasn’t enough.”

Could you?

It was just sex right? Him helping out the mother of his child?

He did kinda owe it to you right? It was thanks to his spawn that you weren’t getting any.

Telling yourself again that it was just sex, you rolled out of bed, grabbing your robe and shrugging into it before exiting your room and walking down the corridor to his.

“Not enough?” his voice was quiet as you stood leaning on his door frame nervously.

You shook your head, a little voice wondering when the hell Spencer Reid had become the sort of stud that would have two different girls in bed in the same night.

“So you admit that the only reason you were going off at me is because you wanted me? You know, you were already moaning my name when I came into the room. And you were already wet. Dreaming?”

Confident…. Again. He was going to start getting an ego if you weren’t careful.

“I can’t control my dreams Reid. It’s these stupid hormones. And its not you specifically. Maybe just your mouth, fingers and dick.”

“So come and have them then.” He flipped the bed covers down.

You stared at the empty spot on the bed next to him for a minute.

Fuck it. No going back now.

Kicking the door shut, you joined him on the bed, your lips going straight to his. 

twillightshadows  asked:

96, Jughead

hopefully this isn’t total crap, enjoy! other prompts will be filled soon, I promise

96. “I’m sick of being USELESS.”

Betty wouldn’t have described Jughead as overprotective. But that was before. Now, however, that she’s pregnant with their first child (a boy they’re planning on naming Harper), she thinks Jughead’s turned into a little bit of a nightmare.

It also doesn’t help that during her second trimester, she and Jughead were scheduled to move from their apartment in the heart of New York City to a suburb, more accommodating of their growing family, in Westchester.

Example one of overprotective Jughead: when she wanted to take some books off the bookcase in order to pack them she’ll hear from her husband, “Betty! no heavy lifting remember. The doctor told you so.”

Example two: when she started to lift a box, filled with just their blankets, to carry them out of their bedroom, Jughead came out of nowhere and took it from her saying, “Betts, I can get that. Can’t have you straining yourself or the baby out.” And she’s looking at him, ready to wring his neck for making her feel like she can’t do anything, but then he smiles and her anger wanes a little *damn these pregnancy hormones*.

So needless to say, trying to convince her husband that she could help load up their belongings down to the moving truck with the argument of, “I’m pregnant! not an invalid, Jughead! thank you very much.”, was fruitless to say the least. Jughead would merely tell her to relax, give her a quick peck on the lips and say “I mean it Betty, I don’t want you and our little bean to get hurt.” and then continue his lugging of boxes.

Now you can chalk this up to Betty being a strong-willed and independent woman, but she just couldn’t take it anymore! She doesn’t want to just sit there and do nothing! She wanted to help dammit! The tears came out of nowhere as she plopped herself on their couch and just started sobbing *once again, damn these pregnancy hormones*. That’s how Jughead found her a few minutes later and quickly rushed over to his distressed wife, kneeling in front of her and grasping her hands in his.

“Betts, baby. What happened? Is something wrong? Is it the baby? Oh god! It’s the baby isn’t it?” Jughead’s worry continuing to grow with every second that his wife doesn’t answer him.

“The baby’s fine you dummy! I’m crying because of you!” Betty yanked her hands from his grip. “I’m sick of being useless, Juggie! I just wanna help you out and you’re treating me like a child who can’t do anything!”

She took a quick glance at her husband’s face and immediately felt guilty for causing the look of sadness that’s on his face. “Oh, I’m so sorry Juggie. I didn’t mean to just lose my temper. I know you mean well.” Betty said, reaching to cup Jughead’s face.

“It’s alright, Betts. I know I got a little overbearing over the past few weeks, but I just wanna keep you and the bean safe.”

“And I love you for that.” Betty paused to give him a quick kiss. “Even if you’re being a little annoying about it.”

Jughead gave her a smile, his eyes filled with mirth. “Alright, how about we compromise?” He reached over and grabbed a cushion off the couch, “You can carry this to the truck.”

“Jughead!” Betty grabbed the cushion from him and whacked his side as her husband continued laughing.

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| Long-Awaited Savior: Part Twelve |

Check out previous chapters and the Masterlist

Characters: Negan (JDM) x female reader, Jovana (OC), Maggie, Simon, Dwight


HEADS UP: extensive description of physical injuries caused by burning/fire; threats; description of violence and murder; swearing as usual

Chapter Summary: You learn more about the Alexandrians from Maggie and you once again question your feelings about Negan. Meanwhile, he sends you and Jovana on a mission that puts you face-to-face with someone connected to Wesley, and also results in devastating, life-changing losses.

Author’s Note: This was both a thrilling and difficult chapter to write. Current plan is for Chapter 15 to be the final chapter, so from here on out, things get chaotic and emotional. Sorry, not sorry. Also please keep in mind that starting in the last chapter, many parts of the story deviate from the timeline of the comic/show so please give me some grace with that. This chapter also includes a major event that is not part of the actual TWD story.

Part Twelve: Deception & Disaster

You focused your eyes on Negan’s chest as you attempted to control your breathing. You weren’t sure if your heart was going to pound through your chest, or if it had stopped beating altogether. Every split second of silence seemed to last for minutes, and you were faced with a dire decision.

Either I tell him Eugene was visiting Maggie, and admit I was there too… or I lie to the man who saved me.

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Of Pups and Alphas - 2

Requested by @screams-setonfire : Can you do a part two to the overprotective of baby mama Derek Hale imagine? The first one was beautiful ?

Prompt: Derek and you get paint for the nursery. Derek scares an employee at a fast food restaurant and the baby kicks for the first time.

Characters: Derek x Pregnant!reader

Word count: ~1700 words

A/N: Second part of the protective daddy!derek series. Part 1

You pulled on your shirt before inspecting yourself in the full-length mirror. Your baby bump was now clearly visible, stretching out your shirt. Turning a bit you inspected you bump from the side – first you were surprised about how big your bump was despite that you only were 3 months along, but Deaton had explained that it was completely normal.

Werewolf pregnancies in general are shorter than human ones and since you were carrying the child of an alpha it wasn’t surprising that your pregnancy was moving along faster as well.

Sighing you ran one hand through your hair and with a last glance in the mirror you left the bedroom.

“Derek!”, you shouted while walking into the kitchen.

Before you could shout for him again Derek came running, crouching down in a fighting stance in front of you.

Puzzled you looked down at him while Derek’s eyes scanned the room.

“What the hell are you doing, Der?”

Derek breathed in deeply before his stance relaxed and he drew himself up to his full height.

“Don’t scream my name like that. I thought you were getting attacked.”

Laughing you patted Derek’s cheek, “You’re really acting like a guard dog since I’m pregnant, Derek.”

Anyone else would have gotten a good punch from Derek for calling him a dog but you only got a weak glare.

“I wanna buy some paint for the nursery,” you said, completely ignoring Derek’s glare.

“I can call Lydia over to watch you while I buy some paint. What color do you want?” Derek asked.

You frowned and crossed your arms over your chest, “I said I want to buy the paint and you’re going to take me somewhere where I can do that.”

