damn poverty


Invader Zim screenshots I forgot to upload 2 years ago from S1 Ep “WALK OF DOOM”. These were really in the backgrounds!
“Love or die!”
“Warm the globe”
“Stop making babies”.
“The goat what’s you”

Some of y'all will literally go to the convenience drink coolers by check out, see the soda’s a lil cheaper than the water, and claim that’s that without any further thought. While ignoring that you walk down three aisles and you can get a gallon for under a dollar… you just don’t have the convenience of the single serving bottle and it being chilled, or it being a brand name lol.

Anyways I’m tired of white people who didn’t know jack shit about water contamination until black people brought Flint into the national spotlight pretending they understand these issues in any way like we didn’t grow up with contaminated water, toxic homes, contaminated soil… ya johnny come lately ass can button it.

Every night for the past year or so, Adriana and Omar Chavez have slept in an RV parked in East Palo Alto, a downtrodden community in Silicon Valley.

On a recent morning before sunrise, they emerged on to the empty street. Omar showed his phone to his wife: 7.07am. “Shall I wake up the girls?” he said, his breath visible in the freezing air.

He headed inside to rouse their three daughters, huddled together in the low-ceilinged bed just above the driver’s cab, and ready them for school.

In most places, the Chavez family would be an exception. But in the school district that includes East Palo Alto, located amid the extraordinary wealth generated by the tech industry, their plight is not uncommon.

Remarkably, slightly more than one-third of students – or 1,147 children – are defined as homeless here, mostly sharing homes with other families because their parents cannot afford one of their own, and also living in RVs and shelters. The district is being squeezed from every side: teachers, administrative staff and even principals have housing woes of their own.

P sure this has already been done before, but...

Steve became a soldier.

He didn’t do it to be a soldier.  He didn’t do it for vengeance.  To hurt anyone, to kill someone, even if they were Nazis.  All that mattered was there were bullies larger than the ones he’d try to fight against in back alleys and he wanted to do the same thing he always did: punch back.  

Then, later, Steve became an Avenger.  The First Avenger.

Because Bucky took all the stupid with him

…And he didn’t come back.  

Steve had someone to avenge; he was going to make sure he would. 

That was his choice.  He damn well must have thought Bucky was worth it.

My Culture Is Not A Costume: Love My Culture & Love My Blackness If You Want To Enjoy My Culture

to whom it may concern (or offend.) #0010

This topic comes up multiple times and it’s constantly on my mind when I’m at a party. Why? When you’re the only black person there and these white kids are playing the most ratchet music and the shock that wraps around their face when they find out you’ve never heard it. And you’re just like “well sorry I’m not overcompensating for having no culture.” Okay that’s a little mean. You in particular don’t have culture but I’m sure your European ancestors do. At these parties I see white people trying their best blaccent while posting on Facebook and Twitter with hastags like #catlivesmatter #gaylivesmatter #whiteguysmatter #someirrelevantquirkylivesmatter. And ofcourse I’m here for the free food and drinks but the blatant blackface and touching my hair without my permission isn’t appreciated. My blackness isn’t something you can use to be “edgy.” But this isn’t appreciation. You are not a nigga. I am not your nigga. We are not the same. Your use of ratchet and hood aren’t desired either because you associate that with my blackness. “What would America be like if we loved black people as much as we love black culture?” As Amandla Stenberg says in her video ‘Don’t Cash Crop My Cornrows’ “Appropriation occurs when a style leads to racist generalizations or stereotypes where it originated but is deemed as high-fashion, cool or funny when the privileged take it for themselves.“ This brings me to that godawful party that recently happened at UCLA. You know which one. The Kanye “Western” party. How clever. Do you privileged white people have nothing better to do than mock racial stereotypes for your own entertainment then distance yourself away from it when it’s broadcasted all over social media? Number one, no matter how much you convince us that you aren’t you are in fact racist. Number two, putting on blackface and perpetuating ignorant stereotypes is not appreciation. We do not appreciate it. If anything it shows us your true colors dare I say. Stop trying to convince me that you’re colorblind and that you don’t see color. That you simply judge people based off of their character because all of that is a lie. Look at the current trends that are seeping into white music. As usual people like to pull from us directly and indirectly. Most of the time it’s stealing. Put a white face on it and it’s proclaimed safe and marketable. Let’s first talk about rock n roll. A genre we invented that is now seen as niche when someone of color is expressing themselves within that genre. Why has it become so white centric? Because white men won’t let us have anything therefore once again a part of our culture has been stolen so someone of the beige descent can seem edgy. One of the greatest success stories of stealing and often credited as the “inventor” (major eye roll) of rock n roll is the all American caucasian legend himself Elvis. Yes, I will admit I fucking love his music but I’m not blind or ignorant to where the orgins of this person’s popularity has come from. As I sit and watch my caucasian peers and musician counterparts all I can think about is when they incorporate trap music (a genre they didn’t know existed til recently) and mainstream black genres into their own creations and playlist. It doesn’t feel genuine. It feels like “hey black people are cool, I know who Aaliyah is and therefore I’m cool by association.” And yes Aaliyah isn’t trap but she was produced by two southern geniuses. If you knew this music you’d know where it comes from. You like this because you got a tumblr page and saw it on some best of list second to some white woman on SoundCloud biting that sound without acknowledging where she got that from. Not to sound like a snob and I know I do but you don’t know this music. You know this aesthetic and you’re also hella late to the party. The resurgence of trap music is a perfect example. You not knowing where Fka Twigs’ baby hair do comes from. You not knowing where twerking comes from. If you think Miley Cyrus started that trend first then you are incorrect. And this brings me to the many forms of blackface. We can talk about the wrecklessness of the current “I’m a strong black woman that don’t need no man” in a white woman or white man’s body. White people are fucking fearless. Now I’ve touched on this earlier in the one of the previous post but rolling your neck, waving your finger, popping your tongue, talking like you from the hood (knowing damn well white poverty and black poverty are completely opposite things as you are still privileged and more than likely grew up in the suburbs) and borrowing from racial stereotypes to give you what ever edge you think you may have is blackface. Dating black guys, your black best friend and your potentially mixed race children don’t give you credentials to exploit blackness. You will never experience blackness and that’s okay but you can’t be showing up to Afropunk taking in my culture playing false ally and still remain silent when my people are constantly killed and opressed solely based on the color of our skin. If you want to rep my blackness then get your ass in the trenches with us. Cry with us when we die. Fight beside us when we’re angry. Live in constant fear that you’re not safe from police brutality or racial profiling. You can cry with us and fight beside but you will never be one of us. You are still white and all you’ll always be white. Sorry but there’s no changing that. You may own everything and at one point you owned us and technically you still do but our culture isn’t your birthright. There’s a difference between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation. Using blackness (that includes trends, music, art and etc) to perpetuate stereotypes and seem dare I say once more “edgy” without the cultural significance behind it or the history behind it then you are appropriating. You are in blackface. You’re not honoring my culture. As Jarune Uwujaren says “using someone else’s cultural symbols to satisfy a personal need for self-expression is an exercise in privilege.” There is a thin line between appreciation and appropriation. If you aren’t fetishizing my blackness and it’s culture then you’ve not crossed the line but if you are, me and Nicki are on our way. What’s good Halloween? So this Halloween be careful. If you offend me I will read you for filfth and in all of my pettiness will find ways to splatter your blackface all over media. Trick or treat? - Sincerely, white people please stop wearing dreads, dashikis and cornrows you look messy

p.s (solely for your black friend)

please stop enabling your white friends