“Can’t you stay home while I buy the paint?” Derek whined.

Since you got pregnant Derek tried to keep you home as much as possible. Usually, you didn’t mind, it was sweet how worried he was, but you were adamant about buying the paint yourself.

You glared at Derek, letting him know exactly what you thought about his plan. Derek frowned and glared back at you for a few seconds but soon sighed, “Fine.”

You cheered and Derek’s lips twitched up in a smile – he would do anything to see you happy.

Half an hour later you arrived at the store and immediately shuffled towards the paint buckets, Derek hot on your heels.

You looked at the different colors, wondering what would be best for the nursery. Since you didn’t know the gender of your child it was impossible to choose one of the typical colors for girls or boys. On the other hand it was a good thing since you didn’t want your child to grow up forced into some stupid gender role.

Maybe it would be cool to draw something on the walls, like a scene from a fairy tale. The first fairy tale coming to your mind was little red riding hood. You chuckled about the irony of your idea, but hey, it was a cute idea nonetheless.

While you were still thinking about all the colors you would need Derek stood behind you with his arms crossed over his chest, looking the aisle up and down. Every time someone else wanted to walk into the same aisle he shot them a glare, effectively making them turn on their heel.

You tried to grab a paint bucket, but immediately Derek reached over you and took the bucket, his chest pressing against your back.

“You shouldn’t lift heavy things,” Derek grumbled when you looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

“You don’t let me lift anything,” you replied, the amusement clear in your voice.

Derek shrugged, “Is that a problem?”

“Nope, but we still need more paint.”

You started to point at all the colors you wanted and Derek diligently lifted them down.

In the end you had choosen 7 different colors and Derek carried them all to the register at one go. Honestly, you were impressed by how he managed to balance them all.

A few minutes later you sat in the car again, the paint buckets safely stored in the trunk. You spent the drive in comfortable silence, playing with Derek’s fingers.

You drove past a restaurant and immediately decided that you were hungry. Really hungry.


Derek quickly glanced at you, squeezing your hand to let you know that he was listening.

“I’m really hungry,” you stated, rubbing your baby bump to emphasize your statement.

“Yeah? I could cook something for you when we’re back.”

“Nooo, you’re just going to make me some healthy crap,” you groaned.

Derek raised an eyebrow, looking at you out of the corner of his eyes, “It’s good for the pup.”

“Your pup wants curly fries, a milkshake, salad and burgers.”

Derek was silent, staring straight at the road.


You saw his jaw clench and knew you had won.

“Fine, let’s stop somewhere, but tomorrow I’m cooking again,” Derek relented.

10 minutes later you were skipping into a fast food restaurant, mentally making a list of all the things you were going to get.

You stopped in front of the counter, Derek planting himself behind you, one of his hands softly resting on your bump.

A young employee, maybe around 17 years old, sent you a tired look.

“What can I get for you?” he drawled out his words, but you were focused on starting at the pictures of food behind him.

“Mhhm… I want a vanilla, a strawberry and a chocolate milkshake. 3 large orders of curly fries, a salad and 5 cheeseburgers,” you tilted your head to look at Derek, “do you want anything, Der?”

Derek shook his head and you turned back to the young employee, “Okay, that’s it… oh, can you put mustard on the cheeseburgers and no ketchup?”

The employee groaned, “You sure you want to order so much? And no mustard, we only put ketchup on cheeseburgers.”

You shoulders fell and you immediately teared up. Damn pregnancy hormones, but you really wanted mustard and you could order whatever you want! Stupid boy!

Derek pulled you closer, a low growl reverberating in his chest. You wanted to calm him down, but Derek had already stepped in front of you, slamming his hands down on the counter.

The employee’s eyes widened almost comically when Derek leaned over the counter, his muscular arms clearly visible thanks to the black t-shirt he was wearing.

Derek’s voice was rough, a bit of his alpha voice slipping through and you were sure his eyes had flashed red by now.

“Listen, kid. You’re getting my girl her order and she is getting her cheeseburgers with mustard, are we clear? I don’t want to hurt a kid, but I’m going to if you push my patience any further.”

Not even five minutes later you held your order in your arms and made your way out of the restaurant. Derek held the car door open for you and you smiled up at him gratefully.

“Thanks Derek, but the poor kid almost pissed his pants and what did we say about growling at people?”

“I know, but you know how I get. My wolf freaks out when he thinks you or the pup are in any kind of danger and I could literally smell your tears.”

Pouting you got into the car. Derek placed one hand on the car door and leaned down with a smirk, placing a kiss on your forehead.

“It was fun and the kid deserved it,” with that words he closed the door.

Still smirking Derek slid into the driver’s seat. You decided not to say more. Scaring that boy seemed to make Derek happy and long as you had your food you were content.

Once you reached the loft Derek led you upstairs and you started to spread out your food next to you on the couch while Derek left to get the paint.

You were just unwrapping your first burger when you felt a sudden pressure against your bump. Surprised you placed your free hand on the bump. You almost wanted to pull your hand back when you felt it again. That was your baby. Kicking. Your baby was kicking!

“Derek!” You screamed loudly, “Derek! Hurry!”

You heard something clank to the ground – hopefully the paint buckets and not Derek.

Only seconds later Derek burst into the loft, his canines extended. You gave him an incredulous look when he panned his gaze around the room.

You felt the baby kick again and you let out a surprised noise. Derek rushed towards you and kneeled down in front of the couch, his hands awkwardly hovering over your body.

“W-What’s wrong? Tell me what’s wrong, baby. Should I get Deaton? (f/n)?”

“Shut up, Derek.” You grabbed one of Derek’s hands and placed it on your belly. As if the baby knew what you wanted you felt another kick, even stronger than the ones before.

Derek jumped back a bit, but immediately placed his hand back down, a look of wonder on his face.

“Our pup is kicking…” Derek mumbled, more to himself than to you.

He gently pushed your shirt up and placed his hand on your bare skin. You giggled when you felt another kick and Derek look up at you with a boyish grin. You had never seen Derek look so happy, so carefree.

Derek pulled you down and nuzzled his head in your neck, inhaling your scent.

“He’s just as strong as his daddy,” he mumbled against your skin.

“I think it’s a girl and she’s going to be just as strong as her mommy,” you said and ran a hand through Derek’s hair, “I told you our baby wants burgers and curly fries.”

You could feel Derek smile against your neck, “I’m still cooking something healthy tomorrow, (f/n). And we have to buy new paint, I dropped all of it.

Wild Horses (Jax x Reader)

This one is shorter than usual, but that’s because I didn’t want to take away from the moment they were having! Thank you @tinyperfectstudent. This request was adorable. 

Word Count: 767

Playlist: Wild Horses - The Rolling Stones 

Originally posted by febup

You kneeled over the toilet, your hair twisted around your fist to hold it out of the way. You groaned and pulled away. You unraveled your hair and flushed the contents of your stomach down the toilet. When they said that morning sickness was a potential side effect of being pregnant, you didn’t realize that morning was a misnomer. You felt like you could punch your OB in the face for the phrasing he gave you. This was horrible. You were sick all day, all night and all times in-between. You could hardly eat, everything came back up. You worried constantly about the baby getting enough nutrients and you were barely gaining any weight. At this point you were literally all belly. There was no extra weight on your body anywhere. You expressed your concerns to the doctor and nurses but they assured you this was normal for some women. Both you and the baby were just fine. Popsicles and lemonade had become your best friends, as they were the only things you’re baby approved of. You sighed, using the counter as a base and hoisted yourself back to a standing position. You turned the tap on and cupped your hands under the freezing cold water. You gulped back the liquid and splashed a bit over your face.

“Alright darlin’?” You looked up to find Jax peering at you through the mirror.  

You gave him a tired smile, “I’ve had better days.”

He let out a soft chuckle and wrapped his hands around you, resting them on the top of your bump. You’re bump was really starting to become pronounced. You lifted your hands and folded them on top of his. He pulled one away and stroked your hair away from your face, tucking it behind your ear. Your eyes met through the mirror and he flashed that adorable smirk of his. You narrowed your eyes at him, knowing what that smirk meant. He only used it when he was planning something devious.

“What’re you thinking Jax Teller?” You questioned.

He licked his lips and winked at you. You felt his hand slid down the outside of your upper arm, shifting to cross horizontally and cup your breast. You opened your mouth, pretending to feel affronted.

You smacked his hand, “Mr. Teller! How dare you.”

He leaned in, raising his other hand to match the one already cupping you. He pressed a sweet kiss onto your shoulder. You leaned your head sideways, laying in on the side of his shoulder.  

He murmured against your skin, “I’m appreciating my old lady… the woman carrying my baby.”

You rolled your eyes but couldn’t help the grin that grew on your face. He continued to press kisses along your neck and slide his hands back down, smoothing over your bump.

“Think we can take this – SHIT!” He exclaimed, both of you jumping backwards. “Did… Was that a kick?!”

Tears welled in your eyes. Up until this point, you’d been the only one to feel the baby move. You waved your hand in front of your eyes, trying to stop the tears and nodded. Jax spun you around, dropping to his knees and placing both his hands on your stomach.

“Baby?” He murmured to your bump, “Can you hear me? Kick if you can hear daddy.”

There was a prolonged minute of silence but when the back kicked again, it was right into Jax’s opened palm. His face lit up with joy and he let out a cry of victory.

“The baby kicked for me!” He exclaimed, “I felt our baby move.”

He jumped up, gathering you in his arms and applied multiple kisses into your hair. You wept overcome with emotion. Damn those pregnancy hormones. You swallowed realizing how real this actually was. You and Jax were going to be parents. For a while it was only you experiencing the ups and downs of being pregnant, now Jax was able to experience the same ups with you. Jax pushed you back a bit, and planted a small kiss to your mouth.

He wiped away your tears, his eyes shining in excitement, “I love you darlin’.”

You kissed him back, “I’ve never loved someone as much as I love you, Jackson Nathaniel Teller.”

He moved forward to kiss you again when you heaved. Your hand flung to your mouth and you doubled over, spinning away from him and grabbing the toilet bowl. You heard his mute chuckle as he twirled your hair around his hand, pulling it away from your hair. You groaned, fucking morning sickness. Ruiner of all things happy. 

Just say it - Chapter 2

Chapter 1

Hi guys! thanks a lot for your reviews on the first chapter. You are amazing!! Thanks again to @filterlessmia for proofreding it!

A few hours before…

“You can take room 345. It’s free.” Teddy said, watching her best friend’s wife in her uncomfortable position. She asked herself how she could sleep that way. She assumed that she must have been really tired.

Amelia’s head was now resting on the top of Owen’s leg, and he was gently stroking her hair.

“Fine. Thank you.”

He got up with her in his arm, trying not to wake her. She was in such a deep sleep that she didn’t even stir. She seemed a bit like a baby in her father’s arm, but Owen’s glances were really different from the ones a father would give.

After putting her in bed and making sure she was comfortable, Owen went back in his sister’s room, Teddy following him.

“So, how are you really feeling about this?”

“What do you want me to say? I feel destroyed, I feel like I abandoned her, like I didn’t do enough to find her. She was 10 miles away from our camp, Teddy. She was there and we continued our life, thinking she was dead. Instead she was fighting, for 10 years she fought for her life, to be able to come back. I stopped searching, I stopped believing in her return. I’ll never forgive myself for this.”

Owen said looking at his shoes. He couldn’t find the courage to look in his friend’s eyes. It was too painful: he don’t want to see the pity  in them.

“I will.”

Owen heart skipped a beat hearing that voice again. The voice that cheered for him on his graduation day, that yelled at him when he would steal her toys for playing, to the war…

“I would do the same. You had to continue your life, you were free Owen and being free is a gift. I can tell. I lost 10 years of my life and I couldn’t live thinking that I lost yours, too.”

After those words, Megan faced the wall with empty eyes. Owen stood up and walked the little space between his chair at the end of the bed and his sister’s side, but the closer he got, the more Megan seemed scared.

“Please, please. Don’t touch me. I’m not ready yet. Can you just leave me alone? Just for a bit.”

“Ok. I’ll be outside.”

Outside, he leaned on the wall with his hands covering his face. He began to cry and Teddy moved an hand on his shoulder trying to comfort him.

“She is really here.” He said, his eyes full of tears, but smiling. He knew Megan had a difficult journey ahead of her until she could live a normal life, but she was alive. Hearing her voice again made him the happiest man in the world. He couldn’t contain his joy! He hugged his friend, because the shadow that covered his eyes for 10 years was finally gone.

In that exact moment he saw Amelia almost running in his direction, she suddenly stopped: her eyes lingered on Owen’s hands resting firmly on Teddy’s hips and then they went up finding Owen’s. In that moment the world stopped with them and Owen found himself thinking that she was the only one he wanted in his arms. Amelia’s mind was black: she didn’t know what to think. She was scared. Scared of losing him, scared that the rope she began pulling when she went away was breaking, scared that her husband was really moving on without her.

All those thoughts were interrupted by a wave of nausea that she couldn’t contain anymore. She threw up in the first trash can she found and in a bit of time Owen was at her side, holding her head.

When she was done, he hugged her from behind supporting her body with his. She, just for a moment, savored the security only his arms could give her, but then she remembered what she just saw and pulled away from his embrace.

“Are you going to hug all the women on this floor? Because I can call the nurse too if you want.”

“Amelia, it’s not like that…”
In that moment she began walking away. She can’t be near him anymore, she needed some air, some space. She was jealous, so jealous, but she couldn’t admit it, even to herself and she was angry to herself for running away.

“Amelia, let me explain, please, don’t go…”

She didn’t stop while silent tears were running on her face.

The sliding doors of the hospital finally opened and a wave of fresh air caressed her wet cheeks. She sat on a bench near the grass and brought her legs to her chest, now sobbing uncontrollably. Damn pregnancy hormones.

“Hey Shep, You ok?” Nathan said.

“Yeah, don’t worry. I just need to go home for a bit. Can you give Owen a ride if he needs one?”

“Sure. Even if I don’t know how he will react seeing me here.”

“Maybe at the beginning he will freak out, but you have the right to be here, you have the right to apologize.”

“How is she?”

“They said she is fine, she will need a lot of therapy, but she will be fine.”

“Is she awake?”

“I don’t know…. it was a strange morning. Now I really have to go.”

Amelia said, getting up and walking to the parking lot.

“RIGGS!” She said running to him again “can you give me your car? My keys are inside.”

“And why you can’t go take them?”

“I don’t want to talk about it. Just give me your keys, please. I really need to go…”

In the mean time, the only thing that Owen wanted was to go after her, but he couldn’t. His sister just woke up and he couldn’t go away like that. He needed to be here for her, but his eyes were fixed on the door hoping that it will open and Amelia would come in and let him explain.

The door finally opened, but the one coming in wasn’t Amelia.

End of chapter 2! in the next chapter you will see Owen’s reaction at Nathan’s arrive and… remember? there will be someone who will tell “Just say it” to Amelia. But who? Tell me what you think who he or she should be in your opinion! See you soon! XOXO

Harry Styles Children Imagine

[I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again - Harry with kids is my favorite.]

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Old Pier Waterfront, San Myshuno, December 2016

Whitney stern: Ivory. You can’t keep crying over him this way. YOU made the decision to end things with Zeke. He wanted to be with you, be there for you with this pregnancy. YOU decided he wasn’t good enough because of your fixation with Nico.

Ivory snaps: I’m not crying over Zeke, Mom. It’s these damn pregnancy hormones. They have me feeling so out of control. Especially in the mornings.

Whitney: No, what has you feeling out of control is the enormous mess you’ve made with Nico and also with Zeke. Be honest with yourself for a change, Ivory.

Ivory upset: I’m not in the mood for this, Mom! I have to go to work and face Nico after everything that happened with Allison! I don’t need a lecture from you, stressing me out. I’m terrified of what he’s going to say to me. I need calm right now.

Whitney sighs: Fine. I’m going back in to get Nicole ready for school. Remember we’re going to pick a Christmas tree this afternoon. Pull yourself together, Ivory. Think of Nicole for once.

Ordinary Days 2

The sun streamed into Betty’s overly white room. She opened her eyes slowly taking in her new environment. This was her life for the next eighteen years, at least. Eighteen years… that seemed like a lifetime. She was 21, for god’s sake, she hasn’t even lived yet.

She couldn’t help but think of how life is going to be when she gives birth to her baby boy, or a baby girl… she looked down at her arm which was resting on her still flat stomach, wondering what her kid will look like. She closed her eyes and before realising it she saw herself, holding a small baby wrapped in a purple blanket. Behind her there was a black haired man. Jughead. He wrapped his arms around her and the baby, making her feel safe and sound. After a couple of minutes she opened her eyes again, and shook her head, surprised where her mind took her.

Jughead was something forced upon her, something her mother wanted. Yet here he was in her dreams, being a father to her baby, which she knew would happen. His arms wrapped around her was another story. A romance was not included in this deal, but here she was imagining him holding her in a warm embrace. Suddenly Betty wondered if he would ever want more.

At the foot of the bed laid Dakota, she hadn’t left Betty side all night. Not even when Jughead came in and offered Dakota breakfast. She had lifted her head, looked at Betty sleeping, then laid her head back down. Jughead smiled at the pair, Betty was sprawled across the bed her hair flowing across the pillow and Dakota laid in between her feet. Betty wore an old fashioned cotton nightgown with flowers across the chest. It was big on her but he imagined she would fill it out as the baby grew inside her. He was relieved to see that Betty had finally entered into sleep. Jughead let out a brief sigh before leaving the room. He wanted to kiss Betty’s forehead, tell her he was going out to work the fields and that everything was going to be okay. He refrained after a moment’s hesitation and went on with his day.

Betty sat up stretching her arms and arching her back. The movement woke up Dakota, she quickly walked up to Betty and licked her face. Betty giggled and rubbed Dakota’s head. “Thank you for being my friend last night.”

Betty got dressed in shorts and a Berkeley University t-shirt. The smell of bacon and eggs filled the house. Betty glanced at the clock before heading to the stairs. It was 9:30 am, surely Jughead had started his work on the farm. Betty always thought farmers started their work early before the sun was in the sky. She quickly walked down the steps and took a left to enter the kitchen, Dakota in tow.

There stood Jughead in a gray t-shirt, a lightweight blue flannel shirt layered on it, and a pair of jeans. Betty smiled at the sight of him cooking as Dakota ran to her bowl of food. The clang of Dakota’s collar against her bowl caught Jughead’s attention. His eyes caught Betty’s, “Good morning. I thought you might be hungry.” He greeted as he slid the eggs onto a plate.

“Thank you.” Betty said sliding into the seat next to the table. “Shouldn’t you be working?”

“I took a break.” He said simply setting the plate in front of her next to the mug filled with coffee. In honesty his mind kept drifting back to Betty and Dakota. Dakota refused to eat and Betty would need to eat whenever she did wake up. Finally after four hours of work he decided to go inside and check on the two girls. “Its decaf.” He said referring to the coffee and leaning against the wall.

Betty sighed as she noticed the pregnancy books on the table, he had been reading. “I think the whole no caffeine thing might be a myth.” She countered taking a bite. “Thank you, it’s delicious.” Jughead smiled softly at her, “I guess I’ll be outside if you need me.” He said heading towards the door, he stopped and looked back at her. Her hair was no longer messy but in a neat tight ponytail like it had been yesterday when he first saw her at the church. Her clothes were put together but lazy, he smiled again and walked out the door.

Betty ate small bits of her food and fed the rest to Dakota. She was feeling slightly nauseous. Whether it was from the baby or the stress of the past few days Betty didn’t know. She pushed her plate away as she stood up to wash the dishes.

She put her plate in the sink and started to rub it with a sponge getting all of the. Since she was the only one who ate breakfast she was quickly done and picked up her plate again before reaching for a dry towel. Suddenly she felt an unfamiliar rush of dizziness and before she knew it she dropped the plate to the tile and ran towards the bathroom.

Jughead was chopping wood in the front yard when he heard a loud clash coming from the house. Without wasting a second he ran into the house. As he entered the kitchen he saw a shattered plate on the floor. ‘’Betty?’’ He called out, worry dripping from this words.

He took a second, listening, for any calls or cries of pain, suddenly scared Betty wasn’t okay. He couldn’t imagine losing her before knowing her at all.
He didn’t hear any cries of agony but instead a mess of groans and gagging noises.

‘’Betty?’’ He called out again, softer this time as he started to walk towards the bathroom. ‘’Betts…’’ He stopped in front of the bathroom door which was slightly open, his knuckles grazing the door in a light knock. He wasn’t sure what he should do. Should he go in? Should he leave her alone?

‘’Just a second.’’ Betty called out when she heard two soft knocks behind her.

‘’Is everything okay?’’ The anxious man asked leaning forward making it open a bit more only to reveal a kneeling Betty over the toilet. She was wiping her mouth with a nearby towel, then trying to stand up.

‘’Here.’’ Jughead rushed in and grabbed her arm, helping her to her feet.

‘’Thanks.’’ She offered him a tired smile.

‘’Morning sickness?’’ he asked sympathetically as she grabbed onto the sink. She washed out her mouth and splashed some cold water over her pale face.

‘’You really have been paying attention to all those pregnancy books, huh?’’ She tried to lighten the mood.

‘’Yeah’’ He smiled. ‘’How else am i supposed to take care of my wife?”

She couldn’t help but smile when she heard him call her his wife. ‘’Thanks.’’ They walked out, him letting her lean against him as he lead her out of the bathroom and to the living room. ‘’Sit.’’ He said almost sounding like an order, making her insides clench. He was sweet, protective, and authoritative. It made her wonder what her life would look like. What would happen when their child makes a mistake? Or if she made him jealous? The thought of a jealous Jughead both frightened her and excited her. She could almost see the veins on his arms pop out as he would throw a punch to a guy who just looked her up and down. She shook her head. Damn those pregnancy hormones were messing with her mind, she had just met this man and here she was fantasizing about him.

‘’I’ll make you a cup of tea.’’ Jughead said interrupting her thoughts.

‘’You don’t have to..’’

‘’Yes, i do.’’ Without another world he walked towards the kitchen. She could see him put some water on the stove, through the little opening between the kitchen and the living room. She liked watching him, he seemed to get lost in his mind often, much like herself. Jughead turned around, catching her staring at him.

‘’I’m.. I’m sorry.. About the plate.’’ She quickly said trying to act casual and cover up her previous actions.

‘’Don’t worry about it, it’s just a plate.’’ He smiled before picking up the shattered porcelain off the floor carefully and setting it into a plastic bag. Jughead took special attention to each piece of glass on the floor. He wouldn’t have Betty stepping on any glass and hurting herself.

A strong loud whistle emerged from the stove just as Jughead swept up the last piece of glass. Jughead stood up quickly and turned off the stove pouring her cup of peppermint tea.

Betty watched as his strong firm hands work delicately with a tiny spoon to stir the tea. “Sugar?” He asked into the empty kitchen space.

“Just a bit.” She replied resting her feet on the couch cushion. Jughead came walking into the living room with a steaming mug of tea. “Here.” He said simply as he handing her the cup. She took it from him carefully and took a sip. “You don’t seem like a tea type of guy.”

“Well I’m not. I prefer coffee, but I knew peppermint was good for an upset stomach. Besides it will be cold for most of your pregnancy so I figured you would enjoy something warm.” He explained with a shrug and a soft smile.

He really did seem to care, enough to do research and be prepared for when Betty arrived. “Thank you, Jughead.” Jughead paused noting the seriousness in her tone of voice, locking eyes with her. “For taking me in when no one wanted me.” She told him briefly staring into her cup.

Jughead wanted to tell her she was wanted here, that he wanted her. As a friend, as a wife, as a mother to his children, the one she now carried and any others she might have. “You’re welcome Betty.” He said letting his arms drop to his side. For the first Betty noticed that he had shedding his flannel overlay and now wore only a white t shirt. His arms were a nice built, his chest firm, the shirt clinging close to him. Betty took a deep breath focusing back to her tea.

“My sister, Jellybean, she wants us to come over for dinner. I told her it would depend on how you felt. You just settling in and all.”

Betty looked at him with a nod, “No, we’ll go. I won’t keep you from your family.”

Jughead smiled softly, “My family. Jellybean, her husband, John. They know about the marriage and our…” he paused clearing his throat. “situation. As do my best friend, Archie, and wife Veronica. But my niece and nephew don’t, I think it’s best it stays that way.” He explained clearly so she would feel prepared.

Betty nodded in understanding. “I suppose it’s time to put our acting to the test.” She responded with a chuckle.

Jughead caught himself in a rare genuine smile. Betty smile brightly at his fleeting moment of happiness. “How are you feeling?”

“I’m better. Go to work. We’ll be just fine.” She assured as she noted Jughead’s hesitation to leave. He hovered by her debated whether or not to kiss her head. He quickly decided against it and walked out the door. Betty sighed as he closed the door, she was happy that Jughead was a nice, gracious man. But something inside her wished for something different.

The sound of an axe hitting wood came through the window. Betty carefully swung her legs to the floor and stood up. Dakota followed her over to the front window where Jughead could be scene chopping wood. Betty sat her mug on the window sill keeping her hand by it for quick access if it fell. She made a mental note to not let any other dishes fall while she stayed in the house.

Outside Jughead swung the axe onto the tree stump repeatedly eventually splitting the wood. His black hair had become darker while drenched in sweat. His face glistening under his beanie. Betty wondered why he didn’t take it off, she was sure it was hot under there. His arm muscles tightened with every swing. Betty’s mouth suddenly felt dry, she slid her tongue across her lips to moisten them. She took a deep breath as she watched him and took a swig of her tea.

After a few minutes, Betty decided she wouldn’t be creepy anymore and returned to her spot on the couch. She settled with a book she found laying up the coffee table, her stomach slowly returning to normal.

Jughead finished his day's’ work and sent a text to Jellybean telling her they would be there at 6pm. He quickly ascended up the steps and into the house, catching Betty’s attention as the door opened. “Hey…” He greeted softly, “feeling better?”

Betty nodded, “Yes, thank you.”

Jughead shuffled his feet to dry them off on the welcome mat. “I’m gonna jump in the shower. We’ll leave in…” he paused glancing at his watch. “Say 30 mins?” He asked not knowing how much time she needed.

“I’ll be ready.” Betty assured as Jughead took the steps two at a time. Betty sat the book down and stood up to get ready.

20 minutes later, Betty emerged down the steps to find Jughead waiting for her, phone in hand. His work clothes were traded to dress pants and a nice light blue button down shirt. He looked up at the sound of her coming down the steps. “Hey I was just telling Jellybean we were leaving soon. She likes to keep tabs on me.” Betty smiled mentioning that she didn’t blame Jellybean for being worried about her brother who lived alone in a farmhouse. Jughead paused taking in Betty’s lacy pink dress. “You look great.”

“Thanks, the fat hasn’t settled in yet.” She teased knowing one day soon her body would no longer be thin and shapely, but rather soft and round. Jughead shook his head with a chuckle, “come on.” He said offering his arm for her to take. She happily took his arm and followed him out the door.

Sam Needs You

Request by anon: Hey, would you be able do a sam x reader imagine with Sam in the psych ward because of lucifer and dean calls the reader, sam’s girlfriend, and goes to visit him and is heavily pregnant with sam’s baby? Love your blog!

Word Count: 2454

Warnings: A surprising amount of fluff for such an angsty prompt

A/N: Holy hell! I never knew writing a pregnant reader oneshot could be so amazing. There is SO MUCH FLUFF!!! I HAVE SO MANY BABY FEELS!! My sister in law isn’t due until August and I don’t know what to do with all of these feels.

Needs Series Masterlist   —    Version en Español: Sam Te Necesita

Your phone rang just as you finally found a comfortable position on the couch.

“Better not be anyone asking me to get up,” you grumbled as you picked up your cell. Panic filled you when you saw Deans name staring back at you. He wouldn’t call if it wasn’t an emergency. “Dean. What’s wrong?”

“It’s Sam, Y/N.”

“No,” your heart dropped. “Tell me he’s alive at least. Please tell me that.”

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Small Bump (Barry Allen imagine)

Prompt: Barry and Y/N are engaged and she’s pregnant with his baby. They are both metahumans and very much scarred of what that could mean for their child.

A/N: Hey, guys ! Here’s a little imagine of Barry Allen. The next chapter of ‘I’ll breathe again’ will be online in a few days.
Hope you’ll like this one,
Enjoy, Jaymes.

« Barry! »

I turned to my fiance, features tainted with anger. I had come to work a little bit late, at Star Labs, where I helped Cisco design weapons against the meta-humans, including one against me, to find my soon-to-be husband redecorating the labs to make it more ‘comfortable’ for me.
There were pillows everywhere, at least four different machines to monitor our baby’s health, a fridge full of food and stickers with a ‘ not to touch’ note on everything that could ‘potentially’ hurt me in any way

« Hey, babe » He answered in a small voice, the one he used when he knew he was in trouble. « I was just… »

I put my hands on my hips, glaring at him with the most exasperated expression I could

« Damn, she’s pissed » Cisco muttered to Barry. Of course he would have helped him. « Good luck on this one, bro »

Barry glanced at him for a second, clearly annoyed, before looking back at me. I was currently about fourteen weeks pregnant. Barry had know for about two months and the team pretty much found out soon after. Ever since, each of them had been extra careful with me, treating me like some sort of fragile little doll ready to break. My fiance had been the worst. He had freaked out at first, not at the idea of being a father, but with both parents metahuman, the odds of our child being ‘normal’ were pretty slim.

« Too much ? » He whispered to me, apologetically

« You think ?! » I answered, pissed. « What is all this ? And … ‘Not to touch’ ? Are you serious ? »

« It’s chemicals, Y/N ! What if you inhale it ? Or … or … what if one of the bottle breaks and ends up on you ? »

« It’s a lab, Barry ! »

« I can’t say I disagree with him » I heard Caitlin say behind me.

I turned around, noticing the scientist and Iris walking into the room

« It’s … a little bit too much » She told Barry, then turned back toward me. « But you really shouldn’t touch anything in the lab »

« It’s for your own good, Y/N » Iris added

I let out an exasperated sigh, sitting on a chair.

« What am I suppose to do, then ? I’m forbidden to help in the lab, to use my powers, to help Barry … Am I really going to spent the next six months doing nothing ? »

« Think about my little nephew, Y/N/N » Iris joked

« Nephew ? » Cisco exclaimed

« Or niece » Iris corrected. « But I have a feeling it’s gonna be a boy »

I stopped listening to them, turning my gaze to Barry, only to find him looking back at me. He walked to me, knelt in front of me and put his hands on my thighs.

« I know it’s not perfect, Y/N » He whispered so only I could hear. « But I’m trying to protect the both of you »

« We’re gonna be fine, Bear » I reassured him with as much conviction as I could, but even I didn’t believe that.

« You don’t know that. This baby could be like you, or .. like me. It could be a speedster »

We had already talked about that and, according to Caitlin’s estimation, if I was indeed growing a speedster, there was a chance it could be dangerous for me. I couldn’t regenerate my cells like Barry, so if anything went wrong, I would probably end up dead.
The instant I saw sadness in his stare, I regretted getting angry at him. I put my hands on his cheeks, dragging him closer to kiss his lips.

« I’m worried too » I admitted. « But, as my futur husband taught me in the few years I have been with him, you need to have faith and keep hoping for the better … I’m hoping for the better, Barry. In six months, I’m gonna give birth to a beautiful baby, and you’ll be in charge of diapers change »

« Diapers change ? » He repeated, a small smirk forming on his lips

« Payback, Allen. You have no idea how much you’ve annoyed me since I told you I was carrying your child »

« Oh, really ? » He joked.

« Hm hm » I nodded. « A real pain in my ass »

He laughed before bending down toward my little baby bump to kiss it

« I love you » He said, starring right into my eyes. « Both of you »

« You guys are disgustingly cute » Cisco suddenly spoke, breaking our intimate bubble

« OTP material, Cisco ! They have to be disgustingly cute so single people like us can hate them » Iris explained with a serious face, like she was teaching him something really important.

I laughed at that, glancing at Barry only to see him smiling back at me.

« Well, sorry to break it to you, but we need to get back to work » Caitlin announced. « Y/N, get to the cortex, it’s time for your check up »

« Yes M’man ! » I enthusiastically answered, making everyone laugh. I abruptly got up from the chair before suddenly feeling incredibly dizzy. I tried to gain back my balance but ended up collapsing. Barry was there is a second, helping me staying up.

« Y/N » He called, completely freaked out. « Babe, what’s wrong ? »

Cisco, Caitlin and Iris were around us quickly. I noticed Iris had already put out her phone to call for help

« I’m fine guys » I whispered.

« You’re not » Barry worried. « You just nearly fainted, Y/N »

« I got up too fast » I explained. « It’s nothing, I promise »

« Did you eat today ? » Caitlin asked, probably already knowing the answer.

I wasn’t that big of a fan of breakfast, it was no secret to anyone.

« Not … really » I admitted, shamefully.

« What ? But … Y/N I left you a plate full of pancakes and I brought you your favorite pastries from the bakery this morning ! » Barry said, clearly irritated.

« You know I don’t like to eat in the morning » I defensively tried to explain.

« Man, you just scarred us to death Y/N/N » Cisco answered, putting his hand on his heart to aggravate his words. « You gotta think about mini you ! Maybe she’d like a breakfast ! … And, yeah, I settle the bet for a ‘She’ »

I looked down, knowing very well they were all right.

« See, that’s exactly what I was talking about » Barry angrily said, irritated by my behavior. « I’m doing everything I can to help you but you don’t even take care of yourself ! If you had been alone, that fall could have seriously hurt you, or the baby. Why won’t you take this seriously, Y/N ? This is your health we’re worried about ! You’re acting like … like it doesn’t matter to you if the baby … »

« Don’t you even dare finish that sentence ! » I yelled back, shutting him up.

Ever since I had told him about the pregnancy, this was the first time Barry had been mad at me that much and the fact he was implying I could want something bad to happen to our child hurt me deeply.

« O…kay » Iris interrupted. « How about I take Y/N to the cortex so Caitlin can check everything’s in order and you go grab some food, Barry ? »
He didn’t even answer or waited a second before vanishing in a flash.

« C’mon, Y/N/N, let’s go see the baby girl ! » Cisco gently said, offering me his arm.

Not wanting to protest, I let him help me walk to the cortex where Caitlin was already setting everything ready.
None of them had said a word since Barry had left but I could feel their eyes on me.

« I just texted my boss I won’t come to work this morning » Iris suddenly announced to break the awkward silence.

« What ? Why would you do that ? » I exclaimed.

« Well, I gotta make sure my nephew is okay »

« Niece » Cisco answered back.

She shot him an exasperated look, making him smile.

« Iris … »

« Don’t bother, Y/N. I’m not leaving you alone. »

And because of those damn pregnancy hormones, I started to cry while Caitlin was applying a gel on my stomach
Iris sat next to me, clasping my hand in hers. Caitlin and her didn’t say anything, both waiting for me to calm down.

« You know, Y/N, as your doctor, I can’t say I disagree with Barry on how you’re … behaving » Caitlin started, making me feel even more guilty. « But, as your friend, I understand why you act that way »

« You do ? » I whispered, surprised.

« We both do » Iris added, squeezing my hands.

« When you came to me about this baby, we talked about all the risks. » Caitlin explained. « I told you carrying a speedster could lead to miscarriage, or hurt you badly … even deadly. I said that having both Barry and your powers could have a devastating effect on that child, that the chance a baby could survive were not as high as it should be. It’s understandable you would try to distance yourself from this, to built those barriers to protect you from the potential loss of a child, but, Y/N, that day, I forgot to say one more thing. »

I let the tears wet my face once again, listening carefully to her words.

« I forgot to say that we, as team Flash, have seen incredible things. That the odds don’t apply to any of us … I didn’t tell you that, besides all that could potentially happen, your baby can and will be fine. I believe you are going to give birth to a beautiful little boy »

I suddenly raised my head toward her, a hand covering my mouth in shock

« What ? » I muttered in a strangle voice.

She turned the screen she was looking at a minute ago in front of me, pointing to the very small baby

« It’s a boy » She said in a breath. « A healthy little boy. »

I barely heard Iris shout of joy and Cisco yelling back. A million thoughts were running back and forth inside my head. I felt Caitlin hand squeezing mine in comfort, but I couldn’t take my eyes of the screen. I sat up, unconsciously putting my hands on my stomach.
There was a gush of air before I felt a hand weeping a tear on my cheek. I didn’t think for a second before throwing my arms around his neck, enveloping him in a tight embrace. For a moment I was scarred he was still mad at me but, soon, he hugged me as hard, literally crashing me onto his chest.

« Barry » I whispered.

« I love you » He simply answered. «  So much. I didn’t mean what I said, Y/N, I’m so, so sorry »

« I know you are »

« Everything will be fine, Y/N. I promise you, we’ll be okay »

He took a step back, starring deep into my eyes, his hands cupping my face

« We can do it » He muttered, his voice filled with emotions

I didn’t answer, closing my hands around his wrists

« Say it » He suddenly demanded. « I want to hear you say it »

I closed me eyes, letting his words sink in, believing him.

« Say it, please »

« We can do it » I finally replied.

He smiled, taking a step to kiss my forehead lightly. The atmosphere was suddenly broken by a laugh. I couldn’t help it, all those emotions building up in me were just too much.

« Barry, we’re having a boy » I said in a breath, hardly containing my joy.

He turned to the screen, which he had probably already seen, watching intensely before a single tear escape his eye. I brushed it before kissing his nose, which was about as high as I could get.
He looked back at me, his stare full of love, wonder and admiration.

« I love you » I whispered.

He got closer, putting his forehead on mine

« We’re having a boy » He muttered with a shaky voice.

« We are »

« A … a baby boy »

I laughed, glancing back at the room only to notice that Cisco, Caitlin and Iris had left, letting us have some privacy
We stayed like this, in each others arms, enjoying this tight embrace, before the sound of a voice rang through the speakers

« Hm … guys » We heard Cisco say over a microphone. « You need to come take a look at this »

Alone and Afraid

💕A/N: MY VERY FIRST ONE SHOT ON TUMBLR AND TO SAY I’M EXCITED IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT. So, this is going to a be a Happy Lowman one shot and I got the idea when I was listening to music. It’s where the reader is Jax’s sister and Gemma’s daughter. But she also is Happy’s Old Lady. The reader finds out she is pregnant and skips town. Thanks for reading! 💓


“Congratulations Ms. Teller your pregnant!” kept playing in my head over and over again. I couldn’t move myself from the spot on the end of Happy and I’s shared bed. I stared at the wall in silence. I don’t want kids. I never have. Not because of Happy. There’s no doubt in my mind Happy would be an excellent father. It’s the life. It will always be the life. There is no way I could bring a child into this world and put it into that kind of danger. There is also no way I could get an abortion, that’s just not who I am. So, this leaves me with one option. I stand up and grab my cell phone off the nightstand and called Tara Knowles. The only one who could possibly know what I’m going through. “Hey, Y/N, what’s up?” She asked. “Are you alone?” I asked nervously. “Yeah. I’m in my office. What’s wrong?” She asked worried and the I just started to sob. “Hey, hey, calm down I’m on my way over.” Tara said and hung up. About ten minutes later Tara was walking into my house. “Hey? What’s going on?” She asked worried. “I’m pregnant.. Tara I can’t do this. I can’t.” I cried. She hugged me and rubbed my back. “It’s gonna be okay… Do you wanna keep it?” She asked. “I have to. But I can’t stay here. Tara, I can’t. It’s too dangerous for them.” I sniffled and she gave me an understanding look. “What do you want me to do?” She asked. “I need you to help me get the hell out of here.” I whispered.


“Jax, Happy, and the rest of the sons are still gonna be out on a run until Wednesday and Gemma is going to be busy until 7 so that should give you plenty of time to get out of town.” Tara said helping me pack my bags very quickly . “I also got you so extra cash. Just in case.” She said zipping up my bags. “Thank you for all this, Tara. It means a lot to me.” I said. “It’s not a problem. I understand that this is the choice you need to make. Just call me if you ever need me.” She said and I nodded.


Around 7:30 my phone, that was sitting in the passenger seat, starting ringing off the hook. Tired of hearing the damn thing ring I answered it. “Hello?” I asked. “Y/N? Where the hell are you? I walk into your house and it’s a complete mess and all your stuff is gone and then you decide you don’t wanna answer your phone.” My mom’s voice rang through the phone. “Mom calm down.” I said. “Don’t you dare tell me to calm down Y/F/N Y/M/N Teller! You tell me what the hell is going on!” She yelled. “I’m leaving Charming.” I said simply. “When are you coming back?” She asked and I stayed silent. As if she already knew the answer she spoke up. “Why?” I asked. “I don’t have a reason that will make you feel better.” I said. “Oh so that’s what this is? You’re bored. You’re bored with Happy. You’re bored with us-” “That is not it! You have to understand I am doing what’s best for everyone,” I interrupted. “You mean the best for you?” Mom asked. “I love you mom. Don’t look for me.” I said and threw my phone out the window. I blinked the tears out of my eyes and just kept on driving.


Tension was thick in the clubhouse. Gemma and Jax were always pissy. And Happy hasn’t spoken more than two words since she left and they were “find her”. Happy blamed himself more than anything. Did she not love him anymore? Did he not show her enough affection? Did he not tell her he loved her enough? She was a goddess to him and he worshipped the ground she walked on. He wished he would have told her that. Currently, Chibs, Tig, and Happy were sitting at the bar drinking in silence while Juice tapped away one his computer. Suddenly Juice shot up from his bar stool catching everyone’s attention. “What is it Juicy boy?” Chibs asked. “I found her.” Juice said and Happy automatically stood. “Where?” He growled. “A hotel in Bakersfield.” Juice said and Happy started to leave. “Hap. We should wait for Jax and Clay.” Tig said following his brother along with Chibs and Juice. “I ain’t waiting for shit.” Happy snapped.


I laid a hand protectively on my slightly protruding stomach as I read. I am 4 months pregnant. I just found out the gender. It’s a baby girl. I haven’t really gotten around to names. I got a job as a English teacher a at nearby school. I have also gotten a few things for the baby but not much. I adjusted the pillow behind my back uncomfortably while I read. Doing this alone has been harder than I thought. I have called Tara a few times. But I really have wanted to talk to my mom, Happy, and Jax so bad it isn’t funny. A part of me wants them to show up and force me to come home. The other part…not so much. I got up and was over to the mini fridge to get a water bottle when the door flew open making me drop the water bottle in surprise. I saw the very last person I expected to see. “Happy? What are you doing here?” I said taking a step back. He left the door open showing Chibs, Tig, and Juice. “What are you doing here?” He growled walking towards me. Rage was just radiating off of him. If I didn’t know he better I would be afraid of what he would do. He would never hurt me. I opened my mouth but no words were coming out, there was nothing I could say to make this okay. He kept walking towards me until I was pressed up against the wall. His eyes never left mine, never once looked down. He was too enraged to notice my bulging stomach. “Huh? Aren’t you gonna say something?” He growled pressed against me. Suddenly, I felt a sharp kick in my stomach making me gasp. He must have felt it too because he took a quick step back. He looked down at my stomach and his eyes widened, gears starting to turn in his head. She knows her dad. “She never did that before.” I whispered tears slipping from my eyes. “She? She’s mine?” He asked extremely calm. “Of course she is.” I snapped. The boys look at me sympathetically. He hesitantly placed his hand against my stomach and she kicked me again. He smiled slightly before all emotion drained and now I know shit was about to go down. “You were gonna take my daughter from me?” He growled eyes growing dark as he removed his hand. “No. Hap. It wasn’t like that.” I said. He threw the coffee table across the room and I squeaked and covered my mouth. He began to completely destroy the room. “What was it like?!” He yelled. “I was afraid!” I cried. He stopped moving and stared at me breathing heavily. “Of me?” He rasped. “No, Happy, of course not. It’s the life!” I yelled. I looked behind Happy and saw my mother, Tara, and Jax. “And you think they we wouldn’t protect your child like we protect Abel and Thomas?” Mom asked who emotions were mixed between hurt and angry. I looked at Jax who was waiting for an answer. “It’s not that.” I said defeated. “Talk to us.” Jax practically begged tears in his own eyes. Jax was my best friend and it hurt me to see him like this. “We’re Tellers…We die in a storm of blood and bullets… and that…that isn’t okay with me.” I said. “Let’s give Hap and Y/N the room.” Clay said and people started to clear the room except for mom who kept staring at me. “Gemma.” Clay said sternly and she hesitantly left the room shutting the door behind her. I felt myself cracking under Happy’s intense stare. “Say something.” I begged. “You’re should’ve told me and none of this shit would have happened.” He said and I scoffed. I started to talk but I was quickly interrupted. “I would have comforted you and told you that I would have to be dead before someone laid a finger on your or the kid. I would told you it was okay to be scared because that’s what good mom’s do. They worry. Now start packing your shit, we’re going home.” He said leaving me surprised.


The ride back home with Gemma and Tara was a little awkward. Mom said she understood why I did it but if I ever pull that shit again she would hunt me down and kick my ass. Right now I am laying in bed. Happy’s bed. I can’t lie, I missed it. When Happy finally emerged from the bathroom after his shower I quickly closed my eyes, pretending to be asleep. “I know you’re awake, little girl.” He rasped laying down facing me. I opened my eyes and looked up at him. Damn he was hot. Damn my pregnancy hormones. “Never leave again.” He demanded with a hard look on his face. “Never.” I whispered shaking my head. He gently laid his hand on my cheek and ran his fingers down my neck. “I’m sorry. It’s not that I thought you would be a bad dad. I knew you would be a great dad-” “Stop talking.” He grunted pulling me to his lips roughly. As we deepened the kiss he rolled on top of me. He pulled away to start kissing my neck and running his hand down to his crow under my breasts which he tattooed on me. “Is it safe for the baby?” He rasped against my neck making my heart flutter. “How do you think I payed my rent?” I asked and he pulled away to glare at me. “What?” He growled. “I was joking.” I smiled and he still didn’t find it the least bit funny. “Marry me.” He said suddenly. “Excuse me?” I asked shocked. “I love you. I want to be a family.” He said. “I love you too. I want that.” I smiled running my fingers along one of his tattoos. He ran his nails along my tattoo and went back to my neck. “Mine.” He growled. “Yours.” I moaned and he smirked against my neck. He is right though. I’m never leaving again.


"Do you like this? This is kinda cute.” Jax said pointing out another horrible name. "Really Jackson? This baby isn’t gonna have a whore name.” Mom snapped. “I surrender.” He said raising his hands. “Good idea.” I said chuckling. Things were better, we were all Happy, especially Happy. But calling Happy overprotective would be an understatement. He didn’t want me lifting anything. Not even a toothpick. “Where are you going?” Happy rasped as I stood up. “To get me some water and pee.” I said laying a hand on my very large stomach. “Let me get it.” He said quickly getting up. There was no arguing with him at this point. Suddenly, Tig walked up to me. “Hey Tiggy? Can you open the door for me so Happy doesn’t have an aneurysm?” I asked. “Of course, sweetheart.” He smiled. As he opened the door water trailed down my pants and onto both of our shoes. “Did you just pee on me?” He asked. “No you idiot! Her water broke!” Gemma slapped him in the back of the head. “Happy!” I screamed in pain.


A few hours later we had our beautiful Violet Lowman and it was the best day of my life. Gemma held her after Happy and I did. “We are gonna have to pry the boys away from this one.” Gemma smiled down at the baby. “She’s not gonna date.” Happy growled. “Down boy.” I said tiredly hitting his arm. “I agree with that. We can just kill them.” Jax said simply and Tara and I shared a laugh. “I second that!” Tig said. Happy kissed the top of my hand. And in this moment everything was perfect.